Drowning, Bathrooms, and Easter Eggs

(Last updated June 16th at 6:35 PM)

If you want to download the most recent build, click here.

Sorry for the delay! Here’s a video about the latest additions to the game:

Here’s what’s new in the latest debug build:

  • Added a fountain to the school.
  • Added bathrooms to the school.
  • Added the ability to drown a girl in a toilet.
  • Added the ability to drown a girl in a fountain.
  • Added the ability to hide corpses in bathroom stalls.
  • Changed the school chime sound effect to be less grating on the ears.
  • The school now has swinging doors in addition to sliding doors.
  • Added new panty models to the “Change Panties” menu.
  • Added a “Challenges” list to the Calendar screen.
  • Added a menu for activating easter eggs.
  • Changed the layout of the school.
  • Added a new easter egg.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed bug that would cause the camera to behave strangely if Yandere-chan was expelled by a teacher while crawling when the “Hateful” easter egg was active.
  • Fixed bug that would allow players to talk to the purple-haired girl in the middle of her rooftop lunchtime event.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the camera to behave strangely when Yandere-chan was crawling.
  • Fixed bug that would allow the player to…kill Senpai!

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109 thoughts on “Drowning, Bathrooms, and Easter Eggs

  1. Firstcomment haha! XD this new build is so cool. Im playing it now. I love the new school building design 🙂 keep up the goodwork

  2. Downloading now. The school is starting to look really good from that video. Can’t wait to check it out myself.

  3. If you’re willing to put Guren no Yumiya into the game you should look up the You Are My Senpai song and incorporate that into the game if you haven’t already 😀 good job so far ^o^

  4. Fountains? Fountains that aren’t, y’know, drinking fountains are… a thing in schools? o.O

    There’s one thing I don’t get. Why can’t you drown people in swimming pools? I’d assume swimming pools are more common than fountains in schools, with all the swim teams and such… if you even have clubs in this game. Clubs should really be a thing, too…

    • Some of the more prestigious schools have fountains in them. Also, Yanderedev stated that clubs will be incorporated into the game in the future. I’m not sure if he’s mentioned anything about adding swimming pools, but I assume that one will be added int he future as they seem to be quite a common theme in animes that take place in a school environment.

  5. It would be really interesting if the victims could fight back more and then it became a game of subduing them while making sure nobody notices too much and reports you (and makes you lose).

    • I second this, especially with the new drowning mechanism! While it makes sense to easily be able to kill students when you have a weapon and they don’t, I think it should be harder (or impossible) to drown students until you have a good enough Phys Ed stat (considering you have to physically keep their head under water for an extended time)

  6. The part where the girl entered the bathroom stall and just stared at the toilet until Yandere-chan choked her was hilarious. I realize it would be inappropriate to make her actually relieve herself, but you could at least have her sit down so it looks like she’s there for something other than to just be killed, and then have some interaction dialogue with Yandere-chan like the one you get if you let Senpai see you before she kills the girl.

    • I easily found your facebook with your name and info. You better be more careful before saying shitty things like that on the internet before someone accidentally tips your parents off about their sons disgusting rape fetish! :~))

      • Whilst I agree rape would not be appropriate in this game, I think accusing someone of having a ‘rape fetish’ for suggesting it is way out of line. There are many aspects to this game that are unacceptable to carry out in real life – murder, kidnapping, bullying someone to the point of suicide – yet that doesn’t mean we have fetishes for these things. You’re just as bad as the people who say only fucked up people would play this game, in fact I’d say you were worse than them with your comment about how you found their Facebook and could contact their parents. That’s not just criticism of their ideas or a vague insult, that’s directly at them, personal and on a level that starts to look like a threat to me. That’s not on.

      • Yeah, personal attacks are out of line. But more importantly: I’d hate to burst your bubble, but “finding his Facebook with his name and info” isn’t much of a feat what you consider that he literally linked it himself right on his name. (No, seriously. Just click his username.)

    • Not okay.

      To other people reading this who want to support this game, do not make comments like this. Some people are already worried that this game is too violent / that people who would play this are fucked up; please do not make this a true statement. It gives us, YandereDev, and Yandere Simulator a very bad image.

