October Update Preview

Heh heh heh…I know what I’ll do…instead of calling it a “delay apology”, I’ll call it an “update preview”…yeah…that’s a brilliant idea!


It is my honor and my privilege to present you with this thrilling Update Preview!

I plan to release another video within the next few days, and a new gameplay build shortly afterwards.

Sorry for the wait! I hope that this video gives you some things to speculate about and look forward to!

77 thoughts on “October Update Preview

  1. Ah I can’t wait!! Watching this game develop is amazing and i can’t wait to see what will become of this game!

  2. “What does the schools logo represent? Yes, I checked the FAQ this time.” I see her annoying personality continues in the game itself.

  3. Yandere Dev, it is a good way for you to upload video for showing the process. I think people want to know more in the new feature besides a new build come out.

  4. Maybe..just maybe,instead of standing beside the tree all the day you can make her(osana najimi) walking with senpai in morning(i saw in the video that that tsundere girl ask to go to school with her so that’s i think..um..well you know what i mean) ,but you’re still can’t interacted with her though..so just,walking with senpai in the morning and then walking to beside tree….just suggestion,ah sorry my english is horrible

    end,i love the update preview…it’s just so many cool things happen in that update 😀

    • That’s actually a good idea! I just wanted to tell you that the reason why YandereDev hasn’t put Osana-Chan [the girl that you’re talking about] as an NPC yet is because it would make it possible to kill her, and you could win the game. She’s probably going to be a part of some of the last builds, since she’s a pretty important character.

    • That’s actually a good idea! I just wanted to tell you that the reason why YandereDev hasn’t put Osana-Chan [the girl that you’re talking about] as an NPC yet is because it would make it possible to kill her, and you could win the game. She’s probably going to be a part of some of the last builds, since she’s probably the most important rival.

  5. So is it finally the time to manage to frame other students while being deguised as them ?
    Or does that mean there will be more PJs than Yan-chan into this game ?

    Dum Dum Duuuum

  6. Alright, I’m excited for this! Looks like there are a lot of new things coming up with this update. Here are my speculations:

    – Osana seemingly being playable: probably just something YandereDev did just for this video, but perhaps it will be possible to play as her, maybe in a “escape from Yandere-Chan” mode? Or maybe Yandere-Chan can now disguise as another student (using the masks?) to frame them for her murders. Or maybe it’s a result of Yan-Chan brainwashing her after kidnapping her and making Osana commit crimes while she gets suspicion away from her.

    – 0:12 – the wheel shows that the “gossip” and “task” options are now available. We all already know what “gossip” will be for and I imagine “task” will send you on a side quest, presumably allowing you to raise your reputation and/or gain favours form the NPCs.

    – 0:26 – new options in Yan-Chan’s house including “sleep”. Presumably this means that a day won’t automatically end after you leave the school. Oddly, the shrine to Senpai appears to be gone.

    – 0:32 – “Video games”. Presumably, some simple mini-games.

    – 0:35 – “Internet”. Obviously the school’s Facebook pages (hopefully YandereDev will change it to a more generic site or Zuckerberg’s lawyers will be on his ass like a Yandere on a rival). Could be used to gather information on students and/or spread gossip.

    – 0:40 – New character. Her face isn’t revealed so no idea if it’s important or not. She looks tough though. Possibly a new type of student who isn’t as easy to kill, maybe she’ll protect other kids. Or maybe she’s a bully and some of the kids will task you with making sure she doesn’t bother them any more… of course, the way you do this is up to you. Also, it’s a long shot but the blond hair makes me think perhaps she is related to Osana. A big sister, maybe?

    – 0:49 – looks like key frames for an animation. Also, Yan-Chan appears to be naked. Maybe the prologue to the “SNAP” ending?

    – 0:58 – Looks like Yan-Chan having a romantic moment with Senpai while a body is lying in front of them. Maybe you can somehow make him think your psychopathic ways are genuinely romantic? Or maybe it’s Yan-Chan saving him from another Yandere and winning his heart that way?

  7. Yandere-chan’s name is Ayano?!?!? At least that’s what says on her fb x’D 0:35
    Also everybody is suggesting that you can play as Osana or whatever is her name, but am I the only one thinking that you can only use her hair now?

    • Lots of people have different opinions. I think that it’s just a new (not to mention awesome) hairstyle, because lots of people have been complaining about not being able to use Osana-chan’s hairstyle.
      and OH SNAP

  8. Glad to see expansions in social interactions. Watching for this game about a half of year and it’s interesting to see how game growing with meat and bones (apology, i’m not native speaker)

  9. I can’t wait for this new build! It looks so awesome!
    If this is only about 15% of it done, imagine how epic the final game will be.

  10. I’m very interested in the continuation of this game. It’s kinda weird how fun it is to murder your fellows. I am kind of wondering about the whole customization option where it asks for your ideal gender male or female. I wonder what happens if you pick female? Do you become male or do you remain female but have a lesbian type yandere thing going on? I want to see some development in that area. Be kinda neat.

    Great work so far, impressed I am and I continue to cheer on this project : )

  11. Oh, that building is incredible ! but it would be nice to have a minigame with Osana -chan like a ” flee the yandere -chan ” or out on the town , breaking into homes of students and etc. I can not wait for this compilation. that anxiety

      • Don’t worry, I think that your English is perfect! Honestly, some people who don’t have English as their first language have better spelling and grammar than those who have it as their first language.

