Quiet Contest Results

Wow! The Quiet Contest got way more attention than I anticipated! There were 113 entries for the contest. That just blows my mind!

Some submissions were joke entries that were sent in for a laugh, but a lot of people actually took it quite seriously!

The final decision came down to a set of 21 super high-quality submissions. It was extremely difficult to decide on the winner of the contest, since it’s very hard to pick the “best” illustration when every one of them is so great. I’m very afraid of people saying, “Ugh, why did THAT artist win? Another artist should have won!” but I suppose that’s just the risk I take when holding a contest.

It was nearly impossible for me to pick the winner; I deliberated about it for over an hour, constantly flipping back and forth between illustrations, saying “This is the winner. NO! This is the winner. No, wait! This one…” In the end, I chose the illustration that seemed to carry the spirit of Metal Gear Solid most closely.

So, without further ado, I present the winner of the contest, the immensely talented PixelNoodle!

What an absolutely gorgeous illustration! I can feel the inspiration of Yoji Shinjawa’s brushwork. You feel it too, don’t you?

As I promised in my previous blog post, I’ll share with you the most remarkable “runners-up”, the people whose entries stood far above the rest:

Top 20 Runners Up

Honorable Mentions

I’d also like to call attention to these gorgeous illustrations by the incredibly talented 殇子 Black Chan:

Kokona certainly looks rather fetching in a swimsuit, doesn’t she?

  • I especially enjoyed this illustration by Danni!
  • This image by Koyukiii Yamada certainly has time and effort put into it!
  • EdwinLeal‘s Yandere-chan looks a little sad, but still very beautiful!
  • Nyarumanyak-chan designed a very nice one-piece swimsuit for Yandere-chan!
  • Ria drew one of the most badass illustrations of Yandere-chan that I’ve ever seen!
  • I enjoyed this box art parody by Thunder Face. It feels like every time I see it, I find a new joke that I didn’t notice last time.
  • Unfortunately, Joshua misunderstood the objective of the contest at first, but he got it right on his second try.
  • There is an absolutely insane amount of detail in this illustration from NyronGTR. Just think of how long it must have taken to draw all of those hearts! That must have been incredibly time-consuming!
  • Alison drew Yandere-chan from behind.
  • Dominique makes me think that I should have given Yandere-chan red eyes!
  • Lev went above and beyond the call of duty by drawing some additional characters in MGS cosplay!
  • 心冷致命, or “Shadow, drew this piece of artwork!
  • Marcel misunderstood the directions, and drew Quiet cosplaying as Yandere-chan.
  • Eliza drew an excellent sketch that I couldn’t help but share here.
  • I really like the way that Joz-Brown drew Yandere-chan!
  • Sebastian drew quite an emotionless-looking Yandere-chan.
  • ChazzPineda‘s Yandere-chan is just too darn cute!
  • Lobo King‘s illustration is noteworthy because of a very interesting detail that he added to Yandere-chan’s eyes.
  • CJ captured the darker side of Yandere-chan in his entry.
  • Mozzatav drew a nice little comic!
  • I’m not quite sure what’s going on in this avant-garde artwork from BlizzardBeast.
  • Drac017 gives us some insight into the dilemmas faced by a girl trying to get her Senpai to notice her.
  • Lexi found a very tasteful combination of the two outfits.
  • I feel bad for whoever has gotten on Yandere-chan’s bad side in Clairetan‘s illustration.
  • Mama chan‘s idea is hilarious, and got a big laugh out of me!
  • Oscar has drawn one of the cutest drawings of Yandere-chan that I’ve ever seen!
  • Shao used a costume design that nobody else went with!
  • I’m quite taken by the way that Grzegorz has drawn Yandere-chan!
  • Here, we can see Yandere-chan using the Fulton Surface-To-Air Recovery System to extract her rival from the battlefield. Clever idea, Adrian!
  • This short comic by Christian was one of the most entertaining entries. I love the costume designs!
  • And last, a sketch from Jo-shu, creator of Fall Girl!

