April 6th, 7th, and 8th Bug-Fixing Update, and How a Bug Became a Feature


The latest build can be download here, but I hope you read the blog post below, too.

You guys have been keeping me really busy with bug fixes! I’ve been updating the game daily over the past 6 days. Usually, I only post two updates a month…but this month, I’m already up to 6! I wasn’t aware that there were so many different ways to exploit the game…

Here’s a list of what’s different this time around:

April 6th

  • Fixed a bug that would cause permanent Yandere Vision if the player ctrl+alt+deletes out of the game and then goes back into the game.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause Yandere-chan’s feet to create splashes of blood, even when she wasn’t stepping in a puddle of blood.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause Yandere-chan to snap into incorrect animations when pausing the game while crouching or crawling.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed Yandere-chan to clip into the furniture in her room, or clip outside of the boundaries of her room.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause an item to be launched into the air by trying to set it down near the incinerator.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause schoolgirls to fall through the ground on the way to school.
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing Yandere-chan from interacting with students.
  • Fixed a bug that would activate easter egg music from the pause screen.
  • Added “Cinematic Camera” mode.

April 7th

  • Student NPCs now stare at their phones while walking into school, and can’t react to murder or be murdered until after they have entered the boundaries of the school.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Yandere-chan to become responsive if pressing the escape key while ending a conversation with an NPC.
  • Fixed bug that would prevent Yandere-chan from picking up items that were dropped in the “go to class” portal.
  • Fixed bug that would allow Yandere-chan to clip through her furniture or climb over furniture in her room.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the camera to wig out when pressing the escape key while talking to an NPC.
  • Fixed bug that would allow Yandere-chan to climb on top of her kidnapped victim.

April 8th

  • If you kill a girl, leave her corpse lying around, and then attend class, her corpse is no longer teleported into class. (In the final version of the game, though, Yandere-chan wouldn’t allow herself to go to class if there was a corpse lying around.)
  • Fixed bug that would cause some of Yandere Vision’s post-processing effects to remain onscreen after Yandere Vision has become de-activated.
  • Fixed bug that was preventing outlines from appearing around students after their deaths, or after they witnessed murder.
  • Removed button that would transform schoolgirls into nightmare-inducing Lovecraftian eldritch monstrosities.
  • Fixed bug that prevented NPCs from running at their normal speed when following Yandere-chan.
  • Added a smartphone into the hands of schoolgirls who are still walking to school.

How a bug became a feature

I always prefer to “show” rather than “tell”, so here’s a video about the game’s newest feature! Enjoy!

By the way – if you only see a pink screen when you try to run the game, try pressing ctrl+alt+del and then returning to the game. Let me know if that fixes the problem.

250 thoughts on “April 6th, 7th, and 8th Bug-Fixing Update, and How a Bug Became a Feature

  1. Hey, can wait any more for the game releasing! XD

    But, seriously, I have wached one of you you youtube videos (this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ff4wdzdQuo) and noticed that the girls breast are too exagerated. I like big boobs, I admitir, but these are just too much, specially the nurse’s. That’s too much silicon! :O

  2. Please, please, can you upload on Yandex disk? I think it’s not too hard to you uploading it 😦 Or use Yandex disk, I think it’s better than mediafire

  3. The cinematic camera could be a cool way for Yandere-chan to take “selfies,” but it’d be even cooler if “selfies” were actually built into the game for real!

  4. I hope this game comes to what “we” and “you” comes to be. Really happy that one of your projects are coming to life, and maybe its overwhelming that everyone kind of hop on to the band wagon. heh, take your time to make it be what you attended to be.

    Ah yeah, if I may suggest, it’s more cosmetic, maybe add posters to the walls of the school, would be neat. funny, or something.

  5. (This might be a copy of another comment I made because I want Yandev to notice me. More seriously, I… Can’t seem to find the comment in which I posted this, but that is a common issues I run into and had the post saved elsewhere.)

    Seduce rival to get them to leave Senpai alone? But as a down side they could become obsessed with Yandere-chan, and have to eventually be handled some other way- make them depressed, drive them out of the school via bullying, etc.

