August 26th Bug-Fixing Update

I’ve got some bug fixes and some improvements to the behavior of wet students! Scroll down past this lovely illustration by Inan0 to see the latest fixes and additions to the game.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug that would cause the game to play sound effects out of the left audio channel or the right audio channel based on the orientation of Yandere-chan’s head, rather than the orientation of the camera.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the purple-haired girl to walk around school wet or naked if Yandere-chan went to class immediately after dumping water or blood on the purple-haired girl.
  • Fixed bug that would allow the player to dump a bucket of water off the school rooftop outside of the purple-haired girl’s phone call event.
  • Fixed bug that would break the purple-haired girl’s pathfinding if she was following Yandere-chan before her phone call event triggered.
  • Fixed bug that would cause a photograph of a dumpster to be registered as a “corpse photograph” if a corpse was inside of the dumpster.
  • Fixed bug that would allow the player to bathe in the shower room while holding an item in their hand or dragging a corpse.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the game to display the incorrect button prompt at the portal that leads into school.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the player to see a floating hair wig during a “noticed by Senpai” game over event.
  • Fixed bug that would make a teacher say two different phrases simultaneously upon witnessing murder.

New Wet NPC Behavior

  • If the purple-haired girl sees a corpse while she is wet with blood, she runs to the shower area and cleans the blood off of her body rapidly before fleeing the school.
  • If the purple-haired girl sees a corpse while she is wet with water, she decides that she doesn’t care about drying off, and just flees the school.
  • If the purple-haired girl sees a corpse while she is naked, she changes into her gym uniform before she flees the school (unless she is bloody).

I’ve finished moving into my new home! Now I finally have some free time to work on the game again…but I still have over 175 bug reports to go through, and I’m going to take a 2-week vacation starting on September 1st, so I don’t think I’ll have much time to do anything other than bug fixes between now and the start of my vacation…anyway, I’ll try my best to get a cool new feature into the game between now and September 1st!

102 thoughts on “August 26th Bug-Fixing Update

  1. You deserve a vacation 🙂 After all this hard work you’ve been doing catching up on emails, fixing bugs, and adding new content, we all really appreciate it. And congrats on finishing moving. My grandma’s moving into her apartment soon and we’ve been trying to get all her stuff to the apartment for the whole Summer. I don’t know if you saw my comment from an earlier post, but I found a bug and I don’t know if anyone else has reported it.

    When I go into ‘Slender’ mode and pick up items, the size if the items increase. I once made the mop so big, it flung out of my hands and got stuck outside the gate when I dropped it.

  2. I’m glad you’ve put so much work into the game! You deserve the rest, so have fun. Believe me, the game is amazing. Just wish we could manipulate other girls into…. Situations. Yeah I know I’m evil. But aren’t we all? All for our beloved Senpai…

  3. Dear YandereDev, I am so pleased to hear that you have finished moving and are going to be taking a vacation; you really deserve one! I wish you the best of luck with writing code for the next major build, and just remember that if the content isn’t ready on the day it was scheduled to be, it’s fine, just take your time! 😉

  4. A two week vacation? -_- #

    Really? THIS is what those donations are paying for?
    I don’t know whether to rage that the full game is never coming out or high-five YandereDev for suckering so many people into believing otherwise.

    • He’s been working on fixing builds for so much time and stuff . Don’t you think he deserves a vacation?

    • HAVE PATIENCE WILL YOU?!?! He’s been working so damn hard on this game for the months! My goodness! A two week vacation doesn’t mean he will stop working on Yandere Simulator forever! =_= Stop making such ridiculous assumptions! After all that effort he put into making the game and answering emails and all that stress he went through, he definitely deserves a vacation and you have the nerve to say that he’s slacking off?!?!

      • If Yandere Dev wants a vacation, he takes a vacation. He didn’t ask for your input on the matter. -.-

        And he absofreakinglutely deserves one after all his hard work.
        If you wanna bitch about not getting new content of the game, do it somewhere where there are other ignorant and selfish weebs like the one you are, ’cause nobody here gives a shit.

