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Yesterday, I was unavailable to answer e-mails, and so my e-mails piled up. Today, I was answering e-mails from 8:00 AM until 12:00 midnight. I didn’t even get to write any code for the game today. Just when I was about to go to bed, I remembered that I forgot to check the blog.

The blog has 103 new comments since the last time I checked.

I usually try to read every blog comment and answer every question, but I don’t think that’s going to be possible anymore. At this point, if I read and answered every e-mail AND answered every blog comment, I would have literally no spare time left over to actually work on the game.

Please, ONLY e-mail me under the following circumstances:

  • You are reporting a bug.
  • You are making a business inquiry or proposition.
  • You are a talented 2D artist, 3D artist, or 3D animator (or a programmer who specializes in the Unity game engine) who wants to volunteer to help me develop the game.

Please, DON’T e-mail me under the following circumstances:

I already have enough programming tasks to last me for months, so I can’t really afford to take on any more requests.

If you can’t get the game to run, please wait until I release another build. If you can’t download the game, please wait until I post new download links. If you can’t extract the build, it’s not my fault, and there’s nothing I can do about it.

90% of the “bug reports” I get are about bugs I already know about, and that’s very unfortunate. 100% of the people who volunteer to help me with the game are appreciated, but only 50% actually include any examples of their work.

This doesn’t mean that I intend to stop paying attention to what players are saying, or that I won’t be listening to any suggestions or feedback from this point forward. It just means that I can’t afford to keep interacting directly with the community as frequently as I have been, or else I’d have literally zero free time left for development.

There are two exceptions to the above rules:

  • You’re welcome to send me fan art, I love seeing it.
  • I’m not looking for any voice actors or voice actresses at this point in time, but if you’re a female voice actress who wants to be contacted once I am ready to include more voices in the project, you can send me your demo reel. If you don’t have a demo reel, then please don’t contact me.

On the plus side, I do have some positive news to report. All of those e-mails I’m so busy with are between me and some extremely talented individuals who are producing some absolutely amazing assets for the game, and I can’t wait to show off their outstanding work. I’m also being presented with some incredible opportunities that I never imagined would be possible for me. Despite all the doom and gloom up above, I’ve actually never been happier, and I’m really eager to share all of the exciting new progress with you guys, as soon as it’s ready!

Thanks for reading this!

148 thoughts on “E-mails and Blog Comments

    • In addition to that I’d suggest you to think about creating some sort of a forum or a sub on Reddit and getting some voluntary moderators from the community to help you seperate the useful posts from the not so useful (no offense) for you to read and answer. I’m sure there are enough people who’d gladly help you. Since it’s, at least from the programming perspective, an one-man project, reading and answering all comments is not only time consuming but at this stage is also counter-productive to the project as a whole.
      Just my thoughts on that matter 🙂

      • I don’t like the idea of a forum, because it’s another thing for me to worry about maintaining.

        “Are my moderators power-tripping?”

        “Is there false information being spread?”

        “Is the forum considered a shitty community?”

        The less avenues there are for discussing the game, the less I have to worry about.

      • I can totally see your points! I saw first handedly how a subreddit went completly to shit, because of insane amount of misinformation, stupidity by the vocal minority and a lot of other bs, so that the former Project Lead, who has put an almost unhuman amount of patience and general believe in human intelligence to communicate with the community through it, deleted his reddit account in the end (Hello, r/dayz…). Even though the moderators did a pretty decent job.

        Right now the DayZ devs communicate with the community via Twitter and their forum and right now it is not as toxic as it used to be (at least that’s how it looks to me). Their game is on a completly other scale, so I think a forum for Yandere Simulater would be managable in comparison.

        At least you wouldn’t get buried by E-Mails and the post would be structured and ordered. Also certainly half of the post would get closed as they were already answered in the FAQ 😉
        There are 2 sites on the medal 🙂

        Lastly if you want to you could try contacting the man himself (https://twitter.com/rocket2guns), I’m pretty sure he’d gladly give you some advice on community management, since he saw the good and the bad sides of it and is pretty close to Indie Devs.

