June 15th Build Delayed

Due to a number of factors, I wasn’t able to devote a lot of time to Yandere Simulator over the past few days, so the June 15th update has fallen behind schedule.

Because I will be attending E3, I probably won’t be able to spend a lot of time working on the game over the next few days, so the June 15th update might be delayed until the 20th or later.

I’m sorry!

91 thoughts on “June 15th Build Delayed

  1. Is it possible, that orange hair girl is the young sister of Senpai?
    I read that info on wiki, seems like it really makes sense amd explaines everything!

      • There is no official Rival in this game (that’s what Dev said), and a new rival will be appear in this game every week. And also, Dev, if you can hear me, answer plz, is that truth or not, I won’t tell anybody, I swear!
        (Founded on wiki)
        Senpai has a younger sister (speculation with a bit of evidence provided by the dev) who Yandere-chan mistakes as a tsundere childhood-friend-slash-lover. Senpai has been shown to be overpowered by his sister in the a prototype of the intro, with her teasing him, and him only apologizing.

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