E-mail Problems and Download Problems

I’ve got to take a moment to re-iterate some points that I made in a previous blog post.

Please, ONLY e-mail me under the following circumstances:

  • You are reporting a bug.
  • You are making a business inquiry or proposition.
  • You are a talented 2D artist, 3D artist, 3D animator, or Unity3d specialist who wants to volunteer to help me develop the game.

Please, DON’T e-mail me under the following circumstances:

If you can’t get the game to run, please wait until I release another build. If you can’t download the game, please wait until I post new download links. If you can’t extract the build, that isn’t my fault, and there’s nothing I can do about it.

Simply put, downloading and playing the game will not be easy or convenient at this stage of development. If you want a smooth experience, please come back when I have an official launcher that automatically downloads updates and checks for file integrity before running the game. Until then, please don’t complain if you can’t play the debug builds (which are buggy and unpolished and don’t even qualify as a game yet, anyway).

Thanks for your cooperation.

P.S. – It’s okay to e-mail me if you would like to show me your fan art or cosplay! I enjoy seeing that sort of thing ❤

260 thoughts on “E-mail Problems and Download Problems

  1. I have a suggestion

    I got an idea of leting other girls who have a crush on senpie try and kill others who have crush on him so that SOME of the girls who have crush on senpie be yanderes too or it would be easy to win even if it was 10 weeks

  2. Yandere dev – se- se-se SENPAI! I know, i know… I can’t ask for any reply about put this and that…
    I know… Nothing more. Nothing less. But I want to ask if you COULD put… A char that who is tense to WELL eat like MONKEY D. LUFFY. And I know… AND I know… Your give doge face while reading this stupid comment.YEAH whatever here it goes, a char who care about food. Nothing more, nothing less. He enjoys going to the cooking club.watching anime, and WELL watches hentai screctly but only info- chan and yandere -chan knows. If she’s doing her reviewing her stalking homework… An female char in yandere simulator well grows fown of him, and like to go tough on him in the cooking program. So he notices her. Those two end up like Eacher. Yeah yeah, whatever… Two like walk to togher last end school time. Which is easier to kill last, PLEASE DON’T READ THIS YANDERE – DEV. Oh and add a charter who acts like yusake form yu yu hakusho.

  3. about the new update gave me an idea that you may like to implement but as you like make every heroic student try resisting you when you try to kill him it’d be awsome

  4. Oh Yandere Dev! Pls read this? This isent a question or an suggestion i just wanted to tell you something you probably had heard before, i just wanted to tell that if you ever fell depressed over all the comment, emails ot even if you think your development of the game is glitchy, slow, bad graphic and other things. But i will just let you know we will always love you the way you are or the way your making games, the way you are is amazing! Dont every think your bad at things. Your da best game development guy i know! I just wanted to tell you that i wanted it to come out with it… Bye Senpai!

  5. I’M REALLY SORRY AND I KNOW YOU DON’T WANT SUGGESTIONS BUT- I thought it would be really cool and interesting to have random weather changes in the game. For example on a random day at a random time it could rain and affect the behavior of the npcs. Such as certain people staying indoors more, making it harder for npcs to notice Yandere chan like school atmosphere -you can’t see people coming behind you with an umbrella over your head and the rain could muffle screams. The rain could also clear blood left outside but the students would also be less likely to go outside dependent on their interests. Yandere chan could check the weather for the next day on the internet at night but it could only have a 50% chance of being correct. Please don’t prioritise something like this but i thought it could make the game more interesting. Thanks if you read all of this. ^.^)/ .<

      • I want to add a suggestion, and I hope he reads this too. I wanted to suggest instead of playing as just a girl Yandere, you could have an easter egg that changes the whole game (stops when you exit the game, starts up from the menu) into genderbent characters. Just an idea! I hope Senpai notices this post 😀

  6. I know you did not want suggestions but I have an idea for the storyline
    Mabey you can add this when you have developed a winning screen
    Im saying “You” as in “Yandere-chan”
    Basically it goes ike this
    You talk to Oka to join the occult club after school
    You get to see a potion book Oka gave to you
    You find a love spell and you need the blood of a succubus and vampire
    Oka in the oculut club announces that she found out the Baku sisters are actually supernatural from stalking them
    You have to bring them to the oculut club and kill them in the cirle wearing a uniform frm the oculut club (a black robe with hood)
    You make the potion and put it in the food of your senpai
    On friday, you stalk your rival confess to Senpai in which he confesses he loves someone else

