A Build, a Video, and a Poll

Last Updated July 1st 2:35 AM with bug fixes

If you’re looking for the most recent build, click here.

I’ve been trying to add a new elimination method to the game once every two weeks. May 15th was rooftop-pushing, June 1st was poisoning, June 16th was drowning…I really wanted to include another elimination method in the game for July 1st, but I wasn’t able to pull it off with the amount of time I had available. I could have implemented a bare-bones version, but it wouldn’t have been very exciting or interesting. So, I’m postponing the next elimination method until July 15th.

So, what do I have for you today, on July 1st? I have a new build and a new video. The latest build doesn’t have a new elimination method, but it does have lots of bug fixes, as well as several additions / improvements that you can read about below.

Today’s video is a bit different; instead of making a video about the latest new additions to the game, I made a video where I examine a game that is similar to Yandere Simulator, and discuss which features might be beneficial for Yandere Sim. At the end of the video, I pose a question that I’d love to hear your answer to.

Now that you’ve seen the video, how about answering a poll for me?

You’ll have to paste the link in your address bar: poll.fm/5c0lb

If you’re interested in seeing a list of all of the changes in the latest build, have a look:

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug that would allow Yandere-chan to apologize for interrupting a conversation (there is no reputation loss for doing so, so there is no need to apologize).
  • Fixed bug that would result in the “Drown” prompt not disappearing if the purple-haired NPC witnessed a murder during her “Stand Near Fountain” event.
  • Fixed bug that would allow the player to speak to an NPC when that NPC was supposed to be heading to a meeting place.
  • Fixed bug that would cause an NPC to slide across the ground if they witnessed a corpse while following Yandere-chan.
  • Fixed bug that would cause a poisoned girl to stop choking to death if she noticed Yandere-chan taking a panty shot.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Yandere-chan to be unable to pick up an item if she was standing directly on top of it.
  • Fixed bug that would prevent events from being interrupted even when Yandere-chan was bloody / armed / insane.
  • Fixed bug that would cause some students to continue walking around when Yandere-chan was spotted by Senpai.
  • Fixed bug that would cause girls’ hair to show up incorrectly when viewing their Info-chan profile.
  • Fixed bug that would make the “Pippi” character stand in front of her locker instead of playing video games.
  • Fixed bug that would cause students to sprout ponytails when Yandere-chan was spotted by Senpai.
  • Fixed bug that would make an NPC immune to weapons if she was in the middle of an event.
  • Fixed bug that would cause events to trigger when Yandere-chan was spotted by Senpai.
  • Fixed bug that would cause NPCs to ignore corpses lying in doorways.
  • Attempted to fix a bug that would cause an Event to occur even if one of the NPCs involved in that event was dead.


  • All buckets are now empty until Yandere-chan fills them up at a water source.
  • Buckets of water now get bloody when Yandere-chan dips a bloody mop inside.
  • It is now possible to dump a bucket of bloody water into a large sink.


  • Changed the appearance of the timer that appears when the incinerator is activated.
  • Changed the appearance of the incinerator model.
  • Added flames when activating the incinerator.
  • Added sound effects to the incinerator.


  • Added new accessories. One of the new accessories has a bonus feature attached to it! Can you find it?
  • Updated the teacher’s voiced lines.
  • Reverted title screen music.

2:35 AM Update

  • Fixed bug that would cause the game to freeze after getting caught by a teacher.
  • Fixed bug that would prevent the player from drowning the purple-haired girl.
  • Fixed bug that would prevent the gym doors from opening.
  • Removed the “blast off” feature, because I never programmed in a method for returning to Earth after leaving the planet.

This is still a huge problem for me, and I encourage you to read it if you are considering contacting me about anything at all.

Blog Post Tomorrow!

Tomorrow, I will be making a blog post aimed at past, present, and future volunteers. If you’ve contributed to Yandere Simulator in the past, or if you’re considering contributing in the future, you’ll definitely want to read tomorrow’s blog post!

150 thoughts on “A Build, a Video, and a Poll

  1. Making the game an open world is pointless if it doesn’t add any depth to the gameplay mechanics. To make the new locations worthy of being used for the game’s objectives and to give them a raison d’etre, you would have to add numerous features that are indeed only possible by including them in the game. For example, the player should be able to stalk their target and sneak in her home, so to take her by surprise; along the way they could have to wait for the said target behind a shop she went in to buy something, etc.; so, basically, adding many diverse locations adds just as much complexity to the game, thus making everything much more complicated for you – because simply adding someplace to roam in isn’t enough. Instead, I think you should invest more effort in making the school a much bigger and more fun place to be in, maybe with some easter eggs here and there, and – why the heck not – spots that need a jump or two and perhaps even a climb to be reached, and where to conceal yourself or your tools. What I mean with this is that you should consider making the school a huge one, like those you find in very big cities, so to “have an excuse” to add many more features to it, even extravagant ones (by real life standards, of course).

    • Something that would add depth to the game -at least in content- would be preparing a Multiplayer mode. This sounds so mainstream but, please read what I have in mind;

      A player would control Yandere-chan and the other player would control the Rival. Yandere-chan has to chase the rival in a ‘hide n’ seek’ fashion.

      Naturally, there would be Local Multiplayer only as preparing the servers is quite difficult and would generate great monetary loss for the Dev.

      This idea may seem a bit plain but I’m sure people would have fun with it ๐Ÿ™‚

      • I like the idea of that multiplayer, but the execution would probably not be as good as you’re envisioning it lol
        The movement of a player stands out way too much from a NPC, even if you try to act like a NPC, you try to move more aimlessly and it ends up standing out even more. Rubber banding from less than ideal server locations would make it even more obvious. So a possible aspect of having the yandere player find out who is the other player would not work.
        So it would be a simple find and kill. Basically the yandere player will either find the other player and follow them closely until they make the mistake of walking into a area with no or few witnesses, or he will camp one of the objectives.
        For the first one, maybe the rival player can ask a teacher to protect them, so classrooms are actually safezones. But then the classrooms would need to have two exits to different corridors instead of the current layout, otherwise the yandere player would just camp outside the classroom and the rival player would not be able to leave.
        For the second case, maybe the objectives are to do a bunch of stuff then escape school. So every match would be the rival player doing a bunch of stuff and then when they are going to leave the school, there it is the yandere player camping the gates, now it is a couple minutes of them both moving side to side, trying to get past the yandere player to reach the goal.

