Dumpsters, Buckets, Bathing, and Electrocution

To download the latest build, click here!

Wow! That was the longest delay ever! The last time I truly made a significant update to the game was July 16th, when I added the ability to drown girls.

As always, the best way to demonstrate what’s new in the latest build is with a video:

If you’d like to see a list of all the bug fixes and additions to the game, scroll down:

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug that would cause all kinds of terrible nonsense if Yandere-chan killed the purple-haired-girl at the exact moment that the Wednesday lunchtime rooftop event was beginning.
  • Fixed bug that would result in Yandere-chan getting expelled during the school subject screen if the player equipped a weapon while simultaneously beginning class.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Yandere-chan to be unable to go home if she met the “can’t go to class” criteria as the time of day changed from classtime to clubtime.
  • Fixed bug that would allow Yandere-chan to hear the two girls having a conversation on the rooftop while Yandere-chan was on the 3rd floor of the school.
  • Fixed one of the exploits that would allow an NPC to open the door to the gym storage room when Yandere-chan was inside of it with an unconscious NPC.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the panties in Yandere-chan’s room to remain onscreen as a black dot even after the player had closed the panty menu.
  • Fixed bug that would prevent Yandere-chan from speaking to NPCs while sane, if her sanity had dropped beneath a certain threshold in the past.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the purple-haired girl from opening her locker during her “check locker for notes” animation.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Yandere-chan to slowly float upward into the air while using the “Pass Time” feature.
  • Fixed bug that would allow Yandere-chan to hold an item in her hands while drowning the purple-haired girl.
  • Fixed bug that would allow the player to drown the purple-haired girl after stabbing her to death.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the “Talk” and “Drown” button prompts to appear at the same time.
  • Fixed bug that would cause objects to float in midair near the incinerator.
  • Fixed bug that gave teachers a low running speed when chasing Yandere-chan.
  • Attempted to fix bug that would make students get stuck on doorways.
  • Restored the music that was missing from the Hatred easter egg.

Additions and Adjustments

  • If Yandere-chan aims her camera at a girl’s skirt, the game will not label her as “Visibly Lewd” unless she is less than 5 meters away from that girl.
  • Adjusted Yandere-chan’s face texture so that there is no longer a permanent shadow on her face.
  • Added many new options to the debug menu accessed by pressing the “\” key.
  • Dimmed the “SNAP” option to make it clear that it’s not available yet.
  • Replaced the Madoka theme song with an original music track.
  • Added a new eyewear accessory activated by the “P” key.
  • Added a new easter egg.


  • Added the ability to dump a bucket of liquid over the railing on the school rooftop.
  • If a bucket of liquid hits a girl, she reacts to it with animation and voice.
  • If a bucket of water hits a girl, she becomes wet with water. If a bucket of blood hits a girl, she becomes wet with blood.
  • If a girl is dripping wet with liquid, she runs to the girl’s locker room, removes her clothing, walks to the shower room, and bathes herself.
  • If a girl’s school uniform has been ruined, she wears her gym uniform for the rest of the day.
  • Added the ability to turn on and off lights in the girls’ bathroom.
  • Added the ability to unscrew the light switch in the girls’ bathroom using a screwdriver.
  • Added the ability to dump a bucket of liquid over the top of a bathroom stall.
  • If a girl is dripping wet with liquid and attempts to turn on the light in the girls’ bathroom, she will get electrocuted and die.


  1. Added the ability to push and pull dumpsters.
  2. Added the ability to open and close dumpster lids.
  3. If the player positions a dumpster underneath a spot where a girl can be pushed, a symbol will appear above Yandere-chan’s head, signifying that the player should leave the dumpster in that spot and open the lid.
  4. If Yandere-chan pushes a girl off the school rooftop while a dumpster is below her with an open lid, the girl will fall straight into the dumpster.
  5. If a girl is inside of a dumpster, she counts as a hidden corpse, and Yandere-chan can go to class without a problem.
  6. Yandere-chan can dump a bag of garbage into a dumpster to cover up corpse so that it won’t be discovered by anyone who looks inside of the dumpster.
  7. If Yandere-chan doesn’t cover up the corpse, it will eventually be discovered, and result in a police investigation.

