E-mail Problems and Download Problems

I’ve got to take a moment to re-iterate some points that I made in a previous blog post.

Please, ONLY e-mail me under the following circumstances:

  • You are reporting a bug.
  • You are making a business inquiry or proposition.
  • You are a talented 2D artist, 3D artist, 3D animator, or Unity3d specialist who wants to volunteer to help me develop the game.

Please, DON’T e-mail me under the following circumstances:

If you can’t get the game to run, please wait until I release another build. If you can’t download the game, please wait until I post new download links. If you can’t extract the build, that isn’t my fault, and there’s nothing I can do about it.

Simply put, downloading and playing the game will not be easy or convenient at this stage of development. If you want a smooth experience, please come back when I have an official launcher that automatically downloads updates and checks for file integrity before running the game. Until then, please don’t complain if you can’t play the debug builds (which are buggy and unpolished and don’t even qualify as a game yet, anyway).

Thanks for your cooperation.

P.S. – It’s okay to e-mail me if you would like to show me your fan art or cosplay! I enjoy seeing that sort of thing ❤

260 thoughts on “E-mail Problems and Download Problems

  1. I love this debug game so much! It’s entertaining and challenging in the right ways that allow a player to still enjoy the game with it’s challenges.
    I also love the new hair styles, I mean, Ryuko Matoi hair? Amazing~! I hope there’s going to be an easter egg for that specific fandom 🙂
    Cant wait for the new upcoming updates in the future!!!!

  2. Yandere Dev, er…Well i have downloaded your game a couple of times (I’m windows ten) and it always says the following: This app cant run on your computer Please contact manager to find a version compatible with your computer. Do you think you could help me out?

    • Try running yandere simulator in compatibility mode. To do so right click on the .exe, click on properties, go to compatibility and check “Run this program in compatibility mode for:”, click on the arrow right below it and then select Windows 8 and apply. If it still doesn’t work then try to run it for Windows Vista. If it STILL doesn’t work then go to the compatibility tab again and check “Run this program as administrator” then click apply. Hopefully it works, good luck.

  3. Dear Yandere Dev.
    I’m really enjoying the way you’re developing Yandere Simulator, and I came out with a idea, that could make the game more interesting. Althoug is already amazing.
    Instead of making the player modify a present character, why don’t you finish all the students in school and let him/her choose who they think is more atractive/interesting/pretty? After all, you’re intending to criate at least one hundred of them, aren’t you? So, the person would rate every personality and see who is the best for him/her.
    It’s just a idea, anyways. Thanks for your time!
    Oh. And keep going with the awesome work!
    Bye bye 💙

    • It may just be your computer, dear.
      Yandere Simulator works perfectly fine (With Minor Bugs-) on my windows ten laptop.
      Did you mess with anything in the downloaded folders?
      If no, it could be due to an anti-virus program on your computer.
      With some anti-virus programs, if they believe something maybe harmful to your computer, or it’s hardware. It instantly deletes it, If I may I suggest AVG Anti-Virus protector. I believe there is a free downloadable version on the internet. AVG tends not to mess with Yandere Simulator’s files. But, I am not sure to if the free version is posted by the creators of AVG. So, please do your research before downloading if you’re thinking of doing so.

      If you don’t have a anti-Virus Protector, then I’m sorry! But, I cannot help you!

    • I have windows 10 and Yandere Sim works just fine on my PC. 🙂 Maybe if you could be more specific on what your problem is, I could try to help you.

  4. dear yandere dev i have a problem i downloaded a mod and my game is crashing alot of a file im everything doing it out and when i play it agian it crashed agian of fthe file!

  5. dear yandere dev,

    I was just wondering if it would be possible in the future developments to interact with your senpai? Maybe even form a bond? Yanderes aren’t always the distant girls in the background so to speak, sometimes they’re your close friend. I think it’s also be helpful for the player themselves to actually like senpai too! Sorry if this is something you already have planned or a bothersome comment. But I hope you find this useful!

    • Didn’t you get the “DON’T LET SENPAI NOTICE YOU” concept?

      Plus, this is NOT a love game. Keep that in mind.

  6. Hi Yandere Dev, I’m looking to go into concept art (primarily doing 2D character design though I can draw anything and everything when I put my mind to it) and as much as I’m not a professional I am pretty god damn good at art and would love to help out in any way I can no matter how big or small the task is. You’re my biggest inspiration for going into gaming and my passion for this game is at almost yandere extremes, I’ll send my fanart as soon as I can to give you a taste of what I can do and if it’s good enough then I’d be more than happy to help in anyway I can. In the mean time, if you’re interested in my offer then please contact me at Jordan.h.a.gay@gmail.com

  7. Dear yanderedev. i wonder how you deal with these idiots in the comments if you even look at the page anymore, it’s cringy to look at.

