A thoughtful article about Yandere Simulator

An opinion columnist named Anastasia Wythe has written a thoughtful article about Yandere Simulator: http://www.gamemoir.com/lgbt-gender/yandere-sim-abuse

I enjoyed the article. It was very eloquently written; Anastasia certainly has a way with words, and articulated her thoughts very well. She did a fine job of describing the game’s mechanics in a neutral and accurate way, demonstrating that she researched the game thoroughly before writing an article. That’s journalistic integrity! As you might expect, I didn’t agree with every word, but I certainly don’t think it’s a bad article. It’s her opinion, and she’s entitled to it.

I don’t think it can be said that Yandere Simulator “sanitizes” harassment, suicide, or sexual exploitation. The player is punished harshly for being caught performing unethical actions. If the player chooses to eliminate their rivals through bullying, the player will have to witness the psychological effects of bullying firsthand. The player is rewarded for taking panty shots, but the game’s characters will express disgust and anger if they catch the protagonist doing so, and if an authority figure witnesses this behavior, the result is an instant game over.

Yandere Simulator’s objective is not to “reveal a new look” or “present a new perspective” or “explore the psychology” of anime tropes; the game’s only goal is to provide enjoyable gameplay and lots of replayability, along with unusual themes, uncommon scenarios, and unorthodox methods. Yandere Simulator is not intended to be satire, but it is certainly tongue-in-cheek at times (have you seen the easter egg that makes a toaster appear in the protagonist’s mouth?) and certainly isn’t meant to be taken seriously. One day in the future, I might eventually make a game about the social issues I feel strongest about (crime prevention and public safety), but Yandere Simulator is not meant to carry a serious message.

It’s true that Yandere Simulator “trivializes” significant social problems. However, it is necessary for video games to over-simplify certain aspects of reality that would be too complex to program, or simply aren’t fun when portrayed realistically. “Super Mario Bros” trivializes jumping; Mario doesn’t bend his knees before he jumps, and he can jump four times his own height. Grand Theft Auto trivializes murder – something far more abhorrent than bullying. Video games must simplify many aspects of reality; everything from physical limitations to the wanton deconstruction of human lives. If video games can trivialize everything from jumping to murder, I can’t see a reason why social issues would be an exception.

I’m extremely relieved to hear Anastasia say that she feels developers have the right to create the games they wish to create, as this is one of my most strongly held beliefs. I’m very pleased to know that Anastasia would never ask a developer to remove a feature that she personally finds distasteful. As long as she doesn’t suggest or advocate censorship, I don’t see a problem.

In a forum post, Anastasia suggested an interesting idea; the idea that students should behave differently after the death of a suicidal student. This is logical; if you bullied someone until they took their own life, you might be less likely to bully someone else in the future. It would just be weird if Yandere-chan was able to repeatedly convince students to bully people, even after those students learned firsthand that bullying can make them responsible for a person’s death. As a gameplay mechanic, this would prevent the player from abusing/exploiting one method to effortlessly beat the game. Also, having students talk about recent events (such as suicides) would make the game world feel more “alive”. In the end, I gained a few potential ideas that might improve the game!

While Anastasia’s article was critical of the game, it was also respectful, so I appreciated it.

I’m interested in hearing what you think, too! Do you personally believe that Yandere Simulator takes anything too far? (I’m not going to cut any features from the game because someone finds those features to be distasteful, but I still want to hear your opinions on the matter anyway.)

114 thoughts on “A thoughtful article about Yandere Simulator

  1. I personally don’t think the game takes anything “too far”, ultimately its all a matter of opinion. I like/support the potential new ideas and am excited to se whats to come for Yandere Sim!

  2. As long as many people can justify the “bullshit” till the end (i.e. does the end justify the means), I guess you can continue what you planned out and say “Yes, yes that’s what I wanted in the end”.

