Senpai Customization Update

Last Updated: August 15th 9:00 PM

If you’re looking for the latest build, click here!

I still feel really bad about how long it took me to produce the last update, so I decided to release a new update as soon as possible.

The biggest feature in this new update is the ability to design your Senpai’s appearance! You can change his skin color, hair color, eye color, hair style, and even give him some eye-wear. Unfortunately, you can’t change his gender yet, but hopefully, that will be coming soon. If there’s anything else you’d like to be able to customize about your Senpai, please let me know in the comments below.

(Asking to customize his personality / voice would be a big problem, since Senpai will potentially have hundreds of lines, and that’s an awful lot of lines to re-record for each personality, for each voice, in each language that game is released in…so, please don’t request anything that would change his voice.)

A lot of people have expressed interest in Yandere Simulator’s story, so I added the beginnings of an intro cut-scene. There are no visuals yet, only voices; the plan is to add character models and animations in a future update. For now, the voice-over alone should should paint a clearer picture of Yandere-chan’s personality for you.

I also added a text message cut-scene that portrays the moment that Yandere-chan and Info-chan first meet one another.

I also added some other stuff, as well. Here’s a complete list of all new additions:

  • Added a “Senpai Customization” screen.
  • Senpai’s character model reflects the appearance that you give him in the Senpai Customization screen.
  • Added the beginnings of an “intro cut-scene” – however, there are no visuals yet, only voice.
  • Added a short text message conversation between Yandere-chan and Info-chan to establish how they first meet.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Yandere-chan’s textures to go crazy if Yandere Vision was activated after changing Yandere-chan’s clothing.
  • Fixed bug that would remove the steam clouds from Yandere-chan’s nude body if she was spotted by Senpai or a teacher while nude.
  • Added a new accessory that has unique functionality.
  • Changed the color of the green-haired-girl’s panties.
  • Added a missing teacher portrait.

I’m going to be moving into a new home in a few days, and I’m going to be extremely busy once a certain stealth video game comes out on September 1st, so I won’t have very much time to work on the game for the next 30 days. Ideally, the next update would happen on September 1st, but I can’t guarantee it. I’ll try to always release SOMETHING on the 1st and 15th days of every month, even if it’s something simple, like this update.

I hope you enjoy customizing Senpai and watching the cut-scenes!

171 thoughts on “Senpai Customization Update

  1. I’d love to have a female senpai ❤
    Maybe add accessories other than glasses? Not sure, but I can't wait until we're able to change senpai's gender!

  2. One thing you mentioned in the most recent build delay video about you might not being able to keep up with two builds a month and because of that you have to implement barebones updates. I do think it probably is that time in which you should switch to a month schedule. You could still release bug fix builds, but I think it probably would be better at this point from a developmental point of view to switch to the one build a month, or maybe if you’ve finished a feature that you really want to sure then you could do more than one. I think it would be more exciting to know that once a month we could get a lot of features, instead of either small features or delay notices.

    A month schedule could also give you room for a day off sometimes since you wouldn’t be cramming as much for a 2 week schedule

  3. Do you plan to have a lot of hair styles available for female senpai? I have certain characters in mind that I want to play with acting as the Yandere chan and the Senpai. >_>

  4. After opening the .rar successfully, the .exe now crashes upon opening. This hasn’t happened before and I haven’t done anything different. It says to send the crash report to the developer but I’m not sure if this is the default thing my computer says for all crashes or if Yandere Dev placed that in.

  5. I’d love to turn senpai into Guts. Can you get him to close one eye, style his hair, and replace an arm with a metal one? Please

  6. Does anyone else think it would be kinda cool to be able to change Senpai’s casual clothes? Sure he wouldn’t wear them at school but say when the game is done and you can encounter him wearing them outside to school? Or maybe you could be able to change his walk cycle? I am not sure if this is going to far or anything I feel like this may be asking for too much but I was curious if anyone else would like these ideas.

    • I got that bug too. Not only did she spin around, but she continued to walk around for the rest of the day naked, with water-paint dripping off her. I think the stream clouds followed her around as well xD Hilarious.

  7. Just so you know, I completely forgive you for taking time off for a certain stealth video game. A lot of us are going to be busy playing it too, so don’t stress it.

    (Psst by the way, are you gonna play it on PC? I will help defend Yandev-senpai’s base if so. My Steam username ShugoTakahashi.)

  8. This is wonderful!
    You never cease to amaze me, sir!
    One thing that I think would be pretty cool would to add different eyeshapes. Like some with narrow or whatever.
    Other than that, I’m pleased with everything. ❤

  9. Fantastic work as always. As to customisation, it would be nice to be able to customise Senpai’s general body shape. Nothing too granular, just basic options such as general proportions, sizes, that sort of thing.

