Don’t Let Senpai Notice You!


The latest build of the game can be downloaded here. However, please don’t just ignore the rest of the blog post…I’ve written some important stuff down below.

The biggest additions to the game this week are male students, and a Senpai that finally walks around like a normal student! What does this mean for gameplay? Well…

I fixed a lot of bugs and added a new feature during the first week of April. Here’s what I got done within the past week:

  • Fixed bug that would make Yandere-chan get arrested if she was carrying a bloody weapon in her inventory when leaving school.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the “Now Loading” image to be permanently stuck onscreen when loading the Photo Gallery.
  • Fixed bug that would cause a fleeing student’s body to move towards the school’s exit during their death animation.
  • Fixed bug that would allow the player to see the “Quit Game?” window at the “end-of-day results” screen.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the wrong “end-of-day results” text to appear under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the cardiograph monitor to appear at the “Study Points” screen.
  • Fixed bug that would trap students outside of school if you rushed to school too quickly.
  • Fixed bug involving the water bucket that would actually cause the game to crash.
  • Attempted to fix the “Students spin when walking up staircases” bug.
  • Fixed bug that would change the color of the sky at the title screen.
  • Fixed bug that would cause dead or dying students to open doors.
  • Students that die will now stay dead after being killed.
  • Implemented several Senpai-related Game Overs.
  • Implemented male students.

APRIL 15th 3:30 AM UPDATE:

  • Fixed bug that would make Senpai walk in place.
  • Fixed bug that would make the game hang after Senpai witnessed murder.

APRIL 15th 8:00 PM UPDATE:

  • Senpai will no longer “notice” you if you’re having a conversation with a student. (Talking with a student is an inconspicuous activity, so it’s like “social camoflague” that causes Senpai to overlook you.)
  • Fixed bug that would allow the player to spawn the “Quit game?” window at the end-of-day screen, during the Senpai cut-scene, and while using the Pass Time feature.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the Senpai cut-scene to play in slow motion if the player had Yandere Vision active while getting spotted by Senpai.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Yandere-chan to be “insta-killed” by Senpai if she was using the Pass Time feature while in his cone of vision.
  • Fixed bug that allowed the player to activate easter eggs during the Senpai cut-scene or while getting a game over.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the police results screen and Senpai’s reaction to occur simultaneously.
  • Attempted to fix the crash bug that occurs when activating the “Hatred” easter egg.

April 17th 1:00 AM UPDATE:

  • The camera will no longer “fall through the floor” if Yandere-chan is noticed by Senpai on the second or third floors of the screen.
  • If Yandere-chan loses more than two-thirds of her Sanity, she loses the ability to speak to students until her Sanity is restored.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the game to hang if Yandere-chan had her camera out when getting spotted by Senpai.
  • Yandere-chan can no longer trigger responses from NPCs or Senpai during “End of Day Results” screen.
  • Students will no longer agree to follow Yandere-chan someplace if she is covered in blood.
  • The game now tracks the number of murder weapons in the school properly.

Does it seem like I didn’t get much done over the last 2-week period, compared to most two-week periods? Well…

Rate of Progress

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to make as much progress with the game as I wanted to over the past two weeks. Ever since the game got a huge boost in publicity, a large chunk of my time has eaten up by answering e-mails and comments about the game, so recently, I haven’t had much free time to actually work on the game.

It’s really important to me to interact with the fans, so I read every e-mail / tweet / blog comment that I get, and I try to respond to every inquiry. However, this takes up a ridiculous amount of time; now that there are so many comments to respond to and questions to answer, my productivity has been reduced to a mere fraction of what it was in previous months.

Regrettably, about 90% of the messages that I read are asking questions that I’ve already answered, reporting “bugs” that aren’t actually bugs, or making suggestions that I’ve already shot down countless times.

