July 4th, 5th, and 7th Bug-Fixing Build

Last Updated: July 7th, 12:00 AM

Although the 4th of July is an American holiday, Japan also celebrates several summertime holidays and festivals with fireworks displays.

Wouldn’t it be fun to wear a yukata, follow Senpai to a festival, and use the sound of exploding fireworks to mask the screams of a girl you’re murdering?

In any case, I’ve uploaded a new build with some bug fixes!

July 4th:

  • Fixed bug that would cause the camera to teleport to Senpai if a teacher spotted Yandere-chan in an incriminating state while guarding a corpse.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the purple-haired girl to slide across the ground after witnessing murder if she witnessed murder during an event.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the purple-haired girl’s animations to break if speeding up the game before she arrived at school on a Monday.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the game to freeze if Senpai and a teacher both observed Yandere-chan near a corpse simultaneously.
  • Attempted to fix bug that would cause characters’ eyes to point in opposite directions after witnessing murder.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Pippi’s pathfinding to break after 4:00 PM.
  • Changed Yandere-chan’s pantyhose into stockings.

Yes, that’s right, Yandere-chan no longer wears pantyhose. From now on, she will be wearing black stockings. The reason is because pantyhose would interfere with the various panties that the player can tell Yandere-chan to wear. So, she’s got to wear stockings from now on.

July 5th:

  • Fixed bug that would cause the purple-haired girl’s Wednesday lunchtime event to glitch out if the player spoke to her and asked her to follow Yandere-chan before going to the rooftop, or if she witnessed Yandere-chan doing something suspicious in the middle of her event.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the police timer to disappear if the purple-haired girl died of poison while it was displaying onscreen.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the purple-haired girl’s lunchtime event to take place even if Senpai was not present.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the game to crash if Yandere-chan annoyed Senpai while trespassing in his classroom.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the game to become unresponsive if a teacher caught Yandere-chan misbehaving.
  • Attempted a fix for the “Students don’t arrive at school, even if they were alive the previous day” bug.
  • Added a Debug Menu accessed by pressing the “\” key. (This is the back-slash key, not the forward-slash key. It should be located beneath the Backspace key and above the Enter key.)
  • Yes, that’s right, Yandere-chan no longer wears pantyhose. From now on, she will be wearing black stockings. The reason is because pantyhose would interfere with the various panties that the player can tell Yandere-chan to wear. So, she’s got to wear stockings from now on.

July 7th:

  • Fixed bug that would cause button prompts to stop appearing over the purple-haired-girl and cyan-haired-girl, preventing interaction with them after their Monday lunchtime conversation event.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Yandere-chan to tilt her body at extreme angles if she was noticed by Senpai while Senpai was at a different elevation than her.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the purple-haired-girl to walk at super speeds if she was following Yandere-chan before an event occured.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the lighting to dim at certain locations on the rooftop.
  • Adjusted how much the – and + buttons change the speed of time.

Other News

  • Replying to the avalanche of e-mails that I get every day was always a challenge, but now I believe I’m actually receiving e-mails at a faster rate than I can answer them. If you’ve e-mailed me anytime in the past 72 hours, I have absolutely no idea when you should expect a response, because it’s going to take me a really long time to get through all of this mail.
  • I’ve gotten tons of bug reports, but I haven’t had a chance to read all of them yet, because I simply get way too many e-mails. Hopefully, sometime soon I can upload another build that fixes all of the other bugs that have been reported recently.
  • I hate to say it, but it’s looking extremely likely that I might not be able to implement very much new content into the game on July 15th, because I now spend 90% of my time writing e-mails and 10% of my time writing code for the game.
  • If you’re not reporting a bug, volunteering to help with the game, making a business proposal, or sharing fan art, please don’t e-mail me.
  • If you’re a volunteer, make sure to visit the new Volunteer page!