  10. Dude, you are amazing. I loved the intro cut scene. I think I will follow the development of this game closely…Have a good vacation!

  11. This is really, really awesome! The conversation between Yandere-chan and Info-chan is amazing, props to their voice-actors.

    Most of the students won’t talk to me – none of the boys and only half the girls. I click E and although the E symbol does the loading thing, the actual conversation screen doesn’t come up.

    I dumped water on Punching Bag’s head and she got soaked, but the audio didn’t play, and she went straight back to her spot with the girls without going to change her outfit. She walks around soaked until lunch time, when she’s reset, I guess.

    • There’s more than one cassette around the school. Pick them up then go to the computer lab. There should be an audio player there so you can hear what’s on them. c:

  12. I absolutely LOVE this!
    I tried to make Senpai look like Toshiro Hitsugaya from Bleach x3 He looks soo lovable!

  13. Yandere Dev Yandere Dev! Im really happy for but Imma let you finish, The cutscene or the customization screen didnt even play

  14. Man, this is the beat game i ever played, i love postal, gta and manhunt where you could kill people in many ways L. But this game take everything to the next level with its very original story.
    Good work man and sorry my bad english xD

  15. Well i actually pretty busy too at September 1st playing MGSV Phantom Pain on my console so dont worry i know your feelings bro

  16. Sooooo with this whole senpai gender thing, will that allow for yuri/yaoi stories? I only ask this purely out of curiosity alone… other reason.

  17. I have an Awesome idea why not make a Customization Screen for Yandere-chan as well so Fans can play as there own Created Yandere-chan :3 and put some masks too like Bleach, Tokyo Ghoul, Darker than Black, Black Bullet and others cause it might make a good disguise making it harder for police to know who yandere-chan is so they’ll just make a report of a strange masked killer as a report XD probably might go well in the final game 😀

  18. Thank you! I was wainting for this feature (Sempai Creator) for very, very long! Now I’m happy :D!
    I would love to support you on Patreon but right now I have financial problems :/, but if I would get extra buck or two I will donate you ASAP!
    As for new customizable parts for Sempai I would love if you would add hair “to shoulders”. Something alongside this lines:
    Also is option to change color of hair and eyes of Yandere-chan will be a thing?
    Keep good work!
    With big regards

  19. I keep trying to change the long hair color with a texture I edited. I followed the instructions and it’s not working for me-
    What do-

  20. Huwaaaaaa :’ New build!!! Thank you dev! 😀

    Note to dev :
    Dev, it’s okay to release 1 build every one month or two. We will wait for your next build.

    (Because I think some of the downloader only want to see a finished concept instead of barebones concept one :))

  21. OMG ! I downloaded the “bathing” update yesterday… I shouldn’t because, BOOM another update ! Please YandereDev don’t kill yourself making the game, I don’t wanna call you “YandereDed”… Whatever, I just came here to post a meme I made XD, and I discovered the new update ! Here is the meme, yes i’m pervy:

  22. If it wouldn’t mess up animations it’d be cool if you could change Senpai’s height/build.

    Enjoy yourself this coming month!

    • Extremely unlikely, since it would interfere with synchronized animations between two characters.

      Imagine a handshake animation between Senpai and a girl. Now imagine that animation playing between a “Tall Senpai” and “Short Girl”. Senpai’s hand would be touching the girl’s head, and the girl’s hand would be touching his crotch.

      I don’t think that height variation will be possible.

      “Then, use IK-driven animation!”

      I’ve been unsuccessful at getting this to work properly.

  23. You should adjust the bike speed when your in the town. I think the speed is a bit implausible for a bike to achieve. Maybe 1/3 of that speed would be good?

    • Hm, maybe. But the current speed allows to rush through the town to the highschool in mere 2 minutes. Thanks to that, if someone finds that part of gameplay unappealing, they aren’t forced to linger in it for too long.

  24. Why the steam clouds? Or Why so much of them? This game is already as dark as it can get with the killing of students. It’s not an nude issue for me. It’s about why go extreme in some areas but not others.

    Steam clouds should be an option. But nudity should also be an option. On TV in the US and Japan asses are not censored anymore. In Japanese Manga only the smallest intimate details are censored not breasts and ass.

    Some will say but the game portrays underage students. So what? it’s cartoon nudity and not the real thing. No real life underage students will ever be harmed in this game.

    In Real Life: Consequences to an underage girls health and innocence are the reason adults should never do anything sexual with them. It’s not about nudity at all.

    • The game isn’t complete yet so it might be possible that things could change.
      Plus, he most likely did that so his video doesn’t get reported on YouTube like the panty shot one.

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