    • That would be pushing it, but… the idea is great
      Just think of the possibilities of seducing immature schoolboys to gather info and do your bidding

      • “Seducing” should be fine as a flirting-type command, and it’s already planned as an implement – but overtly sexual gameplay (and god forbid, rape) is a terrible idea. It will alienate a good portion of would-be players and bump this up to an R-rated game. And seriously, would *you* want to associate with anyone who plays a game so they can go around virtually raping people?

      • First of all, how the hell do I respod to Six’s comment directly
        And to answer his question… yeah. People are free to believe in whatever kinky stuff they wanna, as long as it brings no harm to others. Same goes to sexual preferences, ideals and minor actions.
        My point is: I would still respect the person, even if I knew they have some different ideas of how some things are or which things they consider normal. Again, as long as it does no harm.
        That is what I actually value in people the most: the ability to open themselves to others, indicating not only their trust towards them, but also them being able to express and believe in what others think is not normal. I blieve you should value not people’s words, but actions. And if that person does not harm anybody with his words and does nothing to physically do so, he’s a good man in my book.
        And I actually believe this game should be R-rated for a reason, but that’s totally not for me to decide.

  7. When do the fountain and bathroom events occur? I cant seem to find the time the purple hair girl does either events

    • Also the school looks better, but had to adjust to the new changes, I hope you add more students soon as the school now looks even more empty.

    • The purple girl stands in front of the fountain when everyone is coming to school in the morning
      I’m trying to find out when she goes to the bathroom though…

  8. Hm, I may have found a few bugs. One of them is when you push the girl off the roof. She is now moved to the back end but when I push her Yandere-chan goes a bit through the railing and when she places her shoes down they appear a few feet behind her and facing the opposite direction.

    Another one I’m not sure of, sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn’t. Sometime when a student calls a Teacher, the Teacher never shows up, I’m not sure if they get stuff or what. There is one instance of her getting stuck for me. When you poison the girl and a student runs to get a Teacher. When they arrive the Teacher gets stuck in the doorway. Just did it twice and the same exact thing happened.

  9. Bug report:

    Pathfinding of some NPCs broke.
    The doors of class 3-2 look weird from the inside.
    The purple girl can read the note while standing at the fountain. (WTF?)

    Press ? for the easter egg menu.

  10. Goddammit Dev-sempai This is unexpected! I thought you’re going to release it on 20~
    OwO)b I’m so going to kill that freaking yellow haired standing ovation girl beside the cherry blossom.

  11. yandere dev, i think you should make the people vote about how the gameplay of the game will be. As i see the game could progres in diferents ways about how yandere kill people:

    1) Yandere killing people like hitman or assesin creed.
    2) Yandere makeing missions like gta.
    3) Yandere controling the students almost all the time in the game and eventually killng and
    4) Yandere pretending to be normal almost everytime and killing eventually.

    Now as the game progress the fun of killing like it was CoD is no longer aviable and im really happy about it but i think we all come here to have this feeling like we are a depredador in school that looks like a sheep. As you say “this is a horror game and yandere chan is the monster” i think it with just fit perfects some mecanics to like, kill in the perfect moment in the perfect place, like a asassin or stalking the victim until is alone. (that will be Nº1)

    I say you this because everytime i make a serius killing and i really care about the body i just make the student come to the incinerator so i dont have to drag the body all over the school and clean all the blood and i want the game to make me kill just when i CAN not when i just want to.

    • These are all terrible ideas, Yandere-Dev has his OWN ideas for this game which makes it so fun and unique. What you described isn’t original to the Dev. Do not try to force other games into this one because you like them. LEY YANDERE-DEV SENPAI HAVE A MIND OF HIS OWN. SENPAI MUST BE FREE! GIVE SENPAI A SOCK

      • i dont even play hitman or asessin creed, so “because you like them”. And he already make a votation about what we like to see in the game, i dont know why is so “terrible” to ask for another about mecanics

    • He’s said before that this game is like Hitman. Multiple ways to kill someone. Being surrounded by npcs and find a specific target. Kill. But he has his own ideas for this game, so…

      • Japanese is an actual language and if you take a vocab from another language you should pronounce it the right way and I dont get why english people are always that nitpicking about others pronouncing their words and then feel entitled to see their own pronounciation equal to the actual way and tell others to “get over themselves”

    • He pronounces it correctly when he’s using the word outside of Yandere-chan’s name (i.e. when he says “How to be a successful yandere girl!” in the “Don’t Let Senpai Notice You!” video). I think it’s just Yandere-chan whose name is pronounced like that.

