Don’t Let Senpai Notice You!


The latest build of the game can be downloaded here. However, please don’t just ignore the rest of the blog post…I’ve written some important stuff down below.

The biggest additions to the game this week are male students, and a Senpai that finally walks around like a normal student! What does this mean for gameplay? Well…

I fixed a lot of bugs and added a new feature during the first week of April. Here’s what I got done within the past week:

  • Fixed bug that would make Yandere-chan get arrested if she was carrying a bloody weapon in her inventory when leaving school.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the “Now Loading” image to be permanently stuck onscreen when loading the Photo Gallery.
  • Fixed bug that would cause a fleeing student’s body to move towards the school’s exit during their death animation.
  • Fixed bug that would allow the player to see the “Quit Game?” window at the “end-of-day results” screen.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the wrong “end-of-day results” text to appear under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the cardiograph monitor to appear at the “Study Points” screen.
  • Fixed bug that would trap students outside of school if you rushed to school too quickly.
  • Fixed bug involving the water bucket that would actually cause the game to crash.
  • Attempted to fix the “Students spin when walking up staircases” bug.
  • Fixed bug that would change the color of the sky at the title screen.
  • Fixed bug that would cause dead or dying students to open doors.
  • Students that die will now stay dead after being killed.
  • Implemented several Senpai-related Game Overs.
  • Implemented male students.

APRIL 15th 3:30 AM UPDATE:

  • Fixed bug that would make Senpai walk in place.
  • Fixed bug that would make the game hang after Senpai witnessed murder.

APRIL 15th 8:00 PM UPDATE:

  • Senpai will no longer “notice” you if you’re having a conversation with a student. (Talking with a student is an inconspicuous activity, so it’s like “social camoflague” that causes Senpai to overlook you.)
  • Fixed bug that would allow the player to spawn the “Quit game?” window at the end-of-day screen, during the Senpai cut-scene, and while using the Pass Time feature.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the Senpai cut-scene to play in slow motion if the player had Yandere Vision active while getting spotted by Senpai.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Yandere-chan to be “insta-killed” by Senpai if she was using the Pass Time feature while in his cone of vision.
  • Fixed bug that allowed the player to activate easter eggs during the Senpai cut-scene or while getting a game over.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the police results screen and Senpai’s reaction to occur simultaneously.
  • Attempted to fix the crash bug that occurs when activating the “Hatred” easter egg.

April 17th 1:00 AM UPDATE:

  • The camera will no longer “fall through the floor” if Yandere-chan is noticed by Senpai on the second or third floors of the screen.
  • If Yandere-chan loses more than two-thirds of her Sanity, she loses the ability to speak to students until her Sanity is restored.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the game to hang if Yandere-chan had her camera out when getting spotted by Senpai.
  • Yandere-chan can no longer trigger responses from NPCs or Senpai during “End of Day Results” screen.
  • Students will no longer agree to follow Yandere-chan someplace if she is covered in blood.
  • The game now tracks the number of murder weapons in the school properly.

Does it seem like I didn’t get much done over the last 2-week period, compared to most two-week periods? Well…

Rate of Progress

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to make as much progress with the game as I wanted to over the past two weeks. Ever since the game got a huge boost in publicity, a large chunk of my time has eaten up by answering e-mails and comments about the game, so recently, I haven’t had much free time to actually work on the game.

It’s really important to me to interact with the fans, so I read every e-mail / tweet / blog comment that I get, and I try to respond to every inquiry. However, this takes up a ridiculous amount of time; now that there are so many comments to respond to and questions to answer, my productivity has been reduced to a mere fraction of what it was in previous months.

Regrettably, about 90% of the messages that I read are asking questions that I’ve already answered, reporting “bugs” that aren’t actually bugs, or making suggestions that I’ve already shot down countless times.

If I ignored the fans completely, I’d get a lot more work done and make a lot more progress. However, I don’t want to ignore the fans! So, to make things easier for me, please don’t ask questions that I’ve already answered dozens of times, please don’t write unhelpful bug reports, and try not to suggest features that don’t suit the game, or are far outside the scope of a one-man indie game.

Remember: Every minute I spend answering a question on the blog is a minute I’m not spending developing the game. As a result, you can speed up the game’s development by not asking me questions.