    Or seduce them to get them to come home with Yandere-chan and then drug them enough to get them into your basement. With the downside if they had certain personality types- like social butterfly- there was a chance she (or he, if there are going to be male students competing for attention) could mention they were going to Yandere’s house.

    I think it would be interesting if, were a love rival to be in the same club as Yandere-chan, it meant you could stage unique accidents- Swimming club might be sedating her and causing her to drown, Drama or Martial Arts club could lead to a broken bone- arm, leg, or even neck if the accident were to involve, say, a weak ladder?

    Another suggestion is sabotaging rivals school or club work to give them reputation hits- making them get low grades, or mess up an important club activity. As an example, fraying the straps on a girl’s swimsuit (or band of a boy’s trunks) before swimming club, or causing them to trip on stage and rip their costume- both of these could cause them to be hounded by the opposite sex. Sabotaging their grade on something could cause them to be depressed, be taken out of the school, or have to attend cram school (no longer around in afternoon during club hours) in addition to a rep hit.

    If the “setting up” of the rivals with a crushee of their own makes it in to the game, maybe have it so, if multiple people are directed into having a crush on the same person, it could lead to fights, or to people getting the idea that the rival is “easy” or playing with people. All of which could make Senpai uninterested. Or that certain students can be driven to the point of murdering the student they have a crush on, or kidnapping them. (It would also be interesting if you could direct girls into crushing on girl rivals, and boys into crushing on boy rivals…)

    Maybe there could also be a chance that, if you push a rival to the breaking point during school hours, they jump off the roof? Or that you could possibly even push them off the roof? Downside being, of course, that afterwords the roof would be barred to students for several weeks. As a plus side however, it could cause students to be easier to drive to suicide. (An actual phenomenon- one suicide can precipitate more.)

    Also, will driving students to suicide cause sanity loss, given it is somewhat like murder, just causing the rival to be the one to pull the trigger so to speak? (Minor thing to push them closer to it- an article about Aokigahara, placed on their desk, in their locker, or hidden in their bento… Or all three.)

    I also saw that you have considered making it so Yandere-chan can “appropriate” Senpai related items- as a minor thing, maybe those items could give Yandere various buffs because it improves her mood? Maybe reduced sanity loss from murder, or make it easier to study because she feels “closer to Senpai.” Suggested items to locate: Hair brush, boxers or bra/panties, perfume or cologne, swim clothes, PE clothes (“Smells like Senpai’s sweat! Mmmm…”), socks…

    Err, I seem to have gone a bit overboard…. I sorry if I made too many suggestions!

    • Oh, also, you may be interested to note that at least two fairly well known YouTubers have done videos involving Yandere Simulator- RPGMinx, and CinnamonToastKen.

    • Seducing might be an option with ONE rival, but shouldn’t be an option for all of them.

      Asking someone to come home with you is risky, because if they call their parents and say “I’m going over to Yan-chan’s house” then their parents know that the girl disappeared after visiting you, so the police would visit you and ask to explore your house.

      I think I should keep Yandere-chan’s potential clubs and rival clubs seperate, to avoid strange programming conflicts.

      Sabotaging rivals’ school lives is definitely planned.

      This “love triangle” suggestion is interesting, but I’m not certain about it. Maybe it will only work with one girl.

      That Aokigahara idea is very creative. I’ll consider this, and similar ideas.

  6. Four small things.

    1) The room that’s besides the Gym’s kidnapping room, I can pass through both doors, and there are camera angles where everything (including Yan-chan) dissappear.
    2) There’s no way to go up the stage, Yan-chan passes through the stairs (and a door). Maybe this was just not implemented yet.
    3) There’s no effect of switching panties yet. Maybe just not implemented yet. Could we have it noted in the “known stuff” list?
    4) When I have my prey bound in my basement, the moment I approach her Yan-chan “climbs” her and starts floating around the room. Visual effect is weird.

    Thanks for all the updates, Yan-dev-sama ^_^

    • Followup….
      5) Cellphone cam no longer recognizes dead girl, so I can’t gross my anonymous cellphone porno pal with gruesome death scenes. Its like he’s refusing to acknowledge my beautiful blood painting.
      6) After school, if you have kidnapped and killed someone, the game runs the kidnap scenario instead of the murder one. I’d find it logical for the game to go through the murder scenario, and then add a “and a girl was found inside a box, drugged”.