Miscellaneous Additions

  • Yandere-chan can change her clothing by approaching her locker in the girls’ locker room. This was only possible thanks to help from Saracen!
  • Added a “wifi signal strength” icon to Yandere-chan’s phone, which has secret functionality.
  • Added 10 collectible items around the school, and a way to use them.
  • Added the ability to turn on and off lights in the girls’ bathroom.
  • Added two new hairstyles.
  • Added a new NPC.

I hope that people are still interested in Yandere Simulator after all this time has passed without a significant update. Hopefully, the next update won’t take so long.

If you want to learn how you, personally, can stop yourself from delaying the game, heed these words.

145 thoughts on “Dumpsters, Buckets, Bathing, and Electrocution

  1. Wow! I just refreshed and- boom!

    Take a good break now Yanderedev! You deserve it!(๑´ㅂ`๑)ŧ‹”ŧ‹”

  2. yandere dev,i want to make a super smash bros brawl mod for you i want to put yandere chan in the game,can i have the 3d model of her ? (i’ll give full credits and if you want,you can create an adfly link to be remunerated)

  3. Okay, so this might be exclusive to me because of the way that I extracted the game folder, but…

    When I open my game folder, I have a folder called YanSimAugust12th and YanSimAugust12th.exe. That .exe file doesn’t work because it’s not next to the data file. In the YanSimAugust12th folder, there is the data file (YanSimAugust12th_Data) and another YanSimAugust12th.exe. That one works.

    So if you have the same problem that I did, try the other .exe file.

    • How’d you do that? I don’t have any of these two in the folder, and the .exe file outside of it doesn’t work for me…

      • That’s strange. There’s nothing in the folder at all? I think you might have a different problem than I did. I just had 2 .exes for some reason, and one of them wasn’t next to the data file.

  4. This really looks awesome and was worth the Wait :)!
    Just dont stress Yourself about it and take your Time on making new Builds and Stuff.
    Thanks again for an awesome Update of the Game!!
    Keep it up! :3

  5. Yanderedev-senpai, you’re awesome and you definitely deserve a break now!
    And after a month of development, the build will hopefully be worth the weight. 😉

    • Just played and everything from the video looks so cool (but I couldn’t exit the bike mode, is there any way to??), then I went to look for the tapes. And I was positively surprised that in the gym you can go upstairs ^^
      But then I found all the tapes. And went to listen to them. And I have no words to describe what I have just heard. They are just so awesomely made (but I’m sure YanDev will say that they will be better in the future, you know him). If you know a bit about YanSim backstory, you’ll know who are they about. And I feel now very sorry for that man. And his daughter too.
      In short: amazing update, YanDev is the best. It WAS worth the weight. 🙂

  6. Every other update of Yandere Simulator runs perfectly fine on my computer except this one, it’s really annoying. Does anyone else have this problem?

    • Just to add, whenever I try to run the game, it does open up the little menu to select graphics and such, but once I hit play it says that it has stopped working 😦

    • Whenever I try to go to school, a pink screen with a few white blocks appears (?). I mean everything else works just fine, but I cant go to school :/

  7. The game crashes every time I try to run it on my laptop, how can I solve this problem? Every update has worked on my computer thus far without any issues.

    • I’m another case of this. I don’t have a functional desktop computer to test if it works on that, but it definitely sucks that I can’t play it.

  8. for the persons who have a problem to run try to redownload and try to change the resolution and quality (and run as administrator

  9. Wow, this update is really fantastic! Thank you very much Yandere Dev! I personally love the town, it seems like it will be a very exciting addition as it’s slowly built up. The music is perfect when you ride the bike around.