Fortunately, not all of the messages I get are unproductive. Over the past few weeks, I’ve received countless e-mails from very talented people who are generously volunteering to help with Yandere Simulator’s development. I’ve been speaking with 3D modellers, 3D animators, 2D character artists, sound designers, musicians, voice actors, and even singers. This is both a blessing and a curse; I’m blessed to be in contact with so many talented individuals who want to help me out, but answering so many e-mails means that I only have one or two hours left in the day to actually work on Yandere Simulator.

So, even though I don’t have very much new content to show off this week, please don’t think that the game’s progress is slowing down. I’m starting to amass some REALLY cool 3D assets that I can’t wait to plug into the game, but they require a bit more polish until they’re ready to actually show off. You’ll start to see some really cool stuff in the coming weeks, as the new volunteers send me all kinds of awesome things for the game.

As always, thanks for your interest in Yandere Simulator’s development!

319 thoughts on “Don’t Let Senpai Notice You!

  1. Hey, this game is really awesome so far! I love it. I have a few suggestions, though.

    There’s a gardening club, right? Yandere-chan could join that gardening club and get access to some gardening shears as a weapon. There’s also the matter of why Yandere-chan’s plants grow better than others. Well, she has a special fertilizer! The bodies of students, to be exact. Yandere-chan buries her victims as a means of disposing the body. If there’s the budget for it, there could even be a plant growing over the grave of each victim.

    Also, maybe there could be a cooking club where Yandere-chan could get a knife/chopper (another weapon) from. Blood on her uniform could be excused away as an accident while cooking instead of paint (because seriously? I wouldn’t believe that). She could also bake cookies/cakes and hand them out to strangers for a reputation boost/to poison ‘random’ folks. (If you’re really evil, you could chop up bodies and cook them in a stew to dispose of them. But who eats the stew? Oooh…)

    I understand if these suggestions never see the light of day due to constraints (budget, volunteers etc), but I hope you keep them in mind just in case.

    From the previous comments, I also know that some people have volunteered to be a moderator and have been denied. Despite this, however, I would still like to extend my services. Your dedication to the current fanbase is commendable, but less time replying to people means more time spent developing Yandere simulator!

    Once again, great job and I hope you develop many more games like this one.

  2. I have a suggestion for ya c:

    Since a rooftop seems to be coming, I think it would be a nice touch for Yan-chan to ask a student to follow her to the roof…and then push them off the top so they fall to their death. It would leave no incriminating evidence on her and since her reputation was high enough to get the student to follow her, she can fake an alibi.

  3. I know it doesnt focus on romance much cause she stalks and kills from the shadow and all, but i hope there will be more story to it than just killing and maybe let senpai talk to your if you reputation is high, just a suggestion though

      • Could there be flexible deadline rather than 10 weeks? maybe you can somehow “slow down” the progress between Senpai and Rival(s) for more time. Will, if you set senpai’s graduation as deadline that’s fine, but maybe rival get him quicker than that?

        Another ideal of Senpai-interaction is that something harmful to senpai. form spreading rumor and let rival give up him, all the way to even directly KIDNAP him!
        Or maybe let kidnap senpai as a PLAN B, if you have done some set up before and got a heart break. you can quickly switch to plan B and get senpai in your basement without got his heart.(And that’s a REAL YANDERE STYLE)

      • A drastically extended game timeline is a feature for Yandere Simulator 2, when I have a bigger budget.

        Kidnapping Senpai defeats the purpose of the game.

  4. You should let Yandere-Chan talk to senpai. And if yuo win him over you can have a happy life with him. But of course you’d need to put a save files thing so you can start over if you want to. You should also strip girls naked and show them in front of boys. You should also let us kidnap Senpai like Yuno Gasai did o.o Being a Yandere is my dream ;-;

  5. (I’m sorry if this has been addressed already; I didn’t see it in the comments or known bugs.)
    I doubt this is high on your priority list, since it’s just an Easter egg, but Attack on Titan mode is kinda broken. I suspect the new male characters are causing issues.

    I pressed L before the male characters came to school on the morning, and when they spawned in, they looked…different. I think the face palette (if that’s the right terminology) is being applied to the whole body, as I can see their face on their legs, their eyes on a side of a body and such.

    Besides that, the characters in titan mode also collided with each other and began flying as a result.

    When you kill them, the corpse collapses into a weird pose and starts spinning around rapidly, leaving blood everywhere.

    I think this image really summarizes it:

    This probably doesn’t matter as much because it’s just an Easter egg, sorry, but I just thought I’d let you know that you might want to fix/disable Titan mode for now.