        If there was to be a multiplayer, to be more in line with the proposal of the game, it would be more interesting to have all players play a yandere, their objectives being to poison the reputation of each other and be the only one left with a chance with senpai.

      • Oops, can’t edit this it seems. The local multiplayer could work nicely as well, there are virtual network software that can be used to simulate a LAN network over the internet, so you could still play with your online friends

      • Maybe for multiplayer it could be something like this:

        There are multiple people in the game, and you can choose out of the NPC designs which character you want.

        The thing is, you don’t know which person is the Yandere. So, you could tell them apart from NPC’s if you’re observant, but you wouldn’t be able to trust anyone. Also, maybe if other players see you with a weapon/doing suspicious things, it damages your reputation, and other players can maybe see that if they send a picture of you to Info-chan?

        I think it’s a cool idea.

      • I’d hate making it multi-player I don’t want it to be a chore and go running after some person its the way whoever suggested the bucket idea they made it a chore and less fun and I hate it. If it was multi-player doesn’t that mean people will basically be able to kill you? ._. I don’t want that besides it won’t be fun for the other person, how will it even be fun? Who will decide to be the victim who’ll decide to be Yandere-chan what if no-one wants to be the rivals, what if no-one wants to be Yandere-chan? It should stay solo only ._. it won’t be fun it’ll be freaking annoying.

    • But that’s what I meant. A player will be Yandere-chan and the other the Rival. Before the game starts, the game will indicate who is the rival and yandere-chan.

      Then the Rival will have 10seconds or so to go to hide and then Yandere-chan will have to find her and um… kill her? lmao

      The Rival should have the same controls and actions that Yandere-chan can do (run, crouch, crawl and open doors).

      Imagine if you take a weapon and you can sort of counter Yandere-chan’s attacks if done at the right time (in a mash-button fashion), that would be very cool.

    • I totally dig the idea of making a bigger game with things to do outside of school and places to go and I am not opposed to the delay or the begging necessary to make that happen (although I doubt I will be inclined to donate myself). I voted no because to me it simply sounds out of the scope of the project. Yanderedev is currently working towards a realistic goal to get a very functional game completed. My understanding is that he doesn’t have much in the way of prior experience making games and definitely not at the scope Yanderesim currently is (or a greater scope). To me, it sounds like doing what the polls are steering him towards could compromise the ability for the project to get completed at all. Really, they are neat ideas, but if anything I would recommend saving them for a Yanderesim 2, should he ever decide to make one.

  2. as many others have said, i agree that the open world should serve a game play purpose. yandere-chan has a senpai to claim, how can she do a fishing mini game at a time like this? i feel that if you WERE to make an open world feature, then it should have to do with yandere-chan’s goals: eliminate the rivals, confess to senpai. if you were to add an open world feature, it would have to be with these specific goals in mind. maybe a few side characters who will let you know about the town’s fear and paranoia levels? such as a drunken house wife whose only hobby is gossiping about the lives of other people. maybe she just slurs out how ‘that one girl, y’know, the one from the book club, has just been so different after her daughter disappeared, poor thing… she says that it wasn’t like her daughter to just run off like that, but then again, maybe she met a hot new hubby! teenagers, i tell you!’

    idk i just want a gossipy middle aged woman in the game

    but anyway anyway

    this next part isn’t necessarily a feature to suggest, just an idea that i had when i was trying to go to sleep last night lmao. im gonna separate it into bullet points just to make it easier to read

    -a childhood friend for yandere-chan. (maybe deredere-chan? hehe)
    -serves as a morality pet of sorts
    -early-ish in the game, she witnesses an act of murder from yandere-chan
    -you have the option to kill her, threaten her into staying quiet, or try and defend yourself (“it’s not what it looks like, they attacked me!”)
    -either way, she would have helped you. so if you kill her, you’re a sick fuck basically. this has influence on the ending
    -you can acquire friendship points with her by giving her gifts and talking to her, as well as informing her of your plans. it is possible for your friendship to go into the red with her, though, so informing her of your plans for your next elimination has a higher chance of her turning you in the lower your friendship is
    -if your friendship is super high near the end of the game, she pats you on the back and urges you to confess to your senpai. you have the option of abandoning senpai altogether and running off with her. everyone died for… nothing, basically.

    ta da

    like i said, this isn’t a feature to suggest bc im not gonna be that asshole who suggests features. but. it’s something cool to think about, right?

    • I like the idea of a childhood “friend” to help Yandere-chan blend in as a normal girl, and comment on her behaviour throughout the game. ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. maybe you could add a town as a DLC much later on, just focus on completing the stuff that goes on in the school ๐Ÿ™‚ i’ll totally buy the your game when its on steam (if its available for mac)

  4. At least for follow Senpai to home or places like a market/follow him in his daily life out of the school! So that you don’t have to made so much like a tiny city, just some places/streets. I think that would be very fun and interesting. Maybe some places like shops for buy things (Ropes or chains for example, for kidnap people, first-aid kits so you can harm people and make it look like it was an accident, then heal it and it will increase the reputation, people will think Yandere-chan is a good girl and no one would think bad about her) Grocery shops so you can buy sweets to sempai and let them in his desktop (Stalking him you could know his favorite sweets and buy them to him) And clothing that Senpai would like (Stalking him you would know, like cute uniforms, hair accesories, so Senpai will think Yandere-chan looks cuter) Idk, ^^
    Thank you so much for the hard work you’re doing for the game! It’s looks already awesome. I’m hoping to see how it’ll look at the end, congrats! :’D
    ~Sorry if my english has mistakes!~ >.</

  5. A small town with a shopping center and small neighborhood would be great. and if there’ll be a shopping center there also should be some sort of currency and part-time jobs

  6. Funny you mentioned Natsuiro High School. I watched some footage recently, and it wasn’t very interesting – sparsely populated areas that you wouldn’t bother traversing unless you were following someone, and tremendous effort required to take boring, upside-down panty shots. The footage didn’t include very many conversations with the primary cast, who I would’ve liked to have gotten to know better.