If I ignored the fans completely, I’d get a lot more work done and make a lot more progress. However, I don’t want to ignore the fans! So, to make things easier for me, please don’t ask questions that I’ve already answered dozens of times, please don’t write unhelpful bug reports, and try not to suggest features that don’t suit the game, or are far outside the scope of a one-man indie game.

Remember: Every minute I spend answering a question on the blog is a minute I’m not spending developing the game. As a result, you can speed up the game’s development by not asking me questions.

Fortunately, not all of the messages I get are unproductive. Over the past few weeks, I’ve received countless e-mails from very talented people who are generously volunteering to help with Yandere Simulator’s development. I’ve been speaking with 3D modellers, 3D animators, 2D character artists, sound designers, musicians, voice actors, and even singers. This is both a blessing and a curse; I’m blessed to be in contact with so many talented individuals who want to help me out, but answering so many e-mails means that I only have one or two hours left in the day to actually work on Yandere Simulator.

So, even though I don’t have very much new content to show off this week, please don’t think that the game’s progress is slowing down. I’m starting to amass some REALLY cool 3D assets that I can’t wait to plug into the game, but they require a bit more polish until they’re ready to actually show off. You’ll start to see some really cool stuff in the coming weeks, as the new volunteers send me all kinds of awesome things for the game.

As always, thanks for your interest in Yandere Simulator’s development!

319 thoughts on “Don’t Let Senpai Notice You!

  1. A possibility for when Senpai sees you (Like murdering or something) is being able to try to drug them so you have time to clean up the bodies and blood so that when they wake up, they think they passed out or something and had a nightmare. Of course the time before waking would be lower than the police, as you wouldn’t want to use too much tranquilizer as not to hurt senpai and it would wear off quicker. A penalty would be that the more you do this, the higher chance they would stop thinking it’s a dream as well as lower time allotted as they develop a resistance to the tranq. It wouldn’t be 100% of a chance even at the start, but it would give you a chance to try to avoid a game over while putting a ton of pressure on you to clean up quick.

  2. heres my pitch hope you like ti how about when you have buffs from sempai ie when you have a high reputation he will say “hi” to you and you get a assorted buff like being “happy” and the effect is being able to keep sane while tortureing your victem. Another thing id like to add is when you torture your victem before school your sanity is already decreased when you go to school. Further more when you see a girl talking about senpai or how he’s “hot or beautifle” this gives you a debuffs ex. makeing you visibly angry and if you don’t go to see senpai to calm you down or view a picture of him the next time you see him you lash out at a student and you will lose reputation drasticly?

  3. If you think about it, “snap” should be an option you can only select if your insanity is high enough when you get the game over. It would make sense. I think. Sane people don’t really “snap” as far as I know.

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  5. Being in certain clubs should mean that you can make up excuses for when Senpai sees you do something that would result in a game over, but not murder obiviously. I.E. being in the Art club would mean that you can explain that bloody clothes are stained with “paint” or that a katana is just a prop.

  6. This is all I get when I want to go to school. :/ I can’t do anything but force closing the game. I think I know why this happens.
    I’m using the non-Intel version and in that .rar file there’s a file called “sharedassets5.assets” for which i get an error message when trying to extract it. That message says that the file “sharedassets5.assets” is defective.
    Can you fix that please? I would love to test out the newest update! :3
    If you need some more information, please feel free to ask me! 🙂

  7. i found another bug. If you kill a person on the first floor an drag it around the blood puddles apear on the ground floor

  8. YD, You need moderators for your site so you can breath easier. I know it’s gotta be time annoying to get a million emails when most are… not very useful to be nice about it. If you do, I have some friends who used to be moderators and spend a lot of time outside of school doing nothing.

      • This person has the same idea I had, to be honest it might be out of your hands at some point. I really like your dedication to the fan base, its really refreshing to encounter a game in development that my suggestion may actually come into play. Unfortunately on that note especially with the increase in publicity you might even get to the point where there are just too many comments to deal with. Regardless of your decision on the matter, I am totally supporting you, this game seems awesome and i already have decided to donate. I really hope you did consider mods in the future to at least sort some of the trash just so you can actually work on the game while still paying attention to your fans. Mostly cause i dont want to wait until 2025 to get the full game.