    (in any case, it was a lot of fun running around after spinning amalgamations of people.)

  6. Hello, just a bug report:
    On the ‘heartbroken’ game over page (specifically the one which occurs from a senpai related game over, e.g. killing a student in front of senpai or standing in front of him), if you press ‘enter’ Yandere-chan rotates and then if you then press enter again, you can start to move your mouse around to do some funky stuff.

  7. The builds are vastly improving in quality and really shows the hard work that you are putting into this game (even for free time this is impressive) too bad i cant play the builds as often as i like cause my pc crashes after 5 mins of launching the game. I think it might just be my pc but im glad to see the game progressing~! Best wishes to you!

    • Just a thought as well. In your how to kidnap a girl video you talked about a seduction stat for seducing men to do favours for you. I was thinking, if you seduce a man to do a favour for you, there should be some kind of consequence for doing it too much to the same man (depending on how useful the favour is to yandere chan) the boy will start to like yandere chan and will try to confess to her. obv since yandere chan only likes senpai it will be an automatic turn down and maybe, cause the boy to not do any more favours for her and depending on the personality type, could affect how the game goes on about. (socials spread rumors to bring your rep. down, etc). But what if one of the boys starts to really like you and he himself becomes a yandere kun and stalks you around and if you let him continue on like this he could endanger senpai’s life or yours. (showing signs throughout the week that he is becoming a much more unstable person) The only way to get rid of him is to either kill him or frame him for murder to lock him up forever. This may be a bit too much for you but like i said. it’s just a thought 🙂

      TLDR: If seduction stat is added, maybe make consequences to actions for seducing boys too much and have possible yandere kuns that you would have to get rid of or senpai or yourself could be in danger. If this is possible depending on budget and assuming you like the idea

      Also when you are looking for voice actors and you post it, is there like a voice actor test that you do or something like that? Do we make voice samples and send it to you? Just curious

  8. Just a suggestion, but you should make it possible to take your own panty shots to send to info-chan! It would pretty drastically drop your reputation, of course, but it would make it easier to get favors — maybe depending on the pair on underpants you wear?

  9. I have a suggestion. What if you murdered someone, but make it seem like it was a suicide attempt? I noticed in the gameplay that you can increase ability to write suicide notes for other students, but what if you murder someone, and want to seem like it was suicide? Like for example, you make the victum that you murdered seemed like she hanged herself and left a suicide note, so the cops won’t think it was you? This is just me thinking out loud, but it seems like kinda an Intresting thing to do throughout the game so you can get away with murder besides burning the bodies.

  10. I have an idea for the game: A new murder method. Instead of going through the hassle of stabbing the victim, mopping up blood and all that you could steal the tranquilliser, make your victim sleep and throw her and the weapon on the incinerator. This could also give extra points for cruelty.

    • If you get your Biology level up in school and have a good enough reputation to get someone to follow you – take them into the gym storage room and you can do this.

  11. Question, is it a bug that you can laugh the crazy away and/or wait it out? Not sure if they’re features or not is why I ask since it’s a bit hard to get close to senpai for recovery pics when your sanity is that far gone.

  12. I have a question, a suggestion, and an observation

    Question: In the testing build, the students are always the same. In the final build, will the students appearance, personality, and club be randomized for each new game, or will we have the same basic students each game?

    Suggestion: This all depends on how many students there will be in the final game, and whether its possible to kill them all. Assuming it will be possible to murder the entire student body (except Senpai, of course), I think Senpai should be able to deduce that Yandere-chan is the murderer, and will never be able to love her if she murders everyone else.

    Observation: This isn’t meant to be anything other than a couple things I noticed and wanted to jot down here in the comments, nothing more. There is nothing really important here.

    Senpai does not react if you are carrying scissors, a box cutter, or a screwdriver, which makes sense. If he did, Senpai would be a very paranoid person. However……………..
    I had Yandere-chan insane, bloody, and carrying a weapon and stood in front of Senpai. Senpai reacted to her insanity, so insanity is the highest taboo for Senpai. Then I had her bloody and carrying a weapon, but perfectly sane. Senpai reacted to her weapon, even if the weapon was the scissors, box-cutter or screwdriver. So, holding a weapon (ANY weapon) is more taboo than being bloody.
    Senpai doesn’t even need to see you murder someone, if you are bloody and standing near a body, and holding a weapon, he will react as if you murdered them (because you did). Standing near a body with scissors, box-cutter, or screwdriver without being bloody or insane will illicit no reaction from Senpai. However, Senpai will be able to deduce you’re a murderer if you are insane and standing near a body, even if you are not holding a weapon and not bloody.