        Hope I’ve made my point.

    • SCREW THE FUCK OFF! Yanderedev has been working his ass off for this game and this is how you treat him taking a small well deserved break?! I bet you could never make a simple pong game never mind a fucking simulater, you don’t even understand the fucking effort he puts into every single line of freakin code! Never mind the fact that he has to put up with bitching retards like you! I don’t know what shits going around in your head to make you bitch about something like that but I think you should take your negativity the fuck out and leave him alone you fat ugly worthless piece of shit!

      How would you feel if idiots told YOU that you can never stop working on something THEY want you to do?! When he’s been working for 12 hours a day 7 days a week and putting effort in and just taking the most tiny fucking holiday THAT is not cause to bitch about donations! Fuck off, people donate to support him not make his life a fucking living hell!

      • Exactly! YandereDev doesn’t get enough time off, and he still has his own problems to take care of too, like making sure that he eats and such. People should be more respectful of this guy who’s working so hard to get them this [currently] FREE GAME.
        Even though it may not be complete it’s still awesome :3

    • Bitch, how fucking dare you? This guy has been working his ass off for MONTHES trying to develop this game for us. And you want to whine about a vacation he rightfully deserves? You’ve got a damn nerve to complain. I wish you fucking would do that. I absolutely LOATHE ungrateful people like you. If Yandere Dev sees that shitty comment you have made, I’d hope he would do something drastic. Ya lil bitch.

    • OMGWTFBBQTTYL! How dare you suggest that YandereDev should have to WORK for the money we’re PAYING him!
      Prepare to face the mindless horde! (and, in all likelihood, several of YandereDev’s alternate accounts)
      He’s been giving us the bare minimum to keep us placated for MONTHES (*months, sorry I don’t know how to use spellcheck) and you DARE to accuse him of not planning on finishing the game?!
      Who cares if, with gullible morons like us, he has incentive to drag this game development out forever? WE STILL BELIEVE IN HIM!!!!11!!one!
      Having seen this pattern of projects slowing down and then dragging on into obscurity automatically makes you a ” fat ugly worthless piece of shit”. Just because he’s taking a full 14 days off does not mean that Yandere simulater (*simulator) is going to end up the same way! Anyone who thinks otherwise is an ” ignorant and selfish weeb”.
      I clearly haven’t ever had a job (I’m probably still a school kid and am way too young to play a game about murder anyway), because I think that the people paying me have no right to complain when I don’t do what they pay me to do!
      YandereDev has been claiming to work 12 hours a day, 7 days a week – and with the lackluster progress he’s made, that MUST be true! I personally believe that he works 72 hours a day, 98 days a week!

      • Back the fuck up. You don’t know SHIT about his job, so don’t get to a damn assumption about how long he has to work. It takes days (if not, weeks) to code and have it completed. And you correcting me on my puny spelling? No fucker, (or should I say TheWorldAndI) you are the one who needs to be corrected. It is even stated it could take that long to code, depending on components. Shit, you probably can’t do the job yourself.

        And even if they are little children playing murder games, so fucking what? Who said you were the high class parent around here? As long as they don’t become another Adam Lanza or James Holmes, then it’s all good! It’s probably better to play computer games and going outside than to shoot up a school or taking nudes, or other unspeakable acts children these days do.

        And besides, he needs the vacation. All fucking working and no damn play is not fun. And the “bare minimum” you speak of has got him and us a long way. You have to go slow and steady to make sure it doesn’t create bugs and other issues (speaking as, something you can’t probably fix).

        Honestly, you ungrateful children out there who come to complain here about something deserving, most likely won’t be able to claim a job like YandereDev or other great things out there. So desist from doing so.