Many people have advised me to get a secretary to filter my e-mails and answer dumb questions for me. I dislike the idea, because:

  1. I don’t want to babysit a secretary until they’re doing their job properly.
  2. I don’t want to risk the secretary responding to questions incorrectly and spreading misinformation.
  3. I don’t want to risk the secretary filtering my e-mails incorrectly and failing to send me important e-mails.
  4. I don’t want to risk the secretary being lazy and going through e-mails so slowly that I’m better off doing it myself.
  5. I don’t want to risk the secretary seeing spoilers or other confidential information and then talking about it on social media.

In other words, I only trust myself to handle the task of checking my e-mail and responding to questions / corresponding with volunteers. I don’t want to risk someone else screwing things up.

67 thoughts on “July 4th, 5th, and 7th Bug-Fixing Build

  1. Have you ever thought about like….Just hiring someone (or asking for a volunteer) to go through your emails and trash the useless ones like say once a week? You are wasting so much time on Emails when I’m quite sure 70%~ of them are fluff.

      • I love the Yukata festival idea, Keep up the Work Yandere-sama, oh also when i drown a girl holding a the bocket i still hold the bucket and drown her so yeah

      • There are website bug trackers that you could use to track and report bugs (like “bugzilla”). Essentially you can set it up so people can report bugs to the website, you sort through the reported bugs and rank them by important/non importance (it would be ideal to appoint a few mods to sort through the reports so you don’t have to waster your own time merging duplicates), and then you can easily see which bugs are most critical to fix and mark them as solved once you’ve completed it. That should free up your workload immensely by eliminating ALL your bug-related emails!

        My second suggestion is to create a separate email for the volunteers you’re working with (not available publicly). The original email is still available for fanart and whatnot, but you don’t check that as often and can put the majority of your focus into the people you’re coordinating with rather than answering questions that have been answered a billion times.

        I really feel like these suggestions will help you improve your workload and focus, but of course you’re welcome to do as you feel is best. Good luck!

      • Yes, it is indeed hard to find someone reliable to sort the mails efficiently.
        But if success of the game doesn’t depend on you sorting through fanmail and repeated bugreports, but focusing on coding and the mail that includes assets for it.

        Specially if you’re really thinking about making it open-world with a small town.

  2. maybe you should consider only responding to emails that have specific topics like: fanart, volunteer work, ect. just the subjects that you’re interested in because if people don’t care enough to not send emails about stuff you told us not to send multiple times then just don’t respond


    3 school factions: Teachers,Students,and Troublemakers.

    Each faction has its own bonuses

    Teachers- May give you extra spend points depending on reputation and may turn a blind eye to your suspicious activities.

    Student- Will gossip meaning more reputation and help convince others to calm down giving you time to getaway with your current situation.

    Troublemakers- Will help cover for you if you skip school and will help you out with a part of your plan. Such as leading a student to a hidden location and or finding you a new school outfit.

    Reputation is done By doing favors and using certain speech options on important people in that faction. Such as principal, student council, and troublemaker leader. There could also be more named people in each faction that could earn you more reputation points.


  4. In response to the openworld vs. non-openworld question of your last youtube video:
    What if you didn’t make it open world but you made many different fast travel locations that were around the same size as the high school or a little smaller?

    For example you could add a cafe where all the students hang out on the weekends and a shop where you can buy new clothes and panties. You could add Senpai’s house and you could stalk him through by climbing in a tree and taking pictures through his window or if you upgraded certain skills in class you could become good at sneaking around and you could sneak into Senpai’s house and steal things for your shrine. Maybe if you collected every item for the shrine your sanity would decrease a lot slower or something.

    I think fast travel locations would be better because if it was open world you wouldn’t be able to interact with everything and many locations would be bland or you would be able to interact with everything and it would become off-topic to the purpose of the game. Also if it was open-world it would take a lot more time and money like you pointed out.

    Quick Summary: Go for the compromise option and have fast-travel points of interest areas that you can visit.

    • This actually seems like a fine idea. Though I had voted for the open world option, I wouldn’t mind seeing this in the game instead ^^.