  13. Hey, YandereDev! I just want to say that I’m really interested in this game, and the biggest selling point for me is the way you can do murders. I have quite a lot of questions and some suggestions, so they’re pretty lengthy.

    Will all of 10 rivals be any different from each other? And will they be randomised?
    I’m interested in the way you’re going to handle their behaviours, actions and the way you’re going to seperate them from other students so they’re a little harder to kill or sabotage.

    Will you make it so every missing student due to a murder or otherwise be listed in the end of day report? Perhaps continuous disappearances during the week would warrant a full investigation the next day? In the current build, you can practically kill everyone as they’re heading to school and nobody will even notice that there’s only two students alive.

    Will students be able to call the police directly from the school? And will the students be able to faint as they witness a dead body/you?
    Students that are lying unconscious right next to a body would be a great way to frame someone for murder, although it should probably be unreliable and part of cowardly or wimpy personality.

    Will you make complete insanity have any forced behaviours on the yandere? Like automatic laughing or other general insanty.

    How persistant would the student’s reaction to you be? Let’s say that you let a witness loose but managed to clean up the scene of crime in time. Would that witness actively try to incriminate you with appropriate personality? Will you be able to threaten that person not to tell anyone what she saw, so as not to commit yet another murder to shut that witness up and possibly cause more suspicion in the highschool? Will serial killing be punished in the final game? And how observant will senpai be of your actions and the general state of the high school?

    Will you be able to knock people out with blunt weaponry instead of killing them? And, in that case, will you be able to finish off your unconscious targets with subsequent hits?
    That would make blunt weaponry a different kind of murder approach that’d possibly cause less blood than knives but with the downside of being a little slower at actual killing.
    With blunt weaponry you could also knock out witnesses and either plant evidence on them or clean up the body as they’re unconscious. If they wake up in the same spot and notice there’s no body there anymore they’d question if what they saw actually happened. How hard would that be to implement?

    Will there be a health bar in the game, and will you be able to die in the future from sustained injuries? Maybe the student you’re attacking has managed to injure you and you’d have to visit the nursery to heal up?

    How much interraction will be possible between you and the teachers? Will you be able to bribe students or teachers or give them presents for bigger reputation? And will there be a penalty for skipping classes?

    It’d be great if different personalities and clubs the students are attending to would also impact their defenses against you. So, if a boy student is part of a martial arts club, you’ll have a harder time taking him head on and would have to attack him from behind. This could possibly be averted based on your insanity meter, though, since the more insane you are, the more seemingly stronger you get based on your future plans for the murders.

    Perhaps chopping someone up into bodyparts would also be something that relies on the type of weapon you have to be efficient? So if you have a kitchen knife, chopping someone up would take at least 2 stabs for every bodypart, and with every stab your insanity would increase ever so slightly, when it’d be impossible with a baseball bat and much harder with a screwdriver.

    Maybe it should be possible for Senpai to be endangered, injured or even killed in some cases? For example, he might be bullied by the male portion of the high school, and your YANDERE SENSES would possibly alert you about it. Alternatively, his ex-girflriend may be crazy enough to attempt revenge on him and you’d have to eliminate her before she dares to touch your Senpai. I think it would add an interesting dynamic to the game where you can also play a “good” part in Senpai’s life instead of being seen as purely antagonistic.

    There should be more ways to dispose of bodies other than incinerating them, like hiding them in various containers around the school or throwing them in the dumpsters. Maybe there’d also be a janitor that’d use the incinerator frequently, so disposing of bodies using that would require you to study Janitor’s schedule and planning your murders accordingly to that.
    The benefits of stuffing bodies in various containers would mean delayed detection, so if you stuff someone’s corpse in a secluded locker that body won’t be found until 3 days have passed. In that 3 days window you still have some time to retreive the body and try to get rid of it for good.

    • There will be different personalities that define each characters actions and reactions. In addition each character will be a part of a certain club, which may allow them to notice weird behavior. Say you’re carrying around a camera, but you’re not a part of the photography club. A girl in the photography club will notice and think it weird. I do not know if they will be randomized.

      Yanderedev has already mentioned that if a student witnesses you murdering someone, but there is no evidence left behind, their actions toward you are based on their personality. Some will stalk you and try to catch you in the act again, etc.