    Besides, you did say it’s just a testing build and you did say it’s “not representative of the final game” and it’s only “exists for testing purposes” so I’m won’t go up in arms just yet. A work cannot be judged based from the early stages of the development cycle.

  3. As people say: “There’s no such thing as bad publicity.”

    Glad that you got some more ideas from them and I personally don’t think that the game takes things too far at all, especially since the game, as you’ve said, is clearly tongue-in-cheek in areas; it’s what first attracted me to the game in the first place.

  4. Well, the good thing is, many senpai/s are now noticing your game. You have attracted their attention. And some of them are really excited about the final build of this game, me included.

    In my personal opinion, I think this game does not promote violence in school or whatnot, this is not different from any other Sandbox games out their like GTA, Hitman, Saints Row. In fact I find this game so unique, in a way that it’s really a Japanese, or maybe Anime style of videogame. I think many Otakus/Weabos would probably like this game if they found out about this.

    And lastly, Yandere Dev, Sir, I admire your dedication about this development. You, as a one-man army for this project, I’m already interested in making my own videogame as well, in the future maybe. Of course with the help of developer friendly tools like UNITY or maybe Unreal Engine.

    • Actually maybe something along the lines of “if you do this in real life then your parents have failed you”.

  5. I’m in the boat that say people should leave artists to their artistic freedom. if the game entailed decapitating and eating the remains of a dead baby i wouldn’t bat an eye because i understand the separation between fact and fiction. i might not personally enjoy that game but I don’t think anyone should be able to stop you from making it if you really wanted to.

    on a side note I loved the idea of Yandere simulator, mostly because I had been thinking in my head “this really needs to be a game,” since forever and because it involves a narrative that people seem to be too afraid to even touch.

    so i give you props for being brave enough to push the bounds of what is acceptable in gaming and i can’t wait to play its when its fully released!

    even if it never is released i have nothing but respect for you and I will defiantly look for future titles by you.

    Sincerely, this guy

  6. It’s a video game, I don’t feel bad for waging war across continents in Crusader Kings or sending people to certain death In Men of War.
    It’s all fine for the same reason watching Reservoir Dogs or Heat don’t turn people into criminals.
    Beside, you can’t go to far for senpai love.

  7. I think Wythe has some valid points, but at the same time, I think he’s missing the point. A “yandere” is, at their core, a villain. I don’t think Yandere Sim is going to far in any regard. An extreme, in my opinion, would be Yandere-chan snapping pictures of topless girls, or forcing them to strip, or there being massive amounts of gore in the game.

    As it is, YS doesn’t glorify any of Yandere-chan’s actions; if discovered, her classmates react with horror and disgust. If anything, YS is handling these topics pretty well. Games like Grand Theft Auto reward the player for being violent; they make murder into a fun joke. I mean, you can “use” a sex worker and then kill them to get your money back.

    About students reacting to suicide – I hope this becomes part of the game! It would make the game both harder and more interesting, as well as being more respectful of suicide – this way, it’s not trivialized at all.

  8. It’s way too early to judge whether Yandere Simulator takes anything “too far”. This game does have a darker theme than most but even so I don’t believe it promotes violence or bullying. Obviously none of the other characters condone Yandere-chan’s actions and I feel like as long as that stays in check there isn’t an issue.
    I will be honest though, I was kinda weirded out with the panty shots at first. But now that I’ve gotten used to it I’m actually looking forward to sneaking around without the girls noticing.

  9. While I may agree that YandereSim has some aspects that reflect on current issues in High School, that is NO reason to not include it in a game. Ignoring a problem has never helped anyone.
    Don’t be phased by it!

  10. A little suggestion: If it is possible that Yandere-chan may or may not kill Senpai if she snaps. I don’t know. Some yanderes can be pretty possessive if their love is “being bad” or “a method to not fall in love with others”.

    However, a crack suggestion: What if you CAN kidnap Senpai in the end of the game, or if Yandere-chan snaps or something. I’m not serious about this, but a little suggestion.