    You might get more payoff from adding differentiating traits to characters and adding/improving school facilities. That’s something that can be done on an as-needed basis, as time and assets become available. A school can believably scale up with the size of its student body.

  7. Excessive ambition is the easiest way to kill a project. People also never know what they want. You already have a solid plan and should follow it through. If yandere sim is successful you can always attempt a more ambitious sequel.

    • This, this, a thousand times this. The original idea of keeping your elimination options limited to what you could find in a school is unique and interesting. It’d be sad not to develop that and risk compromising on quality just because lots of people are easily impressed by the idea of scale.

  8. I really enjoyed this video! It’s fun to reflect over possible features for Yandere simulator! (It’s an awesome game already, btw)

    One thing that I noticed about the characters in the game was that they all looked very different. And not because they all had really remarkable body features or extremely unique hairstyles, but because of something as simple as their eyebrows. Different eyebrows change a character’s appearance drastically and also gives us a hint about the characters personality. For games where all characters are based on the same model, a detail such as different eyebrows can make a big difference, I think.

    I’d love to see an open world in Yandere sim. But of course, this would be a really big project so I guess it depends on how many people are willing to volunteer and how much funding the game gets.

    As for the jumping (just felt like commenting something about it) I think it would be fun, but as you said, not necessary. It would feel like a kind of pointless feature (well the only point I can see is that it would be fun). I’m also under the impression that in games that has this feature it tends to cause many bugs (like people playing around with the jumping button which makes the game lag and they get into areas outside the map, jumps through walls etc, not sure if this is a common problem though.)

    • It would have been fun to be able to kill your rival by pushing her in front of a train or even a truck/buss/car. There was a few train endings in the VN School days that was pretty hilarious, which gave me the idea for something similar in Yandere simulator. This could be a feature if you where to make an open world.

      I know that you’ve mentioned that it probably won’t be any guns in the game, and only weapons that could be found in a high school. I understand that there probably are technical reasons to this too (sorry, but I’m a total idiot with computers and I know absolutely nothing about programming, game development etc, just felt like suggesting this anyway), I think that the only way Yandere-chan could get access to a gun could be to steal one from the police. This could be made a really tricky process, for example Yandere-chan could have to kill a student and make sure someone noticed the corpse and called the police and when the police arrives Yandere-chan would have to find a way to steal a gun without getting noticed.
      To make it even harder, Yandere-chan might have to make a student find a corpse and call the police (killing someone in front of a student would of course have the same outcome, but I think it would result in reputation loss unless Yandere-chan kills the witness the next day before he/she can gossip about it), then dispose of the corpse before the police arrives. If the police doesn’t find any corpse at the said place, they’ll part up and search the school which would make Yandere-chan able to sneak up on one of them and steal a gun. If the police finds a corpse, they’ll all stay beside it and they’ll notice if Yandere-chan tries to steal a gun from them. The student who discovers the corpse would have to be a coward, since they runs away and calls the police. If the person who discovered the corpse was a teachers pet, they would run and tell a teacher who would either (if they found the corpse) call the police and stay by the body until the police arrives which would make Yandere-chan unable to clean up, or (if they didn’t found the corpse) assume that it was just a prank and don’t call the police.
      I’m not sure if guns would fit the game, though. It’s just something about the thought of killing your rival with a gun that feels.. exciting.

      I don’t know if these suggestions are any good, it’s just something that popped up in my mind that I felt might be worth sharing.

  9. I think it would be best if you made different sceneries but not full open world, and the murder should be done in school while visiting the town would be for adquiring information on your rival, getting supplies in or out of school, increasing your repputation with other students and stalking senpai to give yandere-chan a boost to her sanity or something.

  10. My two cent:
    The original idea is killing in school, if you make a village then you should add stalking girls while they go home, and dunno, kill them at home? At night in the park? And the peoples who live in the city add anything? Some of them maybe, but not much. I think thats change the whole original concept. I think a good idea for making the world bigger, but keep the whole school atmosphere if you make it a collage, So it can be remain to students and teachers, and the only logical thinking from the characters “The killer is on of us!” (In a village maybe they think there is a random killer, and its a lot of work if there is a system to pin on anyone in the village etc.) Okay, now I’m rambling what usually not good, so I end here.

  11. realistically, if we ever want to see the game finished then an open world option is a terrible idea. maybe just add “shopping mall” to the locations list at the beginning along with “basement” and “school”

  12. I like the open world idea because when you think about it, where does Yandere Chan get her weapons? How will Yandere Chan stalk her Senpai outside of school? An open world could also give Yandere Chan a chance to kill students off school grounds,teachers wouldn’t be alerted but you have to watch out for civilians and adults! This could also make a new place to hide bodies, like in the ocean or the dumpster of some store. (a way to frame people) You should also be able to infiltrate lockers during lunch time when the students aren’t around. You can steal a Teacher’s pet’s homework and make the teacher angry with them,set up death traps and of course, frame people! You should also be able to put notes in Senpai’s locker and impersonate other students through the notes by saying that they have no interest in him. When they confess to him, he will be annoyed and frustrated because he thinks that the girls tricked him. This could also make Senpai stressed,so he will stay home from school and he won’t know about your yandere actions. You should also be able to hide bodies in the closet of a teacher’s classroom and then call 911. Yandere Chan would play an innocent role and tell the police she was grabbing a piece of paper from the supply closet and found a dead body, getting the teacher arrested and fired. When a substitute teacher comes in the next day, they may not be as smart and badass as your other teacher, giving you a chance to eliminate them. With the open world you could also have Info-Chan run out and buy another school uniform for you in exchange for all the panty shots or maybe even have her buy some sort of pill from a pharmacy that you can use to poison a girl. You should also be able to put types of pills in food that cause them to need to go the bathroom very occasionally. Doing this to a teacher can give you a chance to kill students in their classroom while they are not there, or if a teacher is guarding a dead body and needs to go to the bathroom then you can quickly move the body out of sight and then dispose of it later. You should also create a water fountain and be able to poison the water in it. Senpai would realize that after students drink water from the fountain, they die, so he wouldn’t be drinking out of it. That’s just a crap ton of suggestions that came to my mind, please consider them!