      Now, that last sparked a suggestion:
      If Yan-chan drugged a girl, killed another, and then changed uniforms with the drugged one and planted the murder weapon on her, it would implicate her as the killer!
      This would be an awesome way to dispose of a rival and frame a random girl or have the rival being accoused of killing a random girl.
      Once romance is simplemented, having someone being the target of this could make those who love the framed girl or the dead one get massively depressed, or even murderously enraged. Pushing a rival to this would be quite overkill, specially since the rival was theorically already defeated (she’s already in love with someone else).

      And thinking about the comments about Yan-chan stealing uniforms from girls in the shower… swapping the bloody uniform for the clean one and inserting the murderous weapon into the girl’s bag/locker could work too.

      Well, enough of me (de)bugging. Will wait until next release ^_^

    • The school gym is pretty much a very basic placeholder room at the minute, which is why collision doesn’t work on the doors, and the gym stage is unreachable.

      Changing panties aren’t implemented yet.

      As for the murder+kidnapping scenario, it’s also probably not implemented yet, which is why it’s exciting waiting for new main builds 🙂

  7. Hello (i’m guessing you leave the comments about bugs and stuff here) i recently found a bug that causes yandere-chan when wearing the black and red uniform, to glitch through walls and not be able to go up stairs and not be able to use the furnace and change her uniform after killing one of the girls (causing you to get caught by the police). Maybe it only happens when you change to the black and red uniform on the first day or after being caught killing someone?

    • I’m not able to replicate the bugs that you’re describing.

      The black uniform changes NOTHING in the game’s code, only changes one texture, so what you’re saying shouldn’t be possible.

  8. The bloody foot prints are acting weirdly in the newest build (I can’t exactly remember how it was, but I noticed it when I murdered all the girls and collected them in a bunch to laugh above them, ‘cus I love doing that, but when I stared to drag all the bodies over to the incinerator, I didn’t leave any foot prints when walking inside the puddles, and instead, random foot prints were left all kinds of places, and I really don’t know what the pattern is… but yea.), but as always, your hard work is showing! Good luck with the game!

  9. I think i found a bug:

    When you are in the Hateful Mode and then try use the camera, her hair block the view.

  10. bug notice: seems that if you get the girls to follow you to the gym then murder them instead of using the kidnap method there is no blood at all both in the small room and the gymnasium floor

  11. Hello there! I don’t know if this has been asked or addressed yet, but do you have any plans to create a YanSim Update Client, instead of just reuploading the new builds to Mediafire?

  12. Or maybe Yandere-chan could ask one of the students to take a picture, using kind of the same mechanic as this cinematic camera. Sort of like in GTA:SA.

  13. Whenever Yandere-chan walks behind the tree behind the school her uniform turns to red and black. Not sure if this was intentional or not. 🙂

  14. Will there be the possibility of male rivals? Like, could the gender of the rivals differentiate so that we could have some gay/bi/pan rivals? Since Senpai’s gender can be changed, I’d like it if the gender of the rivals wasn’t either all male or all female, but a mix. If possible. C:

  15. Just wondering while I’m following this project from around the July I don’t really follow the comment section so I don’t know if this mentioned or anything:
    Would there be 2 separate “killing styles”?
    1st being stealthy that’s “weak” but is insta-kill if done undetected and is quiet in case of an outright fight.
    2nd being all about loud rampage? While Yandere-Chan attacks with more strength and ferociousness she’s very loud about it. She also gets crazy even without killing anyone.

    Or something like that.

    • I plan for sanity to effect killing animations.

      Stealth Kill: Performed from behind, with victim unaware. Quick, quiet and clean. (2 seconds?)
      High Sanity Kill: Efficient, but not as fast as a stealth kill. Produces some extra noise and blood. (4 seconds?)
      Medium Sanity Kill: The victim struggles a little bit. The kill is sloppy and messy. Takes longer. (6 seconds?)
      Low Sanity Kill: Very prolonged killing animation. Unnecessarily brutal and sadistic. Victim screams and struggles. The player has the option to make Yandere-chan continue to stab her victim indefinitely by mashing the “attack” button, causing a segment of the animation to loop until the player stops mashing. (8 seconds?)