    Or to make Senpai jealous by using another guy, I guess?

  11. As a female I have to deal with the oversexualization of my sex in practically any and every mainstream game out there. I like seeing a game with a female protagonist that represents the most extreme side of our emotions instead of our breasts. We have all felt anger towards rivals in love and this is just the exagerration of that. The game does have sexual content but I like that I can choose to not be a part of it if I want to. Also I like how you made Yandere Chan cute but she still looks like a normal girl. She might do crazy things but she is also relateable. We all have felt love and heartbreak and social pressures. Those criticizing the game need to take a bigger look at these facets before shaming the surface.


  12. I don’t think the game takes it too far since as you’ve mentioned, awful actions have awful consequences. Even if they serve a mechanical purpose, when presented well they can accidentally provide meaningful commentary for the player.

    For example, someone who didn’t give suicide or bullying much thought might realize how it affects people after noting the consequences in game. It doesn’t need to be completely realistic; the fact alone there is a consequence, and a mechanical one at that can often be enough.
    (specially considering many games have you kill relentlessly with no significant consequence, mechanical or otherwise.)

    • That’s yangire, not yandere. Please do not perpetuate the continued misrepresentation of yandere in our communities.

      • Tell that to the author.
        “According to the author of the series, Kurumi is a yandere. She is also an old personal character of the author, even older than DaL itself, and the one he’s the most attached to.”
        So don’t go around spewing that yangire bs. e.e

      • Sorry, but the author himself said that he thinks of Kurumi as a yandere. If killing ten thousand people doesn’t count as a yandere, then I don’t know what is.

      • Kurumi is yandere. That image macro isn’t though, and doesn’t represent Kurumi’s feelings toward Shido.

  13. I haven’t noticed anything going too far but that’s just me. The bullying mechanic is probably something I’ll never use in game though being a victim of it myself. I’ll just stick to matchmaking and if need be murderizing rivals.

  14. In my honest opinion, I think you don’t really trivialize anything. You made a pretty realistic game, in which being a yandere is portrayed as something not okay, hard to pull and with realistic consequences. That’s more of a deconstruction of the yandere tropes and fiction, and that’s cool an fresh. πŸ˜€

  15. I’m a teenage girl. I have had horrible experiences in highschool, and have been bullied, etc etc Still playing this game, why? because it is just a game and I do not associate it with my real life experiences. At all.

  16. I don’t think you should change any part of your game. The “offensive” material is a significant part of what makes the game fun, unique, and most importantly, an accurate depiction of a yandere simulator. However, it may be a good idea to include a short message upon start, stating the content of said “offensive material”. This would allow those with a sensitive nature to know what they are getting into, at the very least.

  17. If you look all the youtuber playing the game everyone is laughing and having fun even tho is not even a demo just a testing thing.the first purpose of any game is all about having fun and laughing and it will accomplish his task with the people who like this type of gaming anime humor. Yandere sim is very unique and I’m enjoying following the development process allowing us to test the game new feature and see what a game creation process is. Keep the good work this is gonna be epic!

  18. I think Phillip is right, but only to some extent. Like you say, games have to simplify lot of things, and games like GTA simplify mass/unprovoked murder, where you can just mow down a whole crowd of innocent people and laugh about their unrealistic ragdolling. I would understand that some people would get offended by this game; bullying, suicide, sexual objectification… All these things are simplified. But, you ARE planning on making it less simplified, and since the game is as unfinished as it is right now, it is hard to say who of you two is most right… For now, I’m still supporting the game; I do not see any reason not to. Phillip has a very good point, that’s for sure, but at this very moment it’s literally impossible for me to come to a final conclusion…

    Of course, you should definitely continue working on the game. This topic has made me think a lot more than I usually do, but I think the final game should rather be discussed than this early test build, which is impossible right now…

  19. Games don’t necessarily equal reality. It is up to the user to distinguish reality from the game and up to the developer to make a good game. Up to no one to censor, although warnings are always desired for more culturally gray features. I think this game is fine.