  9. just a thought, it may be worth setting up a forum (or getting someone to set one up for you) that way you’ll have more help answering many of the questions on the game (the community could answer the more common questions or point people to the answers) this would leave you free to concentrate more on the game rather than answering every question that comes around.

    it would probably make things easier for you in the long run, there are plenty of free forum software out there

      • well I’m an admin on a forum and have had experience setting a couple up but at the moment I don’t really have the time to work on it. so if yanderedev agrees with it I can quickly knock one up I just won’t have the time to make it pretty or keep an eye on everything (but that’s what other admins and moderators are for)

    • There is plenty of people who would love to mod. I mean we’d all love to help out but not all of us are talented in game design or animation (yet).

  10. Is there a way to “reset” the game? I killed all of the students once and now when I started playing again, the only one coming to school is Senpai.

  11. I dunno if this worth a bug but…..well it makes the game freeze so…..I’ll keep it short :

    start game in bedroom – go to door go to school – right away pressing J on keyboard – HOT musics plays but the game got FREEZE

    Actually I don’t know if freeze is the correct term since I still can access exit button but…..okay here goes :

    few mins after realizing nothing happened whatever button I pressed – press esc button – quit confirmation windows appeared – press NO (Q button) – back to game and the quit confirmation windows stays there even after I pressed Q – pressed esc button again – this time I press YES (E button) – game quit just fine

    Well sorry if this bug was not worth mentioning but I didn;t see any reports about this bug after browsing comments
    But since this features won;t be in main game maybe this bug report will just steal your time for nothing and sorry about that….

      • thanks for replying DEV
        If you said so…but its still freeze on my pc, maybe because difference in OS used
        anyway I re-download the game and it still give same thing, freeze when I pressed J right away after entering school (downloaded the 1 without intel fix btw)

        Here’s a screenie to explain more :

        Top screenshot is what happened 5 secs after I pressed J, and bottom screenshot is a prove that the game is still working, I can still ended the day and move on to the next day, but the loading times is taking a bit longer.

        Guess I’ll just make sure not to press J button

  12. For Senpai’s reactions to a nervous love-struck Yandere-chan, realistically he should be triggered to walk away after 2 or 3 reactions to Yandere just standing there; you would normally walk away seeing awkward people like that. If Yandere-chan still hangs around him after that, she’ll cement her image as a clingy stalker and he’ll never accept her.

    • 2. I think the shocked/scared reaction of male students could be different from girls; taking a step back with one arm out and hand open in shock, rather than share the girls inward facing hands.
      I know it means more animations, and depends on the support/funding you get.

      • I can’t add that without more volunteer support or fund –

        …Oh. You already said that yourself.

        …so why even make the comment, if you already know that…?…

        Of COURSE boys should have different animations than girls…I don’t need someone to tell me that…

  13. Why is everyone’s hair so weird murky colour? More anime-ish colours would be very nice… And maybe some naturals, blonde or brown maybe?

  14. Will killing male students be a part of the game? If so why would you want to kill male students as opposed to female students? Of course besides the obvious witness excuse.

  15. I dont know if this might be asking too much or if you are already planning this, but what if we could customize the characters(like their hair, hair color, face, body structure, or even their personality).

  16. 1. If carrying a weapon and sempai sees you, the weapon disappears for that day.
    2. If you stuff a girl into the kidnap box and then kill another girl, leaving the corpse out, the day end text only mentions the kidnap. Not the police looking into the murder.

  17. whenever i tried to download the last two updates to this game, Norton keeps on blocking things when i extract the file and i cant play the game…. is there anything i need to do? cause i was able to play the previous versions before but now i cant play….

  18. Hey- Just a little idea, feel free to ignore it.

    With Senpai, perhaps in the character customization screen in the beginning, where Yandere-chan has her dream about her “ideal” match, and you can customize Senpai, there would be a spot allotted for personality. Like how many people have “types” that they look for in an ideal mate.