      Another game that featured similar a “killing animations become more lengthy and more brutal depending on circumstances” mechanic was the Manhunt series:

      Manhunt 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PGuhX5AmjuA

      Manhunt 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_cLpnTY_Crs

      • Ahhhhh… Manhunt, so many fond/twisted memories…

        Anyway this is even better. Now that got me thinking on Low Sanity Kills:
        Option for player to choose 1 out of 2-3 brutal and sadistic animations? Or simply having RNG decide?

  16. I love the fact that you post an update nearly every day. One of the first things I do when I log on to my computer now is check this blog for updates. Keep it up!

  17. This is amazing! You are a wonderful designer, taking a bug and using the concept to make a really kickass feature!

  18. Hey, love the progress you’ve been making so far, and congrats on becoming viral! Just stopping by to note a couple bugs, in case they haven’t been mentioned yet:

    If you bring multiple girls to the gym room and are fast enough, you can sedate multiple people, which has some interesting effects like being able to burn people alive and removing the ability to interact with people until you pull out a weapon
    You can still clip into the bed in the room which traps you, forcing an alt-tab(The side away from the shrine, works best when you’ve just spawned in the room)
    Running against your captive can levitate you into the air

    Also, there are some things that I feel would be helpful for debugging:
    Key shortcuts for reputation and subject knowledge gain/loss so you don’t have to grind to test features
    Ability to access the pause menu while in the room (This would fix the problem with the second bug)

    I look forward to following this project, and wish you the best!

    • Clipping / levitation bugs fixed in latest build (April 7th, uploading now)

      There are key shortcuts for reputation and subject gain. It’s the 8 key on your keyboard. Or the 9 key. One of those.

      Pausing the game isn’t a high priority sicne I only care about adding / testing gameplay mechanics right now.

  19. Someone else mentioned this, but I’m not able to get the camera to recognize dead bodies anymore either. It only seems to pick up on blood; if I wait for the blood to stop pooling (or more evidently, kill them in the gym where blood doesn’t spawn yet) nothing happens.

  20. i think may be you dont realice how great this game is and could be. I always love games like this and i think this is the first one with this story.

    1)I think that only with the school and the house will be enough, the important think is how complex you make the school. Of course your resources are limited to make the school what you what but you dont need a 3d school or voice actors to make us love that school.
    2)If you are gonna make a game that is about a week it have to be think that happens in that seven days, like graduation, an exam or san valentin. If the game dont end in a week and you make some think like a survival game (that i will love it) i think it will make players stay more in the game and it will let them the door open to continue the game anytime they feel like killing some biches or stalkin sempai with out having to start the game again.
    3)you should find an icon representative of the girl or the game. Something that disting that yandere from all the others yanderes or school girls of japan. You see yuno form mirai nikki and you instantly recognise her.

    • The game takes place over 10 weeks. The demo will only be 1 week.

      I’ll try to look for something “iconic” for Yandere-chan. What would you suggest, though?

      • Since that fan art came in. Now I always think of Yandere chan as grey eyes and hair with a love letter. I also set it as my phone background XD

      • i think that the love card that yandere in the fan art have could sit her perfectly with some blood. the image that you have for avatar should be seen more. Like in the menu of the game.

  21. I had question. Though it may not be the brightest idea, what would you say about a best friend?
    Since Yandere-Chan could make students do favors for her and such as if she’s everyone’s friend, why can’t she make an actual friend that would trust her, and that she could trust?

    The point being is that you could befriend as student and make them do special favors for you that normally other students wouldn’t do, being able to be bloody/insane around them without any penalties, and perhaps you could get away with one or two murders in front of them. Possibly, depending on their personality, they could give you a few tips about hiding evidence and warn you about what you do. But too many murders and they’d realize you’re crazy.

    Of course, to balance it, you can only have one best friend at a time (if you don’t like the one you have, you could unfriend her and make anew one), so you can’t get away with so many murders without needing to kill witnesses as well or get lots of special favors done for you by so many students.

