A Build, a Video, and a Poll

Last Updated July 1st 2:35 AM with bug fixes

If you’re looking for the most recent build, click here.

I’ve been trying to add a new elimination method to the game once every two weeks. May 15th was rooftop-pushing, June 1st was poisoning, June 16th was drowning…I really wanted to include another elimination method in the game for July 1st, but I wasn’t able to pull it off with the amount of time I had available. I could have implemented a bare-bones version, but it wouldn’t have been very exciting or interesting. So, I’m postponing the next elimination method until July 15th.

So, what do I have for you today, on July 1st? I have a new build and a new video. The latest build doesn’t have a new elimination method, but it does have lots of bug fixes, as well as several additions / improvements that you can read about below.

Today’s video is a bit different; instead of making a video about the latest new additions to the game, I made a video where I examine a game that is similar to Yandere Simulator, and discuss which features might be beneficial for Yandere Sim. At the end of the video, I pose a question that I’d love to hear your answer to.

Now that you’ve seen the video, how about answering a poll for me?

You’ll have to paste the link in your address bar: poll.fm/5c0lb

If you’re interested in seeing a list of all of the changes in the latest build, have a look:

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug that would allow Yandere-chan to apologize for interrupting a conversation (there is no reputation loss for doing so, so there is no need to apologize).
  • Fixed bug that would result in the “Drown” prompt not disappearing if the purple-haired NPC witnessed a murder during her “Stand Near Fountain” event.
  • Fixed bug that would allow the player to speak to an NPC when that NPC was supposed to be heading to a meeting place.
  • Fixed bug that would cause an NPC to slide across the ground if they witnessed a corpse while following Yandere-chan.
  • Fixed bug that would cause a poisoned girl to stop choking to death if she noticed Yandere-chan taking a panty shot.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Yandere-chan to be unable to pick up an item if she was standing directly on top of it.
  • Fixed bug that would prevent events from being interrupted even when Yandere-chan was bloody / armed / insane.
  • Fixed bug that would cause some students to continue walking around when Yandere-chan was spotted by Senpai.
  • Fixed bug that would cause girls’ hair to show up incorrectly when viewing their Info-chan profile.
  • Fixed bug that would make the “Pippi” character stand in front of her locker instead of playing video games.
  • Fixed bug that would cause students to sprout ponytails when Yandere-chan was spotted by Senpai.
  • Fixed bug that would make an NPC immune to weapons if she was in the middle of an event.
  • Fixed bug that would cause events to trigger when Yandere-chan was spotted by Senpai.
  • Fixed bug that would cause NPCs to ignore corpses lying in doorways.
  • Attempted to fix a bug that would cause an Event to occur even if one of the NPCs involved in that event was dead.


  • All buckets are now empty until Yandere-chan fills them up at a water source.
  • Buckets of water now get bloody when Yandere-chan dips a bloody mop inside.
  • It is now possible to dump a bucket of bloody water into a large sink.


  • Changed the appearance of the timer that appears when the incinerator is activated.
  • Changed the appearance of the incinerator model.
  • Added flames when activating the incinerator.
  • Added sound effects to the incinerator.


  • Added new accessories. One of the new accessories has a bonus feature attached to it! Can you find it?
  • Updated the teacher’s voiced lines.
  • Reverted title screen music.

2:35 AM Update

  • Fixed bug that would cause the game to freeze after getting caught by a teacher.
  • Fixed bug that would prevent the player from drowning the purple-haired girl.
  • Fixed bug that would prevent the gym doors from opening.
  • Removed the “blast off” feature, because I never programmed in a method for returning to Earth after leaving the planet.

This is still a huge problem for me, and I encourage you to read it if you are considering contacting me about anything at all.

Blog Post Tomorrow!

Tomorrow, I will be making a blog post aimed at past, present, and future volunteers. If you’ve contributed to Yandere Simulator in the past, or if you’re considering contributing in the future, you’ll definitely want to read tomorrow’s blog post!