      • Unthinking Drone. You can shut the hell up if you think that just because we’ve donated money to him, he has to go through hell trying to please selfish brats like you and theworldandi. If he ends up getting sick because of work related stress without any vacation, I’m pretty sure you two will deeply regret pushing him to keep working on the game..
        At least we’re patient and care more about YandereDev’s wellbeing than the progress he’s making in the game.

      • Okay, woah. First off, I’m sorry for all the immature comments directed towards you. I get where you’re coming from with your argument and you shouldn’t have gotten yelled at like that. Yes, two weeks off for working on a game while still getting pay is a bit unfair for those who are giving money out of their pockets. But Yanderedev has been working hard to get late updates to us, and we’ve seen how bad he feels when they aren’t up in time through his videos. He does deserve a break now and then, and he’s decided to take it now for a longer period of time. But he’s still going to try to give us a new update on the 1st, and he’ll most likely work very hard to make up for the time he was gone when he gets back. Plus he just got done moving into his new house and he most likely wants to spend some time enjoying it. And working on this for too long will most likely burn him out, then the updates will be shorter and longer apart! Really, this vacation is for the best. He needs to spend some time away from this game so he can come back feeling refreshed and read to give us something worth the money people have been paying over the course of making this game! You’ve gotta understand, Yanderedev is only human. And spending days just sitting there in your house staring at a computer screen is unimaginable. I know where you’re coming from, I really want to see the game come out sometime in the near future! But for right now, that isn’t going to happen if Yanderedev doesn’t take a step back from the computer and take care of himself.

    • Wow, give SOME support you narcissistic bitch. He deserves a holiday: it’s unhealthy to work as much as he has been. Not to mention that, knowing YandereDev’s devotion to his project, he’s gonna spend his holiday worrying about our reactions and probably worrying about the progress of the game itself. And the full game IS coming out jackass.

      Sorry for being so rude. But seriously, lay off.

      • Unthinking Drone, your sarcasm ain’t even funny. I had to read through your post a couple of times to realise that you were actually mocking the supportive comments.
        And no one asked you to be a Grammar Nazi >.>

    • Tell me how much money you contributed to the game and I’ll pay you back with my own money and make sure you delete your comment

  5. Has anyone else had a problem with media file and having the ads cover the screen where it says download or is that just me? Ive never had a problem before but ever since the August 21st I cant download it and it freezes

  6. Yanderedev, I suggest you don’t release anymore bug fixing builds and instead put all the bug fixes in the new major update build. Don’t stress yourself too much.

  7. this game can have male rivals? It would be interesting one possible yaoi ❤

    PS: sorry for the horrible English, it is not my native language.

  8. Good job with all the bug fixing! I’m glad to see you’re able to add more sponsors onto your list.

    Hey, just a thought…In the next build, if you have time, do you think you could set up more opportunities to dump water on students or drown them in the bathrooms? It’d be nice to pick on someone other than “Boobs McKenzie” (aka: purple-haired girl.) 😛

    I’ve seen people drown at least 1 teacher and catch Senpai in the bathroom…but I honestly don’t know when or if they still visit the bathroom. o.O’

    That might just be me though~ I’d prefer more kill opportunities over bug fixes.

    • Ah, those are mods u w u Some Youtubers prefer to use the altered version where you can actually win, although I don’t think it’s worth playing-
      And is that a Markiplier reference I smell?

      • Aw, that’s too bad! Like I said, some more kill or torment opportunities on other students/people would be great over bug fixes (IMO.)

        And yes, your nose is on target. ;D

      • At least we still have our favorite punching bag~

        Not as much as my eyebrow game though ; – ;

  9. Dear Yandere dev, Devil here, I got to say your last build gave me chills I am very interested to see what you do for your next build. Also glad to hear your done moving to a new home and stay safe on your vacation remember to have as much fun as you can. But before I forget, can you put a time event in the game where Info Chan can not help Yandere Chan when she really needs it against a CERTAIN someone? Thanks for hearing me out.