  13. I think that open world is pointless. What about something like in persona? Several different locations with different additional functions, like drugstore etc. But even without this game can be really cool, so focusing the main goal is the best.

  14. I think the open world idea is a little bit too much. Why would we need it if our purpose in the game is to kill our rivals and get senpai’s heart? Unless, instead of making an open world, you could just add a way to stalk senpai or our rivals. Or have a possible quest where we have to sneak in into one of our rival’s house, search her room for new info or possible dirt on her and use it to our advantage. Or even break in into Senpai’s house, i mean, she already has one of his toothbrush right? why not just steal his pillow too? xD
    An open world in this game wouldn’t make much sense, it would only add up more work for nothing. But i like the idea of being able to unlock new environments for possible quests (that we might do or not, since i think there should be multiple different ways to make our rival’s life a living hell before killing her) because that would add up to the story, would keep the plot’s objective (being a god damn crazy girl killing innocent girls…)
    Because let’s face it, that game you showed us does indeed have some similarities with the type of game yandere simulator is, BUT in that game probably makes more sense to have an open world than in this one. One is about High school life, the other is about a girl who wants to kill everyone in her way to a guy. in Yandere simulator we have a time limit for a day right? from 7 am to 6 pm we can stay in the school, so we wouldn’t really have time to explore an open world or do “side quests” right? i think you should definitely focus on what you’re sure it’s going to provide good things for the game. If you’re worried about the game becoming boring after a while you should totally think about better ways to improve the plot, because this plot has a good chance at being really really good, concentrating on making an open world with useless mini-games might kill the whole “Im going to kill everyone” mood, and it would be extremelly off character of a Yandere girl. I’m sure everyone has seen “Future Diary” or better known as “Mirai Nikki”. now, let’s think about it, Yuno is obviously a psycho yandere girl, do u really think she’d waste time running on a small town trying to fish something, buying gifts for people or meeting new people? I don’t think so, that girl knows what she’s after, she knows what her objective is, and she does ANYTHING to get what she wants. So an open world game wouldn’t make much sense if it’s about a yandere girl. Let me say it again, YANDERE. Yanderes don’t give two damns about old people who need something from a shop, or mini-games to spend time.
    I’m enjoying the idea of this game but it definitely needs more work on the character Yandere-chan too, but that can stay for last of course, i think its more important to program every little event that we might get according to what we do or not , about we hear or not, about we learn or not. If you need inspiration for new killing methods, small events that might lead to them and what type of skills the character might need to have to proceed, i suggest you ask us, supporters and fans of your Hella rad work, what ideas we have, because i know a single person can’t think of everything by itself, so maybe a “give me multiple ideas to kill all this girls in the course of a week according to this set of skills” suggestion box could help you if you think what you already have thought for the game might end up becoming boring after a few plays. I’d love to be able to play the game more than once and not only kill all girls in several different ways and with some different set of skills , but also get different endings or even special new ways to kill the rest of the rivals throughout the game!
    Ok about the whole dashing thing, i think the idea of it is good for this game to be honest, but a girl dashing in a school is not common, right? especially if she’s trying to pass by a total sweetheart who couldn’t hurt a fly! So maybe, to add some “fake” qualities to Yandere chan, you could give her a more “girly” way of doing so like, make her be able to act clumbsy and “accidentally” fall on the floor and taking the panty shot without them noticing. Well, maybe they could notice her falling and help her up (the whole positive or negative way of noticing it could be according to the levels of reputation that she has, like if she’s got a low level, the girls would get suspicious and ask questions like “did u really fall or are u up to something?” and act really hostile and find out the panty shot and delete it, and if her score is high they would just help her up and not suspect a thing. ) This idea would give us not only another good reason to keep our reputation high (no panty shots. no help from info chan right?) but it provide different qualities of panty shots, i dunno info chan could apply 2 favors for a PROFESSIONAL PANTY SHOT =D
    Now, the jump thing, definitely not needed unless u intend to make her have P.E. classes? assuming the Gym isn’t there just for the sole purpose of using the tranquilizer on someone, plus, Gym classes could be triggered if the rival happened to be in your class? P.E. classes can make anyone look bad, take the right pictures at the right time or throw the ball purposedly at her face/head/breasts (and then quickly say a really sweet fake “omg im so sorry are u ok?” to keep up your reputation as a sweet wonderful girl that you are(n’t) )

    ok i thing i’ve written enough, im so sorry for this long post but i thought i should finally give my oppinion on this. I know everyone loves the idea of open world but it just doesn’t make sense. If you want to have more founding and even delay the game, don’t do it for something that will not bring anything needed for the creepy brutal plot that this is supposed to have. I know most people in the poll are voting yes but most of them are voting yes with the intend of saying “i’d like to stalk people and be able to do things that contribute to the plot in a place that is not school”
    kbai i took 30 minutes to write this pls read it senpai ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • I 100% agree with you everyone is getting excited about Open World, but it has no purpose I rather have more scenes and more interaction with the Npc’s to be honest. Besides why would Yandere-chan want to do some ‘quest’ for a rival? The only thing they’re doing for us is getting in our way of Senpai ._. I seriously will hate open world, I like the idea of Compromise but I still voted even though I like the idea of a few more settings like kitchens and stuff it’d be interesting watching yandere-chan eat(Cuz I’m creepy) and mere few stuff like that xD. Besides if it become open world wouldn’t it become a tad too easy to kill that snitching running person about to tell the police? I like my challenges (Except of the bucket one after that update I am not gonna stab people again.) >:3

  15. I liked the idea of the compromise, it could be similar to games like Persona 4, in which there are several smaller environments to interact with that all have uses. Possibly to improve skills or find weapons/accessories. Additionally, you could schedule things to do with (or stalk) people like the rival or senpai in the town at locations like malls or restaurants. I really liked the idea of the school being on a hill, possibly when you get close to the exit there could be options of where to go. I feel like maybe there should be a reason also to go home early, possibly something to do with kidnapping victims, I’m not really sure.

  16. Just add small instance locations to the game overtime. Like an Onsen, temple, small business block, fair with games. Some of these locations would be future DLC content. And the DLC’s would change how the core game is played.

  17. I wrote this on the video comments but I remembered you mentioned you don’t read the comments on the videos, so I’ll copy-paste it here, my suggestions for the game.