  7. Well, i have some sugestions, hope you read it and like it :3 I KNOW, you DON’T wanna sugestions, but some fans ( not me :c ) have some REALLY cool ideas, and you should just LISTEN to them. You don’t need to use it. Just listen it. Or create some e-mail to people who wants to send you a hint, i don’t know.
    -> Maybe the students can get scared when Oka-chan gets close of them. Or get scared when get close to the Ocult Club. People would be really scared of the place. Then you can tell to someone a rumor ’bout Oka-chan, that she can see ghosts.
    -> You can add some new boys to the game, to make the new girls fall in love with them.
    -> You could make a MultiPlayer mode, who everyone is Yandere and in the same time the victims. The objective is to kill everyone online and be the winner. The winner will confess your love to Senpai.
    -> You should add a Physical Education teacher. He would stay on the gym.
    -> It would be really nice if, after 2 deaths, the school contracts some security guards.
    -> You could go, at night, to Sisuta ( i think that is the name ) Town, to catch Kokona in the compensated dating, take some pictures and show them to some guys. The photos could make Kokoha’s suicide faster.
    -> You could do the Miyu’s task, then do another student’s task, then ask this another student to gossip with other students that Miyu lost her… bra.

    Well, please create a e-mail to send some sugestions, because here is hard. And sorry, i’m brazilian, then my english is not 100% perfect.

    • son muy buenas tus sugerencias quisiera añadir:

      – Los estudiantes reaccionarían al ver a yandere desnuda al igual que los profesores, y esto tendría consecuencia

      -Sí yandere viera a Oka-chan y le tomara fotos esto se le enviaria a ingo-chan y así bajara la reputacion de oka-chan.

      -Al tomar la foto del fantasma del piso 3, se podría enviar a info-chan y tener repuesta

      – Yandere puede inscribirse en algún club, y este tendrá una ponderación para matar a sus rivales

    • I support most of your ideas, but the multiplayer system seems a bit stupid . I think that would give a lot of work to YanDev and eventually increase the budget . I think it will add a physical education teacher soon.

  8. I know you may not read this, but it would be really cool if you could actually control a student while she’s being a mind slave.

    • Ooh, you know what would be cool about that idea.. if you don’t just control the mind slave, but once you hand the mind slave the weapon, the perspective of the game could go to the mind slave, and you’d control them like how you’d control Yandere-Chan. It’d be like a little mini-game! And then the mind-slave doesn’t have to just kill the current rival, they can kill anyone you want them to. Of course, I can understand that would take a lot of new animation process, and would be hard to implement.

  9. Yandere Dev, I have a problem about the girls, they have a black line when walking and it is connected to their hair, is it a bug? or maybe my computer? I dont well. Can I suggest to have some pourse and bags? when yandere goes home, she can put her weapons to her pousre (not the katana will fit there) so she can freely escape the police investigation. And if you mind to have a chat of yandere chan and the police? That would be nice. I know you wont read this but please i really love the game so far so good..

  10. I understand partially why he’s mad, you guys arent listening. Posting a comment on this blog gets sent as an email to him, the more suggestions you post, the more emails he gets, the more time he will NOT be working on the game. I only wish to have Yandere Dev email because i wish to send him fanart.

  11. I have a quick suggestion. Some rose bushes in front of the school would look lovely! Possible some birch-tree or some thin trees around the pathway to school. A garden would be wonderful – you could bury your victims. Let’s say that there is a new gardening club and they are currently working on a huge project, and there just happens to be a huge hole that could possibly fit a human.. Also, you’ve mentioned this before but what would be also cool when the police are questioning you – you could possibly make a animation where Yandere-Chan is sitting down, the camera is in her point of view and the police officer is talking to you, and you can choose some interactions, and if you choose a series that are correct or convincing, you wouldn’t get caught. There should also be a janitor closet – and that’s where all the mops and such are. And the changing room could possibly be the downstairs in the gym – and maybe there can be a boys changing room too!

    • I think YandereDev mentioned that he didn’t want people to report bugs about Easter Eggs. (Also, he doesn’t read blog comments for bugs; only e-mails). It happens to me too. I think it’s because it’s not an intentional feature for the game so it’s all like “wtf is happening”

  12. That’s a little sad, but we can respect that (I hope the most people can do this). But maybe you can get some reference from animes or video games like Assassins Creed. You get your free time to watch animes and play video games (or watch let’s plays), and take a few ideas from those for yandere sim: hiding/ staying anonymus, new killing methods and weapons and designs. It’s just a suggestion, if you’re not interested, I can respect that. Also:

    Take your time.
    Seriously, your gonna break down if you keep pushing yourself.
    If you think that you should publish something from yandere sim, a new build or a special, then do it just when you want.
    Don’t listen to stupid Midori-chan.