Final Words

In case you’d like to see every single illustration that was submitted for the contest, here’s a link to a file containing every single submission: http://www.mediafire.com/download/ie7m6ret6eycck9/QuietContest.rar

I’m honored that so many people were interested in entering the contest! I feel really guilty about picking one illustration and labeling it as the “winner”, since there were many other illustrations that I absolutely loved. I hope that all of the participants enjoyed the time that they spent creating their artwork, I hope that all of you enjoy seeing the beautiful images that were created for this competition!

My two-week vacation from Yandere Simulator was quite productive, but it ends tomorrow. I’m very eager to get back to work on the game!

By the way, how often do you think I should hold art contests? http://strawpoll.me/5490924

60 thoughts on “Quiet Contest Results

  1. whoa I made it into the top 21!! 😀 thanks so much for hosting the contest- it was super fun! Everyone who entered did a great job!!!

  2. I can’t just feel it… I can smell it. The smell of a sniper rifle. Turning around and seeing yandere chan with you in her sights. And then you are killed.

    What Seth I don’t know what you mean I will be killed. Well idiot I am sure that you would know what death is. Death is where I take you to the desert. Pull the trigger, the gun goes off, your brains and blood goes all over the sand. And you get dead.

  3. I wish I had drawn something for this, I really wanted to.
    I’m sorry that I didn’t Senpai, please forgive me. *bows*

    But the winner truly deserved it! I really liked the drawing. c:
    And the others were simply amazing! Everyone did a great job! ^^

  4. Well of course you were taken by my work, senpai – I’ve spent literal hours trying to hone and perfect that clevage so it could be the best clevage in this competition.
    It’s not easy using mouse…

    now if only I didn’t screw over the perspective and then some other stuff like proportions…

    Anyway I love this, had great fun and deffinitely looking forward to the next one.

  5. YandereDev you’ve changed me, my puns shall never be as good as yours. Oh Senpai, what a Baka I am ;-; But I’m definitely going to be joining in next time!

  6. That was a nice contest, YandereDev, I think we need one at least once a season.
    Next time, I’d like an entry subject not asking todraw half naked HS girl. As I said, drawing unclothed character is outta the question for me.

    So maybe next time.

  7. Wow , I’m so proud that my drawing made Yanderedev-sempai laugh ! I am the happiest french in the world today !♡(* ‘ ∀ ‘ *)♡

  8. Yandere Dev, I feel like if it was too often it would maybe slow down development of the game and if you didn’t create a contest or pick a winner on time you would disappoint your fans.
    But that’s just my opinion

    • I don’t believe it would slow down the game progress… i mean, all he gotta do is give rules and decide what is going to be about and post, and then let people make their arts, it’s not like he’s going to be doing nothing meanwhile, it won’t require that much time you may think it will.

  9. Got to admit it, you picked out a winner very nicely, I can’t bug you for this one.
    Although I’d hesitate to say it’s better than Nokina‘s artwork…

  10. Aw, drat, I had the exact same idea of replicating Yoji Shinkawa’s brushwork. I was going to have colored screentones and everything…Unfortunately, it was too hard to try and emulate a Pentel Brush Pen with a mouse in Krita. Still need to scrounge up the monies for a tablet…

    Ah well, the winner deserves it, and I’m looking forward to the next competition!

    (Now to try and find the cash to buy Phantom Pain…)

  11. Nice contest haha. I love every one of them even the ones that weren’t mentioned, they all put effort into it and you can see, it was pretty fun to see how different styles each people has. I would say next one should be a Super Saiyajin Yandere!

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  13. So many very well done art with some of them having such stand out unique styles but WOW! The #1 image is 100% Yandere-chan through and through without a doubt absolutely deserves being the winning image. If there was an actual game box, I’d select it for the cover in a heart beat.

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