81 thoughts on “Update Delay

  1. Dude. I don’t need a build to be done this exact date. This video sincerely satisfies my desire to know something is going on. That scenery and those animations look AWESOME. I was about to write “I can’t wait to see it ready” to show my hype, but the truth is, I can. I can wait as long as I need to for you to make sure we’ll get a quality product. I’ll wait with great anticipation, eagerness and PATIENCE for this build, and any other build in the future, to be done. Of course, this doesn’t mean you should work slower, goals are good to have, but… …. … Yeah~ I love this game you’re developing~ Good luck~

    • I’ll praise the features, too, when I know a bit more about which ones have been implemented. XD

      • I completely agree!! It’s a hard wait, but I’m not a child, I can be patient for a couple days to see what’s in store! Everything looks great! The killing animations look great, the environments look great, the teacher system looks great, everything looks great!

  2. Honestly, as long as you’re making videos to keep us in the loop I could wait even a year for another stable build.
    Biggest reason why Overgrowth is still alive is because they’re making updates and videos frequently, although currently they’re doing it less and less.
    YandereDev, I sincerely hope that this project succeeds and becomes the new Hitman when it comes to mechanics!

    • Remember: no silent guns, not a real hitman simulator (except if there is a fiber wire :p)

      Anyways, this new update seems to be huge! Can’t wait to play it

  3. *Refreshing Downloads Page for 132 times and still no May 1st build* but hey at least it’ll turn out good ^_^

  4. Fuck, those animations look sick as hell.
    Take your time with the update, man. I’d rather have you work hard on it while you can so it comes out better.

  5. Oh my god, with an update video like that I am kinda satisfied but also overwhelmed… T… the PROGRESS you’ve obtained since the last update is astonishing… I always kind of expect a new feature or two every time you update, b-but you always rise many miles above my expectations… E-every single time… I’m tingling to find out what you’ve been working on since last time…

    Jesus Christ, I am actually okay with the delay if it means that I’ll have a lot of new things to test out… Keep it up, Dev-sama! You never disappoint me!

  6. Well, Yandere must be ruining your privacy while doing your development work for this game. Damn Yandere, you must report this now to the police and have this sexy psychopath girl arrested lel.

  7. So, your victims can fight back too? Is there going to be some CQC for knocking ’em out \ breaking counterattacks (which can be learned from reading manga)?

    Love the JoJo easter egg.

  8. I was sad after reading the post, but… This video showed, that something BIIIIIIIG is coming this way. And it is so big I can’t do anything but be hyped, really hyped. Few days later? Doesn’t matter with such a content. I’m waiting, trembling all over from the excitement.

    • That animation of pushing the girl over the roof look amazing. I love the fact she made an effort to grab her shoes.

  9. The preview looks very awesome. I don’t even care if the update is up or not. Each time I go to your blog and see a new post and some news about the game progress, I would get very excited and share the news. Since the update seems to be BIG, I’ll be patient in waiting for the next update. This could really turn out to be the one of the best games ever made. Keep it up!

  10. Ohhhhh my goooosh, this is the most satisfying video! The new models, new places, And those KILL ANIMATIONS! (Fatality) ouo I really appreciate all the hard work you put into your project πŸ˜€

  11. Seriously, take your time with this. Even if you were to delay it again I think, no, believe it would be worth the wait. From what you showed in the video you have seemed to put some how, even more effort into this build. Plus seeing those animations just made me giggle with joy not just for the brutality (well maybe that too c;) but just for the fact you have been able to work with people who clearly have talent and passion for this project as well. I guess all in all, take your time, congratulations on you for getting this far, and if anyone who has being helping you out and you happen to see this comment, good job and keep up the good work. You all clearly have talent!

  12. ζ—₯本θͺžγ§ε€±η€Όγ—ます。

  13. I will OBVIOUSLY BUY THIS GAME when released, NO MATTER how much will it cost!!! Take your time with the game updates. That video you made was really awesome, thanks for the “spoilers”.In 17th April update, the game was only 5% complete…right? I can’t even imagine how hould it be 100% complete! I’m really happy that you’re doing such an awesome job with this project! Keep working hard as you always did!

  14. I would rather have this amazing game take 3 years than be rushed in the process. Take your time πŸ™‚ You are an amazing game developer!

  15. Man >_> you make a lot of efforts to make this game looks better and the game will be so cool
    Thank you Dev-senpai .

  16. Take as much time as you need. πŸ˜€ It’s okay if the build is not done yet.
    Hehe and I can see the game is looking even more amazing! Thanks for the video too! X3

    • what do you mean by that? he’s talking about features he wants to bring into the game. How does that equal “selling out”?

      • When people talk about that kind of thing, usually they’re trying to put a positive spin on getting bought out or making a deal with some publisher, by pointing out the increase in financial resources.

  17. Feel free to take as long as you like! We’re all excited for the new updates and besides, we’ve waited this long, why not wait a little longer? though I do understand in the updating traditions.

    Also, HENTAI KAMEN AND JOTARO KUJO!!! Or Kancolle, whichever one.

  18. Oh my unicorn, these animation of Yandere-chan and victim are AWEEEESOOOOOMEEEEEE
    If the sandbox is very-very nice, what will be in official demo\game?

    Anyway, i think that everybody is prepared to wait like a Hachiko. Everybody will wait the game, YandereDev-san~

    Good luck in making a game. We love you ❀

  19. I have a feeling I’m gonna LOVE the next update \(‘Ο‰’)/
    I don’t care if it takes a while, just do what you can to make this game EPIC

  20. Holy crap that looks epic… I am so looking forward to this update. Take your time and make it special! We don’t mind! Quality before quantity!

  21. He’s talking about a partnership between Yandere Enterprises and Steam to bundle it with HL3 in a “Love for Development” pack.

  22. I love the fact that she takes off her shoes to make it seem like a suicide, all the little details and work you put into this is amazing. I don’t care how long it takes, i can wait and i would be happy to buy the game once it’s released and that hopefully will be when the game looks good as new and isn’t rushed or anything.

  23. Please make the thing of brainwashing a girl and then she will obey you. It’s a really good idea, and when I watched the video, I remembered of a novel where a man kidnapps other man and brainwash him, making him a servant. SO PLEASE ADD IT!

  24. don’t worry! man, with all the “little” stuff you show on the video, i had my mouth wide open, and my brother was like “wtf are you seeing?” it looks like it will be some big stuff before the bigger stuff. good luck!

  25. Since there will be a lot of new great stuff, there’s no problem in waiting a little more πŸ˜€

  26. I can wait for sure the new animations looks amazing and i am very excited to see what you have in store for us next this is looking very promising and i know you won’t let us down knowing that you have surprised us time and time again i look forward to the update πŸ™‚

  27. Dude… I was expecting a release today and I was quite disappointed when I saw the ‘Delayed Update’ but that video was SUPER AWESOME and erased all the disappointment into excitement! I’ll wait for all that awesomeness to become reality πŸ˜€ So don’t worry! Take as much time as you need! It’s going to be an awesome game! (Also those new features sneak peeks looked so AWESOME!)

  28. You didn’t break your tradition. You presented your progress to us, providing us even more hype. I’m satisfied.
    I think it counts as 1st May update and just show us awesome 15th May update.

  29. Omg! I can wait! Please take your time on this! I’m so excited for everything I saw in this vid! I’ll go and distract myself like a good fan!

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