      Right now there is only one personality (as far as I’m aware) that is implemented, and clubs do nothing.

      Yanderedev has also already mentioned other plans of ways of disposing the body, but the incinerator is the only one we know about and that he has implemented.

      I didn’t answer all of your questions, but got out the ones I know he’s already answered.

    • Also, regarding “defending your senpai from bullies” idea, it should probably be done from behind-the-scenes before the bullying even happens, so you’re not interracting with Senpai directly. It’s a very finnicky idea, though, so I’m not sure if you’re up to implementing anything like that.

  14. You have mentioned time and time again that this game is not about romancing senpai. I can understand this because it could make the game way to easy to win.

    You could maybe allow for the giving of love letters in senpai’s locker as a literature bonus. He’ll assume the next girl who confesses to him wrote the letters. So all it will do is make the game harder.

    But it could serve as a roleplaying benefit, or maybe make senpai’s mood cheerier, or an easter egg animation or something?

    Just a thought that seems to add a romancing element without affecting the gameplay at all really.

      • yeah unfortunately the sending senpai letters is a “common” idea which he doesn’t like.

        I was just suggesting a balance that might make it possible (and maybe relatively easy to implement) and won’t affect game play at all, really more of an easter egg suggestion than a feature.

  15. Hey! What about Yandere-chan have a male rival for Senpai? The fujoshis will love shipp them haha. And we gonna kill him too, so… You can do this?

  16. Maybe there could be a NEET who you could hire to delete gossip about you on the internet, but if you get him something, (Hot Pockets, for example.) he would do it for free.

  17. This is rather a suggestion, how about when Senpai notices you having blood on your school uniform or when you’re carrying a weapon, if you have a high enough level in Psychology, you could talk your way out of it without Senpai being creeped out or scared. For example: “Is that blood on your shirt?” “N-n-no, I only spilled some juice.” “Oh okay.” Something like that.

  18. Hey, the voices are awesome! Maybe just a little extra idea for the fun of it, but what about having a function that changes the voice language? You know, so that the sub lovers can choose to have Japanese voices with english subtitles XD Of course, there would be the problem of finding japanese or other language voice actors, but this is just something extra that doesn’t really harm the experience of the game. Please keep on doing this!

  19. I really love the voice of both Yandere-chan And Senpai. They both are very fitting of their personalities and seem to put a lot of emotion into their work

  20. I think this question might have been addressed before by other comments, but I will ask just in case I am the first one.

    Would any boys fall in love with Yandere Chan and confess their love as her reputation go up?

  21. Sorry, but, every time I download the game, it says the sharedassests5 thing is broken. I also can’t get her to go to school and I’m not quite sure what to do. I’ve attempted downloading it again but it just happens again.

  22. I think the biggest beef some people, including me, will have with this is the blood detection. Normally if someone is covered in blood, we might rush to them and assume that they have been hurt, though this may be justifiable by the pure amount of blood.

    Also, will there be such things like gym uniforms or swimsuits which will give players a wider option of clean uniforms to change into? Of course, classmates may become suspicious of Yandere-chan wearing a swimsuit when there’s no swimming, though with gym uniforms, detection may be more lenient since some schools allow changing into gym clothes in the event that the regular uniform gets a large tear or gets splashed with paint. This may be subject to other facilities available, as some schools may have kitchens, workshops, specialized art rooms etc.

    This may open up new possibilities for weapons as well, if Yandere-chan can sneak them out, like chisels or mallets in the workshop, paint scrapers in the art room, you name it.

    I understand that not all requests can be easily resolved – additional or new weapons and weapon types require extra programming and animations, new facilities are being worked on, uniforms require new models, etc. but I do appreciate the hard work you put in.

  23. Think senpai’s a bit of a jerk – if someone acted all shy around me, I’d prolly ask if they were alright BEFORE yelling at her for being a weirdo. Or not yell at all. That works too.
    Then again, trying not to get noticed by senpai adds some difficulty to the game, and I like that.

    I like the voice-acting, though I pictured Yandere-chan as a little more… high-pitched. Oh well. These aren’t the final voices.

    I’m downloading this as soon as I gain access to my laptop.

  24. Just thought I’d mention you can open up the phone menu during the cut scene with senpai.
    You might have found out already but I wanted to make sure.

  25. Ah yes I had one more idea. for the last rival, why not make her overly attached girlfriend? it’ll be a great yandere VS super obsessed girl fight XD Or if that isn’t possible, why not just have a hairstyle for her as an easter egg?