  8. I would like to volunteer for charecter design I have a few ideas already and am willing to share my ideas with you please email me back with details

  9. Dear YandereDev:
    Will all the characters have voices in the final game? P.S I wish you luck on the rest of the game

  10. Dear Yandere Developer, I have to report a problem. Please don’t think it’s about my computer or anything alike, it’s just something that has been bothering to the point where I can’t sleep. First things first, my name is Eloisa. I’m a Spanish student and huge fan of your work. Also, I have OCD since I was a child. And there’s something you said that it’s killing me on the inside, dear Developer.

    Joining the Delinquents will only cause Yandere-Chan to have a lower reputation, am I right? To the point where people will run away from you, including the almighty Senpai. But, once again, didn’t you say that a rival of Yandere-chan could be the leader of the Delinquents, a girl once expelled?
    How is that Yandere can get rejected by senpai just for being a delinquent, but he himself is friends/more than that with the LEADER of the Delinquents?
    Were they friends beforehand? Was it just an idea, not confirmed?

    Please get this doubt out of my head. Your game has been absolutely perfect, like a puzzle. But this one piece just doesn’t fit to me.

    My e-mail: EDreamer98@gmail.com

    Lots of love and unconditional support:

    —Eloisa SD.

  11. Since we cannot give you suggestions for the game through email, I shall try here. Since the school has been made so much larger and is virtually identical in every interior part, a waypoint system for class rooms and club rooms would be really beneficial. Please consider, thank you.

  12. That’s kinda a pity, cause I had a slight thought about a feature where Yandere can act emotions to situations and then you can obtain it in the Drama Club, and the masks and such can be accessed in the Sewing Club.
    The emotions either increasing or lowering reputation, or have it so students could lower their suspicions about the player.

    Idk, I just thought that’ll be kinda interesting to have…

  13. Yandere Dev my computer does not support the game very well even on the lowest graphic setting I an using windows 10 can you maybe make a lower graphics setting or something because I know some people\\ really want to test your debug build but have so much lag to the computer and I know you said no suggestions but only being able to join one club only allows one ability maybe since this is a stealth game you should make it a possibility to STEAL things from clubs you are not a part of but don’t make it easy make it difficult to get into a club when no one is present and maybe have to steal a key it would be very awesome but not too easy of a add on just an ideal

  14. Hey I don’t mean to be rude but the rep. System is to easy Becuse their are very easy tactics such as the way you gain reputation because if you complement all the students and give them food you will already have very good rep. So please make the game harder by lowering the amount of rep you get or increasing the amount of rep needed to get really good rep.

  15. Hi Yandere Dev! I really love your game, and i had a question. I didn’t wanna ask in an e-mail (cause it says not to send an e-mail if we have questions about the game) and I know you’re really busy, so it’s okay if you don’t find my question. I know you released a mini story on your YouTube channel a long time ago about how Yandere met Senpai. Are we ever going to get an official story of why she likes Senpai or how she met Info-chan, or are those videos the complete and official story? Thanks!

  16. Yandere Dev! You can make a boy-student, who will be crushed on Yandere-chan. He will stalk her and killing people will be more difficult! I think Yandere-chan can also use this guy.:)
    P.S. Sorry if comment was stupid, I know that you hate stupid people.

  17. you can make in the game that there is someone who likes yandere and he is yandere too and he kills everyone for yandere , he want to kill senpai but she want to stop him

  18. Im a artist in 3D and 2D! am also a programer…
    I would like to help in any possible way! i wonder what 3D format u using.
    I know an extremely good voice actor and i could ask him to do something for you…

    you can contact me by “simon.jonasson.sj@gmail.com”

  19. I’m not one of those famous anime voice actors like Chris R. Sabat(Vegeta) or Laura Bailey(Chun-Li), but I would like to volunteer as a voice actress for any female students or important main rivals in Yandere Sim. If needed, contact me at christine011908@gmail.com

  20. I have some fan art for you but i cant find your email yandere dev. So can you please tell me it so i can send it to you or give me another solution

  21. Dear Yandere Dev,
    I don’t know if this is just my computer or the game. When ever I try to go on Yandere Simulator it says “Game has crashed” (I have a windows 7). It also says to send the file to you. I don’t know what it means and what to do… I’m truly sorry if this is a dumb question.

  22. Hello, yandere Dev , I saw your video about people bugging you and I’m not one of them. No no no. But i want to ask you if I can help you with ideas. Im an artist and i can show you my drawing I made for you for ideas. Im very sorry for bugging you. Really I am. So have a nice and see me on YouTube. Okey.

    • I am sorry for bothering you but I would like to volunteer as a voice actor I would recommend senpai’s sister seeing as she would be the best for me to do since I have a light voice but I have ideas and made some character that may be good for the game please take it into concideration my email is cuteNfluffyanimals@hotmail.com thank you and sorry I I’m wasting your time.