    If Yandere-chan says her ideal Senpai is “childish”, Senpai will assume the better of you and think that you’re carrying toy weapons if they see you visibly armed. If Yandere-chan says that her ideal Senpai is “open-minded”, there will be less of a chance of a game over if Yandere-chan’s reputation hits rock bottom, as Senpai isn’t one to listen to rumors about people.

    Just a few simple advantages depending on how you intend to play the game. You’re doing great! Thank you for working so hard!

    • But that would make the game too easy! It’s not about whether Yandere-chan has a happy ending, it’s about WHETHER WE KILL THE OTHER GRILLS OR NOT.

      • okay you need to chill brandon

        you’re correct, it’s not about a happy ending. it’s about sabotaging senpai.

        but if senpai can’t love you at the end, you get a game over.

        with buffs depending on personality, you can make it easier to avoid game overs. this is an idea for the players. not to have senpai fall in love with her.

  19. Watching your recent video, I am impressed on the progress you made over three months! I have a suggestion regarding the reputation meter from the “Don’t let Senpai Notice You Video”. In the situations which Senpai notices you in a bad way, the reputation counter on the bottom left should slide all the way to the left (full negative) and have an infinity or maximum negative value. Since Yandere-chan’s reputation is a key component in this game, I feel that it should also correspond to that given component.

  20. if you could get the voice actor who voice kyu or yumi in hunie pop to voice yandere chan, this game would be over the top

  21. Hey! You’re doing great! I found some bugs though that are probably not mentioned yet.

    1. Senpai wouldn’t react when he literally walks over a dead corpse on the floor. To be more precise, this happened in the morning right after Yandere-chan killed a girl right in front of the shoe locker room. Senpai would walk back to his usual spot near the school gates from the locker room and it so happens that the corpse was right in his path. Yandere-chan didn’t drag the corpse right after her death though, so I don’t know if deliberately dragging the corpse into senpai’s path before senpai arrives would make a difference.

    2. You can stuff more than 1 corpse into the same instrument box. This happened when I made Yandere-chan ask 3 people (2 guys and 1 girl) to follow her simultaneously to the gym before anaesthetising all of them. I’m not sure if the option to dump multiple corpses into the box is available if Yandere-chan ask only one student to follow her, anaesthetise her, dump her into the box before asking another student to follow her. Another thing I noticed is that the game bugs on the day after I kidnapped these 3 people – No students, besides senpai and yandere-chan turned up in school.

    Hope that I helped!

  22. I’m not sure if anyone said anything about these yet, but I found two bugs while I was playing.

    1: After completing the first day, the week was reset but things from the previously were still set in place. For example, I killed two students successfully on Monday, then finished the day, and the next day it was Monday again?

    2: I know this was supposed to be fixed already, but the game still sometimes hangs after Senpai witnesses a murder.

    This is definitely one of my favorite games, and I can’t wait to play the finished product. Thank you so much and keep up the hard work! :’)

    • It doesn’t hang anymore, but the first bug is still there!
      Also, I think I may have found another? After it repeated Monday twice for me, all the students were gone except for Senpai. I tried to start a new day after going home but they were still gone.

      • “First bug is still there”

        WHAT bug?

        “After it repeated Monday twice for me, all the students were gone except for Senpai. I tried to start a new day after going home but they were still gone.”

        Everyone reports this, when I try to replicate it I can’t make it happen.

    • 1. A lot of people report this bug, but when I try to replicate the bug, it doesn’t happen to me.
      2. Please download the latest version, and then name the exact circumstances that this bug occurs in.

  23. New version right when I finished downloading the older version. Awww yeeeee boi~

    Good luck on finishing this game, it’s phenomenal for what you have to work with!

