Please Stop Sending Me Stupid E-Mails!

Updated October 15th with more information regarding crash bugs.

I try to only discuss positive things here on the blog, so please believe me when I say that I wouldn’t be bringing this up if it wasn’t a legitimate problem.


There was once a point in time when I was receiving so many stupid e-mails every day that it actually became impossible for me to make progress on the game because of the sheer amount of time that I had to spend sifting through my e-mail attempting to locate meaningful e-mails. After I complained about it – loudly – across several videos and blog posts – and created a character solely for the purpose of ridiculing people who send me stupid e-mails – the avalanche of dumb e-mails subsided, and I was actually able to resume making significant progress on the game.

However, over the past week, I’ve been receiving an absolutely unacceptable number of e-mails that I can only describe as stupid, and I can honestly say that it’s interfering with the amount of time I have to work on the game.

Before you make a horrible mistake and become Midori-chan, I beg you to read the following:

Please DO NOT contact me just to tell me that you tried to download the game, and your download was corrupt.

This is not my fault in any way. What do you expect me to do? Come over to your house and click the download link myself until you receive a file that is not corrupt? If your download was corrupt, or there was an error when trying to decompress the rar file, or the game tells you that files are missing, then the only solution is for you to re-download the game. You’re the only one who can solve that problem. Not me.

If you see weird stuff like this, it’s because your download was corrupt. Please do NOT e-mail me and tell me about it, because there’s nothing I can do about it.

If your download is ALWAYS corrupt, I’m sorry, but I can not help you. That is your problem, and not mine. Just wait until there is an official launcher/updater that checks for file integrity.

Please DO NOT use vague language in bug reports.

It’s all too often that I get really stupid bug reports like this:

“On Wednesday at lunchtime, Kokona will glitch out.”

“Glitch out”? What is that supposed to mean? Glitch out HOW? Does she stop moving? Does she vibrate? Does she turn upside down? You must describe the exact nature of the problem, or else I won’t have enough information to understand what you’re talking about.

Please DO NOT attempt to insert jokes into your bug reports.

Often, a bug report will have some stupid inside jokes that make it impossible for me to understand what the bug reporter is talking about.

“On Wednesday at lunchtime, Kokona will go full Naruto!”

This statement relies on me knowing what you’re referencing about Naruto. Don’t assume that I’ve seen every anime, TV show, and movie that you’ve seen. Don’t make references that I might not understand; just describe the problem clearly.

Please DO NOT report bugs that you saw in a YouTube video.

Because the game is constantly being updated, YouTube videos are often outdated and obsolete within 24 hours. Anything you see in a YouTube video is something that happened in the past, in an old and outdated version of the game. It doesn’t matter how recent the YouTube video is; never base a bug report off of something you saw in a video. Only write bug reports based on what you have personally experienced first-hand in the most recent version of the game.

Please DO NOT send me crash logs.

When a Unity game crashes, you will see the following error message:

Someone looked through one of the crash logs for me, and discovered what was causing the game to crash. The problem was that files were missing. I looked through several other crash logs that people had sent to me, and every one that I checked had the same error message: “file not available”. In other words, the game does not have any “crash bugs” – the game will only crash if your download was incomplete or corrupt.

Please DO NOT offer to translate the game.

I’m super happy to hear that you want to translate the game into your language. However, it would be absolutely pointless to work on translations at this point in time, because I am constantly changing the game’s text, and I don’t want to ask you to re-translate the game’s script every few days.

I will not seek any translators until after the game’s English script is 100% finalized, which will be several months from now.

Please DO NOT send me your suggestions / ideas for the game.

It’s nice to hear that you’ve come up with ideas for Yandere Simulator, but I’ve got to be honest with you: 99% of the time that I get a suggestion from someone, their suggestion:

1. Has already been suggested before.
2. Is already a planned feature of the game.
3. Does not fit in with the design of the game.
4. Is far beyond the scope of a one-man indie game with no budget.

So, please, just don’t even bother. Please don’t e-mail me your suggestions unless I am specifically asking for feedback/ideas.

Please DO NOT suggest that I get a secretary to help me with my e-mails.

I have already explained numerous times why this is an absolutely horrible idea. It’s not going to work. Stop suggesting this. Furthermore, don’t write an e-mail trying to debate the points that I made in that video, because I’ve already heard it all, and the answer is still no, I should not get a secretary.