150 thoughts on “A Build, a Video, and a Poll

  1. Please, add pet, like hamster or sea pig, who will divert attention and it will be so cute that girl classmates will caress this adorable creature, and then he run away, they will chase him, catch up (or not) and realize that they situate in the dark cold dead end absolutely alone…

  2. I chose the compromise option in the poll.
    I feel like making a whole open world would make the game mechanics far too complex, and it would require lots of work to be put into things that just don’t matter.
    (And like I said before once upon a time, I feel like people are getting waaaay too fixed on this fantasy of living their anime-life dreams through this game.)
    Things like clubs etc, they just seem reaaaally pointless UNLESS they offer some kind of benefit in your missions as a yandere.

    I think the best way to do it would be small areas that are accessible through a menu, like accessing the basement and school while you’re at home. Areas that would have benefits, such as a small store. Possibly even some kind of stereotypical area that most teenagers would visit in their free time i.e a park or mall (but a mall seems too complex). Also if you were able to visit/stalk other students to their house, it would be best to have them all live in the same, small neighbourhood. It sounds boring but it would keep it simple and you wouldn’t have to work as hard at remembering where they all live etc.

    Also, if these kinds of areas were to exist, I think it would be the only reason to implement weekends into the game. And these days would be the only days that you could use these options. It seems a bit daft that a student would constantly nip back and forth to the shop during school hours.
    Stalking students to their houses would also be long-winded as well, considering you have to take into account the avoidance of parents as well as other neighbours possibly spotting you acting all shady around someone’s house. Even at night time this would still be a problem.

    P.S I’m getting so tired of seeing people suggest stupid OP weapons and ridiculously complex ways of getting them. She’s a student, not a super spy/assassin/ninja. Just stop it.

  3. I think open world will give too much unneccessary element. The benefit from open world would be the possibility of stalking and more way and place to kill, anything else can be considered as unneccessary. You should focus on school environment instead. adding more place like cafetaria and sports field. Maybe you can add student dormitory as replacement of the town

    • YES I love your ideas! A cafeteria (you can subtly poison food there, or conceivably even poison the entire school’s food if you can sneak into the kitchens) and a sports field (a small one attached to the gymnasium — the sports club hang out in one after school, the martial arts club in the other) would be neat, but I especially like the idea of having a school dormitory all the students live at, so Yandere-chan can find out which students live in which dorms and do her stalking, spying, murdering, framing, whatever at. (Maybe she could also break into other students’s lockers and other school rooms that’re locked at night in order to advance her schemes, although breaking in would require leveling up — I suggested a Mechanics class for this, but maybe just have her able to read Crime novels in class instead, like the planned Hentai Manga option.) Getting out of bed and wandering the school at night to accomplish these tasks could be a neat thing that extends gameplay-time (so the day doesn’t end when the school day ends), and you’d have to dodge faculty members patrolling the halls; choosing to leave your dorm at night could also potentially impact your next school day, like if you stay up late (I think someone on this blog already suggested this? I’m not sure, but if they did, credit to them for these), you start the day off closer to insanity, you have less study points to spend, your reputation is affected (any drops are bigger and any gains are smaller because your appearance and behavior without sleep unnerves the students you talk to), etc.,and if you stay up late for the second (and maybe third) day in a row, it amplifies the effects and can result in a game-over because you look so crazy, or you sleep in and miss valuable school-time or miss an ENTIRE day or something. Sleeping in and missing school-time/the entire school day can also happen if you stay up TOO late one night, losing you valuable time to eliminate your rival before the school week’s end.

      Another area to add to the school might be a library. You could read those Hentai mangas and Crime novels to level up on outside of class there — although so that you don’t get to do too much in one day, maybe you can only go there to work on those skills at lunch time or afterschool, and doing that uses up the rest of that time slot you could’ve used for other things. You could also stalk and spy on and murder people in there, so long as you’re careful enough to hide behind bookshelves and not be seen.

  4. It would be nice for Yandere Simulator to be an open world game, because it would give you the opportunity to stalk students outside of school to learn more about their personal life and maybe you could spread more rumours with the knowledge you have, you could also be able to do side quests and stuff outside of school and other fun activities, and I know it would take a long time and elaborating on the town too much could drive you away from the game’s main focus, but it would be pretty cool to have at least a small town or village near the school.

    While I am aware that you are far from completion of the game, in the builds, you feel restricted just teleporting from your room to the school and the nothing feels connected so it would be awesome to have a town or village near the school, kinda like a central hub to make the game feel more complete.