    Just an idea.

    • No, Yandere-chan is a loner and wouldn’t have friends. Info-chan is the closest thing; her “sidekick” (or, rather, two people who are mutually using each other)

      • I think part of what makes a Yandere is the lack of friends. Yuno is renown for being somewhat alone and that contributed to her craziness and obsession. If she had a best friend all I can say is go watch school days. But in my experience I have not seen many Yandere have friends period.

  22. When exactly a Mac version come out because i would absolutely LOVE to play this game but sadly i cant because all i have is a mac so i would love to play it on that os because I know that this works with Windows but I do not have a windows so please tell me if an update to this game sooner or later would come out that includes a mac version. 🙂

  23. Here are some bugs ive found so far in the Apr7th build.

    1) If you have someone following you into the gym by the side of the school they tend to get stuck on the small stairs a little and will sometimes wiggle them selves through or sometimes wont. This seems to be worse if you have a crowd of girls following you they will all get stuck on the stairs and you will have to move in certain angles inside the gym to get them unstuck.

    2) When you are in the gym and have a girl following you or a group of girls and you try and exit through the side of the gym that leads to nothing who ever is following you will not be able to go through by there and instead will have to exit through the other side and go around the gym just to get to you its like theres an invisable barrier not allowing NPCs to go through.

    3) Not sure if this was intended or not but it seems like NPCs will follow you a lot slower than in the Apr6th build.

    On a side note i dont know if these were important at all to take your time away to read if stuff like this isnt worth mentioning i will stop so i wont waste your time in the future.

    • Oh it seems if an NPC is running they will get stuck on stairs they are trying to go up of but they wont get stuck running down the stairs seems to happen on the little stairs outside of the gym and the stairs in the school building. This is probably happening cuz of the running speed differences from Apr6th build and Apr7th build cuz i tried the same thing on the Apr6th build and they can run up the stairs fine.

    • 1) I though I fixed that problem. I’ll have to investigate it again.

      2) I think that I won’t allow a crowd of girls to follow Yandere-chan in the final game.

      3) I didn’t change the NPC’s following speed…I don’t know why it seems that way.

  24. Hello! I downloaded the latest version. The red haired girl’s texture seems to have gone sort of weird. I took a screenshot if you need it, but basically her uniform is twisted around her body, the top part of her hair is gone or is possibly stretched across her chest and a few other things. This started from when she was walking into school on the first day. Not sure if I did anything to trigger it, but I’m guessing you need to check your “create” function, or whatever you’re using to attach the textures to the models? The other girls’ appearances were not impacted.

  25. A bug I noticed: When you kill somebody and then go to class the corpse is moved to the place where the character would spawn if it were alive.

  26. let there be a chance of consequence when taking photos of dead victims because the cops may see it using computers and notice you take pics of victims and then can arrest you for that

  27. I would love to see Yuri suduction where during yandere and rival’s night of “fun”, yandere would spike rival’s drink and kidnap her that way.
    And I would also find it interesting if Info-Chan were a classmate in game that could be a Yuri Senpai, should the player wish to go that way.

  28. Not sure if this was mentioned before but when an NPC is running to get the police during lunchtime when the front gates are closed if you block the small gate door with yourself they wont be able to go through then they will go to the big gate and just keep running into it forever even if u do clear away from the smaller gate door also you wont be able to interact with them at all once they are stuck on the big gate you cannot attempt to kill them anymore. This was in the Apr8th build.

  29. Me again.

    First, glad that you thought some of the things I suggested were interesting, and that at least one of them was creative. Along the line of Aokigahara articles, what about sneaking a part of a noose into their locker? Basically a very short noose, I suppose. Write their name in red on the walls/their desk/the floor? A bowl of rice, with the chopsticks placed straight up in the bowl, placed on their desk at lunchtime? Or a vase of white chrysanthemums(or is it carnations…)? Get Info-chan to spam them with texts from unknown numbers reading the number “4” repeated over and over again? (Unique favors seem like they could be interesting…)

    Could there be an option to put some sort of spice (I know cyan and chili powder can work for it-maybe curry powder would?) into a rivals unmentionables, while they are showering/changing? Or if they are in the gardening club, sting nettles or something similiar. Could make her have to run down to the shower to get out of the clothes and wash off. (Alternatively, put a mild smelling accelerant on the tie/neckerchief of the sailor Fuji. Goes near a stove top, Bunsen burner, or incinerator and up in flames she goes!)

