August 21st Bug-Fixing Update

To download the newest build, click here!

Another day, another bug-fix build! As always, scroll down for the list of bugs fixed.

  • If you dump blood on the purple-haired girl, then let her see you covered in blood while she is also covered in blood, she will presume that you are a victim of a prank, and will not think less of you or give you a reputation penalty.
  • Fixed bug that would allow Yandere-chan to talk to the purple-haired girl before her Monday Lunchtime event started, which would cause lots of bugs during the event.
  • Fixed bug that would cause a bloody uniform to spawn behind Yandere-chan if the purple-haired girl was removing a bloody uniform while Yandere-chan was bloody.
  • Fixed bug that would cause ragdolls to levitate in midair and spin wildly when dragged to the part of the rooftop where Yandere-chan can push a girl into a dumpster.
  • Fixed bug that would allow the player to dump a bucket of water off the school rooftop even when the chain-link fence was put up.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Yandere-chan to rapidly move back and forth when attempting to grab a dumpster. (I hope.)
  • Fixed bug that would cause Yandere-chan to sometimes freeze when dipping a mop into a bucket of water. (I hope.)
  • Fixed bug that would cause Yandere-chan to not spawn any bloody footprints while on the school rooftop.
  • Fixed bug that would allow Yandere-chan to drag a corpse and push a dumpster at the same time.
  • Fixed bug that would allow Yandere-chan to drag a corpse that was inside of a dumpster.
  • Turned down the volume of the bike music in the town.

I still have many more bugs to fix before I’ll begin adding more new features to the game. I sure do hope that the bugs go by quickly!

59 thoughts on “August 21st Bug-Fixing Update

  1. The whole “Purple-Haired girl assuming you to the victim of a prank” thing is something I thought should happen when I was playing today, and here we are!
    Thank you, Yandere Dev!

  2. Wait, does this mean you cannot drop other people that’s not the purple haired girl into the dumpster anymore? I know it was a glitch, but it was nice having a different way to dispose of the other students.

  3. This is amazing! I absolutely love that fanart!
    Oh. and I made a skin for Yandere Chan :3
    It’s Yoruichi Shihoin from Bleach 😀

    I’m kinda new to making skins and stuff and it was my first one and I have a lot of room for improvement.

  4. OH MY GOD! YOU ARE AMAZING, Yanderedev! I absolutely ADORE this!!! Yandere simulator is DA SHIET! (meaning best thing since sliced bread, so to speak) I’m just amazed at how well this game is made, especially considering it’s mostly just you, and not some massive indie game team. every morning I check this site to see if there’s a new update. when there is one, I can’t help but squeal a little! even if it’s only a bug fix.I tell all of my friends (and those who will listen) about this simulator! i love having a customizable senpai, I love the showering off to clean the blood of your fellow classmates, I love the challenges (can’t wait to frame someone X3) I love the panties (can’t wait for the stats they give to be a thing) I love the panty-shots for info-chan! X3 X3 X3 I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS GAME! EVEN SOME OF THE GLITCHES! (like when you walk in circles while dragging a corpse it spazzes out! XD)

  5. A bug I found was in the morning I couldn’t talk to Pippi it would she would keep walking.. thank you for reading and I will be supporting Yandere Sim all the way ❤

  6. It’s my favorite game and only 12 % complete

    I have one question: when the girl orange hair and nurse will move ?

    sorry for my bad English

  7. I think I figured out who the daughter of the man on the tapes is! Info-Chan.

    Here’s why:
    -He mentioned his daughter has a lot of money for someone her age. Probably from selling panty shots and blackmail, if I’m correct.

    -She comes home covered in blood. She helps Yandere-Chan and is very shady, am I not correct?

    -She bought her own computer. It would help Info-Chan with her journalism and blackmail, as well as her stalking.

    -The man, let’s call him Dad, never “got in her business” This would make it easy for Info-Chan to do her terrible deeds.

    -Only Dad would know that Yandere-Chan’s Mum was a yandere. Info-Chan could easily get this information from her Father and his recordings. Also, she could hate her father, due to his poor parenting, therefore helping the daughter of the schoolgirl he hated so much.

    -Dad was also a journalist.

    -Dad was also good at stalking, and learning people’s secrets. A skill she picked up from her father?

    -Dad disappears. This would make it VERY easy for Info-Chan to do things.

    -Info-Chan “gets around” school, she could easily find the tapes as Dad mentioned.

    -Teto’s Dad is still around, just started drinking, and her Mum just died. Dad’s wife died when Info-Chan was born.

    -Teto wouldn’t make enough money to support herself after her father left.

    -Her dad is sexually abusing her, a behavior we have not observed from Dad.

    -Teto is portrayed as weak by Yandere-dev. She can’t take care of herself without being reported to CPS.

    -He would not leave tapes for Teto to “find”. She is also shown as “dumb” and “foolish” in the games, falling for things easily. Info-Chan however, seems very observant and not easily fooled.

    -Tteo would not be so sweet if she had such a stalkery father. Info-Chan however, is obviously dark and insane.

    -Info-Chan’s mother also seemed to be slightly crazy in the tapes, just as Info-Chan is.

  8. Is it possible to poison or kidnap purple girl in latest builds or was it deleted for now? I mean, is Tuesday bento event still avaiable or has been replaced by other event?

    • The bento was NEVER on a Tuesday, it’s only been on a Wednesday on the rooftop. The events including Kokona (purple haired) are the Monday chat with her friend, the Hatsune look-alike, standing near the fountain on Monday, Going to the bathroom on Thursday and the “notice me senpai ;-;” lunchtime event. Sorry if I sound too boastful or forward or anything.

  9. So i’ve got to tell you guys about this bug I found. I have already e-mailed Dev about it but i thought it was creepy enough to share. so if you drop water on purple hair girl on monday and immediately run to class she will remain nude or in her dripping uniform for the rest of the day. If you follow the rest of the steps of listening into her conversation, leaving her a note to meet you on the school roof and pushing her off when she is in the designated spot she will not topple over the edge, instead her eyes turn red and she begins walking back towards the locker room. and if you try to talk to her she will have the scream sound play. it’s really kind of creepy and cool. maybe he should throw in a haunting mechanism later on with this sort of character look, just to add some feel to the game?

  10. I was thinking about the ghost girl that was in the game… I heard she MIGHT be a DLC rival… I had a wonderful idea, if she was and she gained a human form have the ghost girl more want to ruin Yan-chan’s life by her actively trying to possess Yan-chan and have her do something horrible in front of senpai and the only way to keep ghost girl from doing that is A LOT of help from the Occult club (if they’re willing since one of Yan-chan’s rival is the president of said club)

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