  24. I dont know if u will read this but I wanted to know hmm that if u are going to make like different endings to this game hmm like I dont know something like if u kill to much people and when the game ends and Yandere-chan says to Senpai about her love, something happends for the actions u made like Info-chan comments in her school paper (something about a video I saw from your youtube channel) about the killer just for more drama for helping her own career or I dont know its just something that came to my mind.. and wanted to know if u were planning something like that. Sorry if u dont understand me because im english is really bad.. awesome game keep going with this master piece…Good work 😀

  25. hey yanderedev o: how are you playing with a controller i really wanna play the game but i suck with keyboard controls sorry if i wasted your time with this question

  26. Just wanted to say that I think you’re doing an excellent job and I’m really interested in how the final product will look like. Regardless of all the suggestions, repeated reports of bugs, and overall fan mail, I think we all really just wanna see this game become the polished pearl it’s destined to be! So keep fighting and good luck, yanderedev! \(^▽^)/

  27. I wonder your game would actually have endings (like good endings/bad endings etc.), if yes, I really think you should let Yandere-chan interact with Senpai throughout the game, for example, maybe making food for Senpai, talk with Senpai (maybe with options for answering) and these interaction will have impact on Senpai’s impression for Yandare-chan, which can result to the successful rate of Yandare-chan confession or other ending. In addition, I have a little “hard” idea, for the victims Yandare-chan have kidnapped, there can be a option to use the victim as food (either killed or even still alive) for senpai or even other people (I hope it won’t be too crazy XD)

    • Yes, there will be multiple endings.

      Allowing Yandere-chan to interact with Senpai would require me to re-design most of the game, since the game is built on the concept that Senpai is an obstacle to be avoided, and changing that part of the game has a domino effect that requires re-designing every other related element of the game.

      It would SIGNIFICANTLY extend development time.

      • Oh I see your point. In that case I guess there is nothing can do about it…

        However, you can think about it after release and made it a future patch or something like that. Since I think allowing Yandere-chan to interact with Senpai will make the game more satisfied and flexible for more features to be implemented, as the main goal of Yandere-chan is to obtain Senpai, just clearing out every rivals does not achieve the goal, she also need to have some kind of good impression from Senpai, unless she want to do it the “hard” way such as kidnap Senpai (just like how Yuno do with Yuki if you watched Future Diary); either way require Yandere-chan to interact with Senpai.

        Anyways, it just some suggestions, but hope it worth some time of consideration 🙂

    • Well. One thing I think you could do. Is make it where you must have a high reputation by the end of the tenth week in order to ask out Senpai. If you are really popular. Senpai can’t really say no, So it would make more sense when asking him out without direct interaction. Direct interaction even in a patch I would imagine would be extremely difficult to implement.

  28. Have you thought about featuring the rating every time Yandere-chan eliminate her rivals and end the chapter?

    For example, Hitman has the rate Silent Assassin or something like that.

    I’ll say like Yandere-chan only kill her rival and never kill anyone else, without any witnesses and evidence will rate her “Serial Killer” or something like that.

    When Yandere-chan does social sabotage her rival, will rate her “Social Saboteur”.

    It will be awesome if Yandere-chan silently kill her rival, like “Silent Assassin”. 😛

  29. OHMYGOSH this update is AMAZING!!!

    I have some suggestions which I hope might give you some useful ideas.

    Have playable weekends in which Yandere-chan can plot new ways to kill victims, torture kidnapped victims or practice skills that her school subjects allow to give a small boost in that specific class (such as researching new chemical weapons and poison, practicing her writing or doing physical exercise).

    In addition to the ‘poisoning the students’ idea, Yandere-chan could also be able spike their food and drinks, causing them to be high/drunk in school, which will get them in trouble with the teachers (possibly getting them suspended/expelled) and cause rumours to spread among the students.

    You also mentioned the possibility of adding a computer in Yandere-chan’s room. This gave me the idea of her learning how to use image editors like PhotoShop in order to create fake blackmail images with the photos she took, or learning how to hack students’ Facebook/Twitter accounts and ruin them online.