  20. We have all seen harassment and other forms of bullying in other games. Even worse forms too. I love Yandere Simulator and I will buy it when it comes out. I played all the sandbox versions and updated versions too. I personally think the topic (about the harassment, etc.) is not that bad.

  21. I found it odd that Philip took issue with the game allowing you to bully and sexually harass other girls but not the ability to stab them in the neck and murder them.

    • “And if the player so chooses, Yandere can even kidnap her fellow students, and murder them on school grounds.”
      “However, one of the more sadistic choices that players can make is socially isolating Senpai’s classmates.”
      The dude legitimately thinks being isolated is worse than being murdered.

      • People who have never lost a loved one or a friend to murder rarely seem to really grasp the serious trauma of that crime. I was once in a court room and heard the prosecutor argue that illegal gambling was more serious than murder because “with murder this is only one victim.”

  22. If you weren’t thinking of it already, perhaps you can choose the Yandere’s gender in the final game. The blonde girl who stands by the tree close to the school gate parallel to the protagonist girl’s senpai, can serve as the possible male protagonist’s senpai.

    • It has already been established that Yandere-chan will only ever be a chan. Although you will be able to pick the gender of your Senpai

  23. Sometimes, I feel like war games trivialize war, but that doesn’t stop me from playing them. War games are relatively harmless as long as we distinguish between fantasy and reality. Same thing goes for GTA. Same thing goes for POSTAL. Same thing goes for Yandere Sim, which looks rather tame by comparison.

    As to Philip Wythe, I am impressed at how respectful he was in stating his opinion, taking issue with the game without demonizing you personally. We need more of that online.

  24. It may just be because you’re also a fan of NGE, Eva/YandereDev/whatever it is we directly address you by here, but I can’t help but think that this might end up being, more or less, the NGE of yandere depictions. What with the heavy consequences, and now the possibility of the results of the yandere-ing being discussed, it seems well on its way to such a thing. And that’s a good thing, I think, since NGE was really really good, and this game seems like it will be as well.

    That said, I ask that you don’t pull a Gainax ending with this… Other than that, keep up the good work, etc., etc., etc.

    • Yandere Simulator Ending Spoilers:

      Yandere-chan re-unites Lilith with Adam, invoking Third Impact and beginning Human Instrumentality. Yandere-chan grows in size until she is larger than the planet. She draws Lilith’s Egg, the Black Moon, out of the Earth. All human bodies liquify, and all human souls unite into one entity. Yandere-chan and Senpai become one being, together forever.

  25. I personally think this is just a quirky game since most of the stuff is pretty unrealistically amusing. (for now at least) But when the game is finished I see how some people can be triggered by it a bit, that’s normal, but what’s not normal is if they make a fuss all about it as if it’s some Helga-Arnold relationship (Hey, that’s tractably similar to a yandere) where suddenly they use their religion to demonize people who never even wanted this to happen.

    People should not obsess over what they don’t feel comfortable with, yet even If I say this we all know that they just do. It’s what CPG Grey calls a “thought germ” where different viral ideas on the internet have different advantages, the anger triggering ideas spread the most effectively.

    Now the gaming industry *might* become a cause for the problems we have today, but most crimes of murder, bullying, and sexual harassment are so much rarely traced down to video games, especially entertainment. If there’s anything that’s influencing these crimes the most, it’s society itself and humanity’s natural instinct having trouble adapting to our quickly advancing environments and cultures. It’s not just society’s fault too, the people responsible for criminal beings are a huge part of why they perform malicious acts. Either being abusive or totally ignoring that person usually winds up badly. Of course the alibi will be external influences, but who even let those people get the wrong understanding of entertainment to begin with? One could argue that it is purely ‘natural’, but that’s not an acceptable reason really.

