Kidnapping, Polls, Newcomers, and Bugs

If you want to download the latest debug build, click here! The next build will be uploaded on April 15th.

Did you guys enjoy the April Fools videos? I sure hope you did!

The newest addition to the game is something that I teased two weeks ago: kidnapping!

Here’s a list of all of the new additions to the game:

Kidnapping-Related Additions

  • When you go to class, you will be given the opportunity to allocate “study points” in certain subjects. If you increase your Biology grade, you will be able to use a tranquilizer under the right circumstances.
  • You can increase your reputation at school by talking to students and complimenting them. If your reputation is high enough, you can ask a student to follow you around school.
  • If you increase your Biology grade, steal tranquilizer from the nurse’s office, lead a girl to the gym storage room, close the door behind you, and stick a syringe into her, you can knock her out and stuff her into a case.
  • After tranquilizing a girl and stuffing her into a case, Yandere-chan will automatically transport that girl back to her home, and the girl will become a prisoner and appear in Yandere-chan’s basement.

Misc Improvements

  • Added a “Sponsors” screen before the title screen to acknowledge people who are helping significantly to fund the game’s development.
  • Changed the wording at the pink screen that appears before the game loads.
  • Added a placeholder school nurse (that the player cannot interact with).
  • Modified the appearance of the game’s HUD. (Artwork not final.)
  • Added “Ask Favor” menu when interacting with students.
  • Gave the player the ability to open and close doors.
  • Added the ability to compliment student NPCs.
  • Gave NPCs the ability to open and close doors.
  • Made reputation persistent across week days.
  • Added a really crappy-looking nurse’s office.
  • Added a gymnasium to the school grounds.
  • Added one unfurnished classroom interior.
  • Added a grim, dark, edgy Easter Egg!
  • Added a new title screen.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug that would make the pause menu get stuck onscreen if the player paused the game right when the police timer hit 00:00 or school clock hit 06:00.
  • If you are talking to an NPC while bloody, you will not recieve a reputation penalty while you’re conversing with them.
  • Fixed bug that would occur while pressing the Escape key at the Send/Save/Delete photo screen.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the game to recognize a pool of blood or a corpse behind a wall.
  • Fixed bug that would allow the player to take a “moving photograph”.


I’m extremely curious to find out more about the demographic that is interested in Yandere Simulator. Please take a moment to tell me a little about yourself!

How old are you?

What is your gender?

What do you want the MOST from Yandere Simulator?

Thanks for your help!

Information for Newcomers

A lot of people learned about Yandere Simulator last month; the blog received more traffic in March than in every month of 2014 and 2015 combined. As a result, there are a lot of newcomers who don’t know much about the game. I don’t want to sound ungrateful, but every day, I read dozens of e-mails and  comments that ask me questions I have already answered countless times. I would strongly suggest reading the FAQ, and scrolling down the WordPress page to read about all of the features that are planned for the game. You can also learn a lot about the game by reading the interviews that I have taken part in. (That last link is NSFW!)

Bug Reports

Ever since Yandere Sim started getting lots of attention last month, I have been receiving TONS of bug reports. Most game developers have to pay money in order to get this much bug-testing help for their games! I am very grateful for all of the support and assistance that newcomers to Yandere Simulator have been showing me!

With that said, I have some bad news to share. About 90% of the bug reports that I get are unhelpful. Every day, I read far too many bug reports from people who are:

  • Reporting bugs that I already know about and choose not to fix because they are low-priority at this stage of development
  • Reporting a missing feature as a “bug” because the feature has not been programmed yet
  • Reporting bugs that result from debug commands (which won’t be in the final game)
  • Reporting bugs that result from Easter Eggs (which won’t be in the final game)
  • Trying to play the game on a platform that is not yet supported (Mac)
  • Reporting bugs from old, outdated, obsolete versions of the game

Before you report a bug, please check the list of known bugs on the Downloads page (updated periodically). By reading the “Known Bugs” list, you can learn whether or not I already know about the bug that you’re trying to report. I’m starting to worry that nobody actually reads any of the text on that page…

Every time you send an unhelpful bug report, a yandere girl loses her senpai. Please, think of the yandere girls.

202 thoughts on “Kidnapping, Polls, Newcomers, and Bugs

  1. So far found 2 minor bugs

    About the gym building, aside from clipping and unable to use stairs, yandere can go through door without open it, be it door that lead to outside or door that lead to gym storage. Maybe some people will have hard time finding this walk through door bug since the “door crack” is quite small, what I found is you can get this bug by running right on the middle of the door to get inside the room

    Next bug is….well not exactly a bug and quite visible for everyone I believe, its just misplacement of explanation of lessons effect.