      Either way, it’s not like his voice-acting will be in the actual game – hell, I don’t think anyone ever calls Yandere-chan by name in the game. I personally don’t have an issue with it; I find that the way he pronounces Yandere-chan is easier to say in the typical English accent, since I can’t really execute that rolling “r” in “dere” that well.

      • You roll it like an L. If you look back at other anime like Hellsing sometime Alucard is spelled Arucard for the voice actors in the Japanese Dub to say his name correctly since it’s not a Japanese name. And even Kirara in InuYasha is changed to Kilala in the English dub to make it close to possible.

  12. Can you fix the ai for the new school? It breaks because of the remodel and the models don’t event take the shortest path. I.e. The purple haired girl walking outside then through the side entrance to go to the bathroom when its like 10 feet away from her.

    • Why is the victim of Yandere Simulator always the purple haired girl?*
      Does Yandere-Dev hate her that much?*

      Hey kid? 1 thing. Learn grammar. XD

  13. School becomes more and more detailed and atmospheric. I feel like we are much closer to a demo build, than ever before) Can’t wait for a real rival to be added!
    P.S. Poor purplehaired girl. I’ll go in the new build to comfort her, asap.

  14. And one more thing. We have a full week to… eliminate rival. One way or another. But all the methods seem to be a “one-day-to-do”. What to do rest of the week? Studying only? Is there any plans about this?

    I think there should be more about spying on a rival, gaining reputation and planing to do. There should be no oportunity to kill and stay completely unspotted at the first day, without planing, distracting everyone somehow, e.t.c.

    • I think in the future builds, the AIs will be a bit smarter and more aware of surroundings, and getting a hold of things like poisons, tranquilizers, weapons, and clean clothes will be a lot more difficult.

  15. yandere-chan can drown someone while holding a weapon. if you’re holding a weapon the “Attack” prompt should appear, instead of the “Drown”

  16. Hi, guys o/
    I’m to make 2 questions.
    1° – The girl with yellow hair it’s….?
    2° – The dismemberment will back (and the guitar case) will back? I thing if is a cool part at the game.

  17. Speaking of our first rival (^), why hasn’t she been programmed yet? Are you simply saving her for some of the later updates when the game will be just about done (at least by demo standards), or are you just too busy working on other things for the game? I think at least her personal info, daily route, etc should be programmed in the next update. Also, it’d be great if you could re-add the intro that was originally in the game. It’s nice to have control over some basic parts of the game like Senpai’s overall appearance and what uniforms are worn in the school. Thanks for reading this and (possibly) taking these ideas into consideration.

    • i think he is just leaving programing the rival for the end and also he is too busy working on other things for the game.

  18. You know the clubs you said you have. are you going to build difrrent places for them and if you want to kill someone and you say you just walked in if they ask you what club you are in then maybe you can like sign in at the club before you do it so you can’t get pinned down by another student and say to the teacher that you went in the club and get you expelled and also can you put in a way to like make poisons in like your kitchen in like a mini game the you have different poisons just a idea

  19. This is awesome! Didn’t you say next download was delayed? And now we find this! I bet you’ll launch the complete game, no “Timber!” warning!

    Keep up the good work. I’m drowning the living “feel” of those rivals >:- D

  20. Hey I have a question about the setting of this game.
    Does Yandere Simulator supposedly take place in the anime universe or the real world?
    Anime universe meaning are the characters supposed to be like the ones from anime or real people? From what I’ve gathered so far, it looks like the whole game takes place in the real world, while Yandere-chan seems like an anime character banished into the real world…
    (Oooh theories…)

  21. Something is bothering me. It’s not really a “complaint”, because the new layout of the school is BEAUTIFUL, but I’m confused why the windows in the main building aren’t functional. The ones in the gym are, couldn’t he use the same asset? I don’t really know how programming works, so forgive me if this is an ignorant statement.