  26. I suggest using quest and mission system to allow the players to unlock new feature as the game progresses with the end is the confession to senpai. In addition, at the end of the game, info-chan may be the final boss or target to kill as info chan may have some hidden agenda. In addition, this game can be in multiplayer mode when 4 yandere chan try to fight for senpai. I hope there will be better graphic and animation as well as feature. In addition, there may be potential to add acid in one of the corpse disposal feature. Also there may be town or shop around the school to allow yandere chan to purchase new weapon, item which may be useful to her when committing yandere act. Also there is chemistry which allow yandere to concoct lethal poison to kill the rival instead of outright killing.

  27. I have a comment that I made on the YouTube post for the Kidnapping video that I may as well post here:

    One thing that would be interesting to see, is that if you get a game over where Senpai realizes Yandere-chan’s true nature, rather than only giving the player the option of starting again or having her murder-suicide him, alternatively she could do what Yuno Gasai (eventually) did to Yukiteru in Future Diary and abduct him, then break him psychologically and force/manipulate him to fall in love with her a la Stockholm syndrome.

    Of course, I understand you not wanting/being able to implement it.

  28. I know that probably isn’t really a bug or glitch (Because it easter egg) but if you have custom textures and you active “Nuclear Mode” before they loads… well… something like this can happens… And it’s really cool 😀

  29. Dear yandere dev I really loved your old dlc ideas though it did get me thinking maybe you could have special things for being in this club or that club if this is planned that’s awesome but I thought maybe if you were in the occult club you mentioned you could straight up become a succubus or something but while you would have powers the other club members could threaten you to reveal what you have become or even control you and ruin your reputation if you messed with them fine if you don’t add these things just thought it would be cool

  30. I remember you mentioning in a video that there would be plenty of rivals along the game. I also remember your first rival in the old Yandere Sim intro was a Tsundere. I dunno if anybody suggested this before, but I was thinking, what about putting a different -dere for each rival Yandere-chan has in the game? And the last rival as another Yandere? Guess it would be fun to see two Yanderes trying to ruin each other’s lives and competing deathly for the love of Senpai :v

  31. I love this game so far!! I’ve seen some YouTubers play it and I can’t wait until the final version is complete! Keep up the great work!

    Until then, I’d like to make a suggestion regarding Senpai: can you possibly include a background story? Like, why Yandere is so obsessed with him? Maybe how they first met, or when she first noticed him, I don’t know. I understand you’re probably extremely busy with this game already and don’t need more work, but I think this might be a good idea for the final version of this game.

    Also, I was watching an older video on your YouTube channel about kidnapping girls, and I think it would be interesting if one way was to boost Yandere’s reputation high enough that she could throw a (slumber) party (depending on if boys would show up or not), and drug their food/drink to kidnap them. Again, just another thought, if you wanted to make it more difficult for people.

    Thank you for making this game and giving us regular updates. I really enjoy watching what you have done and I hope you continue letting us know what’s going on in the world of Yandere-chan. Keep making this game aweome! XD

  32. The game really got a huge a boost and I think an impressive progress has been made for two weeks. I also love this game so far and hope it will keep on improving with the same pace. I think some improvements can be done on the blood detection too.

  33. I have an idea for this game. Maybe add multiple people who love senpai instead of just purple haired girl to make the game a bit more interesting. The others would be random, but PHG (Purple haired girl) would always love senpai. You would have to eavesdrop on students to find which random student loves senpai. Like, one time you play the girl who resembles Hatsune Miku would love senpai, and the next time you play, the red haired girl with a ponytail from the side loved senpai. Just an idea so that you don’t make a beeline straight for PHG and end it quickly.

    (Also, maybe add in some gay male students just for the heck of it. I’m not gay, but it would be interesting to know that there actually are boys who are after senpai. Just a thought. ^^)

    • And it would be kinda cool if you could be a male yandere. Just for other people who are interested in that sort of thing. Switch all genders, or make it a yaoi based game with male senpai and male yandere. Just for creativity. ;D

  34. I love Yandere simulator I just wish I could Interact with Senpai and Im playing the August 18th Build. Can you talk to him if your reputation is high up, VERY HIGH up? I’m so confused.

  35. hahaha this might be stupid but add peanut butter and jelly sandiwhichs and add add tazors and booty slappers hahaha
    -Senpai sucked my ass is a song search it from pewdiepie

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