81 thoughts on “Update Delay

  1. Omg! I’m jumping in my seat. We’ve come so far and waiting is hard but I’ll do it if we get quality like this. I’ve already confirmed that I’m going to buy this when it comes out and now that we’re getting into what it’s really gonna look like, I’m so hyped~ But please, take your time. I want it to be the best game ever and completely consume my time when I finally get my hands on it. Thank you Yanderedev for making this game~

  2. Hello, I’m playing your game since two weeks and I’m really happy that you’re making such a fantastic work! I’m also excited about next update..
    I’d like to ask a few questions, or give some ideas. Will it be possible to make a best friends in a game? Or to choose class which someone wants to be in?
    If it comes to graphics, I like the appearance of school and students. I’d like to see something like benches outside of school or second school building like in anime..
    I thought about something else too. Club activites starts after school, so maybe it’ll be a good idea to make students, for example, exercise in gymnasium after lessons. And how about teachers walking around school or other students?
    Also I’d like to know if I’ll be some more hairstyles or if I’ll be possible to choose uniform for students and Yandere-chan.

    I’m really enjoying playing Yandere Simulator, so please give your best to make it even more wonderful!

    • The map in the build right now is a placeholder; which means that it will look totally different (and hopefully, it will also look better) than it does right now. Chances are, that the models will change, too, but I don’t actually know anything about that. More locations, more buildings, larger maps and benches might be coming this way, don’t worry.

      I think Dev-sama already has the club-things planned. He has many times told about how there will be different clubs and how those different clubs will benefit Yandere-chan and give her skills. So, students walking around and doing club activities? Maybe? It might depend on how hard it is to implement these features.

      And customization will be available, for Senpai-kun, at least. There has been some posts where Dev-sama talked about making a unique character, a Yandere-chan that is easy to recognize and identify. I don’t know if he is still thinking this, since many people seem to be fond of the idea of customizing Yandere-chan, and since you can kinda do it already in the test builds, there’s a chance that this might be the case.

  3. Oh, i can’t wait, when you finally finish it, bacause it looks like something amaizing. Keep working, dude, we love you

  4. I mean its a good idea so if we play the game it wouldnt like crash so good job creator for think about this idea

  5. it didn’t sound complex to me but, if you could, in the future i would love to see some kind of
    special animations for special weapons, like ex: ax; a scene like the one where yuno kills twelfth.
    syringe; a scene like the one where mion and rena try to kill keeichi. things like that. by the way
    it would be cool to have and accomplice with things like the syringe. of course they would have
    to have the evil personality trait but you would still trick them into thinking you were gonna kill someone for a different reason than senpai. thanks! 🙂

  6. I have question. Can i get the previous versions of yandere simulator? Sorry for my English i am from Slovakia an i don’t know english language well. 🙂

  7. I am so excited about this, I can’t wait! But take your time, I prefer something good that takes some time to make than rushed, buggy crap.

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