    My question is… would there be stuff to do in that small town? If it’s just something to walk from and to school and every now and then do something interesting, I don’t think it should be a priority.
    Also, if you get to kill your rivals out of school as well, then that would change the scope of the police investigations and that would demand for a major rework of how it works – I can see some really interesting ideas on how it could be done.
    That brings another subject – the whole yandere thing feels like it should happen at a high school scope, to take it to a whole city level would, as has been stated, turn it into grand theft auto or something, not yandere simulator. But I can see where the hype for something like that comes from and I myself am intrigued by the idea.

    I like the ideas that have been given about adding some significant locations that can be accessed, such as a supermarket and a shopping mall, places where you can acquire some of the household chemicals, utensils, tools and various other killing devices, as well as the special effect panties and such; and also the idea of having a forest area surrounding the school, but that may be because forest areas give me a big fat boner for some reason.
    And the one about making the school much larger, make it ‘most prestiged school in the country’ level or something – it is the place we will be spending the most time on in the game, so give us lots to do! Exploration is one of the things I’ve always liked the most in games, even if it is small or in a very specific environment such as this high school, as long as there are places to be, things to see, secrets to find, variety in the feel of locations – I can see myself losing loads of hours on just that alone.
    But… what about school at night? Would you add the option to stay at school during the night to finish the ‘jobs’, or maybe a rival that studies at night (I have no clue if it is a thing in Japan), or whatever you want to do, say, lay a trap for a student? Make it pretty with the lighting, and it will be sick.

    Now, what I personally would like to see is to have the NPCs and interactions feel more natural, or maybe even dynamic. What if there wasn’t a storyline rival set in stone, but rather you actually had to stalk, overhear conversations and rumours in order to know who is getting a little too close to senpai? So when you replay the game, you don’t already know who it is you should target, and the gathering of information becomes a part of the game. inb4 already like this (I only remember the updated where you said there was a single player campaign progress think with the weeks.

  18. You mentioned that you still have trouble with emails and bug report. I have a sort of workaround to it, I guess. So, your problem is that people doesn’t read the known bug list and giving you features suggestion, am I right?

    My suggestion is that you make some password that only known to those who already read the known bugs list. Put a sentence in the end of the known bug list, something like, “If you want to report bugs that’s not included here, put ‘[AstGy67H] ‘ on the email subject. Otherwise, your emails will be drowned in thousands of spam emails.”

    The password is up to you of course. The point of this password that it’s only known by those who already read ‘Known Bug List’ (unless it’s spread to by other people) so those with this password on the email subject would have better quality report than others that don’t. You than can simply set up an email filter to filter out those emails and put them in separate folder so that can be your priority to read. Of course it’s not fool-proof, but I think it can lower the number of low quality emails that flew to your radar.

    Hopefully this solution can lessen your burden on all those low quality emails.

  19. Pingback: The New “Volunteer” Page | Game Development Blog

  20. I agree that with the current scope of the game, it would get boring quickly but I don’t think going full open world is the best solution. I feel that it would be best to go with the compromise option with a few extra locations (eg. mall, park, beach, etc.) and fully flesh out such locations/features rather than adding a huge open world which for the most part is pointless. It might also be interesting to add small goals or side quests (like the missions in the game shown) to help stop the game being too single focused.

  21. i think its better to have yandere simulator to be an open world game but you have to take a break so you can update the game a little better, cause’ im a lil worried :3

  22. If you already read my YouTube comment, you already know what I’m going to say.

    If not, try to find my YouTube comment under the name “TheSonicfanx1”.

    That aside, I still stand by my choice of “compromising” for the poll and for my YouTube comment, but I haven’t actually gave you a proper reason for it.

    Like I said, going open world is far too costly and too time consuming. It will force you to look big instead of focusing on minor details. Making the game open world will definitely make the game less polished because you’d have to work on a lot more things.

    That said, I said compromise. Do something like (I can’t believe I’m saying this) like Artificial Academy 2 or Artificial Girl 3. The game is somewhat open world but it is split into “areas”. I would rather have multiple areas than just an open world game FOR THIS PARTICULAR PROJECT.

    It will satisfy more people and give you less work to do. It can also give you more time to focus on smaller details and refine game mechanics. You can also connect the various areas together, like Artificial Academy 2/Artificial Girl 3, giving it a pseudo-open world effect and you won’t have to do much modeling either.

    Also, if you can’t find my YouTube comment, I can post it here (in a reply) if you want.

  23. I really like the above mentioned ideas of stores and general stalking of your rival and Senpai, but I also agree that a full open world is probably not the best idea for a game like this. Perhaps just a small neighborhood that Yandere-chan lives in? Perhaps she lives in a gated community or something, and a wall could serve as an “end” to the world.

  24. Release the main game with the single environment, then later on when you have more money and manpower, release an expansion pack that adds the new environments and open-world gameplay.

  25. I think a very small open world would be great. It doesn’t have to be a lot–it doesn’t even have to take that many characters to make a world feel alive (like maybe just a neighborhood type setup.)

    I could see it playing a lot into the game mechanics as well–notably as a means of getting blackmail. Maybe if you follow someone home and you get noticed, you’ll get a reputation hit the next day (provided you don’t kill the witness of course.)

    Not to mention that I’ve always found it a little strange that no one cares when a student just goes missing. Maybe the kids at school might not be the most aware (save for their closest friends), but in a small neighborhood, that type of thing would definitely get noticed and talked about. Police would probably do more patrols in said neighborhood, preventing Yandere-chan from following someone home or if she looked suspicious etc.

    However, I really enjoy this game and support whatever you do. I can’t wait for the July 15th update.

  26. A semi-open environment with instanced areas would be the best for both gameplay and your sanity, just a simple town would add some interesting mechanics such as…

    *finding weapons/tools you wouldn’t usually see in a high school (e.g. knives, drugs, swords, etc.)
    -sedatives strong enough to put an adolescent to sleep doesn’t seem like something a school health room would allow for obvious reasons, maybe they could be found at the town’s clinic or bought from a shady individual (although I hear street drugs are hard to find in Japan).