  5. Yes ! A free open-world where we can :
    β€’ Buy weapons
    β€’ Buy accessories
    β€’ Stalk Senpai
    β€’ Go to school by our own feet

    … So many things that we can do in that town… I will be very happy if we can have an open-world !

    Ow, and, I have a problem : In my version of the game ( 15th June ), some girls’s hairs ( the purple, the cyan, the green, the yellow, the brown and the red ) glitches. Some black lines appears on the screen when a girl is in my vision. If I wear the same hairs, I have the same problem with Yandere-chan. I don’t know what happen…
    So, Good work and good luck dude !
    ( Excuse me if there many error, I’m French and, I just know translate English to French… )

    • In regards to the glitch you’ve been encountering; I get the same problem.
      These black lines point towards the sky, right? And only appear on hairstyles that don’t sport the back ponytail, i.e Yandere-chan and the dark blue haired girl.
      I asked about it a few months back and it’s not a very common thing, I think it’s very specific to certain computers or graphics cards.
      As far as I know, there isn’t really a way to get rid of it, you just kinda have to push through it and ignore it.

  6. I think that it would be a great choice that YandereSim is gonna be an open-world so I’ll tell you my opinions on adding to it o(*>Ο‰<*)o here's the first one since it would be a bit to wierd to put weapons in front of the school obviously XD I think it would be nice to add a weapon shop and I think that adding a shrine might be cool ヽ( β˜…Ο‰β˜…)γƒŽ like coming there for praying like increasing your popularity grades etc a cafeteria would be great too like getting a frying pan or knives in the kitchen area and in accessing the principal's office like getting the files of your rivals on where they live and etc β•°(βœ§βˆ‡βœ§)β•― Oh and when you take pictures like panty shots can you add like when you push someone then they kinda like fall down then you slide while taking a picture Ω©(ΛŠα—œΛ‹*)و I think that was already in Natsuiro Highschool though (γƒ»βˆ§β€)γ‚ž Instead of easily changing Yandere-chan's hair easily I think that a hair salon would be nice but I think that it would be pointless though XD that's all about it I guess ヽ(*βŒ’βˆ‡βŒ’*)οΎ‰ I think that all of my suggestions to the game are quite pointless XD and Thank you for all the hard work that you've been putting on YandereSim YandereDev so goodluck on the game β˜†*ο½₯γ‚œοΎŸο½₯*(^O^)/*ο½₯γ‚œοΎŸο½₯*β˜† *sorry for the bad english XDD*

  7. Oh it would be so cool if yandere simulator was an open-world game! I mean, we as players would feel more free β˜… but at the same time, I think it would maybe change the purpose of the game. So, to reach a consensus, you should create a small town, in which we could poison our classmates when they’re in a cafeteria, or something like that, BUT STILL focus on the school!

    REALLY cool things we could do in the town:

    β€’ Stalk senpai and our classmates
    β€’ Invase our classmates house’s and steal things
    β€’ Buy accessories and extra material

    This would make Yandere Sim β˜† the best game ever.

  8. An open world is very unnecessary for this kind of game. More environments would be great to see though but only as long as they are fully developed. The school alone has so much potential as far as different classrooms and more students and teachers. The more dense and rich you can make the school the less you’ll need to rely on other environments. Don’t spread the experience out too thin.

  9. I agree, Yandere Simulator definitely needs fishing.

    In all seriousness though, I don’t think the game needs to be open world. It just needs a few extra environments in which different scenarios would take place, like a week-long school field trip or other such thing. Something along the lines of Hitman: Blood Money’s levels, maybe. This would keep the game interesting but also at least a little bit simpler to design (not that I’ve ever actually developed a game before, just speculation).

  10. I think you should COMPROMISE;

    for example, you don’t need to make a city but you make a cinema or something (only the interior). YANDERE-CHAN could go there from room door option, or only on special occasions. for example, YANDERE-CHAN know beforehand SENPAI is going there or you’re matchmaking other student (must be planned befotehand).

    a lot of other killing method will also be possible if you make access to department store, marts, and pharmacy or hospital.

    i think you should make area which can be explore only in special cases, for example school trip or camping.

    BUT if you will make an open world game, the first thing i’ll search for is SENPAI’s house and how to break in (lol)

    wish you the best of luck!