    Adding blunt weapons. This might be used to ensure that there’s less or no blood to clean up. Though to avoid this being exploited, there could be chance that Yandere-chan’s attack fails to knock them unconscious, with the victim making a scene and getting the attention of everyone in the area.

    Implementing a school library (or book club), which could allow Yandere-chan to research specialised skills. (Though many of these skills might have to be extremely difficult and/or take a long time to master to avoid the game being made too easy.)
    Some examples:
    > With sufficient levels in Biology and Physical Education, she could learn how pressure points work, which will allow her to make victims unable to move or fight back. At a much higher level she might even be able to knock them unconscious giving another way to kidnap victims.
    > Learn to make her own poisons if she has high enough levels in Biology and Chemistry.
    > Learn to cook/bake for students for a reputation boost. Might also possibly allow her to poison/drug victims.
    > Learn some facts/skills regarding the school clubs in order to be more convincing if she’s pretending to be from certain clubs.
    > Do research for extra credit, and give a slight study bonus, or possibly earn a bonus skill point per day.

    • Fun story, someone at my school often bakes brownies, cookies, etc. and gives them to her classmates. I found out that she’s a sociopath who once tried to poison someone who took her part in a musical in elementary school.

      So, yeah, baking for students seems fitting.

      • I thought of that since I tend to share my home cooking/baking with my classmates. Especially after my one of my 3 siblings birthdays and we have tons of leftover cake.

        Though since people really liked my cooking, I started selling my food to earn a living, so I wouldn’t ever dream of putting any poison in the food, as that would be very bad for business ^^

    • Most of these suggestions seem like they would be somewhat difficult to implement. But they are interesting. The main one I support is the playable weekends. That would be further down the line but I think I remember a conversation about adding more places for Yanderechan to go. And the weekends would be the opportunities to go to those places like the mall, the park, or whatever. Although he does need models for those. So I wouldn’t get hopes up too high.

  30. You know, reading the part about the being overwhelmed by interaction thing, a thought that came to my mind is that maybe a forum would help, even (since this is a wordpress site) the kinda meh bbPress plugin made by WordPress’ developers.

    Aside from being easier to collate than just WP comments and emails, there’s also the case of visibility; it might cut down on repeat suggestions if there is a “suggestions sub forum” with a big list at the top of prior suggestions. Same idea with the faqs, putting them into a forum could possibly have the effect of making a crowd-sourced about/faq page in the form of a question sun forum.

    Also, it probably would also help with the issue of time-consumption with fan interaction as well; you’d be able get things done faster in the one-to-many/many-to-many interactions in a forum compared to the multiple one-to-one interactions to the same goal in the form of just reading email.

    Speaking not as a fan but as a developer now (albeit of more boring applications), bug tracking should be decidedly still within a proper bugtracking tool for the sake of your own sanity.

    Just a thought I had.

    • I somewhat support this idea. I don’t think you would necessarily need as much space as a forum. But you should have a section for bugs, suggestions, and those wanting to support. So as to create better organization.

    • 1. I don’t want to have to manage / supervise the forum / make sure it’s not going to shit.
      2. Proper bug-tracking tools aren’t for games that are only 5% finished.

  31. It would be neat if Yandere-chan could take music classes, and would allow for her to acquire a case much easier. However, she would have to stay afterschool for a few hours to “practice” her instrument.

    Just a random thought, these updates are amazing! ❤

  32. Nice that Senpai has an AI now, hes not a world champion statue now. XD

    Anyway, I just had a thought about the gameplay. I know you’re supposed to avoid Senpai at all costs, but I thought that him seeing you covered in blood was strange that he immediately assumed that you killed someone rather than you were hurt yourself. I thought that maybe as a one time thing, if he caught you like that, and your sanity wasn’t at rock bottom and you had a good reputation, he’d assume you’re hurt and take you to the nurse’s office. The nurse would discover you’re not hurt and it’s someone else’s blood. Here, Yandere-chan would lie about seeing the murderer kill someone, which got her covered in the victim’s blood, and barely got away in time before she was the next victim. There would be a 50/50 chance of the nurse believing you and whether you’d get a game over there or not. This is a one time thing, so if you were caught by senpai again when you’re covered in blood, he’d then know for sure you killed someone, resulting in a game over.

