August 26th Bug-Fixing Update

I’ve got some bug fixes and some improvements to the behavior of wet students! Scroll down past this lovely illustration by Inan0 to see the latest fixes and additions to the game.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug that would cause the game to play sound effects out of the left audio channel or the right audio channel based on the orientation of Yandere-chan’s head, rather than the orientation of the camera.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the purple-haired girl to walk around school wet or naked if Yandere-chan went to class immediately after dumping water or blood on the purple-haired girl.
  • Fixed bug that would allow the player to dump a bucket of water off the school rooftop outside of the purple-haired girl’s phone call event.
  • Fixed bug that would break the purple-haired girl’s pathfinding if she was following Yandere-chan before her phone call event triggered.
  • Fixed bug that would cause a photograph of a dumpster to be registered as a “corpse photograph” if a corpse was inside of the dumpster.
  • Fixed bug that would allow the player to bathe in the shower room while holding an item in their hand or dragging a corpse.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the game to display the incorrect button prompt at the portal that leads into school.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the player to see a floating hair wig during a “noticed by Senpai” game over event.
  • Fixed bug that would make a teacher say two different phrases simultaneously upon witnessing murder.

New Wet NPC Behavior

  • If the purple-haired girl sees a corpse while she is wet with blood, she runs to the shower area and cleans the blood off of her body rapidly before fleeing the school.
  • If the purple-haired girl sees a corpse while she is wet with water, she decides that she doesn’t care about drying off, and just flees the school.
  • If the purple-haired girl sees a corpse while she is naked, she changes into her gym uniform before she flees the school (unless she is bloody).

I’ve finished moving into my new home! Now I finally have some free time to work on the game again…but I still have over 175 bug reports to go through, and I’m going to take a 2-week vacation starting on September 1st, so I don’t think I’ll have much time to do anything other than bug fixes between now and the start of my vacation…anyway, I’ll try my best to get a cool new feature into the game between now and September 1st!

102 thoughts on “August 26th Bug-Fixing Update

  1. Okay… First, this game is… interesting. For the dev, at least, I mean this as the highest compliment. Seeing it come together over time is fascinating to observe. For me and the other players? I’m… honestly not sure, but hey, it’s good for a possibly horribly disfunctional chuckle here and there.

    Second… No, I honestly really can’t see where those two guys complaining about the vacation are coming from. Yes, you pay in to the game so you should get something out, except there’s a fair level of buyer beware to be had here. I’m not critiquing yandere-dev’s work ethic. I know how the Unity engine works passingly well, and his efforts are very well done, especially if he’s been learning to do certain tricks he’s been doing from scratch, it’s just… look, I’m sorry, but the dude’s kinda obsessive and burning his candle at both ends.

    Honestly? I don’t think this game is going to be completed. I might, actually likely will, still toss some money in for the amusement it has given me, but it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if it ends up with several more features, but not done, at least not without the ownership change he talked about in his mail video. What he’s done is impressive as hell given the time he’s worked on it, calling him ‘lazy’ for it either shows your ignorance of what goes in to coding a game like this or that you’re so damned good at it that I will eternally be jealous of you for as long as I exist, I just don’t think he can keep up the pace, and for that this vacation is a good sign… so long as the guy doesn’t come back to a box full of hatemail, which of course he will, because this is the internet.

    End note – I wish I’d known ‘weeb’ was an insult when I got my nickname…

  2. Oh…I can’t play :c when I go to the school the game turns bugged remains in a pink screen,I can’t move not even hear the music .

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