    And maybe, maybe; you can get your idea to one of those stupid gaming companys, who can help you with your idea, because yandere sim is the best idea ever. (And I mean, if goat simulator can get this far, yandere sim will win the first prize). Your game will be released faster, you don’t have to work that hard and you don’t have to be bothered. Also, you get to earn more than the company will get from selling the game. I don’t know, how you’re going to sell this game later, but otherwise, it will get some companys attention; they’ll get interested in the game and want something of that cake. So they’re gonna set up a contract with you, produce the game, maybe fix it or add new ideas with your consent, and in the end, it will end in the same result.

    It’s just a idea, maybe will not be this way, I can’t judge over this. You can just do this on your own, which is already amazing, because you’ve got a lot to do and just… Keep on like this!

    (Sorry if my english is not that good and I’m just annoying. Gomen’nasai!)

  13. Adding a small town would be quite a hassle, but seeing all the fame and gamers flowing from all around the world Yandere Simulator gains is something I would be proud of; seeing that the game isn’t even finished yet! The game being open-world is a great idea if you stick to the purpose of it and if it will help a yandere in any way. Some great ideas that you could add are class trips; such as hiking, a resort maybe, etc. You could also add a nice ‘ol park. Some places that you may add that sticks to the plan and may attract the gamer are:
    1) Class trips (already stated)
    – Hiking
    You can do anything in the woods, as long as no one sees it..
    – Resorts
    Taking pictures of Senpai while swimming and having fun, drown, and for the user’s fun.
    – Town
    a) Houses of some students that are left open or have a key*
    You could add any feature here that can benefit you or whatever purpose there is, such as getting some schoolgirls panties, learning more information, etc. You could also have a key if they trust you a lot, or if they drop it or you could pay Info-chan to give you a duplicate.
    b) Mall I guess?
    You can sabotage a girl’s plan to take Senpai out or buy accessories for Yandere-chan that can add to her “charm”. Charm can be used to add up your reputation.

    – You can add a feature where you could follow students and see what they’re up to, and take pictures of anything supposedly wrong and show it to students or maybe teachers and get her expelled.
    – In class trips and Yan-chan goes to a place she isn’t supposed to go yet, instead of placing invisible walls, make her say something like “I can’t go yet..”

  14. I think that in the final game you should have to steal keys from a janitor to get into the custodian room and use the mop as well as the bucket.

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  16. I would love that yandere simulator could jump from the roof pulled out walking or running outside of school with my peers when I wish it were not the pink stuff for bolber home when they want bolber hiziera home and outside the school to ask the favors people who follow me and everything to chase people to kill her outside the school when they go to the police

  17. I suggest releasing the game on steam early access. instead of the kickstarter. I would definitely purchase this game for 5-20$ in it’s current state.

  18. I wanted to add a question to the FAQ:
    I didn’t see this question:
    Will there be Japanese voice actors, or only English?
    Would be nice to know, the game sounds amazing, and as >Niclan says I would also pay for early access on this. From the last video about clubs and final product details, I would definitely pay $20, or even a little more like 30,35. Looking forward to seeing how this turns out, good luck!

  19. So, YanDev…

    I love the development so far, but.

    I saw in one part in your video, that Osana/Tsundere-Chan was, active…?
    Does that mean we can actually KILL Osana?

    I have an amazing way to win the game though.

    Osana is shown to ‘Talk’ to Yan-Chan’s senpai, that means Osana is perhaps going to be very close to Taro/Senpai. You have to be close friends with Osana to actually make her follow you, as she predicts that you might steal Senpai away from her.

    She can be kidnapped OR Killed, but once Senpai sees Osana’s body. The average time for the Police will be shortened, meaning that the clean-up has to be fast and you MUST frame someone for the death of her, and elluminate all girls/boys(if you plan to make boys gay for Taro)

    Once the whole school is empty, and it’s just you and Senpai, there will be a cutscene once school has ended on Friday, showing Yandere-chan and Senpai talking, Senpai will nod his head, and Yandere-chan will happily hug Senpai. There will will be the credits and a “You win!” with the pink heart screen showing Yandere-chan and Taro staring at each other with a smile , their noses touching.