    Will update if I found more~

    • Ah and a suggestion since you did make a BRAND new building, how about adding senpai home/room where you can cherish/steal his boxe….his belonging? And certain item combined placed in shrine will give boost. For example senpai book+pencil+eraser will give 10+ bonus to study

      Of course there’ll be a time limit like maybe….3 minutes to rummage through senpai room (or else where’s the thrill of become a stalker?)
      And maybe make the option only able to be done once every week.

      • And found another bug (sorry if this has been solved)

        Student killed on 2nd floor/3rd floor gives no blood, so even if you step on NPC dead body on 2nd floor there’ll be no worries about leaving trails of blood, but trails of blood will appeared on first floor in the exact position where you killed NPC in 2nd/3rd floor

        How to (kinda) permanent yandere vision
        activate yandere vision (hold ctrl) – crouch (release ctrl button) – stand again – ta-daa yandere vision without holding ctrl button – deactivate by pressing ctrl again/bring phone camera

        And 1 thing I wanna ask…..when crouching yandere can bring phone camera, holding her phone with 2 hands yes, and she’s allowed to move while crouching+holding camera
        My question : How the heck she moves while crouching if both of her hand holding phone camera???

      • The “blood only appears on first floor” is a Known bug.

        The permanent yandere vision thing is new. Thanks for telling me.

        It’s possible to crouch and walk without using hands. When she is crawling with the camera, she uses her elbows to crawl.

  2. I have an idea for kidnapping a girl.
    First, you’ll need to implement school bags in the game.
    Though, this can only be done near the end of the day.
    You can take the girl upstairs in the school, use the syringe and tranquilizer, and after she’s unconscious, put her in the bag.
    You should implement males in the game, and make some of them even gay.

  3. Yay! I remember you mentioning this idea in a previous video and I’m SOOOOO glad you decided to implement it. I hope you implement reading hentai manga in class, that’s just too fitting for this game to be left out.

    As for different capture methods, I think it should largely depend on your target’s personality. Tranquilizing and subduing a more physically adapt or assertive student might work, but for a shy or absentminded student it might be best just to befriend them and lure them back to your house when no one’s around.

    Maybe if there were delinquent students or a student you hated you, you could spread rumors about how there’s something valuable in your house so that student would try to break in while you’re asleep, allowing you to stay up and set a trap!

    Once I get a job you can bet you manga that I’ll be supporting this on Paetron!

  4. A lot of people want to be able to kidnap Senpai and for some reason that idea does not appeal to me. :/ I mean I know Yandere-chan is supposed to be “Crazy” in some instances. But the point of the game is to make Senpai love you. If you kidnap him, even if he is to scared to say no to you at first. He will either be unable to love you or snap and not even be the same Senpai anymore at that point. So it would make sense that it would make for a immediate lose and is not really necessary to be implemented to the game to me. Although I have seen some interesting suggestions among scrolling through the comments.

    Notably the suggestion to be able to kill your pet and use it as an intimidation device to more quickly break the next person you bring in. I think there should be a time limit for how long it takes to break someone (Depending on their personality) and when you do break them. It would seem the only option would be to keep them there (Which while aesthetically pleasing is rather pointless.) or use them to get ahead in the game by killing someone. But you could make it a legit strategy to kidnap people in order to beat the game and one way you can further this strategy is to allow the killing of the pet and leaving the body on the floor in your basement as intimidation for future captives. A means to make them break faster. A third option could be a gather dirt option. Which would allow you to in a similar fashion to how info-chan can give you blackmail. You can use your pet to get blackmail on others (If she is popular and would know lots of secrets). This would make kidnapping a playable route that could potentially win you the game. Given the nature of how long it would take to get good at it, it would give it replay value as you may have to focus it in order to use its higher level stuff and may miss out on other features of the game that require more focus as well (Meaning you have to replay to get a different experience) Unsure the pacing of which you plan for kidnapping though. if you make skills be learned slowly and it be truly as difficult to get the tranquilizer and the good rep as it would seem then it would fill that role well.

    The last suggestion would be unrelated. More of a question. In the full game will there be more breaks between classes? Because you added a gym it made me wonder if there would ever be a dedicated time period. Maybe every other day, in which you need to go to the gym instead of a classroom and quite a few classmates would start out there/migrate there. You could also make a club hang out in the gym after school making it more difficult to get away with any dark deeds in the gym. The way the gym seems now is rather empty and a easy place to get away with things. Of courser there will be teachers in the full game who may be able to catch you. But I am always for making the game more challenging and strategic.

    Thank you for reading my long post ❤ I was mostly trying to kill time as I download the Debugger. Will post any unmentioned bugs I find after playing ❤ Loving the progress.

    • I see your point about scaring off senpai, but Hitagi and Yuno both got away with it in their respective animes, so I’d rather have the option. Maybe it could be risky somehow, i.e. have a chance to backfire if you mess up.

