Teachers in Yandere Simulator

The latest build can be found here: https://yanderedev.wordpress.com/downloads/

As usual, the latest YouTube video demonstrates the newest features more effectively than a blog post could:

If you’re interested in reading a full list of changes, here you go:


  • Added teachers to every classroom.
  • If the player is spotted by a teacher while bloody, carrying a weapon, visibly insane, or taking panty shots, they will be expelled from school.
  • If the player enters another teacher’s class while their class is in session, the teacher will tell the player to leave the room.
  • If the player doesn’t exit a teacher’s class after being told repeatedly to leave, the teacher will take disciplinary measures against the player.
  • If the player is late for a class, the teacher will scold the player. The intensity of the scolding depends on how late the player was.
  • If the player is late for class, they will get fewer Study Points to allocate that day.
  • If the player attempts to attack a teacher, the teacher will resist the attack and debilitate the player, resulting in a game over. (In the future, I will give the player the option to counter-attack the teachers.)

Teacher’s Pets

  • Added the “Teacher’s Pet” personality type.
  • If a student with the Teacher’s Pet personality discovers a corpse or witnesses murder, they will run and tell a teacher.
  • If a teacher is informed of a murder, they will run to the scene of the crime and investigate it.
  • If a Teacher’s Pet witnesses a murder/corpse, but someone else is already reporting a murder/corpse, then the student will run and hide in a classroom instead of informing a teacher.
  • If a Teacher’s Pet informs a teacher of a murder/corpse and leads the teacher to the scene of the crime, but Yandere-chan has already cleaned up the evidence, the teacher will conclude that the student was pulling a prank on her.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug that would break Yandere-chan’s animations during the Heartbroken cutscene if she was laughing or using the mop when spotted by Senpai.
  • Fixed bug that would allow Yandere-chan to dip her mop into a bucket of water when that bucket in a different room or behind a wall.
  • Fixed bug that would allow Yandere-chan to dip her mop into a bucket that was much higher or much lower than her elevation.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the “kidnapped prisoner” model to turn black (hairstyle and hair color will still be incorrect).
  • Fixed bug that would prevent camera from centering properly if the player gets a game over while crouching or crawling.
  • Fixed bug that would allow the player to trigger Easter Egg music without changing Yandere-chan’s appearance.
  • Fixed bug that would cause an automatic game over if Senpai noticed Yandere-chan while in “Pass Time” mode.
  • Fixed bug that would cause NPC pathfinding to break if Yandere-chan was blocking the school’s exit.
  • Fixed bug that would cause police countdown timer to display minutes as “1:60” instead of “2:00”.
  • Fixed bug that would allow the player to bring up their phone menu while allocating Study Points.
  • Fixed bug that would cause students to ignore Yandere-chan when she was dragging a corpse.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Senpai’s face to become deformed during Game Over sequence.
  • Fixed bug that could get two weapons stuck in Yandere-chan’s hands simultaneously.
  • Fixed bug that would cause time to keep advancing during the Heartbroken cut-scene.
  • Fixed bug that would allow Yandere-chan to laugh during the Heartbroken cut-scene.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Yandere-chan to get stuck in the mopping animation.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Yandere-chan to “float” when running down stairs.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the wrong text to display over weapon pick-ups.
  • Fixed the textures on the male students during the Titan Easter egg.

Miscellaneous Improvements

  • If a student catches Yandere-chan taking panty shots, Yandere-chan gets a reputation penalty.
  • The player can no longer attend class if they are armed, bloody, insane, or dragging a corpse.
  • Made the camera transitions in the Game Over sequence smoother.
  • Added several new “O key” accessories for Yandere-chan to wear.
  • Removed an Easter egg that was repeatedly reported as a bug.
  • Added props, decorations, and furnishings to the classrooms.
  • Attempted to fix the “Only Senpai comes to school” bug.
  • Disabled pausing during the Game Over sequence.
  • Added a new model for Senpai’s Shrine.
  • Added a rooftop to the school.
  • Added a new easter egg.