        Sorry for the long post again ^^’

      • I have been a part of a few indie game communities. I can tell you, someone to read hours of posting, and summarize the important stuff, would be useful. Just find someone you trust well. I would offer, but you don’t know me anyway, and I just got asked for a position elsewhere.interestingly enough (my last experience with this was less than sublime)

    • I’m sorry if this is a stupid and obvious question, but is there a way I can recieve email updates or something whenever you make a new post to your blog?

      • Yes you can.

        If only YandereDev added the option ‘Follow Blog’ then you can receive updates by mail to your email account, but he didn’t so this option isn’t available.

        You could try ‘Notify me of new posts via email’ option when you’re trying to post a reply, although I’m not really sure what kind of ‘posts’ if it’s Yanderes’ or some person, but it is highly likely YandereDevs’ post.

        If none of these 2 options work, then, you’d just have to visit his site often, 😦 sorry, those are the only options I know of, even I want to receive updates via email quickly, but YandereDev didn’t add the option ‘Follow Blog’

    • My opinion and hint about the new update:
      Well, I never wanted to Japanese schools and no idea how to be so I apologize if I quote things that does not take into Japanese schools.
      I think that would be pretty cool add a library, cafeteria, male teachers and pool. I was also wondering if she could walk the streets gta type and if she could go home for a student to watch up there or even invade and kill the student.
      What I found about the new update?
      Um, I think that increasingly is getting better, I follow is just a few months the game and even then, I realized that you vastly improved it, good job. I am Brazilian and very much hope that when you finish the game, has language in Portuguese (I am bad in English, google translator use.) Kisses

      • Oi, friend. Então, como você mesmo disse que não é muito bom em inglês, então eu suspeito que você não pôde ler com exatidão algumas coisas já ditas. Se eu não me engano, YandereDeve já comentou que ele gostaria de adicionar piscinas no jogo. Estou tirando isso baseado do que já assisti em animes e doramas, mas acredito que na maioria das escolas japonesas não haja exatamente uma cafeteria(sabe, o lugar para comer, com mesas e essas coisas), a maioria tem é uma cantina onde compram lanches e aí eles escolhem se comem na sala ou em algum outro canto da escola, lugar tipo “praça de alimentação” eu acho que só se for aquelas escolas particulares mais chiques. Uma biblioteca, admito que seria uma coisa interessante, mas isso depende dele e do que ele tem disponível…Professores homens, eu ACHO que ele pretende por, mas só mais tarde, como foi o caso dos garotos na escola que só foram adicionados recentemente, assim como aparencias diferentes para os professores.
        Agora sobre o mundo aberto tipo GTA. YandereDev já disse várias e várias vezes que as chances disso acontecer são muito pequenas, porque dariam muito trabalho e muito tempo, e esse jogo é um projeto indie de um homem só, não teria condições, a única chance seria se tivesse uma verba espantosa ou voluntários dispostos a ter esse trabalho, porque é bem complicado quando se tem um time pequeno. Espero que isso tenha esclarecido algumas coisas o/

      • Probably YandereDev will add up:

        -Male Teachers
        -Pool (Hm, 50/50 chance?)

        There are Japanese schools that are complete with that, of course, if we have a ‘pool’, we could probably dump our weapons in the pool, suspecting the murderer is one of the swimming club’s members and frame them for being murderers, or the same with the librarians and the cafeteria staff members!

        Why wouldn’t you add a male teacher? :P, YandereDev just added a female teacher first, like he did once before male students were added, probably, in my opinion, YandereDev will focus on the female teachers first, like her hair and hair colors, like he did to the other female students in the past.

        Although, I’d say that ALL female teachers didn’t have to be so strong, like, there should be a type whose just easy-going, and once witnessed a murder, she’ll just get Y-Chan and tell the police she did it, not causing anything to harm her. It would be interesting if everything you said would add up to the game.

