School Atmosphere Update

EDIT: Bugs were found and fixed. A new build is now available.

School Atmosphere has finally been added to the game! This new feature affects almost everything about the game. Here’s a video that explains all of its current effects:

Here’s a full list of everything that’s new in this build:


  • Added a “Choose Uniform” interface to the “Customize Senpai” screen. The player can now choose what uniform the school’s students will wear.
  • There are now 5 uniforms available for male students.
  • There are now 5 uniforms available for female students.
  • It is possible to apply custom textures to all 5 of Yandere-chan’s possible school uniforms.
  • The process for applying custom textures to Yandere-chan has changed slightly. There will no longer be a “CustomArms.png” and Yandere-chan’s arm texture will now come from “CustomUniform.png”. I apologize for any custom textures that break because of this!
  • It was only possible to add new uniforms to the game because of a tremendous amount of assistance from Saracen!

School Atmosphere

  • If a student stops coming to school (because they were killed or kidnapped), School Atmosphere will drop slightly.
  • If a corpse is discovered, School Atmosphere will drop significantly.
  • As School Atmosphere drops, the school becomes darker and less colorful.
  • As School Atmosphere drops, the game’s background music changes to suit the mood of the school. These new music tracks were composed by Henry Rofkar of Only Wednesday Music!
  • As School Atmosphere drops, students will become more paranoid.
  • A paranoid student can notice dangerous behavior from a farther distance.
  • A paranoid student becomes alarmed faster than a normal student.
  • A paranoid student’s idle animation is similar to the movement of a security camera (looking left and right) increasing the chance that Yandere-chan will be spotted by them.
  • As School Atmosphere Drops, Yandere-chan will lose more reputation points from dangerous behavior (carrying weapons, looking bloody, acting psychotic).
  • Now, when a student is murdered, they will scream. If a student hears a scream, they will react by turning in the direction of the scream.
  • As School Atmosphere drops, students will react to screams from longer distances.
  • The “mood” of the Calendar Screen changes to reflect the current level of School Atmosphere, and displays a number and a graphic that relates to the current School Atmosphere level.

Miscellaneous Additions

  • If Yandere-chan steps into a puddle of blood while barefoot, she leaves behind a bloody footprint instead of a bloody shoeprint.
  • Students will now react to Yandere-chan when she is laughing in a sadistic and psychotic way. This will cause reputation loss.
  • Added more options to the Debug Menu (accessed by pressing the “\” key on your keyboard).
  • Added a “stab” sound effect when stabbing students.
  • Added a new sponsor to the sponsor screens.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug that would allow Yandere-chan to clip into the bathtub in the shower room by running towards the purple haired girl while she was bathing (I think).
  • Fixed bug that would cause objects to grow larger and larger in size every time they were picked up and dropped by Slender-chan or DK-chan.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Yandere-chan’s textures to get screwed up if Easter Eggs were activated while she was nude.
  • Fixed bug that was preventing outlines from appearing on male students’ heads in Yandere Vision.

I’m going to take a two-week vacation from game development now, but I have some noteworthy blog posts planned for the near future, including a contest that I’m very excited about! Please keep checking in for updates!

218 thoughts on “School Atmosphere Update

  1. YandereDev, you’ve made it again. This School Atmosphere Update looks plain neat! I am sure it will incentivate the player to be more cautious about their actions and not be a random murderer. Good work ๐Ÿ™‚

    This game is starting to take shape. Be well in your vacation and keep with the good work!

  2. YandereDev is amazing. I thought of a way how to kill someone but YandereDev needs to put some rope in the game.
    Victim (ex. Kokona Haruka)
    First, place the rope on hand. Then, approach your victim. When the icon appears it will say “Suffocate”. This will take about 5-10 seconds to kill the victim. ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. The voice actress suits Yandere-chan a lot, but I feel like she needs some directions in some parts.

    For example, during the intro she sounds like she’s forcing herself to sound like an emotionless robot. She really needs to inflect and not sound like she’s reading out loud. She has potential though, so I’m hoping it’ll improve.

  4. I think the version 2 of the sept. 1 build is broken, every NPC, and teachers have been turned into a compressed version of everyone, it looks really creepy

  5. well, I don’t know if It’s problem of my pc or it’s from the game but when I download it and I open I can’t play, It just says “atmosphere low” and I can’t do anymore, please I need answers

  6. idk if anyone else has had this problem but there seems to be a bug where Yandere-Chan can’t go to class. The option never shows up, and if it does it’s only after she’s late to class. I also can’t pass time anymore.

  7. good work, Yanderedev.
    you’ve add some difficulties to the game, which is very good. im sure it’ll make more people like the game.

  8. Perhaps there could be another way to raise school atmosphere? Like school festivals and other school events that the teachers would do to try and bring back up the reputation of the school and relax there students?

  9. If you fail to meet the deadline and Senpai accepts Osana’s love confession you should be able to snap and kill both of them lul . Love this game c: !

  10. Being able to open/close windows might be an interesting mechanic. Maybe Yandere-chan could climb through ground floor windows or jump into dumpsters safely from the second story.

  11. Version before this:
    *Students come into school*
    *Kill all students behind senpies back*

    This version:
    *Doesn’t read update*
    *Kills a student at entrance*
    *Senpie hates me and I somehow do not get expelled or arrested*

  12. YandereDev should add little things to the game, like slippers and you should be able to have a locker where you can store your weapons. I also think that YandereDev should make killing other students like drowning, and pushing into a dumpster, and other things! I also can’t wait for Cupid, Suicide, and many other ways to kill students! Plus I think that hes going to add the ability to cut up a girl and stuff her into a guitar case very soon.

  13. i have a bug… i start the game and i click to resume game o new game and the game stop and show me low admosphere….:S dont continue.

  14. I have one question, and it’s a fairly simple one: Can I keep playing after the week is over? I want to be able to gradually eliminate everyone, one day at a time, but that’ll take more than a week.

    • Once the first rival’s programming is added, it should be possible to continue for another week.
      The test build ends on the first Friday right now because she’s in the build, but cannot be interacted with, and is thus impossible to kill before the deadline.

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  16. you could make that one fan-art sniper yandere-chan a skin because that would be my new play-through skin! (the fan art person that won)

  17. Hello! I’m Valentina,a fan! I love Yandere Simulator! I’m so happy! The game is updating all the time! And the updates are so amazing! Oh,and sorry for the bad english! I’m brazillian,and i’m not using Google Translator…English is hard!

  18. Hello , I was wondering if you can make the quality better , i know you’re already making the best graphic or quality but please make the quality more lower if you can , i really really appreciate it , that’s all , thank you

  19. Dev, you are doing an amazing job. I have faith in you to make this the best game ever. Keep up the great work ๐Ÿ˜€

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