    • I don’t think you’d have to survive a Yandere as a Senpai considering their Senpai is the one person a Yandere DOESN’T want to harm.

  12. I have been following this game for some time now, and I would like to see its awesome! I can’t actually play the game because my computer won’t let me, but I still keep updated on it🙌. I check your YouTube daily and your wordpress. (Okay now I sound creepy) this build looks awesome and keep up the good work, your awesome so stick to it.

  13. Yandere Dev, I highly suggest you to watch an anime called Denpa Teki na Kanojo. It consists in two OVAs of 45 minutes each one. You won’t regret it, I assure you. By the way, this is the second message I’m posting about this topic. If you don’t get to notice this message, I am afraid I will have to spoil you by putting a gif of the anime. Yes, I know it’s going too far, but I seriously think you should watch it. You could take several ideas for gameplay and storyboard from it.

  14. I’m just so excited for when the game is finished and for sale. Just thinking of all the way Yanderedev could go-
    Being able to break into students homes
    Being able to plant objects like drugs, condoms, or pregnancy tests were parents or teachers could find them.
    Building a sort of dating sim feature where you can convince the boys with no crush to do your bidding (possibly helping with breaking and entering, helping to take pantyshots so your reputation won’t go down)
    A feature where you can exchange information or pantyshots to students with crushes for favors.
    Being able to tail Kokona on the night she goes to meet the guy for blackmail.
    Faking an attraction for one of the sexes so no one will know you actually love senpai.
    All the possibilities are making me unbelievably excited.

  15. Dear YandereDev,
    I love your work on Yandere Simulator, its very fun because I understand Yandere-chan and I absolutely love making skins for when I play this.I know you’re a busy guy and I’m sorry if this is one of the things you hear over and over again,so I’m going to cut to the chase. I would have E-mailed you but I read the FAQ first and decided to leave a comment on your update post instead. Since we can already customize Yandere-Chan with accessories, skins etc. Why not be able to do skins for Senpai and even customize students.Sorry if I’m bothering you, but thank you for reading this.<3

  16. Yandere dev, yandere dev! You know what would be cool? A Yukako Yamagishi hairstyle!

    Yeah, there are a ton of yanderes out there and this is the 19824th suggestion for hairstyles, but, since we will have a stand, why not include the awesome hairstyle of a yandere stand user? I’m not even saying it should come with the full abilities of yukako’s hair, tough that would be cool.

    • This is a sandbox. Not a full game. So he can’t just implement it on a tablet.

      He would need to change the code, etc.

  17. Wait… When he went to the internet, the Facebook account said “Ayano”, and the picture looked like Yandere-chan… Is that her new name?

  18. Hi yandere dev, i had some ideas for the game for a while now i would like to share.
    My first idea to make the game seem on the realistic side, would to have in Yandere-chans house, you can walk out of her room into a living room type of area and where the front door would be, it could have the option of riding her bike, leaving early, or going straight to school.
    On the option for leaving early, you can take photos of senpai at his house through his living room, bathroom, or bedroom, and before he goes to school with Osana-chan.

    Another idea for the game is to add in the swimming pool area ( it seems obvious you might be adding this in since you have a swimsuit choice) but in the swimming pool area, yandere-chan can push a girl who cant swim into the pool or once she is pushed in, yandere, can jump in and force her underwater. You can have it so in the gym you will need to get strengh points to be able to do the action of forcing her underwater while you are in the pool.

    the day purple hair girl gets a phone call, at the end of the day there should be an option to follow a student (AKA purple hair girl for example) to either murder her and blame the guy who called her, take photos to ruin her reputation making senpai turn her down if she confesses her love to him, or sabatoge her.

    Once you add more detail to the town, there sould be a mini game later on in the game where yandere- chan can do a deliver service so she can talk to senpais parents when they get their ordered item or posion a special deliver to another student. depending on how fast yandere can bike to their house depends on your reward

    • These seem like really good ideas, but YandereDev already said that he would do most of these things in the FAQ or in other places, and that suggestions would have to be sent into his e-mail. Also, the town is just a placeholder for the time being.

  19. I have a big issue!Can someone help me?

    1.When I star the game,when I’m in my bedroom… It’s so fast!But when I leave my house It’s SO laggy and in the school I can’t move at all!!! I tried every kind of game boosters none of them work/help!

    2.(It’s a bug or something like that!) So when I go down to my basement there is a girl who REALLY scares me! (When the first time a saw it I almost cry!)And she just looking at me…UHHHH SOOO CREEPY! But she still go to school!(I guess from what I see in videos I’m gonna have nightmares!!

    3.I can’t post anything on “Facebook” (It’s must be a thing that I don’t know!)

    (I played the game about an hour ago and I’m still scared!)PS.:I tried re-downloading the game but It’s not working! 😦

  20. I think that in the next next update, that you should be able to type stuff and talk to people and you can choose how your face looks like, and clothes….a lot of people love games like that!! But what I mean by talking to people, I don’t mean by real people that are playing the game right now, I mean like Kokana and the people in the game….

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