  5. How about just having multiple emails? One for bugs, one for volenteres and one for fanart? That way its already sorted out and you can cheak the kind of email you want to read at that time easy

    • Actually this does sound like it would be a slightly more efficient idea. There would of course always be people who didn’t listen and sent emails to whichever. But it would help divert the flow a bit and make your emails a bit more manageable. I personally keep four emails for different scenarios so I can find things easier

    • Yes, multiple inboxes are a good idea. You could have one for bug reports, one for volunteers, and one for media requests (or combine those two high-priority categories together). There’s even a case to be made for abandoning your current email address and creating a new one just for lower-priority mails (fanart, suggestions, what have you), but you might still want to keep it for the sake of consistency with any past communications in media. It’s up to you, dev.

  6. yanderedev, at this point it’s impossible for you to respond to every email and make progress on the game at the same time. I seriously think you should focus on the volunteer emails and ignore the rest.
    I hope you take this into consideration.

  7. It’s a good idea as what better place to play stalker killer than a place where the fireworks are too loud to hear screaming. However while it is a good idea, the whole fireworks thing works better when it’s masking a gunshot rather than a simple stalker murder. Now if you had environmental play, not just fireworks but some form of music or band passing by then that would be the icing on the cake. Especially if that music is overly joyful. Just imagine something like this. https://youtu.be/TH7BznzlslI?t=56s passing by and the closer they are, the more blocked out the screaming would be.

    • Would love them if there were some semitransparent ones.
      I hope it’s a planned feature, along with a variety of socks.

  8. (woot 19th comment ;P )
    Can boys go to boy bathrooms and girls go to girl bathrooms? xD
    Can you make it so Senpai cannot be dead or kidnapped?
    Can the classes actually require brainpower to gain study points?
    Thanks! 🙂
    And, I don’t think there should be a town, since what happens in the school STAYS in the school, you know what I mean? But if you DO add a town feature, there should be a newsletter that has some “BREAKING NEWS” when a student gets murdered at school!
    The festival idea sounds awesome! There should be a way to smash a firework into your rival’s face and make them explode with basically no evidence!
    And, you should add more stuff to the Senpai shrine, such as one of Senpai’s hairs or something.
    Okay, that’s all I have. 🙂

  9. I like the idea of festivals in yandere simulator. It kinds remember me of rune factory frontier, but, you know, with murder.

  10. Please, add pet, like hamster or sea pig, who will divert attention and it will be so cute that girl classmates will caress this adorable creature, and then he run away, they will chase him, catch up (or not) and realize that they situate in the dark cold dead end absolutely alone…

  11. Perhaps instead of getting a secretary you could just make a dedicated email strictly for bug reports. That would cut down on sorting email at least a little bit. You could also set up a message board or something similar for people to submit their fan work to directly. That way the only stuff going to your primary email would be volunteers and business offers.

  12. The “different emails for different email types” sounds like it might be helpful so that you can choose what you want to read, depending on your mood and what work you have to do. Possibly also set days and/or times to do a particular thing — like reading and responding to emails from 2 to 4 PM, and working on game code from 7 to 9 PM, or emails on the weekend and game code on workdays, whatever fits your schedule best. The fireworks idea sounds neat! It could be a festival the school is throwing to try to raise the faculty’s and students’s spirits, maybe after they believe the trouble is over, and if you murder that night, it immediately plunges the school into much deeper anxiety than before (as opposed to waiting a couple days after it and/or choosing a more innocuous method to eliminate the rivals’s threats). You could kill the rival with any weapon you like, or maybe by this time you are able to secure a gun (a challenge in that you have to steal it from a visiting police officer investigating the school, or a campus security guard they’ve recently hired to make the deaths stop) because gunshots and fireworks sound alike, or if you want to get REALLY inventive, you could somehow kill the rival WITH the firework… I’m starting to make Yandere-chan sound like one of those really creative killers in horror movies. 😛

