Drowning, Bathrooms, and Easter Eggs

(Last updated June 16th at 6:35 PM)

If you want to download the most recent build, click here.

Sorry for the delay! Here’s a video about the latest additions to the game:

Here’s what’s new in the latest debug build:

  • Added a fountain to the school.
  • Added bathrooms to the school.
  • Added the ability to drown a girl in a toilet.
  • Added the ability to drown a girl in a fountain.
  • Added the ability to hide corpses in bathroom stalls.
  • Changed the school chime sound effect to be less grating on the ears.
  • The school now has swinging doors in addition to sliding doors.
  • Added new panty models to the “Change Panties” menu.
  • Added a “Challenges” list to the Calendar screen.
  • Added a menu for activating easter eggs.
  • Changed the layout of the school.
  • Added a new easter egg.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed bug that would cause the camera to behave strangely if Yandere-chan was expelled by a teacher while crawling when the “Hateful” easter egg was active.
  • Fixed bug that would allow players to talk to the purple-haired girl in the middle of her rooftop lunchtime event.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the camera to behave strangely when Yandere-chan was crawling.
  • Fixed bug that would allow the player to…kill Senpai!

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109 thoughts on “Drowning, Bathrooms, and Easter Eggs

  1. not sure if this idea will make it in this game but i’ll give a suggestion 😀

    a friend and I were talking and we thought of the idea of Yandere-Chan disguising herself as a guy to go in the men’s restroom (since it’s not right for a female to roam freely in a men’s room xD). Sorry if that’s a terrible suggestion Dev-senpai. i just wanted to try to pitch an idea xD.

    btw, my friends and I love this game <3. we can't wait for more xD

  2. I don’t know if you’ve thought of this (you probably have since you’ve mentioned you’re going to add clubs :p) but a pool would also be a good spot to not only to drown someone but also have them commit suicide~

    Same with the chain link fence on the rooftop, if a corpse is found there the pool would be closed to students. Unless~ Yandere-chan was part of the swim team~?

  3. Similar to how you can have bloody clothes after murdering someone with a weapon, will your clothes become wet after drowning somebody? Maybe you’ll leave puddles of water instead of blood in your wake. So you’ll still have to get clean/dry clothes and a mop to clean up after drowning someone. Looking forward to seeing more!

  4. Hello! I think I have a few good ideas for Yandere Simulator!
    – Yandere-chan should have a desk and a computer downstairs and be able to harass another poor student (She would be able to do this with the school computers also)
    – She should be able to crawl through vents and stalk Senpai and other students to obtain information about their hobbies,interests, personal life, love life, etc. (or just to stalk her beautiful senpai)
    -The mop and bucket should be placed in the Janitor’s closet (Maybe you could look girls in there too…) and the extra clothes should be placed in the gym locker room maybe?
    -You could also add another class, drama, to be good at acting and frame someone
    – I think Yandere-chan should be able to wash her bloody mop in the fountain and sinks too (Maybe also the pool if you add it, I heard some people would like it)
    -If a student catches Yandere-chan murdering a student, and the player does not want to kill that student, she can blackmail them into not telling
    -If the player managed to get a decent reputation, Yandere-chan can ask for a favor that will depend on the student, such as you can ask a student that likes computers to fix Yandere-chan’s and electrocute them while they’re fixing it.
    – The students should have a best friend, and if they disappear (Yandere-chan murdering him/her) they will be jumpy and more alert
    Thank you for spending your time reading some of my desires for Yandere Simulator

  5. You should be able to poison a teacher using an apple. Also, why not add the option to kill a girl, fake suicide and pretend to be the girl you killed?

  6. i have an idea for the game. How about one time per week you have a test, if you finish the test you´ll get more biology points and new ways to kill a girl/boy. If you fail the test you´ll have less biology points and less ways to kill a girl/boy.

  7. I think a pool would be a great idea! Also you should make it so when purple haired girl and blue haired girl are talking you should be able to walk up to them and say you heard everything and then they beg you not to say anything,you could eigher kill them,lower their reputition or do the normal one and put a letter in the locker

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