    This will have the opposite reaction if your killing spree is messy or if your sanity/reputation is awfully low or you have any of the tools that would make Senpai ‘Notice you’ then there will be a “You Lose! Want to try again?” Screen with red hearts and Yandere-chan alone in her sulking position.

    Just an idea!

  20. I’m sorry;
    I just would like to have an ending where you can kill the love of senpai after the game and him too, my only wish if you could make it possible 😦

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  22. I have a theory. Sorry if you think this is a stupid email. The basement tapes are Yandere’s parents. So the Mystery tapes should be that girl from the student council rooms dad? Am I correct?

  23. My suggestion may or may not be read by Yandere Dev but still here goes nothing-
    Yandere Dev should manage 2 email accounts! Now hold on, before you flag it as spam I would like to tell you that the 2nd account is for the volunteers only or the people which Yandere Dev has placed trust in to complete the assets of the game without revealing it to the general public. This way Yandere Simulator or Lovestruck can easily approach completion without the developer having headaches over which email to reply and which to not reply.
    The general public like us will, well keep sending emails over the email account which Yandere Dev has told to send emails on over works of cosplay or maybe fan art and maybe sometimes stupid questions. That way, Yandere Dev during his breaks can actually sift through this account to separate fan arts and cosplay photos and stupid Midori Gurin questions without having to worry about any email correspondence with his volunteers

  24. I KNOW you don’t want any suggestions but if you could read this i have a suggestion;
    Maybe you could add a script that respond to real time weather. I mean. if there is one.
    Thank you for reading this ^-^

  25. I’m gonna make a yandere-chan plush coming soon! if it’s done you can check my youtube channel it’s called Beau Nelis it will be done soon!

  26. Suggestion:
    Weather, and Nature-Catastrophes
    Yes, i know it is very hard, but if you WANT TO, you CAN add it to the game. 🙂

  27. Yandere dev I have a suggestion, Can you change yandere-chan’s long hair style like Midori Gurin’s hair style and Mai Waifu’s?

  28. I’m sorry I NEED to brake a rule! Will you PLZ add a character in a wheelchair PLZ it will mean a lot THANKS. Btw I have been in a wheelchair for 13 years that’s my whole life and I don’t know if it’s going to be 100 more years for me to walk again, THANK!! Love your creativity… (:

  29. You know… I undestand we should not send a suggestion.
    But I think that Yandere Sim is not in Twitch because there are nude titans and a nude mod.
    I suggest that when girls are taking a bath they should have a bikini
    And that titans should have the uniform and should not be naked

  30. Hey doesn’t he just make an idea page and if he is out of inspiration he looks at it then. Of would sage him anoying massages and help him only when he nee de it or feels linke it. Could benefit both fans and the programer.

  31. Hi, I’m not sure if there is a place to leave suggestions, because this one is not too unreasonable. Would there ever be a way to remove the time limit? I know there are a lot of others like me that get anxious under time limits and don’t like working under them. I really want to play the game, but I am just watching Youtube videos because I can’t do well under time constraints. If there was two different modes where the player can choose to use time limits or not, I think that would be nice for some people who aren’t as good at games as everyone else.

    • It’s on the faq Page, bê sure tô read that one too. But remember tô only email him if the bug isnt on the know-bug list. Suggestions or questions end up disturbing his work, since it makes harder for him tô find the important emails, like bug reports and volunteer’s emails. Fanart and cosplay are ok, because he likes those, keeps him motivated.

  32. I think that’s it’s going to be very hard to kill Oka. She’s just so darn cute! Also, she deserves the best guy possible, they deserve a happily ever after! I know this may be weird, but I want to turn Oka into a kitten and cuddle her all day long. That would be cool… But it’s completely insane. Anyways, I love your work, Yandere Dev, it’s absolutely amazing! Keep it up, and good luck finishing the game!

  33. Well there is some suggestions

    If you kill senpai, (somehow) yandere commits suicide like a mindslave

    f a mindslave kills someone with the ritual knife, she will go to the demon dimention.

    Silly things
    An easter egg with the meme “The pizza is agresive”

    New characters
    Police guys, so then they arrive to school

    Some backstory
    The demons are my favorite part, so may i suggest them a backstory

    Some dialoges
    Maybe the gurinu hair student may ask you some silly questions in the game, like “Yandere-chan, yandere-chan, do you love senpai”?

    New classes things
    Test and things that make you have stress or be angry, that makes you lose reputation.

    Well thats all i have.
    I hope you like it 😉

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