    Could we put water or oil at the top of a flight of stairs to cause a rival to fall down them?

    On less rival eliminating related notes, will the Cherry Blossoms in front of the school ever fall? Or are they kept there by Yan-chans love for her Senpai?

    Also, just a cultural pondering, but (if my knowledge of the forms of “I love you” in Japanese culture is correct) I am assuming that Yan-chan would use “Koishiteru” as opposed to aishiteru, if/when she confesses? Given that to her, being with Sempai would essentially be getting together with her soul mate, I mean.

    • Also, maybe you could post a list of features and Easter eggs in each post of new versions and see if that cuts down on people incorrectly reporting Easter eggs as glitches? And maybe a “Known Bugs” list, as well?

      • There is a “Known Bugs” list on the Downloads page, and that page also lists the buttons to activate easter eggs…just not the red and black outfit.

    • Putting spice into a girl’s underwear is just too cruel! Well…is it really crueler than murder? In any case, it’s a devious idea, but I think I should focus my efforts into other areas of the game than that, at least for now.

      Making a rival trip down the stairs was one of my first “intentional accident” death ideas, but it seems like it would be way too easy and too untraceable.

      The sakura trees in front of the school are always spawning cherry blossom particle effects. You don’t see them?

      Please elaborate on why Koishiteru is more appropriate than Aishiteru, this sounds interesting!

      • Okay now I see the cherry blossom effects- I guess I really more mean that I wonder if they will shift to their summer appearance in the game? (Considering it might take essentially duplicating the map but with different trees, I don’t think anyone would hold it against you if they permanently bloom, especially if some deaths cause structure changes as planned.)

        The way the varieties of “I love you” were explained to me is basically like this;
        “Daisuki” is the most commonly said, and used with friends in a platonic way, and can also be used to indicate a crush.
        “Aishiteru” is less commonly said, and generally reserved for more serious relationships, like ancoulle that is going steady and has been for a while.
        “Koishiteru” is the rarest, and generally (supposed to be) reserved for use between couples that are essentially soulmates- the sort of couple that the members of it can’t imagine parting, and are deeply intertwined.

        I was thinking that, if the “Yandere Gene” mentioned in the forums is the “canonical” reason for Yan-chan’s obsession, that meeting someone who made life have meaning and color and emotion and all those things, could very easily convince a person like Yandere-chan that her being with Senpai is fate- red string and such. (That said, it would be interesting if Yandere Vision led her to the Senpai via floating red string, if they ever are made to move around the campus.)

        Also, I can see what you mean about it being too easy to pull off a stair case based intentional accident. Only thing I could think of that would possibly make it more difficult is having to time it right so you don’t kill other girls, and cleaning up the oil/water so it looks like the girl was clumsy.

      • The game might not take place over a long-enough period for the cherry blossom colors to change.

        It’s been a while since someone brought up the Yandere Gene! But it’s definitely still a part of the game’s story. Yes, Yandere-chan would say Koshiteru for sure.

        I’ll put more thought into the “accident” method.

      • I did some snooping about the Internet, and read up on cherry blossoms- apparently, they start blooming first in the southern most areas, and spread north over time, with many school years being timed to start when the trees in that area start to bloom.

        This usually means the first week of April, although obviously the start of blooming will occur earlier if they are further south, and later if further north. After they start blooming, the flowers stay on the tree for approximately a week, before they start being replaced/out numbered by leaves.

        The most popular are Somei Yoshino, which are more white than pink, so we can rule those out as being the ones on the school grounds.

        There are also fuyuzakura or winter Sakura, but the game starts at the beginning of the school year, and those bloom through fall and winter. So not them.

        Basically, it seems like they are most likely Ichiyo or Kanzan blossoms? (Link to varieties, with pictures and blooming times: http://www.japan-guide.com/e/e2011_species.html)

        Also, glad you found the explanation of forms of “I love you” interesting.