  1. Gee, you’re so busy and hardworking, you get so little credit and you’re so modest about your process… I really appreciate all the work you do, and I’ve decided long ago that I’ll definitely buy the game, I can’t do anything else at this point.

    Thank you and good luck from now on!

  2. Yes! I was right! I knew It was Just a matter of time until you made a post Like this. You’re totally right! I signed my email to alerted me from comments and I still am impressed how you took the time tô read and aswer most of them. Most of them were só repetitive that I was starting tô get angry, you sure are a patient and Nice guy. I wish you lots of good luck! I Will make sure tô buy your game when it’s ready! (It was a useless comment but I Just wanted tô say something on the matter. Don’t expect any other useless comments from me o/)

  3. I told you that users never read. Nothing will ever change pal. You will still get senseless e-mails. Volunteers will not show any of their work but they will still volunteer. Maybe at this point on you can stop minding these useless e-mails/comments? If reading these useless feedback takes away precious development time, then it could very well ‘break’ the game.

    • It agree with Keale! It might be better to just ignore and/or delete pointless emails. With posts on this site, you read them but ignore anything that isn’t a new question.

    • You’re welcome to submit a recording for me to judge, but if your microphone is extremely low-quality, your voices echoes in the room you’re recording in, and/or you have to whisper because you don’t want your parents to hear you…please don’t bother.

  4. Question. You have a faq on what common bugs there are but do you have a list of already implemented features? That might help on questions folks have on whats already in the game n such. 😮

  5. Man, from 8 am to midnight, that’s insane. Maybe you should try to get someone you trust to answer the emails and comments – or just stop answering them at all. It would be for the best since we’re all looking forward to the game. I’m an animation student, too bad I’m not good enough yet to give a hand. Wishing you good luck!

    • that would require an INSANE amount of effort, even with a whole team! and besides, it doesn’t match the game at all. mp would have to be a completely different thing. YandereDev is working hard enough as it is.

    • In my opinion, basically.


      Multiplayer, yes, it may be seriously fun to play around with at least 2-3 people including yourself! 😀 However, it would require effort for YandereDev to get, so we’re just basically putting him to work harder, although I would like to see a Yandere Simulator with at least 2-3 people joining in a Multiplayer server 😀

      Some would say it won’t match the game, indeed, however, if you’re just into a killing-spree with your friends, then yes, the game itself would be like GTA V playing with someone else too, which is something that most of us would look at.

      But, being the game as a Singleplayer would be enough and I don’t want to burden YandereDev. But, if YandereDev wants to create a Multiplayer server or let us create our own servers, then, I am with him 😀

      • There wont be multiplayer, ever.
        1. It is extremely hard to make mods for Unity, so no Mulitplayer Mod
        2. It takes an EXTREME amount of work just to make multiplayer

  6. Sir, when you said to press ctrl+alt+del when the screen goes pink. It doesn’t work, are there other ways?

    • If restarting the game doesn’t work, for now you can try downloading the game again. It’s a good idea to check what graphic card you have and see if you downloaded the correct ver. If it doesn’t help, you need to wait for a next release.

  7. Hey I have a suggestion! I know, I know, you may not read these but I figured I’d try anyway cause I really like my idea, and don’t know what you’ll think!

    I think one of the rivals who is going for senpai should be a guy! It would be really interesting, in my opinion, and also might allow for some amusing comments from Yandere-chan when senpai is male. When senpai is female, it sort of just makes sense to have at least one guy going for her? Although the “other nine” so to speak would probably still be female, you know, whatever you already have planned.

    Male rival that you have to take out somehow? Sounds good to me. ;3 Maybe even disable certain methods of getting rid of him, like maybe frontal attacks simply won’t work on him at all or something. Thanks for reading! :3

    • YandereDev ‘PLANNED’ the game on how it will work, I’m just here to support him by in his stead, I’ll answer some questions, xD.

      I tried suggesting a feature of the game, like, there should be a senpai whose in love with Yandere-chan that Senpai will finally notice her because the senpai whose in love and Yandere-chan are considered as the ‘noisy couple’ of the school, but YandereDev ‘planned’ the end of the game, so it means, he rejected my idea but I’m fine with it :D, and planned the game ‘itself’.