  22. I think yandere-chan should give boyfriends to the other girls, or kiss a boy in front of senpai so that he could go a little bit jealous, also, maybe adding a night mode, so that yandere could go to senpai’s house and steal some things to put on her shrine 🙂 just some suggestions

    • Pairing up girls with other guys (maybe guys are gonna hit on Senpai too though who knows) is something YandereDev definitely wants to do in the future :3

      Yandere is still completely invisible to Senpai so making him jealous is not really an option :<

      As for the night time event, i think it doesnt match their idea of the game. They want it to center around the school for now.

  23. Hey YandereDev! I had a question: will there be a way to wash your uniform if it gets bloody? Or will it have to be disposed of?

    If it has to be disposed of, is there a way to make use of a gym uniform to replace the regular uniform or perhaps a jersey? For example, if you’re in a sports club, you have access to the uniform, but your after school activities become limited.

    • There is no buttons anymore, there is a menu which you access with the ? Key, it was in the video on the easter egg of you were paying attention. The developer thought people wouldn’t be keen when he said it was secret when ot was in plain sight.

  24. Hey YandereDev! This new update is looking ~fantastic~, the game is looking better and better every day! *U*

    One concern I had, though, was about the panty shots! I noticed that it costs 50 shots to get some of the heftier favors from Info-chan, and I was wondering if we’ll have enough girls to collect them from if we’re to get that favor. Will there be 50+ girls in the final development of the game (that’s a lot!), or will we be able to re-take panty shots after the week is finished? (Since as for now, Info-chan doesn’t want any retakes…)

    Thank you for working so hard on this game. As always, looking forward to the next update!

  25. Could you change purple into different girls? I know you’re supposed to kill only your rival during week, but since purple girl isn’t our rival, it would be more fun to play if we could try every type of killing in the week without need to reset the game, because you’re only able to try out new killing methods on a purple girl.
    for example: more girls eating bentos on the roof, more of them going to the toilet, watching fountain, standing by the rooftop.

    • I second this! I don’t want to be rude, but its getting a little annoying that Purple Haired Girl is the ONLY character we can kill is more creative ways. Its frustrating to have to restart the game just so I can have a little more fun.

  26. 私なんて穴掘って埋まってますぅ・・・
    Yandere-chan is filled in the schoolyard when she goes school :<

  27. First, I’m loving the new build, keep it up Yandere-Dev!! Second, I think I found a bug!
    If you ask Kokona Haruka (The purple-haired girl) to follow you on Monday morning (You’ll need a high reputation for this) before she goes to look at the fountain, she will after a few seconds run without saying a thing to go to the fountain in time. Her position will be a few feet away from where she normally stands, and if you drown her, her pupils shrink, the sound clip plays, Yandere-Chan does the drowning animation, but Kokona will stand completely still. You cannot interact with her either, you’ll go right through her if you attempt to, and she cannot walk away if she tries to. If a student sees it, it will be considered a murder. In my case, both a female and a male student saw it. The male student went to get a teacher, but the teacher thought it was a prank and went back to her class, as if nothing had happened or I had disposed of the evidence, but as I said, I couldn’t interact with her. The male student was still mentally scarred though (Tiny pupils). The female student went to get the police, but when the police arrived, they couldn’t find any evidence. The next day, Kokona returned to school as if nothing had happened. I tested it again, and as expected, the bug happened. I also tested it with the bathroom drown, where the exact same thing happened, and she returned to school the next day. I know you probably won’t be able to cheat your reputation up in the final game to ask Kokona to follow you on Monday to trigger the bug, but I thought it was worth mentioning! Thanks for reading this long wall of text!

  28. Are you going to have the orange haired girl be programmed yet? Or will you make the first rival the purple-haired one? Because Yandere-chan really seems to hate the one with the purple drills. No other girl gets the scene for when she talks about abuse with her friend or gets to have their bento poisoned. Also, I’m working on a stahlhelm to add as an accessory for Yandere-Chan. What textures should I use for it to look right in the game?

  29. Pingback: Yandere Simulator Intros Two New Killing Methods and More

  30. Hey Yandere Dev. Have not messaged on here in a while although I am still watching! Just thought of a suggestion as I was looking around the school. Could you make it possible to get keys to the school somehow? Either through stealing them from the school groundskeeper or by getting into the student council in the full game? I was thinking if you needed to murder a student in a room full of people. Then you could lock the door. And start killing, so that way the witnesses would not be able to run away and tell a teacher.