Please DO NOT think that you are the one exception to everything I have written above, and that you are a brilliant genius who is going to convince me to change my mind about all of the above information.

If you’re planning to write me an e-mail saying “YandereDev, I have the solution for your e-mail problems!” please stop immediately. Any idea that you want to suggest to me has already been suggested, and if I’m not using that idea already, then obviously there’s a problem with that idea, isn’t there? So, please, don’t even bother!

Now that you’ve read a list of what NOT to do, here’s a list of what you SHOULD do:

  • Please ALWAYS read the Known Bugs page before reporting a bug.
  • Please ALWAYS read the FAQ before asking me a question.
  • Please ALWAYS remember that I receive literally hundreds of e-mails every day, and that every hour I spend reading e-mails is an hour I am NOT working on the game, and when I’m not working on the game, the game’s development is not moving forward whatsoever. In other words, when you write a stupid e-mail and waste my time, you are literally delaying the game.

I hate to write such a negative blog post, but as I said in the beginning, I wouldn’t be writing this post if I didn’t deem it to be absolutely necessary.

Remember: every time you waste my time by writing an utterly stupid e-mail, a yandere girl loses her Senpai. Please, think of the yandere girls. You wouldn’t want to make a yandere girl angry, would you?

(…It’s still fine to share fan-art and cosplay, because I think that stuff is super cool.)

307 thoughts on “Please Stop Sending Me Stupid E-Mails!

    • Game will be 5-20 dollars. That’s approximately 4-17 euros, which is, in my honest opinion, not even a thing considering this game is only 12% done and already made impression of high quality game. This is not the lottery mate. Also, it’s not quantum physics to understand that Dev isn’t checking most of comments in here, so I have no idea why even asking here? NO, DO NOT E-MAIL HIM NOW. If you can’t afford the game that’s maximum 20$/17E, then you’re not in position to play it.

      • we should be happy to support game developers with such a great game ! like pizza said ^ 5- 20 bucks = not that bad.

      • Stop being a hater and he is getting angry that people are sending yanderedev stupid emails so understand please and have a great day don’t hate and yanderedev you are AMAZING AWESOME COOL and FANTASTIC😊😊😊😊🐼🐼😊😊😊🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗💐💐💐

      • Really dude If you want to be scary at the Halloween don’t dress like a anime girl or if you want to dress like an anime person dress like Inuyasha or Boo from DBZ. Because One is not human and the other is a real monster.

        I know Yandere-chan is cool but Halloween is for scary not cute.Yea Yandere kills people she is a monster a scary one but she looks beautyfull and cute. Maybe If you dress like a Yandere with blood on her skirt that will be more scary.

      • Not only Japanese wanna be but they dress like an anime person too not looking very good .
        If you saw Filthy Frank’s video about weeboos you will understand.
        Also If you’re boy dress like a villain guy not a girl,

      • It’s called cosplaying. People can cosplay characters from games such as Super Mario or as Snake from Metal Gear Solid. It’s not called weeaboo. A weeaboo is someone who denounces their own culture to wannabe Japanese and is evident when someone goes around and say “desu” on the end of every fking sentence or replace the word cute with kawaii all the fking time. And yes it gets annoying because technically weeaboos are not respecting Japanese culture.

      • I understand what do you mean I was suggesting him to dress like male character not as Yandere seance is a girl. I already told him if he wants to cosplay and be something scary he needs to dress as a villain or as an anti-hero(Alucard) because villains are scary after all.
        Now you will reply to me ” You can’t tell people what to do!” I am not telling him what to do I am just saying that if the person who i called weaboo is a she/he she needs to dress something that suits her/his gender. If is a she I’m sorry for saying weaboo as she can cosplay Yandere-chan but if is a he then he needs to disguise as a male character.Weaboo’s also tend to dress like theyre favorite character or waifu.Even I think yandere is a cool costume but i’m a boy and I can’t dress like that I will look ridiculous.

      • Also a Guy can dress however he wants.

        Cause it’s 2015 so get your gender-only brain outa here.

        If a boy/girl wants to go drag for Halloween, then they can, cause Gendered stuff is dead, get over your dragphobia plz.