  10. I’ve got this thing that when i try to open the latest build of the game it will open, but the screen will just turn pink and nothing else, no sound plays, nothing

  11. I can’t believe that YandereDev only gets a two-week vacation! He’s been working really hard on this game for a few months over a year, and deserves better than that. I know that people are paying him to work, but how can the poor guy add code to the game when he’s all tired out?

    • I agree. I’m glad that he’s taking a vacation, but he deserves more than a 2 week vacation after all the hard work he has done into making the game fun and enjoyable. ^^

  12. Excuse me, but I have an addition I’d like to propose.
    My idea is another way to get sane: Add antipyschotics to the nurses’s office.

  13. Why does the game crash everytime i try an play on the fastest quality? i can not play on the higher qualities because they lag. Is it a bug? can you please fix it?

    • If your game is crashing while in the bedroom or basement, try pressing 0. It lowers your graphics immensely and I have to do that.

  14. Look, I klled a 4 meter class titan 😉
    /Users/drwjan/Desktop/Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 6.57.29 PM.png

    /Users/drwjan/Desktop/Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 6.57.29 PM.png

  15. I just hope his vacation wont end in another E-Mail-overload when he’s back. Considering the last one was due to something very similar.

  16. i haven’t been able to play the game yet 😦 so sad but every bug fix or new content added makes me want to play it even more so keep up the good work and keep making a great game and enjoy your vacation

  17. Sorry for being so late, I just needed to report that Norton (I use 360 Premier) states that ever since the August 21st Build, it’s been a massive threat to my computer and it immediately removes it. I just remove it from the scan and redownload it, but when I next turn on my laptop, it’s gone! I’m not sure IF you can change this or even just leave a little note on the downloads page (I use IE not Chrome btw) but I haven’t been able to play the latest version without having to delete all of the leftover files and redownload the game.

    P.S. Good boy YandereDev for having a break. You don’t need to do this now, you don’t need to do it at all. Just have a cookie. Good boy.

    • No, not right now anyway. The English voices are far from finished and there’s no point in recording lines in different languages that might not even be in the final game. He needs to finish the actual gameplay first. However, it would be nice to have the game in different languages so that it is (in a sense) everyone’s cup of tea.

  18. When Senpai discovered a corpse in titan mode, he “slips” around instead of fleeing out of school.

    By the way, have a happy vacation YandereDev!

    • Just realized that Senpai keeps the status of frightened and “slips” around even in normal mode after discovering a corpse. In addition, he will become unresponsive for the entire day if he noticed Yandere-chan once, the game may freeze if he noticed Yandere-chan is bloody.

  19. Help!
    I’ve download this version today, and the Yandere’s clean uniform is not next to the incinerator. I Don’t know if this is a bug or something else. ¿Someone Know It?

  20. Yandere-dev, I love your game so far and am looking forward to future updates, just remember to not overwork yourself.

    When you have the time, if you’re ever in need of entertainment (or inspiration) maybe you could try watching Rob Dykes Youtube series Seriously Strange. I recommend Scariest Stalkers and Brutal Execution Methods in particular. Hope you enjoy.

  21. my computer says its a corrupted file so when i play it and i get to school all the textures are pink and in first view, it worked fine with the other updates so why now?

  22. Does anyone think dismemberment will be put in next build, cause in the super old builds, thats what the guitar case was for.

    Also, we might have our rival this build or the next since we have animations already for osana najimi hidden in the files.

  23. I have a bug. When you put a corpse by the tree Senpai goes by before he does, he goes on the path that the purple girl goes, and stays in the lockerroom until you go to class/lunch.

  24. Its impossible to be stealth when i have to escape my house at night when my parents are sleeping, not even snake could do that without his parents beating the shit out him when they found out
    Ohhhh my life 😦 heha

  25. i really want to play this game but its struggling to download, ive tried the main link and the other suggested mirrors and the download keeps failing halfway =(

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