  10. I just noticed that if I put the game in “Yandere” graphics, it works. So, if you’re having the problem with how you can’t run the game, then I suggest trying Yandere graphics as it worked for me, but it’s really laggy >_<

  11. Not sure if this is a bug or not. But if Senpai notices you with a body while naked, the clouds disappear from you during the Heartbroken sequence.

  12. This new update is amazing. But the new student needs to do some stuff. Currently she is only there so you can easily dump bloody water. Also she just randomly spawns in. I went ul to the rooftop, where she is found, then she just popped into existence.

    Alsothe dumpster is glitched for me. When I pull, the screen sjsles, and dumpsters suddenly teleport to tbe other. Telepoeted dumpster also bug the pushing somoneone off.the roof mechanic. Also path finding AI is flawed, the purple haired girl had trouble entering the bathroom, then when I dumoed water in her, sbe spunned in circles untul I pushed her.
    Oh and the girl doesnt bathe when shes covered in blood for some reason.

    And I see that guitar case on the roof, if you’ve seen the beta, you know wbat thats for. Now I know what yandere dev meant shen he said they’re is a mechanic that could ir couldn’t make it itno the build, which was why it was delayed from monday.

    Lastly the tapes, they make me feel bad for a certain girl, I see the hints in the tapes, and makes me suspicpus of a teacher right now ; )

    Also for those who cant find the tapes, 4 on the corners of the school wall, 2 in the corners to the side of the entrance of the school, 2 behind next to the dumpster, 1 behind the cherry tree in the baxk if the school, and one in the gym, on stage, behind the podium. And the cassete player is in the computer room on the third floor.

  13. Hooray! What an awesome update! I can’t wait to play it for myself. I really love the new voice acting and the fact that there is a locker room now! You’ve worked so hard, Yandere-Dev thank you so much for everything you do. I hope you take some well deserved time off 😀

  14. Bug report: Teleporting dumpsters

    At the back of the school building, there are 2 dumpsters on each side.
    When I grabbed the one on the left, it teleported to the right.

  15. IT’S HERE! AHHH I have been checking and coming to see if you posted the new update! Thank you yander-dev! It was well worth the wait!

  16. You should add opportunity to force girl to drink water (diuretics will be unlocked by Chemistry) and permanently lock the toilet (maybe Yandere-Chan will can use hidden camera).

  17. I don’t know if it this idea has already been implemented or if there are plans to implement it, but here’s a thought: characters – or at least most characters – should react to Yandere-chan if she’s walking around naked in a similar fashion to how they’d react if she were covered in blood or carrying a weapon. Students run and/or get a teacher or cheer her on depending on their personality; if a teacher sees her she gets expelled; and if Senpai sees her… well, there’s no way Senpai could ever fall in love with such a lewd girl…

  18. YandereDev, i think i just got why i can follow this development and wait as long as i need to. Because these videos you make are so cool, that i can vatch them forever as a good “Yandere adventures” anime xD

  19. I really want to know the secret behind the wifi signal, has someone already found what’s the secret and how to do it?

  20. I don’t know if these bugs have already been reported but I killed someone then changed my hairstyle to one of the new ones and suddently my hair turned white with a few red spots over it. I changed my hairstyles again and this only happened with the new ones. Also, when approaching the purple haired girl’s locker it says that I can leave a note even though she didn’t talk to her friend about her “secret” yet. Except these and the bugs that have already been reported, it is an amazing update Yandere Dev! Keep going! You are awesome! ^_^

  21. Is there anyone tried to drop objects from the rooftop? There is a bug that would make the object to stay in air and you are no longer be able to pick it up again when it is dropped in front of the campus (the position that next to the big clock).

    • Okay this bug is no longer exist. But another similar bug was still here, if you are very close to the fountain and you drop a bucket, the bucket get stuck in the edge of the fountain and you will no longer be able to pick it unless you reset the day.

  22. Just an advice. Have you considered not putting all these contents in your videos and news? For example, you could just add: “You can unscrew the light switch in the girls’ bathroom” so people can find its purpose themselves? Sorry for my bad english.

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