      …By the way, YandereDev, sorry if I’m the 9001st person to bring this up but sooner or later this thing’s going to need a forum so we’re not all having discussions on your blog page xD

  5. Hello Dev!
    It would be cool that you could include a “easter-egg-like-thingy” (or something like that) that somewhere in school (or other place) Yandere-chan founds a Senpai body pillow (dakimakura). She could place it near the shrine or on her bed.
    Also that she could record some “audio/voice notes” of senpai; she could use them to decrease her insanity (would work just like the photos).

  6. I’m delighted that the kidnapping was added so fast after I discovered the game! I could experiment it in the build just tonight : the idea is really good but I wonder if you can develop it more as the development advances. Things like being able to interact with your prisoner, take photos (smartphone cannot be used in Yandere’s house it seems), gag/ungag, strip, change position etc.

  7. Awesome to know there would be some difficult things to do like kidnapping with a lot of possible ways to success!

    I wish you can interact with you kidnapping victim like feeding her or torture her… To think in the future.

    It’s just me being greedy but it would be also great if Yandere could be a boy or a girl and senpai of the opposite sex. It would be interesting but maybe difficult to add as an option. I don’t know but i think it could be great~

    Keep the good job, man! I know it’ll be a good and funny game to look for. 😀

    • Just to save YandereDev some time. It is already planned for there to be a choice between a female and male senpai. Choice of the protagonists Gender however. Dev-kun would like to keep female. While there is some male Yandere. The stereotype fits females better.

  8. But if the victim was last seen with you, wouldn’t that make you more suspicious?
    Can you ask info-chan about where the stuff in the doctor’s office is?
    If you have a bad reputation, and then people figure out that you’ve been complimenting every person you’ve come across, wouldn’t they usually just think you’re just pretending to be nice?

  9. Playing on Yandere graphics
    A few potential bugs I have discovered so far. The first being portrayed in this picture When you enter the Gym. The reflection of the windows on the floor are opposite of what they should be.

    The second being When you enter the Gym. You can see outside of the doors you would normally come through. But the room next to the storeroom for whatever reason is unable to process the outside world when you first enter it. If you leave the room it will return to the outside. But by being in the room you get this kind of cloud effect where the outside is not rendering. There also seems to be some slight rendering issues in that room where objects will disappear from view when you angle your camera a certain way. You also recieve a rendering problem when you look out the windows on the first floor of the main school building. I noticed that apart from those windows. All the textures and rendering is pretty darn smooth within the school. Even the newly added nurses office looks sleek. But the Gym seems to have most of these minor rendering problems. Even the grates have that little spazzy effect when walking towards them associated with overlapping textures. But that is a minor issue and often noticeable here and there even in high quality games. For the issue in the room next to the store room. I would suggest putting windowless doors like the rest of the gym. And for the first floor of the school issue. I would make the glass on unused doors non transparent. Like a dull blueish grey or something to represent glass but without allowing you to see the rendering glitches behind them. I don’t know what models are tightly bound together either. So I understand if it is not possible to change the doors. Just trying to toss out as many things I notice as possible just in case you haven’t.

    Another thing. You might have just not implemented it. But when you compliment someone that day. You can’t compliment them again. If this was not already a planned feature I suggest you make it to where you CAN compliment then again, but if you do twice in the same day then you get a like a -5 or something to your reputation. I know you mentioned this before in the video. But I did not know if it had already been implemented yet and I was glitching and unable to find it. Or if had not be put in the game yet.

    I just tested killing someone in the gym. We know there is the bug where blood tends to remain on the ground floor. The Gym is raised and so it also susceptible to this bug.

    Lol. I feel silly on this last one. I was going to say I kept trying to kidnap a girl, but I kept killing her in the closet. But I accidentally learned a level in chemistry… Not biology. lol. So that would explain why. Well. That is the conclusion of all the bugs I have found so far. Hopefully these are of some help to you. ❤

  10. I’m so happy that I saw this video, kidnapping is a part of the yandere life. To drop in an idea maybe after you call one of the girls over to ‘see something cool’ she also calls sempai over to see it with you therefore foiling that plan for Yandere-chan?

  11. The kidnapping method I think should still be even harder than what was in the video! Having no repercussions just seems to easy, even if it will be time consuming to prepare the kidnapping in the first place. It should at least cast some suspicion on Yandere-chan, like her being seen last with the victim, or vague witness reports or something. Perhaps keeping a victim too long would result in reports from your neighbors about screams from your basement?
    Maybe some more kidnapping methods can include inviting a girl to your home, or having some kind of cover for why you’d be carrying a case or moving a container off campus to be able to do so ASAP after school! Maybe there can even be a way for your victim to escape, and ruin your life? I’m not that great at thinking kidnapping methods, so I’ll probably be pretty satisfied with any way this turns out. Anyways I’m curious what kind of directions this kidnapping function will go!