    That reminds me: another death you could implement is Yandere-chan hanging another student in the gym (or on-stage in a drama class theater if that’s more appealing/you feel like adding another area). If there aren’t climbing ropes or something already present to use, maybe the player would have to find a ladder and a rope and climb the former to loop the latter (heh) over a rafter in the ceiling. The student might need to have been rendered unconscious when you tie the rope around their necks and hang them, because otherwise they’d fight back and idk, struggling could draw attention that gets you exposed and Yandere might not even win the struggle — so, an alternate use for the tranquilizer? But that death might be too convoluted/complicated to put in… And another method of disposing of corpses could be cutting them up to put in your instrument box/instrument case/book bag to carry home, then bury the remains in your yard or leave them in the basement — the bonus could be that the police wouldn’t find the remains and end the game once they arrive on-campus in response to a suspected murder because they don’t search those objects for the suspected corpse and any kidnapping victims you have in the basement go insane faster if you leave the body parts in the basement (I was thinking that there could be a random chance, probably higher early on and lower later on, that the kidnap victims can manage to escape, which could result in a game-over — if the kidnapping victims go insane from the presence of rotting murder victims’s remains in the basement with them, the probability could go down because their spirits break faster? but maybe that could have the opposite effect and it makes them more determined to escape, idk), with the drawback being that your insanity may get worse from having evidence so close and you have evidence at your home — like maybe there’s an event later in the game where Yandere-chan gets visited and questioned at home by police, and if you weren’t careful enough (leaving SOME evidence at school of your murders, harboring kidnapping victims in the basement, rotting body parts in the basement or buried in your yard, and/or pictures of your victims up on the board), they arrest you and it’s game-over, but if you play your cards right, you are not arrested and the game-plot advances?

    Hope the Fourth was a good one for you all!

  13. You should add pets to the game I mean like a dog or something like have Yandere have a dog at home & some how make the dog attack someone Idk but u should add pets there so cute!!! When there not evil haha 😈😂

  14. Already follow the game a few months ago, every update I get more surprise. I was really excited about the idea of turning Yandere Simulator in an open world game, after all it would open many possibilities, from new ways of killing their rivals. As trampling, burning down a rival’s House, doing be guilty for robbery at a store in the Centre, pushing her from a boat in a school field trip. among many things. I think another point which if added would make the game more fun, would be the increase in the number of days on the calendar, instead of 1 week to 1 month being, of course, with this the number of rivals would become much greater, given that in an open world the possibilities of getting rid of them would be much greater. And of course the customization of Yandere-Chan at the beginning of the game because each player could leave the yandere the way you want, such as changing eyes, skin and hair color. I know that there are Easter eggs that are really cool, however this customization in an open world open issues like Yandere get money, working in a store where I could keep an eye on senpai outside of school. The creation of the school groups as well as clubs and activity groups of offenders, it would also be interesting.

    • Another way to kill rivals could be pushing them in the way of oncoming traffic. To do it, you’d have to see if they’re walking on the side of the sidewalk closest to the street and if there is a car coming up fast (slower cars would be able to stop in time and save the rival, who would then accuse you of trying to push her in front of a car), at that point you have the option to shove them, which kills them.

  15. Speaking of bugs.

    On the 1st floor of the Gym, you can walk through windows/walls to get outside. The safety railings are also walk throughable so you can go onto the ground floor just by walking through them. Also I noticed if you stand by the window on the first floor in the gym the school doesn’t properly render so you can see the girl in the computer lab from the Gym.

    Also when you’re talking to the girl in the computer lab her hair turns red? Well the front part. I also noticed that while the floor of the school walkways/stairs are super bright. If you walk into the bathroom, the floor is fine but when you leave its bright again.

  16. Oh my. When I was walking around the block last night, watching fireworks, I thought about how they’d make for an interesting stealth game. The reports could mask loud noises, and the flashing lights could possibly conceal means of execution that involving bright lights (such as the flash of a gun), or even reveal your position.

    It’s nice to see that great minds think alike. 🙂

  17. I’m not sure if this has been suggested yet, but one idea to maybe decrease the amount of time spent responding to messages is to set up a special spot where suggestions need to go in order to be considered, and they have to be labeled appropriately. Kind of like a ticketing system in IT, or the issue system on GitHub.