      Hm, but reading your comment, the idea itself is interesting however, it is most likely YandereDev won’t add that to the game or will likely reject it, sorry for your hard work bro 😦

      • Your idea sounds pretty cool too! But my idea was more just having a male who wants to actually get with senpai, despite gender, which means you know, a homosexual if the senpai is male. 😛

        I know it’s a stretch of an idea but I somehow doubt he has ALL TEN rivals already decided. Maybe he does though, haha.

    • @Scissors You’re right o-o)

      It really is cool if there’d be a male or a gay senpai in love with Senpai :P, I’d support that idea too. If you’d want to kill him, it would be like, killing a teacher, you’d need more Physical Ed. points in order to kill a male, not like those weak male guys in the school.

      However, if YandereDev planned something like that, I’d be supporting you, I mean, I guess it’s just normal for popular guys to have gay fans :S, and the idea of yours can be used for comedy, in different ways.

      I hope that YandereDev will see your suggestion and make a decision about it, your idea would be interesting in the game :P. It would also be really cool if we have a teacher that has a crush on Senpai, knowing that they still have age gap.

  8. For voice actors, is there an age range you’d prefer? Like do you want middle school – college students or people who don’t have school/work or something I didn’t mention?

    • Probably there’s an age range, I’d like to try participating in one, though I don’t know if my voice will work as Senpai’s love rival, Imouto.

      When I’ve heard Senpai, and Yandere-chan work, they voiced one as people who has the age of 16-19, I’m wanting to participate in the challenge as Imouto’s voice actress, having a ‘tsundere-ish or childish voice’ would mostly suit Tsunderes, though I still have to need some time for me to work in voice acting xD

      But, I don’t know how YandereDev wants voice actors/actresses have the age range, but Yandere-chan and Senpai’s voice actresses/actors do indeed sound like 16-19, just highschoolers to college, if in my opinion

  9. Hey i have an idea for you but idk how good it is so… 1. You should add and option to kidnap Senpai and have it be hard to do it. 2. Mabe have a option to kill Senpai. So you don’t have to do those things they were just suggestions and im going to make you a fan art for this ok X3

    • YandererDev has stated that, since being able to kidnap/kill Senpai defeats the purpose of the game, this won’t happen.

    • YandereDev ‘planned’ the game already and set his eyes on his created features of the game.

      Option 1: If you kidnapped Senpai, what will be the purpose of the game? As you may have noticed, ‘protecting’ Senpai and ‘killing’ love rivals is the purpose of the game for ‘you’ to do. If you kidnapped Senpai, then it means game over.

      Option 2: If you killed Senpai, like I said above, your purpose is to ‘protect’ him from other girls confessing to him, if you failed to kill the girl, let her get away and confess to Senpai, it means game over. And if you killed Senpai, it’s the same

      • But Yuki from future diary kidnapped her love interest.

        Sure it caused her problems in the end, but that’s what’s expected from a yandere.

        I also think sempai should not automatically react negatively to yandere’s presence, atleast unless she acts weird around him(like not replying when talked to etc.)

    • If oyu kill senpai text:

      Yandere-chan has accidentally killed Senpai.

      While on a rampage, she was running cluelessly.

      Her knife went into Senpai’s neck, killing him instantly.

      Yandere-chan immediately after commits suicide.

  10. Hey! I didn’t know where else to put this but i decided to put it here since it has the rules of emails and such!

    Soooo i just recently looked into this game and i love it and your doing a great job! I do have some feature suggestions that i think might be asked already but i have no idea so here we go!