    Also, it would be cool if at least one of the rivals who likes senpai is a boy. Someone that popular with girls has to have at least one male fan! And hopefully Yandere-chan’s seduction will also work on girls. Every campus can’t be completely straight… Maybe Info-chan’s info can tell you which girls are receptive to advances, haha.

  12. A bug that keeps happening to me on this update is even when i clean up everything with no trace of a murder, the cops still find me and i get a game over.

  13. I’m so happy you were able to implement kidnapping in so quickly!! The only major thing I found is that the descriptions of the classes are all mixed up.
    Other than that, it’s amazing!! Oh, and a suggestion for the dialogue. Maybe make Yan-chan’s text pink and the NPC’s text white. c:

  14. I’m quite excited to see the progress on this latest build, and can’t wait to see where the game goes from here. Of particular interest to me was the introduction of the new skill system involving the different classes you can take which allow you to undertake different methods of eliminating the competition.

    Since classes other than Biology have not been implemented yet, I’d like to offer some ideas regarding the Chemistry specialization in particular. A possible benefit of specializing in Chemistry would be the ability to undertake in acid-throwing attacks. Instead of murdering or kidnapping a girl in order to forcefully remove her as competition, the goal of an acid-throwing attack is to physically disfigure, as well as emotionally scar her enough so that she will never work up the courage to approach senpai with a love confession.

    Like kidnapping, this would require extensive preparation in order to be successful. Unfortunately for Yandere-chan, most high school Chemistry labs do not carry acid of sufficient concentration to inflict any serious injuries. Thus, she would need to take quite a large amount of less concentrated acid from the Chemistry Lab storage room. This would need to be done over many days so as not to alarm the Chemistry teacher with large amounts of acid going missing at once. Perhaps she would have to go through a similar ordeal with this teacher as she does with the school nurse in order to acquire the key. Once she has stolen enough containers of acid, she can concentrate them at her home by boiling the pooled acid (“concentrating acid” would be the skill she acquires by studying chemistry).

    Of course, Yandere-chan would require an effective disguise before embarking on an attack as audacious as acid-throwing and this would be acquired from Info-chan with enough panty-shots. In addition, she would need a secluded location in order to throw the acid. Since leading the girl to a secluded location doesn’t work as she would know who attacked her if Yandere-chan is not disguised, or wouldn’t follow her if she was, she needs to take another approach. This would be stalking the girl in order to find out times when she is alone and vulnerable to an anonymous attack.

    • You could put the chemistry set downstairs in the basement. Making another use for the basement. You could also set up the chemical as a trap. To remove the need of a disguise, Something that springs out of a locker could work as an alternative.

    • Hmm…this is an interesting idea. I think that in the past year I’ve been discussing this game with people, nobody has ever suggested using chemicals to disfigure a girl’s face. It’s probably one of the most devious and twisted things that anyone has suggested so far…but it’s actually a very appropriate idea for this type of game. I’ll definitely consider it.

      • Perhaps you could force a girl to drink acid. Destroying her vocal cords. Not only can she no longer talk to Senpai, she can’t talk to the police.

    • Could this also be available if you kidnapped someone with chloroform(coming from behind) or stabbing a girl with tranquilizer( from behind them) and when they are in the basement still unconscious you blindfold them throw acid on their face then just drop them off later the next day and they never know it was you.

  15. I have a small suggestion for kidnapping:

    Since using a tranquilizer is tied to your biology skill, how about a stun gun for an engineering or technical skill set (the idea being that yandere-chan modifies a stun gun she finds [or purchases from info-chan] in the game with higher voltage to knock out a target)? Then, since the target won’t be unconscious as long as the tranq, yandere-chan would have to find a mobile container. This could add a degree of risk if she steals a container belonging to a specific club. To balance this, the stun gun would be a disposable weapon, you could make up reason to the effect of: ‘this stun gun is so powerful one use will fry the circuitry’ or something. Perhaps with an even greater tech skill, yandere-chan could modify stun guns to be leathal (and silent) idk.

    BTW, this update was awesome, I’m getting so psyched!

  16. I didn’t answer the third poll because none of the options quite fit what I really wanted – that is, ways to eliminate a rival without causing serious harm to them, physically or socially. For example, setting them up with someone else (which you’ve mentioned in the past), scaring them away from Senpai, making Senpai dislike them, or making them dislike Senpai. For the purposes of that third one, perhaps you could allow the player to interact with Senpai, but not romance them?