  1. Poor Yanderedev. TwT I’m glad I fight the urge to send him e-mails about stuff. And I still feel bad of the two or three times that I have done it. *bows so hard into the ground head cracks* but now I know if I see bugs to be descriptive about it.

  2. For your own sanity, I suggest you start blocking email accounts who insist on sending dumb emails. Mark them as spammers so their messages go straight to the trash bin. It won’t stop them completely, but it should help alleviate things somewhat. Maybe you’ve already come to that conclusion, but I hate to see you chaffing like this when you should be having fun making the game.

    • it’s probably not hundreds of e-mails from 1 or 2 annoy people but 1 or 2 e-mails from hundreds of annoying people. if it were that simple he probably wouldn’t have to write this post. poor guy. I agree i hate seeing him get annoyed when he is just trying to make something cool for everyone to enjoy.

  3. Hey, if I come up with an interesting premise & start up a patreon account, will all you gullible morons donate to me as well?
    I promise to be extremely vague in regards to what updates I’m going to release & when I’m going to release them, plus if I ever don’t feel like working or just enjoy getting paid for nothing, I’ll be sure to come up with a flimsy, transparent excuse that makes it everybody else’s fault that there hasn’t been any progress. I might even have the gall to go on a (paid) vacation.
    What’cha say?

    • You are extremely self-centered aren’t you, no one ever has a valid excuse except for you right? Can’t ever be a problem beyond other people’s control, they are deliberately inconveniencing you aren’t they?
      Those Bastards.

    • You forgot to say ”and start programming a high-quality game”. It looks like your mouse-brain is too little to understand one-man game developing (with fist of volunteers) is much harder than that elementary school you’re attending. Please start programming a game and invest new interesting updates, polish these updates to prevent any bugs, answer to all e-mails, communicate with volunteers (who might magically disappear at any time given), and do this every day. Don’t forget that you need to finish all of this in deadline of 15 days.

  4. “Any idea that you want to suggest to me has already been suggested, and if I’m not using that idea already, then obviously there’s a problem with that idea, isn’t there?”

    Being honest, I am more optimistic than what appears to be said, that there isn’t a solution to the problem. I admit that saying this will have better odds for causing the volume of people reducing significantly than not saying it and hoping someone proposes an actual solution.
    All ‘solutions’ will have their pros and cons, many that definitely won’t do, and many that have major downsides, but I believe that if the popularity continues to rise, this email problem will likely only get worse, and you will have to put up with some downsides for things to be manageable the long-run.

    Assuming you want to keep using emails to be simple, presumably to avoid open-website type wiki’s/forums/etc. as well as need-an-account type sites, then I believe that a viable (but I’m not saying it will definitely suit you) is:
    -Use your email’s autoresponder/out-of-office reply to instruct how people should be setting out (or more simply, keywords) the subject and what they should be putting in the body.
    -Immediately ignore and delete emails that have a subject that doesn’t match the criteria
    So then:
    -If they are a volunteer, they will already know, and if they are new, they will be checking their emails reasonably often.
    -If the email is so important that you may reply, then they will probably keep tabs on their email
    -I assume people actually check their emails (especially as they become adults, and onward)
    -I admit emails will be missed, but only you know the chance that someone doesn’t check their email account [that they JUST USED to send an email to you!], and don’t resend another (and if it were a decent email, it would only take a few moments to fix the subject line). You might only really consider the chance of resending that is associated with important email contents

    You probably won’t read this, but I’ll leave this here.

  5. i hope those people who sent YandereDev stupid emails see this and feel bad… cause honestly those people sound like idiots. -.- I can imagine how frustrating it.

  6. Maybe changing E-mail address could help…. some trollers who dont give a fuck to this site could keep sending trolling e-mails to outdated address.

  7. Reading comments left by overly entitled, spoiled teenagers is both amusing yet really fucking annoying.
    If you’re all so smart and your ideas are so fucking top notch why don’t you make your own bastarding games instead of preaching to someone to make THEIR game better that they didn’t even have to share with you in the first place.

    You little shit bags are lucky he’s even letting you play AND test this thing for free, let alone even play it at all. And you can bitch and whine about his Patreon all you want, but remember this; those people choose to pay/support him, he’s not fucking forcing them.

    Grow the fuck up.