    1. This pertains to character customization! I LOVE how you keep senpai and yandere-chan simple, basic human hair and eyes while every other model has the “anime look”, meaning bright hair and eye color combinations. I REALLY think and hope you keep all other models bright and colorful with cute and awesome hair styles! Then when the player is customizing senpai and yandere-chan, they have all the awesom hair styles, but their limited to hair and eye color. Keep it to what a human would actually have sooo hair colors would include black, dark brown, brown, alburn, strawberry blonde, blonde, and platinum blonde and for eyes it would be black, dark brown, brown, hazel, green, blue, and silver blue. Just so we can keep the irony and the satire of how most main characters of anime’s stick out like a sore thumb whilw these two just sorta blend and everyone.else sticks out xD

    2. This is in reguards to the reputation/friendship. What IF yandere-chan made friends?! I mean litteral ones and theirs stages of friendship which each one is a good and bad thing. For example;

    Accquaintence: the character knows alittle about yandere-chan and they talk about her in their opinon about to people, but yet their curious and will come up to her randomly to try to get to know her more.

    Friend: they are friends! Yay! This means that if someone tries to put down your repuation, theirs a 50/50 chance that they will defend your reputation, on the other side of the coin, since your friends with them, they will come up to you more frequently and talk to you more.

    Good friend: good friends are good. If someone is trying to deminish your repuation, they will 75% of the time protect it and ontop of that, you can ask 1 favor from them which can pertain to an item or distraction or doing something for you, of course, unlike info-chan, they will question you and you will have to come up with a response in a short period of time or it won’t work(what favors your can ask can be left to you), the bad side is that they will get in your way more, making harder to kill people or drug them.

    Best friend: this is the best option, why? Because if ANYONE tries to deminish your rep. They will 100% defend it, but their is a chance that it may not work. Ontop of that. You can ask more favors, like 2 maybe a day and when they question youyou, you can have longer time to think(by the way, depending on their personality, you have to responde to their personality) the bad thing is that they will want to hang out alot.. I mean ALOT. Making it even more difficult to sneak around.

    I would also suggest to put a friendship meter because certain actions can reduce friendship point like getting caught. I also think if you use this idea, you can only have 1 best friend and a certain amount of friends in general, we don’t want to over complicate things. Also different genders can do different favors and ontop of that! I think you can be friends with your rival, get to best friend status and betray her by killing or torturing her. So theres that option.

    The other thing i thought of is what if yandere-chan had secret admirers and people who have crushes on her? This can include your friends and such. This could be bad or good. Good because if they confess to you, you can get their heart points to a certain leve to do certain things without question! Like manipulate and lead them on and possibly get enough heart points to tell them to kill someone and die for you(or not), making it another way to get rid of your rival. It bad because you don’t want anyone else to like but senpai right? So you can deny them, but that can look bad on your rep and if its a friend, your friend go down imensly so you could either try to be friendly to get your friend or rep points up oooor you can be nice, lead them to a location and either torture them to never love you or kill them!(evil aren’t i?) another thing is that you could possibly, hard to do, but possibly make your rival have a crush on you instead and either you betray them and kill them yourself or torture them or better yet! Tell them to kill themselves! Another thing is that you can make them your personal minon. Because depending on their personality and club, they maybe a good use to you, like they can get you things other students can’t get you or they can do certain things all in the name of love. I would think you can have 2 rival minons at a time. You can get more if they kill someone and then themselves or they allow you to place evidence on them so they can take the blame

    But yeah, lets consider that love points and friend points are hard to get! Its not easy, but well worth it to get free favors instead of using panty points from info-chan. I thought it would be another fun way to go about killing rivals to do your bidding! These are just fun little suggestions and i hope you like them 🙂

    I may also send a donation to you later and maybe a demo reel. I have been told i need to do some voice acting for the apparent voices i can do o.o” anyway! Keep up the good work!

    • Good options you have, Kitsune-san. Really good ones, perhaps.

      I hope YandereDev adds the friendship status you have :P, for the ‘if Yandere-chan has secret admirers’ and etc, well, I tried suggesting one for YandereDev in the past, but, he already planned the end of the game, so in other words, rejected my idea.