  17. Here’s an idea: Perhaps some students should be able to defend themselves? Like, students in athletic clubs should be harder to take down than students in non-athletic clubs, and students in the martial arts club should be especially difficult to take down – at least, without getting the drop on them.

    Also, why is there a Seduce option in the dialogue menu? Yandere-chan’s world revolves around Senpai, doesn’t it?

    • Sometimes you gotta get down and dirty, mean words and stab wounds aren’t the only way to get people to listen, just think of it as acting nice +rep. Plus don’t you want yan-chan making a yuri harem that would kill at her beck and call?

  18. Checked the bug report, didn’t see it so reporting a few bugs.

    1) Was talking to this girl out in the courtyard, no stairs, told her to follow me, then I stood still and she started spinning. Guess it’s not just a stairs problem.

    2) If you go into edge mode, you can’t pick up items, or interact, or even get out of edge mode, and taking out the camera has that weird hair effect, don’t know if this was intentional. Also after a while I got stuck to a spot and couldn’t move the edge was too strong.

    3) second building door didn’t have an open animation but you can still go through regardless, plus some texture issues from inside the building.

    4) If you press space to watch a certain trailer, I’m stuck in it, can’t get out, pressing space just blacks the screen and repressing resets it some times, and it doesn’t even play the full trailer.

    5) Every time I alt+f4 or press the close button, resuming the game moves me into the next day, might be an issue on the saving progress.

    6) The bedroom seems laggy compared to the school yard, which you’d think would be the opposite.

  19. I don’t know if anyone else has seen this or maybe its just me but when placing stats in subjects the descriptions don’t match up with the subject for me like for biology it shows me the description for language, just an observation.

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  21. You should make it so you can kidnap males and brainwash them to take out the rival by multiple methods like making them fall in love with rival or having them murder rival etc.
    Also I’m sure you have heard this before but inviting people over to Yandere’s house and then tranquillizing them.
    And this might be a little much but adding in the rival’s family and making so you can make them sick or even the rival sick so they have to miss out on senpai

  22. Hi! I love of how you are making this game!
    I do have a few suggestions.

    Firstly, when the first year in development blog came out(the one with yandere with a hat on in front of a fountain) I was wondering if you might be able to go to a sort of park to have some extra time to get some panty shots, talk to people and maybe kidnap /kill? The downside of this would be that yandere would be more tired the next morning and would get less skill points from doing school work.

    Secondly, perhaps another way to kidnap them would be by becoming part of a club, like the gardening club you mentions before, and have a bag that would supposed be used to pick up weeds and take home plants to grow at your house. But instead being used to kidnap people. The way to get the back would be to have a high rep, be part of the gardening club(which you couldn’t just join instantly, you would have to earn your place) and actually be active in the club(or they would just kick you out. Also being active in it would earn you more privileges).

    That’s basically everything I have to say. Thanks for reading!

    • Well, like the “About” page says, I would like to include more environments in the game, but it depends on volunteers / budget.

      I’d like to allow the player to join clubs for buffs / abilities / privileges, but the gardening bag idea is a bit far-fetched…

  23. I have a suggestion for a game mechanic. Since you need to study some classes in order to learn some skills, how about you add a library so that Yandere-chan can research when it isn’t school hours since it looks that just a week doesn’t seem to be enough time for the classes.

    • I plan to balance the number of Study Points in the game so that, if the player NEVER misses class once in the entire game, they will have just enough Study Points to max out every subject. I discussed this in a blog post in 2014.

      However, a library function wouldn’t actually be a bad thing at all.

  24. Hello there, I had a few ideas about the kidnapping process that I’m not sure has been discussed yet. I was thinking maybe you could interrogate the kidnapped for information about other girls, potentially finding out a dark secret to blackmail them with. Also, what if the Yandere vision could only be unlocked on a person whom you’ve “befriended”. This way if there was some sort of friendship meter or requirement you could understand their schedule and know where they’d likely be, giving some logic and challenge to the Yandere vision. And since kidnapping is supposed to be a high risk high reward scenario, maybe include some schedule’s (provide Yandere vision) of some of their friends’ and have the blackmail be a more rare occurrence.

      • I’ve tried to think of a simple way to implement a friend system but honestly it might be too much coding. That and the more I think on what the befriending system would do it really only replaces the reputation meter, adding an individual system for each person. When it comes down to it I guess all I have is added logic to Yandere vision with the schedules and maybe adding in other ways to learn of their schedule.

  25. Maybe yandere vision should have some sort of risk or blind spot? Maybe if other students noticed(if they got close enough), your reputation might go down?

