August 20th Bug-Fixing Build

To download the newest build, click here!

Here comes another update that is not quite significant enough for a YouTube video, but it definitely worth describing with a blog post!

Once again, this update is mostly about fixing bugs. There are still tons of other bugs that I still need to fix, but I decided to submit a new build with several important bugs fixes. (After all, I really want to stop getting e-mails about these bugs…)

The biggest difference between this build and all previous builds is that the process for cleaning blood off of Yandere-chan’s body has changed.

New Process For Changing Yandere-chan’s Clothing

  • Now, when Yandere-chan is bloody, her only option in front of a locker is to take off her bloody clothing and become nude.
  • When Yandere-chan removes her bloody clothing, her nude body is still bloody. Yandere-chan must bathe in the shower room in order to clean the blood off of her body.
  • After Yandere-chan has cleaned the blood off of her body, she is able to change into another uniform at her locker.
  • When Yandere-chan removes a bloody school uniform, gym uniform, or swimsuit, it appears on the ground as a pickup that can be disposed of at the school incinerator.

If you’d like to see a list of all the other new additions in this build, scroll down past this beautiful illustration made by Riinabs, who specializes in very bloody and NSFW artwork!

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed bug that would cause the purple-haired girl to begin walking away from Yandere-chan in the middle of a conversation if a “go to event” flag was triggered while speaking to Yandere-chan.
  • Fixed bug that would make the “Leave Note” button prompt appear at the purple-haired girl’s locker even if the player had not eavesdropped on the conversation about domestic violence.
  • Fixed bug that would make the purple-haired girl forget that she had to use the toilet if Yandere-chan alarmed her while she was walking to the restroom.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the purple-haired girl’s phone conversation to take place even if she was killed in the middle of the conversation.
  • Fixed bug that would make non-interactive button prompts appear in the purple-haired girl’s locker.


  • Yandere-chan’s swimsuit texture, gym uniform texture, and nude texture can now be modified in the same manner as the rest of her clothing.

With the number of bug reports I’m getting, it’s possible that I’ll spend the next 10 days fixing bugs instead of adding new features to the game. I really hope that I’ll be able to add a new elimination method to the game by September 1st, but it looks a little unlikely. We’ll just have to see how things turn out!

28 thoughts on “August 20th Bug-Fixing Build

  1. I have an idea… You know how you would pour water from the rooftop to the ground? Well I’ve think that if I were to pour water from the rooftop and someone steps into the puddle, they could slip and hit their head hard..

      • That’s a good idea. And to Maki, I’ve done it before and cracked my head open. I’m not even clumsy, it’s just that I was too busy thinking about where I was going to bother looking. But I don’t think that they’d be unconscious, just bloody and hurt. That way, it would be easy to frame them for murder if you mop up the water.

      • Seriously, chances that someone slips are too low. That happens sometimes, but it’s to unreliable. I would never use that method IRL. Well hidden tripwire on stairs is much better than this. But still – i falled on stairs about 5 times during my life. But no serious trauma, not even a scratch.
        People has quiet high agility and dexterity, especially while they are young.

      • A simple elemination method that should exist in the last game would be to verticaly trow the bucket full of water to a student, provoking a skull trauma and death.

    • I agree with Maki. The average person isn’t clumsy enough to fall on their head after slipping on water. Most people are able to land on a more safer part of their body or at least use their hand to partially break their fall. Besides, why would the dev put something that lame in his game? Death by slipping on water? That’s a joke.

    • Your idea is good. But there may have a number of possibilities: get slip, noticed and walk away from it, or even to get a mop and clean it etc.

      I think it will be implemented soon but not in upcoming few builds.

  2. The first thing I tried with the Aug 18th build was getting Yandere-chan naked so her uniform wouldn’t get soaked in blood, killing a girl and then trying to get clean using the bath. And while I was playing a build here you can actually do that gets released.

    The new sapping-out clothes mechanic is pretty good, it makes clean clothes a resource that you have to plan around and I hope NPCs start to react negatively to Yandere-chan running around naked to make that mean somthing. I’m sure nudity-related expulsion/reputation loss is planned but right now staying naked and going to the shower after every kill makes the murders trivial to get away with once you can lure students to the incinerator.

  3. The blood transported in the bucket should help to frame another student for the murders.
    For exemple:

    > Kill a rival near shower
    > Somehow manages to put blood in the buket
    > Teachers pet tells teacher a student died
    > Trow blood to another student
    > Student runs to shower
    > Teacher notice blood in the student and proceed to arrest them
    > Student framed, Yandere-Chan not arrested.

  4. (A bug) When Senpai found a corpse and saw Yandere-chan covered in blood at the same time, his eyes go into wrong direction…

  5. I didn’t understand, do you have to take a bath after every killing? So you just leave the body there and go take a relaxing bath? Weird

  6. wow, i was not expecting so many updates so soon. you work too hard man, take a break. this is enough content to satisfy even the pickiest.

  7. Can you stop fixing the bugs of the game, and fix the bugs with the actual files. Every time I try to open it, it says something like

    Yandere Simulator Crashed.
    Send this to the developer.

  8. There seems to be a bug where the title screen has yandere-chan stuck in yandere mode in the beginning and you cant select anything. I’ll send a screenshot if needed but that has been something that has come up

  9. Um…is anyone else having issues replacing the long hair texture? I’ve tried naming it as LongHairA and LongHairA.png but when i go in the game she still has long black hair. Help?

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