    โ€”โ€”INTERESTING FACTโ€”โ€”


    -aspirin is a very common drug and wouldn’t be out-of-place in a nurse’s office, hydrogen peroxide can also be used to clean up blood. Upgrading chemistry would allow Yandere-chan to clean a bloody uniform in the bathroom this way.

    *buying more innocuous equipment
    -buying ability panties or extra uniform at a clothing store (apparently school uniforms are quite expensive in Japan, only wealthier kids can afford spares), instrument cases or piano wire from a music store, books to increase stats or learn special abilities (old army training manual, fighting and grappling instructionals for Judo, art of seduction ;D )
    -purchasing those face masks East Asians wear to prevent spreading illness, this could take up a weapon slot and be equipped on the fly. Wearing it would prevent witnesses in town from being able to identify Yandere-chan and prevent an instant Game Over (although I think town NPCs should be stationary and should be busy with something, and every day they change position to give an illusion of liveliness, only ever moving when they witness a murder).

    *stalking prey in a more open environment
    -school authorities would quickly crack down on the serial murders of students, especially on campus
    -selecting to stalk a target after school to determine her pattern and thus the area she’s in, or having Info-chan doing it for you
    -murder should be simpler in town, the body should be able to be left behind as long as no one actually witnesses Yandere-chan murder someone (in which case she’s kinda screwed), because they would assume it’s a serial killer, but with every dead body found students are more alert due to school atmosphere going down.

    *acquiring teh moniez to afford things in town (buying things shouldn’t be required, just more opportunities for different strategies)
    -job system like Stick RPG where time just skips and you get paid for the hours you worked, nothing too complex like a mini-game, maybe the weekend should be a time for the player to get money in preparation
    -Yandere-chan can find employment at the different businesses with some requiring different stats in return for higher pay. Library (higher Language skill = higher pay), delivery service (required Physical Education rank 3), Pharmacy (required Chemistry rank 3 at the least, increased pay at higher ranks)
    -selling panty shots directly to male students after school for money rather than for favors from Info-chan

    *gaining reputation by hanging out with students over the weekend
    -going out to karaoke would cost some money but render more rep points, to a beach would be free but only give +1 rep for every student invited, shopping with another female student would cost even more (clothing is also expensive as fuck in Japan) but give like +10 rep, restaurant with one other student would give +5
    -like GTA 5’s hang out system. Call person, meet at place at certain time (if the player is too late they’ll get mad and rep points are lost, the tardier the player the less points will be given), time skip, head off in different directions.

    IN CONCLUSION, an open world is unnecessary for this game. Instanced areas with shops, a neighborhood, beach, clinic, and other extra areas just to walk around in are enough. However, if you are able to create a polished game WITH a whole town to explore then do so, I would jizz my pants with joy.

    Just don’t exhaust yourself buddy, take what you will from my advice and good luck โค ^_^

    -Sean S.

  27. I’m torn between practicality (in terms of budget and the work required) and ease for you (YandereDev) in making the game, and how I feel it would benefit the storylines. If you were able to accumulate all the funds/volunteers you need to create an open world, then yes, of course, go for it! It’ll take longer to be released, but the end result would be so much richer for the wait that it’d feel like a fuller, more rounded out game. But then there’s the issue of if you DIDN’T get all the funds and/or volunteers — what then? I think there could be two possibilities: stick to fleshing out Yandere-chan’s house and the school and instilling interesting factors to those stages to get them to a state where you feel satisfied with them, OR concentrate on creating two more types of areas to visit: Senpai’s house and Yandere-chan’s current rival’s house.

    You could have the stage for Senpai’s house be with Yandere-chan locked OUTSIDE and so that’s the level she’s restricted to — she can rummage through his trash to look for things to add to her shrine, climb a tree to peer in his window, avoid getting caught by him/his family/his neighbors/idk maybe a dog in the yard, eavesdrop on what he is saying to overhear something that could influence storylines (like instead of all the girls having crushes on Senpai, Yandere-chan hears him mention a girl HE likes — or she simply reads a paper from his trash that has a female classmate’s name on it and Yandere-chan immediately assumes that she’s a threat — and Yandere decides she’s GOT to go), get a feel on what he’s thinking about all these weird going-ons at school and give the player a sense of his personality and how freaked out and upset he’s getting. For Yandere-chan’s current rival’s house, Yandere-chan can break in (opening a window from the outside, and/or maybe she can also learn how to break into houses more easily — like a Mechanics class she can take that can result in her learning how to pick locks?), snoop around for secrets to use against them, destroy their belongings (like cut up their school uniforms with scissors to force them to stay home from school), murder them and anyone else in the house — smother them with pillows or kill them in their beds or w/e (wow, that is a really messed-up sentence) — plant evidence to frame them… idk. The ideas come to mind; some might be interesting and easy to implement, others might not be. Again, I don’t want to demand a lot more to be made, but I feel that these two types of areas would be the most necessary if anymore were to be made, because they tie directly into and develop the plot, and connect to and flesh out two of the other main characters of the game — Senpai and the Current Hussy. ๐Ÿ˜› Furthermore, since stalking is part of Yandere-chan’s thing, it makes sense to show her at their houses.

    To help cut down on the work needed to make two more levels, I would suggest recycling Yandere-chan’s house stage for the Rival’s house stage, maybe with some slight alterations if you feel like it. If you want the player to have Yandere-chan outside the Rival’s house breaking IN, then recycle the outside of Senpai’s house stage if you want to — or, since we’re already talking recycling, again, you can recycle the other house stages for the inside of his house for Yandere-chan to creep into and be a creeper in, with or without the locked-out, backyard part. (Yandere-chan going to his house can be something else that freaks him out, even though he doesn’t know it’s her — he can be aware that SOMEONE keeps lurking in his backyard if you keep going there/aren’t careful, or that someone came in and moved stuff around if you come in at night, and maybe if you do it too much, he gets paranoid and begins trying to get whoever’s doing it caught, resulting in a game over. Unrelated, but ooh! You may/probably have already though of this, but how about Yandere-chan tries a “secret admirer” thing on him in-between all the murders and kidnappings and whatnots? Like she can write love letters or buy gifts like his favorite foods from Info-chan to put in his locker or in his house [on his pillow?] and she thinks it’s incredibly romantic and bold of her but he only keeps getting unsettled — OR maybe if she sticks to just slipping it into his locker, he could find it kind of cute/sweet so long as other creepy things aren’t going on to alarm him.) And as the School Atmosphere keeps going down, Senpai and Rival are more and more likely to be paranoid and check if anyone’s outside/inside, wake up in the night, be alerted by sounds you make, get better locks for the doors you have to level up in Mechanics to get past, etc.