  26. Hey, I just had a suggestion. Perhaps another method of kidnapping could involve the highest possible favor from info-chan to kidnap a girl after school and bring her to you, no strings attached? Maybe something like a drive-by kidnapping or other ambush that’s off-screen. Also, I think it would be neat if you could manipulate a girl into becoming your slave as an alternative. Maybe if you have a really good Psychology grade and some heavy dirt on them (via info-chan) you could blackmail or otherwise manipulate them into being your slave or just following a few more commands than not meeting senpai anymore. Maybe you could instruct her to take the heat for a murder or commit one herself?

  27. I think I’ve found a few not-known bugs. When I try to take a picture inside the building before class, every NPC in the screen disapears. Also, the game doesn’t recognise what kind of picture I’m taking, and once I take a picture, I start going through walls, floors and stairs, so I can’t go to class.

  28. Senpai Yandere-chan can pass through doors if she runs forward it DDDD: (I’m really liking the game, I love Yanderes <(* u * <

  29. One problem (at least, logically) with the syringe-kidnapping strategy is that Yandere-chan doesn’t actually place it back into the nurse’s compartments, which would probably be a huge concern for the nurse. To increase the game’s difficulty I guess you could have Yan-chan have to return it in the same day or very early the next day (which would require more help from Info-chan, etc.). Sounds like a heist, honestly. In addition, you assumably can’t return a dirty syringe (I’m no medical expert) so Yan-chan would have to clean it (SOMEHOW I don’t know).

    OK for kidnapping ideas. This is a bit complex, so take from it what you will: I’ve done a bit of research (but again, I don’t know medicine), the general idea is to use date-rape drugs for kidnapping. Zolpidem is a drug which is used to induce sleep in the user (“…It works quickly, usually within 15 minutes…” quoting Wikipedia). It’s not something you inject, so you would probably have to convince a girl to eat lunch with you in a secluded spot or something. Japan has strict drug laws but as it happens, it’s sold under the brand Myslee in Japan. The basic method would be:

    1) Steal Myslee from another girl at school.
    // For ex. A unique athletic (or anyone that would be involved in an after-school club) character at school has insomnia and takes Myslee, and you learn this information through Info-chan. While she’s doing club activities, Yan-chan steals only SOME (to avoid suspicion) of the drug from her bag.
    2) Get a high enough relationship with the target rival that Yan-chan can convince her to have lunch with her in some isolated location
    3) Pre-poison drinks (I don’t know how she wouldn’t taste it though, since the drug is usually placed in alcohol) and wait for results
    4) When successfully ingested, hide body in storage, away from direct sunlight
    5) Zolpidem has a half-life of 2-3 hours, so the body would have to be re-located in an adequate amount of time.

  30. Dear YandereDev,

    I really think this game your making is really cool and is a different from other games. I understand you are a person trying to fit as much game building as possible in your own personal free time and appreciate you working on this game. I hope you take breaks every now and then so you don’t get stressed out, we wouldn’t want that 🙂 (I’m sorry if that sounded creepy I’m really not, I’m just trying to be nice). Other members of the team I hope you are feeling/doing well.

    I know I’m not really sure how games are built and I understand that some requests might be too much since everything is based on the amount of funds the game currently has and how complex you want the game to be. I have a few suggestions and questions, hopefully some of them can be put into the game and some questions can be answered.

    For the kidnapping in the game I think you should be able to apply some chloroform to a cloth like a handkerchief, a washcloth, or rip a piece of cloth off an old uniform so you can come up behind a girl or boy(if you’re going throw a plot twist in or something) to use and have yandere-chan hold it there for maybe 2 minutes in game so there can be a small struggle, of course it wouldn´t be able to work with everybody because of different personalities and different clubs that would affect the person’s personality.

    Also if you make a lunchroom or put a vending machine in and your reputation is at least neutral or higher from compliments and people gossiping, the option to give a drink to a classmate should be able appear (not sure where though, it could possibly be used as an apology drink or just to be nice so maybe it could go under compliment).

    You should be able to learn through a class (probably in biology sense that’s where players can learn how to use tranquillizers though could also go under chemistry because medicine is mostly being made out of chemicals now instead of plants though it would be cool if yandere-chan could walk around and collect certain plants to make certain items) at a certain level you can learn how to make sleeping pills or steal some from the infirmary and slip some pills into a classmate’s drink as another method of kidnapping though I’m not sure the time limit that should be set before they pass out if added into the game you could also use this as a way to poison a student as well.

    If implemented you could also ask info-chan for a certain number of panty shots to get sleeping pills or poison the number of panty shots I don’t know. If drinks are implemented into the game inviting a friend over or a person for a study group, you could ask them if they want a drink, put the pill or pills in, wait till they pass out then take the victim to the basement then their new pet. Different drinks could be soda, tea, lemonade, water, milk, and juice, each student could like a different one depending on personality and club.