    I just thought I’d share my thoughts on a game feature.

  33. I have just one issue with senpai’s reaction. If I saw someone covered in blood, I’d probably first think that they were injured somehow, not that they attacked someone. Seem unrealistic to ask some bloo-soaked girl if she hurt someone straight away. That’s it. I love your game. ❤

  34. Bug report~
    1. I murdered someone with the scissors, and someone witnessed it and got away. So, the countdown thingy appeared. I changed into clean clothes and got rid of the bloody clothes. I then got rid of the scissors. I then activated the incinerator, and… It said I had successfully destroyed the bloody clothes, but it said I still had to destroy the weapon, but I had already done that. I sped up time to see what the results would be, and it said the police didn’t find a weapon, so… Yeah.
    2. Sorry, I don’t think this is a bug… More like a missing feature, but… I was talking to a classmate, and then Senpai saw me. I was still complimenting the classmate, so I couldn’t get out of his vision. Senpai then said that I was weird, which makes no sense since I’m just talking to a student. Thought I’d just mention it.
    (I tried to replicate the bug about victims not being there on Monday after resetting the week, but I failed. I’ll look into the requirement for this bug again later on.)

    And… Some suggestions. Because why not.
    3. (3 for the sake of simplicity) I read somewhere in the comments a thing about choosing Senpai’s personality, and I think it’d be a lot of work doing that. However… Maybe you could make that the ‘difficulty’ thing? For example, ‘naive’ for easy (he’s naive, so he’ll believe your excuses), and ‘unforgiving’ for hard. It’s just a suggestion anyway, do with it what you want.
    4. Make the NPCs’ field of view visible. Maybe only certain NPCs, or just Senpai, or Senpai and the target, or something like that.

    Also, you’re awesome.

    • 1. I can’t reproduce this bug. There must be some extremely specific set of circumstances that makes it happen. If you find the exact circumstances, let me know.

      2. Should be fixed in most recent build, please read the latest blog update.

      3. Eh…

      4. I think this would make the game too easy. Maybe, MAYBE in Yandere Vision.

  35. I have not played the newer release yet; however, I will say this. I find the game to be very much like Naughty Bear with a sense of “(DON’T) Notice me Senpai!” Me being a fellow (mediocre) developer, I find this to be an amazing project. In fact, me and my girlfriend are really interested in this. 🙂

    My suggestion is to add another personality like “Burly”. If someone who’s “Burly” notices Yandere-chan murdering another, she’d try to confront her and steal her weapon before chasing Yandere-chan down. If her ‘social meter’ (can’t remember the name at the moment) is low, the “Burly” person would be cautious and possibly say something close to “I got my eye on you!” instead of stalking her like someone with the “Justice” personality.

    Think of it what you may, thought it would help you (if no one has suggested that already). Pray it helps! 😀

  36. I checked the known bugs list and it seems there is one that no one has mentioned yet.
    I went upstairs during class time to kill some students, and I had just wiped out one classroom and was moving on to another when whoops, Senpai was in that class, and he saw me covered in blood and holding a knife and looking scary. He screams and then I scream and then the heartbroken screen pops up, but… not before Yandere-chan falls through the floor. She falls and then the letters show up and she’s not anywhere for a while and then suddenly she appears in the pose she’s normally in on the heartbroken screen, except she’s backwards? Yeah.