    Sigh. I honestly thought at first that those two stages might hopefully not be too much of a hassle, but looking back, yeah, wow, that’s a lot of stuff that’d have to be made for even half of my suggestions. ๐Ÿ˜ If you (YandereDev) did like some of them, and you did want to make some new areas for them (the outside of Senpai’s house, the inside of the rival girls’s houses, and/or conversely the inside and outside to either or both of them), I would say go with recycling the areas as much as possible to make it easier. If I had to narrow down all my suggestions, I would say definitely have either an exterior or interior of Senpai’s house stage (since Yandere-chan IS his stalker), possibly an inside to one of the girls’s houses (if so, maybe make it only ONE specific girl whose house Yandere-chan breaks into if the recycling of stages would bother you [maybe this is the girl Senpai would be revealed to have a crush on, so Yandere-chan is so angry that she goes directly to the girl’s house to kill her then and there and that’s why she’s the only one whose house you break into]?), possibly the “secret admirer whose gestures might only be cute when they’re not super invasive and creepy and horrible things are happening every other day” angle. Again, idk. If you like any of these ideas, let me know and I’ll try to think of ways to trim them and make them easier to put into the game.

  28. Sticking to the initial idea should be priority….but adding a small town would be a great addition.It shouldn’t necessarily be a open world only another sandbox location like the school.
    here this game is an example of what im talking:

  29. I think that Yandere Simulator really needs a small town added. There could be a few places that Yandere-chan could get a job at, and her study points determine whether she gets hired and how much she gets paid. She could use the money she gets from her job to buy another uniform (So it doesn’t just appear on the floor). She could follow Senpai when he leaves school and look at him when he sleeps. But that would result in her being tired the next day, making her slower, less strong, and make her seem a bit strange to the other students. She also cannot get as many study points as she normally would. But if she has enough money for an energy drink, she could stay up later without any consequences. There could be potential date places, that Yandere-chan could get two people together and they would be seen together at these places when school isn’t in session (unless they are delinquents). She could also dream of being with Senpai in those places. (And actually see her dreams instead of reading them). She could buy (or steal) food and poison it to kill a rival. Or she could just give it to someone normally to increase her reputation. She could buy the weapons at a weapon shop (or ask info-chan to buy it for her, and you would see info-chan go and buy it if you are there). With the tranquilizer, why would that be in the nurse’s office? She should buy that at a pharmacy, and she would need a prescription that she would have to forge. With the poison in the science room, I think that Yandere-chan would have to mix some of the bottles to get the poison. She should also have a bike so she can escape after killing a rival in an alley (some can be found there some will be asked to follow there, but they will be scared if asked to go into an alley, when not being friendly with Yandere-chan. There should be a friendly feature, a special way to get people to follow you with a low rep. You talk to them a lot, and they won’t avoid you like the other students if they don’t see you do anything bad (if it’s a guy, they shouldn’t react to Yandere-Chan taking panty shots in a bad way). This could be another method to eliminate the rival, “keep your friends close and your enimies closer”. You can invite friends into your house and you can gossip which can lower reputation points of rivals. Yandere-chan would have to clean up her house and make it seem like that of a normal girl. Of course, there can be a room that Yandere-chan uses to put the bodies of those killed at her house. But to do that she would have to not put too many, or else others in the house would smell it. If they smell it, she would have to kill whoever smells it (parents, siblings, whoever is visiting). There should be a “Hero” persona that should attack Yandere if they see her kill someone, and people should notice when Yandere-chan poisons someone’s food. Blood should splatter on walls. Yandere-chan can go to a shrine, and wish for senpai to notice her, making it more realistic. Also, Yandere-chan can kill people that asked out Senpai at their meeting places. They will be there before Senpai, and that is when Yandere-chan can kill them. If she does it without leaving any evidence, Senpai will just be sad, and act differently. (His reason for skipping school and standing by the tree??). You should add more about Phantom girl should try to sabotage Yandere-chan if she murders a girl in the third floor bathroom. Also, what happened to Yandere-chan’s parents? The challenge of cleaning yourself up before coming home will make everything more difficult. Also, you can get grounded if you stay out late which will result in you having to come home earlier, and missing chances to kill rivals. Yandere-chan can lock them up or kill them so they won’t get in her way, but if anyone finds out that they are dead (If people visit her house that find them locked up or dead). She will have a large reputation drop. The police will come (you should make a scene of the police coming and trying to arrest Yandere-chan). You can drug people with food when they come to your house, leading them to either die, or make them fall asleep. You can watch movies at the theatre which can give you new ideas how to kill someone (new abilities). There should be a “sleep” feature when Yandere-chan goes back home. Also a “study” feature, to get more study points, and you can just roam her house. She of course will be “tired” if she spent all the night studying. People will no longer visit Yandere-chan if someone finds out that people go missing in Yandere-chan’s house. Yandere-chan can go to the gym to increase her Phys Ed study points, (not the classroom). In the school, there should also be a Phys Ed area, and of course locker rooms (sneak a peek at senpai, and panty shots are everywhere.) Various stores to buy things (manga for an otaku, flowers for someone who likes gardening) to increase rep. And a store to buy all of the accessories. And a hairstylist for the hairstyles. Yandere-chan should have to find the items for the Senpai Shrine instead of them already being there, also Yandere-chan can buy more types of panties at a store. You should be able to text people on your phone so they might be afraid of asking Senpai out (I’ll kill you if you ask out Senpai!!!!) but she will need disposable phones to be able to send those kinds of messages without being caught. Also a social network that people gossip on. There could be club rooms so that Yandere-chan can join one (depending on the club there might be study point requirements). The clubs will give different perks (kind of like panties). Yandere-chan can stalk Senpai on the Internet as well. The jump button can be used for running away if Yandere-chan killed someone on a roof. If there are many suspicious deaths, the town npc will act different and scared. They will hug their kids (maybe some of them go to our school?) and there will be missing person signs. Yandere-chan can rescue/adopt a dog and train them to tell her when someone’s hiding from her (Coward types…) or when a Rival is nearby. If you took all the time to read this, thank you! Please think about adding some of these features to the game!!