  11. Open world could be really good depending on options you would have there. Imagine police station with a police car that you could sabotage so if you murder someone next day you would have way more time before police comes. So many possibilities.

  12. maybe have a small town but only a few places to interact with such as a store or a few of ur rivals homes but no other buildings to reduce the effort it takes.

  13. You should consider putting a small town into Yandere Simulator. For example, there could be a store where they sell cutlery, in which Yandere-chan can buy a knife to kill one of her rivals.

  14. I believe we are at an impasse. You say your goal is to make the game we want you to make, but my goal is for you to make the game YOU want to make. That’s the best part of being an indie developer, I believe. Having the freedom to show the world your vision the way you want it.

    However, since you are asking for opinions. Realistically speaking, I think going for open world is asking too much. Best case scenario, you use a lot of time and money for things that only marginally makes the game better (do we NEED a salon? Or a park? Really? Wouldn’t the idea of a regular high school girl causally strolling up and buying weapons be too immersion breaking? Wouldn’t it kill a bit of the originality and make it nothing more than your average shooter with anime school skin.) Worst case scenario, you open the door to a boatload of new bugs and dilute the game.

    Ultimately, I believe the best thing for you to do is to just focus on fleshing out the school.
    Of course having all the weapons out at the school’s gate would be ridiculous, and I know that’s a temporary thing.
    So spreading things out in believable places. Like a bow and arrow set in the archery club, a sword from the kendo club, a bat from the baseball field and so on. During class time, you’d have to dodge teachers in the hallways if you’re skipping class. With several fleshed out places, there are a variety of places certain students would hang out. Delinquents could hang out on the roof or behind the school during class time, and they’re tougher to beat than the average student. Shyer students are harder to find, preferring to spend time off by themselves – but are easy to kill.
    And I think this is only the tip of the iceberg of things you can explore just by focusing on the school. If you go open world, you run the risk of spreading things out too much. If students could be anywhere in the school, the town, or in their house, or in their friend’s house, then it turns something that can be challenging into something just plain frustrating. The way I see it, your choice is making a great medium size game, or a mediocre large game.

  15. I think compromising is the best option coz open world games will take you long time to complete unless you have a very large team. You should put a list of locations when you leave the school like in Yandere-chan’s home.

  16. I believe that you should compromise.
    If there is a town of sorts, it wouldn’t exactly help to the story/game that much, and the player could easily get lost. But to have a list of areas when you’re at Yandere-chan’s house, school, etc. it would stop the player from getting lost, and it would be easier on you and the other programmers.
    A good list of areas could include:
    -Other student’s Houses/Streets (To stalk of course! Or to kill…)
    -Mall or shop (To buy items, switch hair styles, etc.)
    -School of course!
    -Yandere’s home and basement.
    It would remove the need to make countless buildings, and it would lower the amount of possible glitches.
    Also, another good idea would to have a source of money system. Such as Info-chan could give you cash in return for the pantie shots. You could use said money to bargain students to do your bidding, or to buy items. There could also be other ways to get money, such as threatening students, or taking their money after you kill them.
    So ye that’s my ideas πŸ˜€ Thanks for reading it!
    (May add more later.)

  17. I’ve played Yandere Stimulator at a couple different levels of completion. I love the game and I can’t wait until it’s finished. I’m not sure if it should be an open ended game; however, I’ve had a few ideas. Such as a path where you follow Senpai home and maybe dig through his trash to find “treasures” for maybe bonus points or something. Maybe add some kind of currency and on this path you can buy weapons from a black market of some sorts. That way you xan buy a whip, chains, ect. to torcher your prisoner or Senpai when they’re in the basement. And maybe the house you live in as Yandere chan can be expanded. Living space that you can have the prisoners do what Yandere Chan’s wishes or harms and maybe killing them as she pleases. She could also just ask them to come over and drug them and chain them up. I’m not sure if you were ever supposed to kidnap Senpai but it is possible yet he just turns into a blue hair girl like every character does. I’m sure that will get fixed. I do believe in a twist of kidnapping Senpai and forcing him to do what ever she wants. Maybe still having 10 weeks to complete. Just an idea. This game is awesome and I can’t wait to see what the game is completed!

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  19. Can you please make a boy yandare an a girl senpai??? or a girl yandare and a girl senpai??? or a Boy Yandare And A Boy Senpai??? Please???

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