        I thought the idea of a Yandere Gene was pretty interesting, and had read through the most recent threads a few days ago, so the idea will probably be stuck with me for a few years. Considering that some personality/emotional atypicalities are genetic, it also stuck with me as being somewhat plausible, at least as much as anything in anime tends to be.

        Rather makes me wonder if said gene is dominant, to the point that any sons Yandere-chan had could inherit his mother’s tendencies.

  30. Eh well don’t know this is the right section to report a bug. But I found one. taking picture’s of the first day and putting them on the next day on the corkbord. Would disappear when you reach the other next day. So Monday (Taking pictures) Tuesday (Putting made pictures on the corkboard) Wednesday (Pictures disappear from the corkboard).
    Aswell there is a bug of the character’s. If it is one. Killing a NPC or kidnapping one will appear again on the next day.
    Another bug, you can stab NPC’s into a closet when you are staying on a angel wich makes them move into the cabinet. The body would glitch around and being hard pulled. And blood pools appear in a area where you can’t go and can’t clean it.

    • Corkboard – I’m not done programming this.

      Students come back to life – Not a “bug”. Yandere Sim is a debug sandbox for testing right now, not an actual game. Making the students stay dead would make testing quite difficult.

      Glitchy ragdolls – Listed in “Known Bugs” section.

  31. I have found another bug. Speeding the game up and dragging a corpse, then throwing it into the incenrator makes you fly around the map. Sometimes so hard that it pushs you into a wall and makes you stuck. Happens most of the time on the gate and the wall’s. Kinda trying my best here to break the game to report the game xD I just want to support :/

  32. Ok, found another bug but this one might be very hard to fix. When a girl sees that you murdered someone and is running from school to call the police and you kill her right as she is about to leave the school gate her momentum will carry her outside the gate where you can’t reach her and therefore the body is impossible to dispose of.

  33. Hello!

    Firstly, I wanted to thank you for this future game, because I always dreamed of a Yandere Simulator game! XD [ I’m not a psychopath, noooooo….] Also, I encourage you to continue this game, the unofficial demo is absolutely wonderful! 😛
    Secondly, I had small ideas about this game! For example, for kidnappings and their methods, we could simply invite a girl in our home or asking her to accompany us, which will require a good reputation and a certain link with this girl… We could also knock her or threat her to accompany us discreetly… It is a little bit complicated to program that XD I also had some ideas about the reputation, as to give a bad reputation to other girls (though ours is good) in order to discredit them and even accuse them of murder and then, we can therefore hide the evidence in their lockers etc … 😀

    Have a good day, and I encourage you from France!

    • Yanderedev already mentioned that inviting a girl over is possible but since the girl’s parents will know that she is visiting you will have a hard time exterminating her.
      You will be able to spread false or accurate rumours about girls in the final version of the game (even in the demo you can see it if you look at the phone/skill tree) to discredit her/lower her popularity/accuse of murder

      • Michal, oh yes, surely, I didn’t have the time to look at all the things which will be in the official game. [ Aaaaand, I’m french so, uuh, it’s sometimes difficult to read all the things in English, even if I’m bilingual ]

        But thank’s for the information ^^

    • The “invite a girl to your home” method is logical, but I haven’t yet determined how to build up your relationship with a girl to the point where she’d be willing to go to your home.

      • Then, good luck ahah XD I don’t know much about programming (except css and html uh),
        the only things I’m good at is giving ideas, draw and translate ahah!

        If one day you search someone to translate the game in french, I’m here o/

  34. A little something i found out recently if you position a mop in front of an NPCs walking path they can get stuck on the mop and will not be able to continue their path. This doesnt seem like a big deal cuz the mop has to be positioned perfectly for them to get stuck usually they have enough space to walk a bit around it or knock it down but at times they can get stuck on it so it might be hard to make it happen again. Oh ya this is in the Apr8th build.

  35. “Removed button that would transform schoolgirls into nightmare-inducing Lovecraftian eldritch monstrosities.” Aw man ! 😦

  36. My screen still pink, even if I press ctrl+alt+del 😦 what’s wrong then? I already tried to turn down the quality of the game, but it still doesn’t working!