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136 thoughts on “Teachers in Yandere Simulator

  1. Will joining the martial arts club (or kendo club) just improve Yandere-chan’s physical education, or will it give her different fighting/killing animations?

    • From what I’ve seen in different Let’s Plays’ (so don’t take my word, I’m just saying this is what I’ve noticed), it makes it much easier to kill the heroes?

  2. It’s obvious that a teacher would easily be able to take down a school girl coming at him or her with a knife or a pair of scissors, but if the school girl came at them with a weapon with range, leverage, and a sharp edge, I could easily see the school girl winning. Ofcourse I’m talking about the sword you have in the game already, it could provide an interesting advantage to the weapon, in exchange for the fact that it cannot be concealed.

    I’m not making the old “katanas are the greatest weapon in the universe” argument, just saying that no matter how feeble a person swinging a sword at you with two hands is, you’d have to be pretty well trained and physically apt to snatch it out of their hands without getting injured.

  3. I got one idea. If Yandere were to kill too many students and gets too insane she would die over a period of time.

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  5. Have you decided if in the final game reputation can affect how teachers may treat you? Just curious (:

  6. Somebody probably already put this idea here, but I’ll write it down anyway, so the dev wiil have seen it for sure:

    There should be different teachers with different personalities (how they react to murder, how they treat you regarding your reputation) – that has probably been written down here somewhere.

    However, what about a “pervert”-teacher, who can also be swayed and manipulated by panty shots? Maybe to leave the classroom earlier, give yandere a boost in the teachers subject, single out a specific rival girl to meet the teacher in a specific place at a specific time for detention, but meets yandere chan there instead and gets murdered 😛 – that might be another cool idea to make use of the panty shot feature 😉

    Hope that helps!
    Kind regards

  7. I’ve broken the NPC’s pathways a few times by talking to other students in front of them and has anyone else had the issue that if they are taking out their phone and pointing it at someones butt while standing even if it’s not a panty shot that it targets you as lewed?

  8. if a student completely lost his or her sanity, shouldn’t teachers be worried first (assuming that they do not know the true nature of the student, which is being an yandere) instead of immediately expelling the student? I find this a bit hasty and inappropriate.

  9. I was able to kill everyone on the first day (in 15 minuted ingame, 2 minutes reallife) without been caught, but at the end I’m still not able to get Senpai’s heart.

  10. getting expelled from dirty clothes.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MVeUHTQE63g#t=0m42s i dont think that would happen even in a japanese school.

    when you are all over bloody she (the teacher) would be shocked and ask “what happened? are you hurt?!” and then with high psychology you would have to lie something ..not getting expelled because of minor school conduct offence of wearing really dirty uniform. imagine how your schoolday would suck when first you get beaten by bullies and immediately after that getting banned from school by teacher because of dirtying your clothes with your own blood.

    also yandere-chan would not care much in the first place of getting expelled and just be nonplussed and say/think”eh..whatever” she can stalk her senpai outside of school too and follow him home. studies and everything else is all secondary and does not really matter, she only did school anyway because senpai was there.

  11. i have a feeling she would instantly drop school if got together with senpai anyway to just be homewife, specially in a japanese society.

  12. Long suggestion on how to make blood more realistic.

    Dear yanderedev

    When a student is killed, they should be allowed to bleed out indefinitely until they run out of blood. All of the npc’s in this game bleed a little bit of blood when their murdered by Yandere-chan, and then bleed out a bit more before running dry when you start dragging their bodies.The way that you programmed blood in this game doesn’t seem to make sense. Blood that exits out of a body is caused by pressure from the heart that is still beating, So when a victim is fatally stabbed he’s bleeding out because his heart is in shock, pumping blood out of his body until there’s no more blood left to pump out. So when someone in the game is killed and his body is left alone for a while, he shouldn’t be able to spawn giant puddles of blood behind him when his body is being dragged, because there is no more blood to bleed out. More realistically, there should only be a giant pool of blood under the body. Any trails made from dragging the corpse should be small and caused from the blood pool under the body only.

    thank you, I hope that you saw this and can respond if your not busy.

    -Maki Onda

  13. I have an idea. So, if you kill everyone and you get bored because only senpai comes to school, there can be new students at the school or something like that!