    Although I do believe that some of the major things should be dealt with, maybe it should just be done lightly than the ones that greatly affect the greater evils that propagates. But please, not only one side of the argument is the only one in control of the other, both sides are in control with themselves and each other and thy have to work together to have things go right.

    (PS, I suggest you add a disclaimer in the game not promoting the things that are being acted out in if you think that’s a good idea.)

  26. Um. *checks known bugs* … I think I found a bug. Someone might already have found it, but. I’m not sure how extensive this is, but…

    Here’s how the bug happened. I had two weapons. I was equipped with the weapon in the number 2 slot and went up behind Senpai, and he caused be to drop my weapon. I equipped the weapon in my third slot, and then went and picked up the weapon which was in my now empty second slot. I now appeared to be holding both weapons at once. When I switched to slot 1 intending to become seemingly unarmed, I was now holding my third slot weapon in an open hand. I can’t attack anyone with it, Senpai doesn’t react to it, its just hanging around in my hand. Amusingly enough, when I exchange weapons it is my third slot weapon that drops, not the second slot which seems to be the usual otherwise, despite the “Exhange X with X” text claiming that I am exchanging my second slot weapon. The bug easily disappears simply by equipping another weapon again.

    That’s about it. I sincerely apologize for wasting your time if you’ve already heard about this bug.

  27. It’s just a video game… I personally am looking forward to doing stuff I would never do in real life.

  28. i love it. im looking forward to the demo and the eventual release. yeah the stuff that might/ will be featured in the features sounds like pretty heavy crap but its nothing I personally cant handle. Actually even in the debug mode the game has been a nice outlit, not that i would approve of any of those things in real life.

  29. Do not let anything hold you back, “too far” is a nil meaning. When it all comes down to it, it is all a matter of choice, always has been. From the very beginning of the game, straight to the end. The player is creating their own story direction from the choices that they make within the entire time length. Pretty basic to say if people don’t like different and or things that go past their own extent (“Too far”) then a simple follow up question is in store, Why play a Yandere game? Because last time I checked Yandere is a love sickness that takes the word obsession to the next dimension. So it should be absolutely no surprise to be going past the threshold of the modern view of this term “too far” If anyone truly has any idea or interest of the word Yandere, then they should know exactly what they are in for, or have an idea at least. YandereDev has the aspects to create this game, personally I want to hear HIS ideas. No matter what, I hope that he sticks to what he wants when making this game. (I rather read a book written in source of the authors mind rather than his readers. Same goes for gameplay.) Ideas are cool, helpful, inspiring, ect. But when it comes down to it, staying true to your passion is what makes it into a gem. So with that said YandereDev, I want you to know that you are a great developer. Your mind is in the right place for this game, where as these opinions that express repulse toward the plot of the game are no where near the right place. It is because they aren’t even close to reaching an understanding of the plot, meaning of yandere, or purpose of it all. All I can really say is, in the end with all opinions aside, pursue what it is that you were after from the very beginning, only then will the passion drive truly.

  30. I think it’s safe to say you are a fan of anime, and that you like to include references in your game. That being said, have you ever seen Mirai Nikki? Regardless, many people consider a character named Yuno Gasai “the queen of yandere”. I was just wondering if you would include a reference or Easter egg?

  31. Hello, i wanted to offer a feature. πŸ™‚ How about making Yandere-san sanity easier to drop? Like after seeing her senpai with another girl or smth or after treathening somebody? i mean, not only when she kills or hurts others. πŸ™‚

  32. Hey I know this is kind of a dumb idea but would you mind if I [Tried] to make a soundtrack? Honestly I don’t have the best equipment (Audacity And Yan Sim) But I was just asking if you might want a crappy soundtrack of like, the 2 or 3 tracks that are in the game made by some fanboy XD.