  23. H-hello Yandere Dev,ive run into a glitch/bug a couple of times while loading the game,alot of things will be black and i wouldnt be able to see the people,floor correctly it would only be normal if i got up close to what is glitching

  24. Hello, I would just ask if reporting an rip-off game, that can devastate Lovesick reputation, and steals content from the actual game, is an actual email. I’m just double checking before I email him, because I don’t want him to ignore this important notice and piss him off.

  25. hi, I would love to volunteer for the game. I’m not asking for anything special, I just have alot of time on my hands then I know what to do with. I can send you some samples of my art work. also just saying, very little of the art work is a base so I can get the idea of a character down before I lose it for good. I am 2d drawer and I would also love to help design characters if needed. thank you for your time

  26. can you add a mod for her to be able to shrink people and play with them naughty things:) .. like shrinking boys and put them in her boobs , bra ,panties crush them .. or play as a boy and the girl you love put a shrinking spell and you wonder at the school seeking help from girls

  27. Yandere Dev, I’ve looked everywhere for your email and i can’t find it. I’m an aspiring voice actor and i would love it if you would at least listen to my demo reel but i cant send it to you without your email. Sorry for the bother

  28. Oh… Ok. Sorry. I just wanted to suggest a School Newspaper that would give you a Recap on events that happened in school to show how much the school would know, good or bad. I just had ideas for these titles for the school newspaper.
    ‘Yandere the #1 Chef! – Yandere-chan made some tasty snacks and gave them away to everyone to enjoy.’
    ‘Kokona Expelled from School! – Kokona Haruka was expelled Last week Friday afternoon when caught cheating on Friday’s Test!’
    ‘Missing! Saki Miyu! If anyone knows anything about the location of Saki Miyu, please contact the School Staff or Police!’
    ‘In Memory of Koharu Hinata. Monday Morning, Koharu was found stabbed on the school rooftop.’
    ‘Yandere accused taking panty shots! Mei Mio said to have seen Yandere-chan taking pictures of a girls panty in the school. Its unknown if its true or not as she isn’t expelled.
    ‘Warning! Murderer on the lurk! The mysterious murderer who killed Koharu Hinata hasn’t been found yet! Be careful when walking around the school and stay near your friends!’

    These School Newspaper could do two things to the game play. First, it can let you know how much the school knows about the actions you’ve done recently to the school. For example, when you kidnap a girl, the newspaper will make mention of it and state that the girl is missing! This will bring awareness to the students and lower the atmosphere, while others would notify anything related to the missing student!
    Another example would be that the newspaper could alter your reputation. Doing good things and being praised for it will help increase your reputation. While doing bad things would be caught on the paper it would decease your reputation. Even if the facts are true or not, everyone always believes whats in the newspaper.

    But those are just my thoughts.
    Looking forward to the full version.

  29. Hello, my English is not good, I’m talking about the Google Translator!
    I have an idea for Yandere Simulator! In the future, you can implement a role to play. “Multiplayer”. Where had the time to randomize a player to be Ayano, the rest of the room to be students, and without being able to use cheats, get seven in the morning until 6 pm surviving without knowing who the Yandere. Having chat would also be good for communication with the players. It also would have time to change the character! It would be an awesome idea! But of course, do it in the game FINAL if you want! I, and many people agreed that this would be an amazing idea! And attract MANY people! And the function of Yandere was to kill all the people, and someone would take the responsibility of Senpai, and could make the goal of the girls who have in the room is win it! For Senpai not know who Yandere. Think this idea. Having children in multipayer is an indispensable idea because Senpai needs friends, and make the game more fun, because some kids could say who Yandere as would suspect a ‘girl’ talk to Senpai who Yandere. Of course, normal girls would need access to weapons, to defend! That would ruin your reputation, it would be suspect someone walking around with a gun!
    And it could also have a place where you choose what your character will be, eg weak, evil, kind, unable to defend etc …
    I hope you liked the idea, and I hope that LOT put in the game as soon as possible.

  30. I don’t want to waste your time Yandere Dev, and I don’t want to email you because your probably working on the game right now but, I have been watching an anime called “Tokyo Ghoul”, and it was thinking that you could put a Ghoul option for the Debug Menu, I really love Tokyo Ghoul, and I think that it would “blend” into the game pretty well. -BlueShadowWolf (A Yandere Simulator lover)

  31. I don’t want to waist youre time so I just write it here.
    It would be nice if you would make fater & thinner people in Yandere Simulator. Because in a normal school no one weight same as the others. And it just would be realistic.

  32. It would be pretty cool to have some sort of distraction from the nurse when you grab the kidnapping supplies, like the ability to fake an injury and when she turns her back to get medicine or something you can steal the items. It would defintely be a unique way to divert her attention. Maybe if Ayano is done with a murder and has blood on her or something to make it look like she was hurt, and while the nurse goes to a shelf or something you can steal the items and get away. I’m like 99% sure Yandere Dev will never see this comment, just wanted to share this idea so that anyone here that sees this comment who might be able to contact him may be able to come up with ideas such as these, because I would really like a unique way to distract the nurse and it seems pretty do-able.

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