    Example: If they are in a martial arts class and their personality is justice they might want a healthy drink to stay fit to catch criminals’ evil crimes in the act so maybe they would want some juice.

    Would it be possible if you kidnapped a classmate and you could choose whether or not you want to feed them or give them water to build up some type of fear so they would have a fear of dying or a fear of more torture or whatever yandere-chan decides to do, or trick their mind into thinking you’re helping them when you decide to feed them or give them water.

    Or trick them it to thinking your rescuing them though I think this would really only work with the chloroform since you would attack from behind (since attacking in the front would most likely be difficult and you would have to hold the victim down while holding the chloroform over their mouth and nose they would also recognize your face, so behind makes the most sense, I know all of this from a ton of Korean, Japanese, Spanish dramas/thrillers/movies) and you would have had to blindfold/gag them to conceal your identity. Maybe starve the victim then go down in the basement and ask the victim “are you okay?” and “I’m going to get you out of here” to kind of fake a rescue and though thinking about the fake rescue now is giving me headache and would probably be pointless unless she would do whatever you wanted her to do, such as spread rumors about another student. I’m really just trying to brainstorming a ton of ideas.

    I don’t think having blindfold is necessary unless you want your identity to be concealed from the victim, though the gag (as in tape, washcloth or both animation for tape could be tape being ripped off hard or peel off slowly, washcloth could be taken out of mouth when tape is taken off. Also but a long sheet or something though tape would is probably simpler animation for interrogation and simpler to put the tape back on) would probably be useful so neighbors don’t hear screaming from yandere-chan’s house and call the police to make sure nothing is wrong also would be useful if victim woke up still in a chest, so they wouldn’t be able to scream.

    Is there going to be a lab in the basement? So you can make items like sleeping pills or poison? Or is most of this stuff going to be made at school? Or is it just going to be getting favors from info-chan to get poison or sleeping pills if added into game?

    Will you be able to kidnap teachers or staff members? If so teachers would probably have more information depending on the class they teach like chemistry, if it was just a staff member like a janitor would he probably have more information on rumors or if it was nurse and you could break her and force her to make tranquilizers, sleeping pills or have her make drugs so you could stash some in a classmates locker to get them looked down upon or expelled.

    I think your idea the idea of mini-games for the classes would be cool though I think the writing class or psychology would probably be trivia questions.

    Since these game is going to last 10 in game weeks and each week a new rival will appear do we retain information we learned from a class last week or does it reset each time?
    If you kidnap a girl that is a rival the will week end? And if it ends does the girl you kidnapped stay in the house (meaning all the way till next week and in next week can you use her to spread rumors?)? Also does the week need to end when you take care of the rival if it ends? If the week ends that means you can’t learn skills from school thus that would take away time you could have spent learning in class.

    I understand that in the complete game that there will be different ways you can get clean uniform from info-chan or by stealing another student’s uniform while they’re in the shower, but if yandere-chan stole a student’s another uniform while they’re in shower and waited until they were about come out would you get a bonus if you took a naked photo of them and sent it to info-chan?


    Wow, I honestly didn’t think this would be so long O_O
    Sorry for anyone who reads this and gets a headache in advance.

    • That sure is a lot of text…

      I don’t have any plans to allow Yandere-chan to craft things in her basement. If crafting things using chemistry is possible, it will only be at the school.

      You retain all of your stats as the weeks pass.

      If you eliminate a rival before the week is over, you have the option to keep going to school to keep collecting panty shots / study points / student info / etc.

      • Had a ton of questions so I understand if can’t read all of it or understand it(I know I can sound pretty confusing at times, I’m pretty sure I have dyslexia).

        Another question this is probably the most simple thing to know but how do you post pictures to show problems with the game? I really don’t know how to work this blog I’m use to Tumblr and Google+.

  31. Just had an idea on the whole kidnapping manipulation part, calling it a breaking point, you know how some people might be easier to seduce or to mindbreak to do your bidding, I feel like depending on that character’s personality should hint to what would be easiest to break them, like a flirty person will be easier to seduce, while a coward you can threaten easier to do whatever, of course there should be a max limit for everyone where no human would be able to resist 5 weeks of torture, but that would take too much time, it should reward the player to know which method would work best for their victims. And maybe if you don’t tend to them they just die from hunger or start to recover from the torture.

  32. I actually have images and scenes playing in my head how Yandere-Chan is going to kidnap a schoolmate and how to mentally break her. Grabbing a kitchen knife and stab her, only to miss her intentionally last second, hitting the floor only inches away from her head.

    Starve the schoolmate then opening Yandere-chan’s bag to reveal the kidnapped girl’s favorite house pet dog and force her to either starve to death or eat her own dead dog.

    Taking embarrassing pictures of her and post a semi-censored pictures of her online. Threaten her to send the full pictures to all her friends and family.