      But for the friendship status you gave, pretty good >w<)b, however, if the game is drawing near to it's release, it would be great if it's the time to add the suggestion to the game itself just for YandereDev to focus on what he wants FIRST these days and when the final release date DRAWS NEAR, he would end up putting the suggestions on fans which will work him harder by day, which I think is fine since he FINISHED everything he wants to put into the game and just focus on the suggestions of fans, and bugs.

      Though, for the friendship status, it might be a really long time it could work, even just for the 'Acquaintance' level ||=w=), it's like putting lines for students (male/female) more and schedule them, disabling them to talk to Y-Chan or enabling them to talk to Y-Chan, when is the time they'll talk or go home with Y-Chan.

      Even if I'm not a programmer of games myself, it really is indeed needs hard work, though, that's why I said that it would be best if YandereDev saw my comment on your post and just FOCUS on what he wants to do to the game today, nowadays and when the final release date of the final version, there, he would put some suggestions of the fans for the game and fix most of the bugs.

      • Of course! These were just suggestions and i was thinking about real life situations because its more suspicous if you have no friends at all than when you have friends. I understand how HARD programming is. I was a web designers for a period of time and i left once i got to the programming part for beginners @.@ its really up to him if he adds or not. It would be awesome if he does! But i’m not planning on it. I JUST looked into the game so im not sure how close he is to release so yeah.

    • ||^w^) Well, in real life, it is weird if you don’t have friends (Like I do in real life. I’m just a mysterious student in school, but actually has a different personality).

      Y-Chan probably should get friends, not only for the reputation points/bar/stats, it just means her popularity and making everyone her friends, which is, a bit boring…

      Having an enemy in the game, other than your love rival, is interesting, spreading rumors around, bad about you, and your friends to defend you? A quite interesting idea for the game. You might even do them (Your friend) a favor to pass a weapon throughout the school framing him/her, pretty bad-ass, or just pass the weapon in a gift-wrapped box to someone as a present framing the one whom the present was sent to, however, he/she must be near where the murder had taken place.

      I hope, and really hope that your suggestion will be in the game, it was one of the suggestions that I really approved of and am interested, for the game to have.

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  12. Hello! I wasnt sure what your email was, but i’d like to report a bug.
    When you speed up time and drag a body to the incinerator, after you dump it you move to a random place on the map, i did this when the time was at full speed and the camera tripped out, yandere-chan was running in place and i couldnt move, i could only wait until the entire day was over.

  13. I was also wondering, what if senpai had a meter that if he caught her acting strange (slightly insane, not being in class, taking photos of him, etc.) the meter would lower. As the meter goes down he becomes suspicious about yandere-chan and begins to be scared of her.

  14. I don’t know if this was asked before but I i’ll ask anyway.

    Will Senpai have a certain personality or will he just remain a blank slate with the only thing that Yandere-chan likes about him is his looks.

    Because i was thinking that you could give Senpai the personality of your typical happy to help, make friends with everyone, anime protagonist personality. That way there’s more of a reason for girls of all types to go after him, as well as Yandere-chan, since that’s kinda what happens in these shows and it also gives the player more incentive to end up with him.

    This is probably a stupid question since you’re focusing on gameplay, graphics, etc, I was just curious about how senpai will turn out.

  15. I love your work so much and I can’t wait for the full game to come out! Thank you for making this for all of us! I wish I could donate you some money to help, but unfortunetly I’m broke. I do wanna help though! From A Loving Yandere

  16. Aaah, don’t worry about it being late ^^!! I think most (if not all) of us understand that things get hectic and you want to make sure everything is nice

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    • You don’t need to ask; if you read the FAQ, you can read that Dev-sama confirmed that there will be a Senpai-chan, if the player rather wants to pursue a female.

  18. I have a suggestion for the teachers…

    What if you could impress the teachers by coming to class early and it would boost up your reputation? 😮

  19. Your dedication to this game is just awesome.
    The game looks promising and one of a kind.
    I know its too late now and i don’t know much about unity 3d, but why not consider unreal engine?

  20. Yandere Dev, I like your Yandere Simulator and I would like to translate your updates into Chinese in order let people in China/Taiwan/Hong Kong to know more about your awesome game:D. I will post your dev blog website and youtube channel as well. Permission to do it?