    For example, you have one webpage with a small form to fill out:

    Short Description <- Very short description to give a general synopsis of the bug report.
    Type <- Maybe be a dropdown menu, with different options like "Suggestion" or "Bug"
    Long Description <- More in-depth description which better describes the issue.

    This could possibly allow you to sort through messages you get much more easily, allowing more time to both respond to them and work on the game. Especially so if the Type field has only a few built in options.

    I also would like to say that you are doing a good job. Keep up the good work! 🙂

  18. “Wouldn’t it be fun to wear a yukata, follow Senpai to a festival, and use the sound of exploding fireworks to mask the screams of a girl you’re murdering?”
    These words just triggered something inside me and i can’t stop smiling.

  19. Oh my god I want that festival in the game so bad. I think it would be quite a challenge to try murder a girl on a festival since if sempai is going to said festival with her, he would probably be around her 90% of the time, so you gotta lure one of them away and then…oh well.

    And…would it be too much to ask to implement the pantyhose as its own category of underwear?

  20. The stockings are nice, but…it’s kind of annoying to see her underwear every time I try to run. That or a flash of skin, which gets a bit distracting because of the color difference.

  21. The idea of a festival is a great idea, although aren’t they usually big things that happen once or twice a year? If you have a festival, you may want to think of other things there can be during it. Maybe you can volunteer at a stand to spy on Senpai, or maybe you can volunteer for a stage show or something to raise your reputation around the school or possibly have it be the final part of the game where Yandere-Chan finally asked Senpai out,

    While im at it, might as well throw my two cents about the open world idea. I don’t think Yandere Sim necessarily needs an open world, but other environments besides the School, home, and basement might be nice, such as a store outside the school. You may also want to consider simply jazzing up the area around the school instead of just adding a town. Adding a nearby convenience store may be really useful, especially since depending how far away it is from the school, it could give Yandere-chan another place to kill her opponents.

  22. ha!yanderedev i have a bug have to tell you it is hatred eggs have some strange place ! it is i open that eggs time i have been laughing after laughing her upper body become yanderechan 0.0 you can fix her up? O.O!?

  23. Hi, Yanderdev!
    I have started playing your simulator today, and, like yandere I am, I should tell you that IT IS AMAZING. I love it a lot.
    Why when I dress up Yandere-tan with, I do not know, pink panties, when I look at her panties in the game they are white again? That is because they do not even work with the bonus?
    And I think that should be good to play during a school year, a school year where Yandere-tan becomes week a week more obsessed with her sweet senpai. What do you think? A week is pretty short for a game.

  24. Gonna have to call bullshit on the whole thing about “interfering with the panties”.

    We don’t have to see Yandere-chan’s underwear. That’s ridiculous. Just let us have the abilities and have her put pantyhose on top of them. Sure, we can take panty shots of OTHER girls, because they are our “targets”. Yandere-chan is supposed to be in charge here. A panty shot is weakness, submissiveness, and vulnerability. She’s none of those things. She’s a psychopathic murderer. I don’t want to see her underwear, I want to fear her.

    Also, it’s just distracting to run and see all that skin.

      • I think the panties are fine the main goal Is to get rid of her competition its not about what she wears or the panties Its fun & all she wants Is to have Senpai notice her only when there’s no competition & she will do It however she can Its not a weakness Its her way of doing things I think Its fine Its just a game

  25. I saw the Sherry Blossom Tree at the back of the school
    it stand there alone i wan’t to like..you know? buried the corpse under it
    and i see the trash can everywhere,maybe you should add some item or collectible

  26. It is a good time to add new facilities such as a canteen with staff inside on next update, Yandere-chan may poison her rivals’ food in there.

    Few more students can be added even that girl who is always standing below the tree is still not interactable :p, this may help to test the functionality of making request to info-chan.

    Also, it is suggested to adjust the time span of lunchtime because it is too short. Start from 12pm and ends at 1:30pm is recommended.

  27. Please I would like to do to me and put preoxima once the download link in mediafiere and do not put it in mega

    always seems to get worse the mega download
    please trust me


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