    On another note: Everyone who is working on this project is doing a really great job, but it’s so cool what you’ve managed to do just by yourself. It makes me so happy to see your dedication to the project and how you;re actively listening and responding to suggestions by fans. Keep up the good work friend, I’ll always be looking forward to new updates. :^)

  37. Okay so when my reputation is high and I get someone to follow me and I kill them in a secluded place, then come back to the other NPCs they notice I’m bloody and my reputation starts to go down. The reputation meter doesn’t go down until after class starts as you designed it but I can still get NPCs to follow me even if I’m visibly bloody or insane before the class period.
    I understand that not having an immediate reputation punishment leaves room for the apology aspect but maybe don’t let people do favors when your bloody or visibly insane. I don’t know. Only here to help.
    I don’t know if this would really effect game play other than making it easier to kill the students.

    • Also when you make yandere-chan laugh when she’s insane her heart rate returns to normal. I’m not sure if this is part of game play.

      And a student just fell through the classroom floor O__o

      • The heart rate returning to normal through laughter is intended.

        If you learn anything about specific circumstances that cause students to fall through floors, please let me know. If I don’t know what makes it happen / how to reliably observe it, I can’t try to fix it.

  38. This is a completely useless comment, but I’ve been following this project from near the beginning and I’ve got to say– I love listening to your narration for all of these videos. Something about your voice just suits the atmosphere of the game and I love it.

    Looking forward to all of your updates!

  39. Hi really looking forward to the finished game! I had a couple of thoughts….

    1. Alarms – yandere chan could trigger the fire alarm by hitting a break glass button, or actually starting a fire. This would cause a total evacuation of the school for a period of time allowing her to search for and steal the syringe/drugs or maybe some other usually heavily guarded weapon. The school would be empty except of a few members of staff (the designated fire marshals) searching carefully for left behind students and checking if it was a false alarm, who yandere chan would have to stealthily evade in order to sneak out the back and rejoin the evacuated classmates.

    2. Groundsman/Janitor – Have you thought of including a janitor on the school grounds? he could have an office in a shed or maybe in the boiler room beneath the school. He would have a key to the boilers/furnace any which way which could be stolen/copied, (maybe a combination to a lock). He would be prowling around the grounds all day and yandere chan would have to avoid him even if she was skipping class and up to no good. perhaps the janitor is a pervert and yandere chan could seduce him for favors or steal girls uniforms or panties and sell them to him, and then use the money from that sideline to bribe other students. Not to mention that the tools which the janitor would have access to would be torture devices in the wrong hands. A janitors key (and maybe the janitors burglar alarm code) would also be required in order to sneak into the school at night

    Sorry if these have already been suggested. :-3

    • Fire alarm has never been suggested before.

      Janitor idea’s been brought up many times over the past year. The thing is, Japanese schools don’t have janitors. they DO have “groundskeepers” though.

      It’s a viable suggestion, just requires assets I don’t have.

  40. Great update! I’m currently having more fun with this than with GTA 5.
    Even though the game is still a work in progress, this updates has added a lot to the gameplay. I love the addition of voices as well.
    Anyway keep up the good work! This is a really fun game so far.

    Oh by the way, the guy students in titan mode are incredibly hilarious.
    Killing them is … disturbing.

  41. You know what would be cool? If there was another yandere girl(or guy) that was yandere for yandere-chan and kept trying to kill senpai. Yandere-chan would get wind of what’s going on, try to kill the other yandere, but she would be much tougher than a normal student to manipulate/kill. That, and the other yandere would probably fly into a jealous rage and try to kill yandere-chan as well. [shrug] That would be super cool. Not a suggestion or anything, just sayin’. 😮
    I love the voices, especially for yandere-chan. They’re really cute!

  42. I know you can not solve problems involving the compatibility of the game.
    But when I played in the update of March 17, the game worked perfectly. After this update the game never worked correctly on my computer. The game opens, I choose the graphic options, but after that is a totally pink screen but still speaks “the next game is supported by the following sponsors.” After that the menu opens, but does not appear the options. I am very sad because I really love the game, and I do not know why stop working. If you have any idea what is causing the problem and know how to solve it, I would appreciate if you could help me.

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