    Another feature to implement might be having most student’s eat lunch in their rooms? (And having more students.) with a small amount of students going and eating lunch on the rooftop. The teachers could have a teachers lounge and head there during lunch period allowing this new feature of Locking the door and going crazy the ability to do its full effect. Although all teachers would be able to unlock doors and students will go to a teacher if they discover a door is locked in order to get them to open it.

    The only bug I could see being if you locked the students who DO go to the rooftop out from the inside. They would be unable to go run to a teacher because they can’t get into school. The way I see countering this would be to have one student be on the disciplinary committee and to have them check all the empty rooms and the rooftop after class starts to look for stragglers. She could also punish yandere chan for being outside of class if she catches you.

    (P.S. When I mentioned adding a teachers lounge where teachers go for lunch. That could also be a good place to steal the room key)

    I remember when you first started a whole bunch of people were suggesting stuff that required lots of animation work, new models, ect and they were stuff that could not easily be implemented. While being heavy on scripting. As far as I know this suggestion should mostly be scripting work and if you are interested in it could be plausibly implementable. I look forward to every build and just thought this might be an interesting idea to share if It had not been thought of already! Thank you for all your hard work!

    • That’s sounds like a good for a real adrenaline pumping, over the top scene. However, I think that this concept should be used sparingly or as a climax. Mainly because yandere sim seems to focus a lot on the social aspect of the game. So killing off students in significant numbers may not be ideal. But if there are a lot of students in the final game, hey, why not?

      By the way, how would yandere-chan hide/remove the bodies? Will she just leave them there in the room as a message for other students? Because if the rampage does occur in a room, I presume it is in the school, so how would she transport so many bodies without being seen?

      • Well most of the students are distributed among other classrooms. And I imagine more students will be added in the base game or so. The main thing is if you do kill in significant numbers like that there is not much that you CAN do. I suppose what you could do is say you also left the room for lunch and some other person did the murder, but it would be super risky trying to get around in school with that much blood and insanity on you. Especially if there are any random students who walk through the halls talking to other students or so. It would be more of a “You fucked up. Try to not get caught scenario” which would be really hard to beat but still possible.

        I was thinking this could also be used for more one on one scenarios. Like asking someone to go to a room. But their friend is suspicious of you so they say they want to come too. So when you get in you lock the door so one can’t escape when you assassinate the other. Two other minor features I think should be implemented and (I know one of these was mentioned before, so I am pretty sure it is being added) is to make laughing noticeable by other students. So it is not such an easy go to way to cure your sanity. And to make killing get slower the more insane you are. more brutal and messy is what I think heard it mentioned as. But making it slower would help avoid a situation where you can run through the school and kill everyone at every turn. It would also necessitate needing to lock the classroom door because right now. You could assassinate everyone in the room instantly just by standing at the door.

  31. Sweet! But please, add some Archery Club so Yandere chan could steal one for her and the option to join this club to walk around with that cool japanese uniform

    This one: https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/41/54/a4/4154a415443ccf6488230925c2ab8781.jpg

    And what about creating killing quests? For example, Yan-chan could join the club to get the bow but before she needs to join the club. But then, one NPC will tell her that the club doesn’t have space for one more person so she needs to kill one of them to join. That would be awesome :b

    Please read this, and keep up the good work!

  32. I feel like with enough of a particular skill I.E. physical training you should be able to close the bathroom door with a free leg so people don’t walk in on the act and see them being drowned.

  33. I’m not sure if you already have this, but I think you mentioned your idea of the clubs in one of your videos. Maybe, along with the current clubs, there should be a medical and/or athletics club that would be suspicious of you if you are seen having obtained items from the gym or the nurse’s office? Like, there could be a baseball bat or something from the gym, and the poison and tranquilizer are already located in the nurse’s office.

  34. Suggestion: Instead of just closing the door of the toilet cubicle to keep the person hidden, maybe you could have a “Out of Order” sign nearby to hang on the door. It will make the game seem more realistic, make the mechanic seem more effective and thorough and it seems simple to implement

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