August 18th Bug-Fixing Update

To download the newest build, click here!

Golly! There sure were a lot of bugs in the last two builds. I’m still working through all of them, but I decided to fix some of the most commonly-reported ones. Scroll down to see a list of all the latest fixes!

  • Fixed bug that would cause Yandere-chan to transform into a horrific nightmare-inducing Eldritch monstrosity if she changed clothing in the locker room while Hateful Mode was active.
  • Too many people were accidentally hitting the “Skip to 6:00 PM” debug button, so that functionality is now only accessible through the Debug Menu accessed by pressing the “\” key.
  • Fixed bug that would allow the player to take out their phone camera while attacking a teacher, and view the “caught by teacher” cutscene from a first-person view.
  • Fixed bug that would cause all of the button prompts above students’ heads to disappear if a student spotted a corpse while speaking to Yandere-chan.
  • Fixed bug that would cause a teacher to freeze and never move if she witnessed a murder while a student was reporting a corpse/murder to her.
  • Fixed bug that would allow Yandere-chan to talk to the purple-haired girl while she was wet, which caused a dozen other bugs.
  • Made the “Hateful Mode” hairstyle accessible during normal gameplay by hitting the “H” key to switch hairstyles.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the purple-haired girl to remain “Drownable” after being alarmed by Yandere-chan.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the “leftmost” dumpster to teleport when Yandere-chan tried to push or pull it.
  • Fixed bug that would make students and Senpai turn bald during the “Spotted by Senpai” cut-scene.
  • Improved Info-chan’s student portraits.

There are still many more bugs to fix; I just wanted to quickly put up a new build that doesn’t have some of these bugs. I’ll probably continue to update this blog post with further bug fixes over the course of this week.

59 thoughts on “August 18th Bug-Fixing Update

  1. I think there should be an option to steal all the clothes from girls locker while she is bathing. So she left naked without clothes. Depending on character type she should after that: call for help via phone, steal someones clothes and go to teacher, sit and cry.

    P.S. Realy good work! And again – please, be carful about your health, sleep well, eat well, etc)

  2. The bug that you fixed of the dumpsters. Well, now there’s a new bug. The screen keeps on zooming in and out and shaking around. Please fix this.

  3. Sorry for bad English.
    You know,it would be cool to add a girl like Tomoko from Watamote,who wants the all the boy’s attention and wants to be popular.You can blackmail her and tell her you will kill her and make her life an living hell,so she can tell you information about Senpai,girls that have a crush on Senpai,and that all.

    • Nice idea, but wouldn’t she then be too much like info-chan? I think that it would be cool to have her in, just maybe to get her to be your minion almost. (Not the little yellow things. No way.)

  4. Why can not there be yandere-kun, but there may be much sepai-kun as senpai-chan?

    PS: sorry for the horrible English, it is not my native language.

      • Well, rather than making a Yandere-kun, why not just leave it as-is, with a female only playable character? We can still have a female upperclassman, but instead, you know, we’re going in for the homosexual kind of love (yuri). Girl-on-girl yanderes aren’t that rare anyway 😀

        And if the game proves a hit, there can always be a male yandere-kun in the future in some shape or form (DLC/sequel).

  5. YandereDev or anybody that is following this blog, why can’t I get any of these newest downloads to work? The program always tells me:
    “YanSimAugust18th.exe has stopped working
    “A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available.”

  6. Ahh… Even though this update isn’t anything big, it just still makes me really happy.
    Of course it’s always exciting when he adds a big new game mechanic.
    But just little bug fixes like this also put a smile on my face. =)

    • Same! I know that I’m constantly annoying my family and friends (and everyone around me) by showing them photos, or getting too excited about the update!

  7. acabo de descargar la actualización y solo le doy y me manda puros errores me dice que si puedo acceder a la pantalla de yandere simulador pero la ventana se queda en color rosado sin hacer nada.

  8. Can someone tell where i can find the students doing diferent stuff, like the day and the time senpai goes to the bathroom and the time that rival girl take a bath so i can make her drown? Please

  9. Reblogged this on talkingwithhoun and commented:
    I have a bug to report..

    Whenever Senpai spots me with a weapon, in blood, or insane, the camera zooms in through his head. And before it goes to the Heartbroken scene, it would show a floating head before the screen fades to the black screen.

  10. I can go class naked and no one reacts. Idk I find that really funny.

    Also, a bug. I can’t steal the purple haired girl’s clothes. It just doesn’t want to activate.

    • That’s a really good idea :0
      And if your physical strength isn’t high enough, they can break free and lower your reputation. Unless you remembered to bring your backup knife. You wanted to avoid the mess, but i guess there’s no choice now… :3c

  11. Hello, Dev!
    You really do a hard work and reasults are brilliant! All the design, animation, voice-acting in the game are special. You, volunteers and all the people involved in the project put heart and soul developing Yandere-chan and her world.

    I thought it would be an interesting feature, if Yandere could make friends with girls (like when they’re really close, she can ask a friend to ex. clean up after murder) or flirt with boys to make Senpai jealous and make them kind of “love slaves”. Y’know, boy falls in love and can do anything for her. But she can make boys love her only when she gets ex. 2 level of psychology. Have you ever considered adding that kind of option? 🙂

    Keep on moving forward! 🙂 ❤

    PS I'm looking forward to the feature predicted by panties changing xD I mean "convincing two student to fall in love". Will this concept be even realised?

  12. Wound br cool to kill girls outside of school, like in a forest or something and you could make a fake crime scene to fool the police


    Start the game in monday, then boost your reputation and subject skills, then talk to the girl with blonde hair and ask her to follow you to the “sauna”? Err I dont know the name of that place :/
    Anyway, get naked, kill her with the knife and drag her until she loses all blood, then change to the gym suit and go to the place and kill many students but dont ill the boy with red hair, he will call the teacher, and heres the bug, the teacher will be all messed up with a weird graphic.

    Ps: Again sorry for my poor english

    • It is a bug that occurs when you attempt to steal a uniform from another girl. It doesn’t have to do with the killing, just the uniform changing.

  14. I did the bug 3 times, you also have to make sure that no one call the police and the students must be speaking to each other when you kill then, if they are in the lockers the bug wont work, and the glitch teacher who see the bodies must be the one of the first floor and you must no speed up time.
    I will try to do it again and take a print

  15. I haven’t gotten on my computer to download the new update, but I found a bug. Yes, I checked the known bugs page, it is not there. Anyway, when I go into Slender mode, everything starts getting bigger and bigger the more I pick them up. EX. If I pick up the broom, it will get about 2x bigger. If I drop it then pick it up again, its size will increase again. I don’t know if anyone else has gotten this, but it is very easy to activate. @-@

    • Hmm… I’ve never gotten that before but I’ll try. I usually play with Slender mode on (but not visibly insane) so that the blood doesn’t spill when I drag a body around.

  16. I hope an uncensored version will be released. It’s a game of killing and murder in some very gruesome ways but than censor some nudity in the bath and locker room.

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