    In the end, the kidnapped girl will be only left as a husk of her former self.

  33. When I was playing the game, two things had occured to me that I thought should be brought to the attention of you.

    I usually play through the game and wait until around lunch to strike all of the girls at once. Well, one was on the stairs spinning, so I decided I’d stab her. She didn’t leave blood anywhere until I started to drag her, which I didn’t get a screen shot of.

    The second thing is that when I was dragging a girl, her blood ran out and then started right up again.

  34. I’m not sure if someone has suggested this yet (as I tried to read all the comments but there were quite a few) but it would be cool if you could possibly steal something that sempai writes in, like a diary or a school notebook and forge a letter a girl who likes him asking her to meet him somewhere. Of course Yandere-Chan would ask the girl to meet sempai is some secluded place possibly in the middle of class-time when and where she could murder of kidnap her. The game is looking awesome so far! Keep up the amazing work!

    • I have an additional idea that I thought up a few minutes after posting my original comment (oppsy!). Could it be possible to trick a girl who really really loved sempai into meeting him somewhere without her uniform? Lets say “he” (i.e. a letter forged by Yandere-chan) writes said girl a steamy letter saying he wants to meet her in the shower room and to leave he uniform in a locker or something. This could be another way of obtaining a clean uniform after a murder or a way to murder a girl and still be able to obtain her clean uniform.

  35. What about kidnapping and brainwashing the nurse? Seems like an useful ally for what I’d like to call plan ‘kidnap every single person in school and create a personal army’ (name subject to change).

  36. I would like to know, what’s the point in kidnapping? It’s and interesting idea, but i mean it might be more easier to kill girl, then kidnap her.
    I’d like to hear, what you’re planning to do with the kidnapped girl.

  37. just wondering if having a basement in the main character’s house is a good idea. i’ve googled around and they’re uncommon in private homes. although i like the idea of having a basement to toy around with, for the sake of authenticity, it might be worth exploring alternative methods.

  38. You could implement a mechanic where you can stall people from going into the basement while a victim is tied up there, but trying to keep a victim for too long will get you caught after someone goes into the basement. Either that, or a mechanic where the victim can attempt to escape. It wouldn’t be much fun to have an infinite amount of time to keep a victim, right?

    In addition to kidnapping at school, there could be a “come to my house” mechanic where you can go back home with a potential victim willingly following you and deal with them there instead.

  39. For another method to control someone, what about like yandere chan can find some kinda evidence to black mail someone? like take pictures of a girl cheating on her bf or stealing someone’s “precious” belonging/s and had them to do yandere chan a favour? but black mailing like this cant control the person to kill someone, only 1 or 2 small favour/s (maybe like spreading gossips of one of the rival girls or tell yandere chan infos about her rivals etc)

    ^ maybe this can be a feature for the internet (since i saw you mentioned about adding a computer in her room 😀 this way wont damage yandere chan’s reputation and she can stay anonymous

    also, to dispose the bodies of the victims, one way can be make it look like they committed suicide? maybe can set one of the way to kill is to use ropes and suffocate the girl, then yandere chan can drag the body to the girl’s toilet and hung her up
    or like poison the victim and put her in the chemistry room with a bottle of poison in her hand and fake a dying message note thing next to her

    ^ when theres no physical injuries or blood, maybe yandere chan can piggyback the body and say shes carrying a fainted student to the nurse office (but in fact to dispose the body)

    hope these helps ;v;
    good luck and ganbatte omg looking forward to the masterpiece :’D ❤
    looking really good so far! ^^

    • but then i guess thats what info chan is for right- the black mailing.. hmm /)(\
      ooo also collecting fashion info from the internet to gain better reputation? xD
      as you gain more fashion knowledge, you gain access for more hairstyles or accessories etc?
      just a thought /)///(\

  40. found out about this game today and it is looking good!
    Poll: 20, female, would be nice if add a little dating sim aspect (i am aware that this game is not a dating sim)
    for example better reputations can give the main character a little more random encounters? such as senpai will smile or say hi to the main character when they run into each other, however having a good reputation might lead to standing out in a crowd, which may make it harder to commit a crime and so on.

    i told a friend of mine today about this game too, shes the same age as me and she is also really interested about this game, and she would like to see more on the torturing haha

    hope this helps!

  41. for the kidnapping feature I’m very happy about it and thanks dev for implementing the feature!
    now I would like to give some suggestion.The way you want to tie up a girl eg. ropes, duct tape, cloth, ball gag, blindfold, the position you want etc. thats all no need too extreme to BDSM level. and torture a girl can increase any point such as sanity. Oh yeah make the victim to scream through the gag. you can capture a girl using chloroform too for easier method but shorter time to be awake.

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