  8. look what you have done midori-chans now he had to waste more time on writing a blog post to make you stop sending stupid emails

    • You claim two things, of which one is correct: YanDev is wasting his time. How many times has he done this now? And how many times did it actually work? By now he should have learned that writing these blog posts doesn’t solve the problem, and that there likely ins’t a solution (especially one he hasn’t rejected) to it at all.

      In this case, he even posted about not making it in time for an update later, which, I dunno, he might have managed if he didn’t spent time on time-consuming, eloquently rude attempts to solve this impossible problem. YanDev has done this thing of “I have little time for the game, so I don’t have time for the game, and do something else than work on the game” a few times now.

  9. The funny thing is that this post could be viewed as a set of very detailed instructions for ruining this project.

    I mean, you know. If it were me, I wouldn’t have so carefully explained how to screw myself over…

    • If someone really were to take this as an invitation to make things difficult for him, I’d suggest they find something better to do with their copious amounts of free time.
      Like seriously, you’d have to have no life.

  10. *Sigh* At least this post got rid of the abandoned puppies and kids who seek for attention. I really pity you, Dev. Are these guys idiots or what? A 5-year old kid can even guess when a person they admire is annoyed and try to cheer them up or change for the better.

  11. Once I tried to visit YandereDev’s website so often while it was about the month of June to July,
    Everything seemed to be fine,
    Progress was growing better than it was originally,
    Now, August, September and October came,
    Some idiots ask so many useless questions,
    Bother Dev in his work.

    I seriously pity Dev now. I don’t even sometimes check out his website so often like 5 times a week to see if there’s a new update because it’s always delayed of something… (I’m not blaming you, Dev) Now I only even check out his website once a week because of it, or I don’t really check it out, at all, because of those idiots delaying him with stupid questions…

  12. Reading asshurt entitled fuckfaces whining about how Yandev isn’t kissing their ass is fucking hilarious. I mean seriously who the fuck do you think you are? You aren’t fucking special in any shape nor form. Yanderedev isn’t your slave. Get off his fucking back.

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  14. Im guessing the people in these comments that are being bitchy assholes to Yanderedev about this post are the ones that are butthurt about it because Yanderedev told them off for sending stupid emails. Why dont you guys fuck off cause obviously you don’t like the game, and even if you do, you’re not supporting Yanderedev in anyway by being a hateful ass. So like i said: fuck off.

    • Funny. Telling people to “fuck off” because they are “butthurt” most certainly fits the “hateful” moniker. I was about to make the point that being a hateful mob isn’t being supportive.

      Come on guys, we apparently all hate each other over a topic that should by all rights be dead. I stand by my point that YanDev can’t solve this problem and shouldn’t attempt to in the future. Every time there are (new) mailers that don’t get his memo. Trust me, if they don’t listen to him, they’re not listening to anyone else. Can’t we just get a hold of ourselves already?

      For the record, I care about this game and would most definitely play a demo. But caring about a game and having a critical attitude towards it are not mutually exclusive.

  15. lol.

    it comes with the territory dude. deal with it, and stop trying to blame other ppl for ‘delaying’ your game because your not willing to hire someone else to do it.

  16. Poor YandereDev,i imagine him reading this and his face is like “omg are people being dramatic?” ;n; but anyways,pliz pliz pliz be polite on the coments guys.I think that is what YandereDev wants right now~ =3

  17. I’ve just read all the comments in this post and I am somehow pissed off at all those jerks out there (I’m very sorry but some of you guys are somehow acting like jerks)

    We have someone telling people to kill themselves for no good reason in some if the comments,we have some people blaming it on the kids,and some telling YandereDev to stop reading the emails,someone who tells that the download corruption thingy is a bug while not even reading the post! I’ve also seen a comment telling Dev to stop the project! 😱
    Seriously,don’t think sending stupid emails would help you.It will delay the game.You wouldn’t be too happy right? And for those who send it for fun,please.Stop.Think of millions of people waiting for game updates in the world.For those who blame it on the kids for being immature,I am an eleven year old myself.You might be saying I’m too young,I’m just saying.Some of the kids are mature.(really,not all 12 year olds are jerks) but,there are stubborn,mean ones out there.I have never even sent him an email though I plan to send him fan art.

    YandereDev also needs to check emails to find actual bugs,volunteers,or some people sending fan art as well.