    • Here’s an email I received from YandereDev regarding different composers:
      “I’d prefer to stick with one musician, so that every song in the game’s soundtrack sounds consistent. I’ve spent the past 3 months building up a strong rapport with my composer, so I really don’t like the idea of switching to someone else.”

      I suppose you could compose some unofficial OST, though!

  33. I don’t think you let us take it far enough. The last game where I could go loco (Not gta style) was Postal 2. You know, the game where you can cut someone’s leg off, set them on fire then piss on them as they scream and try to crawl away…. Not that this is that kind of game. I personally enjoy the whole sanity and reputation aspects of your game and I really look forward to seeing new features of this type. So, in essence… I personally believe you should push the envelope harder.

  34. I don’t think there is anything wrong with Yandere Sim in fact my favorite part is the killing, and the graphics. I know it’s not done yet but for me :3 graphics are important (wants to be a graphic art designer).

  35. This is the good result of criticism. Instead of taking something out, something gets added in. Stay awesome, dude.

  36. While it was refreshing to read that Philipp did not support censoring the game, and his article was incredibly polite, I can’t help but find it incredibly silly. It’s simply a simulator based on an anime archetype, if it “trivializes” matters like Philipp lists, then anime and video games in general do no less.

  37. I don’t think it really makes sense to have yandere-chan be affected in the way you’re describing, for the same reason I think it makes more sense to have her be crazy from the start rather than easing her into the psychotic role as shown in your first video with Info-chan. If your goal is to make a game about a typical anime-style yandere, then she should be crazy and have no concept of the consequences of her actions (or give them no value unless they inconvenience her).

    In addition, it just seems like a weird way of limiting the choices the player has. I’m sure there are other ways of encouraging experimentation over sticking with one method, such as a reputation loss and negative modifier to reputation gains the more you get caught bullying. Ultimately though I think if the player is able to pull things off without getting caught or raising suspicion they should be rewarded with the freedom to keep doing the same thing until they screw up if they want.

    Of course, it’s your game and your vision to do with as you see fit. This is just my two-cents on what I think would be most true to the “source material” so to speak.

    • I think he means other students, it won’t affect your chatacter but it will affect other students, I think you just misread it

      Now my opinion on this is to put it simply keep going but continue to ask this question, right now it’s fine but I can see it becoming a problem, the kidnapping is what I am most worried about in that

      • Ah, yeah. Now that you put it that way I see it. I read “you might be less likely” as you meaning the player, but I can see he was talking about the students you’re trying to talk into bullying. That makes a lot more sense than how I read it the first time.

        I still think it makes sense though to have yandere-chan fully immersed in the crazy yandere ways from the outset, since the whole premise of the game seems geared towards that. Yandere-chan is of course going to be doing a lot of things people would find horrific in the real world – she wouldn’t be a proper yandere otherwise – but this is a game.

  38. Two things:
    First, when we make something and put it out there, we can’t just claim that we don’t mean to “‘reveal a new look’ or ‘present a new perspective’ or ‘explore the psychology'”, media’s impression on people is highly varied and the content creator has to be aware and mindful of that (not meaning: give in to whatever people say).

    Second, SET UP A BUG TRACKER and make a super big and sticky banner on it on the website πŸ˜€

    Sorry, I didn’t mean to come out as rude or blunt, take this as a kind and educated dev-to-dev message ❀

    • A bug tracker would be really useful not only for the dev but for us as well, since we’ll be able to see all open and closed issues in one place instead of all over.

  39. I really love the way this game is taking a reality turn, making all the charaters think, and have destinct personalities, as well as react to event that occur. To add to the students reacting to a sucide, they should also react to kidnapped students. Saying things like “Haven’t see Sakura in a while” and such. It would at to the suspense.
    Also, along the line if you get the chance, I think multiplayer would be amazing. Having 2 yandere girls working together to monopolize Senpai’s affection. Depending on how well the 2 players work together in the end, 2 options will happen: 1. they didn’t work well together, so they realize only one can have him and must fight to the death to see who loves Senpai more. 2. They worked well together and decide they can share Senpai between themselves and kidnap him together.
    Just a cool thought I had in my head! Love your work and keep doing what you do!