  37. 2 more bugs: As Alancar said the mop thing, I tried it and the NPCs can have trouble with it.

    2nd: I tried to drop the sword in as many locations as I could and here are the results
    -dropping it at the small gate will make it go through the gate and become unretrievable
    -dropping it “inside”/at any wall of the gym will make it either unretrievable (and invisible) or it might appear on the other side after a while of glitching (expected since the gym is not finished)

    !!!! THIS ONE IS IMPORTANT: dropping it in the same supply room where you can find the musician’s case will make the “R” promt disappear making the sword unretrievable but clearly visible !!!!

    – in all other cases the sword bounced back from the geometry (trees, school walls in all rooms on all floors, lockers, etc.) and was retrievable without any issues (a few times it did bounce back pretty violently :D)
    – dropping the sword on stairs will make it go through the stair texture and roll down the geometry (the slope on which the texture is positioned)

    I will keep you posted if I find anything else. Cheers, mate !

  38. Oh yeah and one more thing. In the latest bug fixes you wrote “In the final version of the game, though, Yandere-chan wouldn’t allow herself to go to class if there was a corpse lying around”. I understand where you are going with this but I think you should leave that up to the player. If the player decides to kill a girl in plain view and then goes into class then it is the player’s fault that the corpse gets found instantly and you lose (or not). If, however, you manage to kill her somewhere secluded but you decide that disposing of her now is not the right time then you should be able to have that option (places like gym store rooms, behind the school, behind gym, toilet booth, etc.).

    Keep up the good work, mate !

    • Here’s a scenario:

      1. Player kills girl, and leaves her corpse in the front of the school.
      2. Player goes to class.
      3. When the player goes to class, the game teleports all students into their classrooms.
      4. The teleport can be used to make students go to class without noticing the girl in front of the school.

      I have to prevent this. So…

      1. Player kills girl, leaves corpse anywhere.
      2. Player goes to class.
      3. Game checks to see if any corpses were lying around.
      4. If corpses are lying around, someone calls the cops, and we cut straight to the “police investigation” screen.

      Does that sound fun? No? Then…

      1. Player kills girl, leaves corpse anywhere.
      2. Player tries to go to class.
      3. Yandere-chan says “I won’t be able to concentrate with that dead body lying around” and refuses to go to class.

      So, which do you prefer?

      • I understand. Maybe set up “safe zones” where you can ditch the body without anybody noticing. Very secluded places like store rooms, boiler rooms, dumpsters, etc. the kind of places people only visit on rare occasions but you will have to clear these “safe zones” before the day is up or the janitor/teachers will discover them. Does that sounds like a plausible solution ?

        Your reasoning is also completely fine and makes total sense.

  39. Will we be able to set the smart phone/camera down to take hidden camera type shots? It seems like having a camera that could be hidden under a desk or in a gym locker to get blackmail material or panty shots for Info-chan would be a great feature. Also, being able to set up a camera and check it while doing something else could aid Yandere-chan in pulling off a murder.

    The Cinematic view is fun but treating the smart phone/camera like an object that keeps working even if not in Yandere-chan’s hands opens a lot of game play possibilities.

    • well, so far we can:
      – compliment/apologize/ask to follow us/murder/take pictures of panties/put to sleep and kidnap students
      – go to class and improve our skills
      – experiment with different weapons and how people react to them
      – press J, K and L for Easter egg appearances
      – go behind the confession tree to change the colour of our clothes
      – get nervous in front of our Sempai
      – use the phone to take photos/take a sneak peak at the “favours” catalogue/use free camera
      – use the mop and incinerator

      that is probably it

    • Stand, crouch, walk, run, crawl, talk to students, apologize for bad behavior, compliment students, pick up weapons, kill students, drag bodies, incinerate bodies and evidence, change out of bloody clothing, mop up blood, go to class, test out the class menu, take photographs and save them, send pictures to Info-chan to get her reaction, tranquilize and kidnap a girl, use Yandere Vision, transition from one weekday to another.

      More coming soon, though.

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