  30. i think you should focus on expanding the school and making it a more dynamic place, i personally don’t think a town is necessary, right now the school is plain and boring but if you make it a place where players want to be than a town wont be necessary.

  31. No! Stick to the original plan.
    Unfortunately it looks like I am in the minority with this vote.
    But I feel very strongly that adding such ambitious goals is a mistake.
    I would much rather have a fun and detailed school sim rather than a town that ends up being shallow.

  32. I believe, that adding an open world to the game would make it pretty neat. You could figure out where your rivals live, get more blackmail on them, place notes in their mailboxes, or heck! You could even frame them by placing another girl’s panties in someone’s room or something! It might make more rumors start at school, more rep for your rival to loose, and more suicides I think. But you’re doing excellent with the game so far! It’s super fun~!

  33. Oh dear, looks like the goalposts are getting moved. Just when I had finally convinced myself that the game would be finished within my lifetime ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
    Ah well, at least YandereDev will be living off fan donations for that much longer ๐Ÿ˜›

  34. Has anyone else noticed the weird floating mask things near the left of the school? Do they serve any purpose other than just sitting there?

  35. Your mail from July 1st about a new build, video and poll did not contain a link to the video.

    Regards, Rene

  36. You’ve probably considered this already, but I’ll just put this idea out there to see what others think.

    What if you did make the small town, but have, let’s say, 70% of the buildings not have an interior? The only buildings I think are absolutely necessary to enter for the plot’s sake would be a few of your classmates’ houses. And then other interiors can be added as desired.

    In the same way that there’s a study point interface in class, you could have building facades have a prompt like “Go to Work” or “Buy Something”, etc, and then access a similar interface. You could find your classmates strolling around outside, window shopping, fangirling over cutouts of manga characters, eating in an cafe, or whatever. You don’t have to go inside of a building for it to serve a purpose, so it’s not like most of the map is useless inaccessible buildings.

    It would still take a while to get all those building models though.

  37. I think you should give jumping another look. Instead of seeing it as a way to access hard-to-reach places, think of it as a way to enhance the stealth.

    For example, let’s say that, by stalking your target, you figured out that she keeps her lunch in her locker or some other heavily populated area. You want to poison it, but can’t since there are always people around. In order to get to it, you decide to go to school late. However the gate is locked or maybe there’s someone on guard. You can use your jumping abilities to jump the school wall and get into the school undetected.

    Maybe what you want to do requires you to get to higher floors undetected? Say there’s a weapon you need from a second floor classroom, but the room is locked. You could climb up the side of the building and break in through the window. Or instead of a weapon, you could be breaking into your target’s classroom to see if she has anything incriminating inside of her desk. Or maybe you actually want to PLANT something incriminating in her desk/class. Maybe you could even climb up to a ledge on the third floor, get under a window, and drag your target out of it from that position.

    And if you decide to add more environments, you could use it as a way to stay out of sight while stalking someone You could use it to break into your target’s house or break into a store to access their more interesting items.

    You could also use it to store weapons/supplies/bloody clothes in out-of-sight areas until the right time to use/destroy them. Maybe even set up traps from higher ground.

    • I like these ideas about jumping. ๐Ÿ™‚

      If that’s impossible think if you wanted to grant access to secret areas (like maybe for special kills or something) you could have a button icon show up in certain places or times (like against a wall) saying “press A to climb”.

      However I’m not a game developer so maybe that’s a terrible idea.

  38. I have so many Ideas my main one Is u should make a open world but based on the main Idea of the story as In following Senpai home & other people your suspicious of from school & also u should have more options to talk to people as In asking them questions about Senpai or somebody else but they will tell u If u do them a favor & It gives u details how to do It & u may have to go to the open world to do It I have so much more I can say as I play Yandere Simulated I get more & more Ideas If u would love to hear more please Emil me my email Is Selenayandere3@gmail.com now that email Is nothing really important so I’m fine having It on the Internet for people to see but I manly want u to see & hopefully you’ll think of emailing me so I can tell u more Ideas!!

  39. Having an open world seems like an awesome idea, IF and ONLY IF it’s done properly. There are a lot of things that can go wrong with going bigger, but if it is done right it could offer much more to the game play as well as the re playability. When people think of open world, they tend to think of games like GTA, which is alright for what it is, but an open world environment like that wouldn’t really work for this type of game.

    A game like this, offers a lot of potential and while being limited to just a school is fine, having an open world can expand on many other aspects of the game’s original concept and goals. It’d be interesting to have an open world type feel, like in Shenmue. I am sure a lot of people are familiar with that game, or have at least heard of it. For a game released in 1999, it was far ahead of its time. It was heavily story driven, but the fact that the player could do almost anything in the environment, and seemingly go anywhere, it left a lasting impression that it is still regarded as a classic even today.

    When I think of a game such as Yandere Sim though, I am flooded with all kinds of interesting ideas. A little bit of Death Note comes into play. Imagine how much more interesting and exciting the game can be when the “hunter” becomes the hunted. When, after several disappearances and murders start happening in the small town, you not only have to “cover” up your crimes while not drawing to much attention to yourself, but now you have to worry about undercover cops and investigators beginning to suspect you and trying to take you down by figuring out what your next move is gonna be; where you also have to think twice about your next murder, and it becomes a mind game. It would require more planning and strategy to the game and bring a sense of balance as well. The more crimes you commit, the harder it is for you meaning you have to be more sneaky, and creative.

    These are just my ideas of course, but any feedback is always encouraged. Regardless, this game seems like it has a while left to go and I am looking forward to seeing it when it is completed. Until then however, I wouldn’t really worry so much about release dates or anything like that. Having an end goal should be your priority, what you, as the developer intends to be in the overall game.

  40. Hi, I’ve followed your game for a few months now, and with the July 1st build, I’m finding the floor in the school, including the stairs are super bright now, like some serious lighting is going on there. I never had this with any of the previous builds.

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