  40. I must say, this was a very mature and well done response to that article. Kudos.

    But getting on point, I do personally believe that games like this that trivialise the cruelty potential of people are absolutely harmless. I mean when it’s coming down to this game, I’ve noted that I personally am developing quite the sadistic streak. When you mentioned that you as a player would have to watch the effects of the bullying on the target, my immediate response was “yes, I want to watch” followed by a bout of mental maniacal laughter as I relished the thought of watching the target get pushed down and spiral into a horrific depression that would ultimately end in the taking of her own life. But in real life, I would never dream of anything like that. Quite the opposite, I may try to reach out to the poor bullied sap to attempt to prevent them from feeling too bad and I would most certainly not get any pleasure from it. And to be honest, this article has gotten me thinking about why there’s such a massive difference between how I act and how I will play. And perhaps the answer is in that word, “play.” This very well may fit in to the phenomena often seen in gaming that is role-playing a character. Perhaps when I, even we, sit down to play a game, we either knowingly or unknowingly get in character to play somebody else like it’s a show. And so when we’re committing such horrors like murder or driving an innocent child to suicide, it’s not actually us doing it. It’s our depictions of GTA’s Trevor, of the Dragonborn, even our depictions of Yandere-Chan. And so long as we have the mental health to separate our characters from ourselves, which we almost all do, then there’s no real danger. Hell, perhaps I am a sadist and by taking out my dark desires on a fictional character I’m venting my dark side safely without hurting somebody real? That’s certainly an alternative interpretation. But either way, no, I don’t feel like displaying acts like bullying or even murder is a negative thing in video games. It’s just another thing to use for characterisation, knowingly or not.

    And as a final note, it could be interesting to see how far you go with the suicide and the effect that it has on the students. Perhaps having the bullied party actually do it in school if they have the right personality trait, or at home in secret if they have a more insular personality? Either way, the reactions of the students could really be a player punch, making the player either feel great guilt when seeing the guilt of everyone else, or if they’re like me they may secretly find a lot of satisfaction at it. Because screw that whore, you do not talk to Senpai.

  41. Will it be possible to do a “No Kill” run of the game? For example, getting rid of competition solely by spreading rumors, getting favors, getting people in trouble/expelled, etc.?

  42. So, you mentioned before that there was a “snap” option when you get a game over, but you never explained what it does…what does it do?

  43. I don’t think the game takes anything “too far” for several reasons.

    First, this is a game, therefore all that really matters is “will someone enjoy this game play mechanic/story choice/character/etc?” A game is meant to be FUN; a game is not meant to be a lesson on how to live your life.

    Second, this isn’t a game that claims to depict any real life event or person. A game about being a crazed sniper gunning people down from a rooftop is a fantasy; a game that lets you simulate being Charles Whitman in the tower at the university killing simulated versions of real people is a trivialization of real tragedy.

    Finally, all the choices are left to the player/potential player. Do I want to kill that fictional character or not? Do I want to even play the game or not? No one, certainly not the developer, is forcing anyone to play this game. The reason: people have free will and we’re all individuals. Unless we force people to associate with ideas and people they don’t want to associate with, then the choice remains ours to make, and that’s the way it should be. Personally, I don’t want to read the article because I’m sick to death of people conflating fiction/fantasy with real life issues.

    Anyone who is taking their real life views from fantasy is a moron. The idea of something is one thing but the reality is a different creature altogether. Fantasies are without flaws whereas reality sucks. People need to stop taking everything they see in a game or a movie so seriously. They aren’t real and unless the creator is arguing that “this is how real life should be” you have to treat it as just a harmless fantasy.

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