  14. I think we could unlock some guns but it could be nearly impossible to get, but you could force sempai to love you (Alternate ending?) Or you could counterattack a teacher with drawing your gun out.

    Like this: *Yandere tries to stab teacher*

    Teacher : “Wtf are you doing?”

    Yandere: “Surprise!” *BANG*

  15. Somebody have probably told you this already, but…. The fact that thereare just lying weapons on the ground?

    Maybe you could do something like in the start of the game you will have to use your hands. Maybe even a “weak” personality, who were the only one who you could kill. Later you can find things likke scissors in the classroom and steal them. Sharper things you will could steal from the nurse, and real weapons from the cops when they are investigating a murder?

    And a private locker. Here you can store pictures of senpai which can calm you a little down by looking at (when you are loosing your sanity), or store weapons in. (If you are storing weapons in here classmates, teachers and senpai can’t find them, but cops can if they are investigating a murder.

  16. Will students in the martial arts club be able to counter Yandere-chan too? if so, I think that countering them shouldn’t require as many study points invested in P.E as required to counter teachers, because they’re still school kids and are not as strong as teachers.

  17. hmm… here are some ideas:

    1. Cafeteria (a lot of students will rush to the Cafeteria when it is lunch time(pls add some kind of sesion system) and you can use this opportunity to do other stuff)
    2. Shower Room (near the Gym which you can use to remove blood from you/your clothes or take/hide their clothes and take some cersored pics which is like the panty shots but worth 10x as more(for Info-chan of course))
    3. School Counsil stuff (the room, members, etc.)
    4. School Rules (like “No Running in the Hallways” breaking school rules will result to warnings and if you had 3 warnings your reputation will decrease dramatically)
    5. the Principal’s Office (the Principal is like a grown-up version of Info-chan. the Principal will want pics of the male students instead of female ones and can get/give you suff no other student can have/give (like raise of reputation, keys to various places like the Student Counsil (pls add this) room which holds other stuff, etc.)
    6. a School Pool and Running Track (this is for P.E sessions(again, pls add some kind of sesion system) also include a Changing Room (outside, near the Gym and my suggested Shower Room)for both male and female and both have high windows and you can use various objects to climb up to the windows and take pictures of students. when you take pictures of students in underwear only, it’s worth 5x as much (for Info-chan and my suggested Principal)

  18. Ideas! The NPC’s I mean!
    I don’t know what came to my mind but these ideas popped out of nowhere and I started writing them down.

    * The Delinquent Student!
    Typically a male student, has the capability to defend himself against attacks, anyways it’ll be like a battle and so-whatever until Yandere-chan or either delinquent-guy wins against one another. He casually stays by the gym during class/lunch period, making it ‘pretty hard’ to kidnap female students. Stays on school (behind the school building, on the sakura tree) until 5:15 PM. Absent on Fridays.

    * The Annoying Friend
    A female student, sticks to Yandere-chan almost the whole time. She could be driven away from Yandere-chan by running away from her, which makes the game more difficult. However, she could be by Yandere-chan’s side by a few and fewer times by making “blackmail letters” and slipping it inside Annoying Friend’s shoe locker. Appears during Wednesday and Thursday.

    A male teacher! Yes! And a hot one at that, but at lunch period he would always stroll around the whole school building, but not the hallways (oh fudge if he would always stroll on the hallways I would hate him). Has a good sight (maybe it’s because he has glasses? Hm, probably)

    * I hope that you could interrupt people by throwing stones (LOL, this is just my imagination here…. /runsaway)

    I’m gonna download the newest version, the May25th Version2 because I only have the May20thV5 as of today, and I really hope that senpai would one day acknowledge Yandere-chan’s existence! I like the game? NOPE! I love it! ❤

    My sadistic-*tooooooot*…. AHAHAHAHA… AHAHAHAHAHAHA….! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! /runsawayforthesecondtime

  19. Excuse me, but there’s been a bug in not being able to attend class. I wasn’t armed, dragging a corpse, or bloody and the “go to class” selection never popped up

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