    I just hope everyone understands this.Wanna feel his pain,go make a game by yourself and wait for avalanches of emails.I bet there will be meanies telling me to shut up but meh,I don’t care

  18. The trolls should just go home and stop trolling around here.
    No,seriously I thought this argument had been long ago dealt with.

  19. Once I sent a stupid email but I didn’t know my glitch was something already explained DX I really wanted to email him ”Sorry” but that would be even more of a waste..

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  21. thanks so much for your great hard work Yandere Dev, to be honest here i saw the links you placed, and holy god.. how many times did i see these “Midori” girls spamming none stop studip questions and crash reports and etc… i’m so sorry for bothering you with my mail by now. but seriously i am thinking about “starting a counter” no my own to count how many Yandere girls lost their senpais by now because of the too many “Midori” girls around here.
    by the way would you please Yandere Dev literally *KICK OUT* and ban the user named “as shoe” from this game and its blog and its development altogether? because he’s now being the *WORST CASE* of INSANE MIDORI ever! thank you, and please keep up the awesome work, remember to take breaks and don’t over work yourself we need our Yandere awesome developer to stay always in great health and be always alright

  22. Yanderedev I saw a bugg in a vidio if you distract a teacher kill the kids and when the fall n the ground go fast to Titan mode and the be naked and remember the are a lot of perverts

  23. Todos no sabe que el creador de yandere simulator esta haciendo el juego y ustedes esta diciendo cosas y yo quiero el final de yandere y senpai el final feliz y ya solo una vez que no digan cosas malas mejor vallan a ser tarea el creador esta haciendo el final de todo a dios

    • A no era esto todos no saben que el creador de yandere simulator esta haciendo el final tan rápido y todos dicen cosas malas algunos no pero dicen y el creador yo quiero el final feliz de yandere y senpai ya sean novio y ya no voy a escribir creador de yandere y senpai haz el final por FA eres el mejor crear el juego yo quiero el final y un saludo yandere y senpai en el final feliz a dios =3.

      Tu eres el mejor pero por favor haz el final si =) a dios XD.

  24. Perdió ya no voy a escribir tu el creador pero escribí mal otra ves pero todos ya no digan cosas de ustedes el creador esta haciendo el final creador por favor haz de yandere y senpai, el final que sea novio por FA eres el mejor espero el final y me gusta tu juego yo quiero ser como tu pero haz el final de yandere y senpai feliz, a dios =3.

  25. Creador haz de yandere y senpai ya sea novio por FA tu eres el mejor haz el final feliz
    Yandere y senpai love amor a dios haz el final del juego por FA yandere y senpai love amor fin

  26. This game feels really empty. Though, It’s improving bit by bit.
    I’ll be waiting for the town to be developed and maybe new character models?

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  28. it is so surprising that people continue to send stupid emails while yanderedev tells them not to. he explains that they are slowing down game progress. “hey guys!!!!!!11111111111111!!!!!!!!!!! i have an ideeyuh!!!!!!!!1!!! let’s continoo 2 send pointles emails 2 yandureh deb mayb he well fenesh gaem faster lol ex dee!!!!!!!!!!!11!!!!!!!!!1” please, just don’t send that email. stop yourself right now. don’t even open up your email account. cuz, 1: you’re making yanderedev upset 2: you’re delaying the fucking game. we all want the game to be finished, so just take your time and think about that email you want to send.

  29. I LOVE THUS GAMES SO MUCH AND CAN SOMEONE (doesnt have to be dev so dev please dont
    ) MAKE AN MLG Yandere Chan or is that already there im not a MLG fan boy i thought it could be cool

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  31. Moi je comprend ce qu’il dit, il a besoin de consacrer le temps qu’il passe à bosser sur le jeu pour bosser sur le jeu, et tout ces mails ça l’empêche de s’y mettre pleinement. En tout cas il est bien délirant ton jeu ! x) Bonne continuation

  32. Honestly, guys. Some of you guys are so spoiled. He spends 12 hours a day on this, yet people want more. If he spent 20 hours a day on this, I’ll bet that people would still want more. If he’s not working on the game, he is sleeping or eating. The Dev has a life, too. He is not your slave, so stop treating him like he is. This game would already be worth money in my opinion. If I were in the same situation, I would end up doing the same exact thing as him. So stop being Midori-chan’s 5 year old self and deal with it!

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