  21. What’s your email again?

    I would like to report a bug in the April 17th build (that I’m not doing in the May 3rd build because of teachers in the classrooms) and I would also like to volunteer to help with the game. I am a 2D artist and I have a deviantArt account as well as gallery with art I’ve been doing over the past 5-6 months.

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  23. How about a mechanic where you could make two students hate each other enough that they would have a fight? How the fight ends could depend their personalities and how much they hate each other, for example; if you got your rival to get into a fight with a teacher’s pet type NPC and the rival threw a punch, the NPC could run to a teacher and get your rival expelled for violence. Another example could be that if one of the students involved in the fight was part of the karate club they could end up killing the other student, getting arrested, and maybe even getting karate club shut down, forcing other members to find new hobbies. If a scaredy-cat got into a fight they would run away before it turns violent, making the other student look like a bully (How the student body reacts to this could depend on weather or not you’ve had a student bullied into suicide yet.)

  24. Please keep working hard Yandere-Dev no matter how long it takes you to update the game we know it’ll all be worth it in the end and we all can’t wait for the final game to be finished~!! ❤

  25. Hello Yandere Dev, while playing on the new build I noticed some things:
    1. anyone that gets taken out of their “walk lines” outside of school, will enter through the corner of the doors in the edges.
    2. I murdered a girl beside the ‘right’ dumpster and a male student saw and reported what happened, I managed to pull the victim away in time for when the teacher arrived, I didnt get in trouble. However, that same student, after the teacher left, saw me once again while I was at the 4rth sakura tree (from the dumpster to the exit) and went after the teacher again.
    3. I killed the cyan girl in her “new spot” but no blood was shown in the first floor
    There are a few other things that it would be easier to send through screenshots of the game. Please, if you can/want, reply via email so that I may provide you with the visual evidence

  26. I’d like to know the native resolution to the game, because when I set it to full screen, it does not seem to fit my monitor size, its currently 1024×768, 15 inch. I know its small for this time but I’m working on getting a bigger one, until then I’d like to know if the resolution of the game can be compatible with my screen size at any time.

  27. My suggestion would be to add computing to the list of subjects. At tier 1, you can install key loggers to gain access to social media accounts (make fake posts, upload photos, alter status, etc). At higher tiers, maybe you can get student secrets or alter grades, etc?

  28. I’m concerned about the publicity the game is getting. While it’s good that people know of its existence, I’ve also been seeing some big youtubers playing the game without really explaining about how this is a test build and not an actual game. Then I see kids in the comments whining about how the game doesn’t work because they don’t understand what a .rar file is :/

    Not really a valid thing to worry about I guess but I’m sure it does lead to a lot more confused emails to YandereDev…

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    • It’s there…it’s right there, on the banner of the blog, easy to spot, it’s written “Know bugs”…and on the post itself, there is a link…o__o

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  31. could you make it in the game that you may walk down the street and murder people or just follow the girl’s crush but not in words.

  32. I have some ideas.

    If your psychology is high enough, you can interact with Senpai, but you still cannot win the game. You might need a level 5.

    Maybe the rival can move? If you have level 5 biology you can kill the rival, but there’s a rare chance Senpai could commit suicide if you do it too late in the game (Maybe 4:30pm Friday) And the text goes like.

    Yandere-Chan has successfully killed her rival.

    However, she forgets to dispose of the corpse.

    Just as Senpai walks out of the school, he discovers the body.

    He cries greatly with tears of sadness.

    Senpai couldn’t handle the grief and he commits suicide.

    Yandere-Chan watched it all and has a heart attack.

  33. An odd suggestion , but I would like to see the ability to be more Interactive in kidnapping , like blindfolding yandere chans victims , or gagging them so they can scream. Also . Another way to knock out the rivals , like chloroform .

  34. Well i think you should have different types of teachers, Like a guy teacher and not look all the same, and hide the weapons in teacher’s desk a few of them. Sorry, i just think it may make the game better.

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