Kidnapping, Polls, Newcomers, and Bugs

If you want to download the latest debug build, click here! The next build will be uploaded on April 15th.

Did you guys enjoy the April Fools videos? I sure hope you did!

The newest addition to the game is something that I teased two weeks ago: kidnapping!

Here’s a list of all of the new additions to the game:

Kidnapping-Related Additions

  • When you go to class, you will be given the opportunity to allocate “study points” in certain subjects. If you increase your Biology grade, you will be able to use a tranquilizer under the right circumstances.
  • You can increase your reputation at school by talking to students and complimenting them. If your reputation is high enough, you can ask a student to follow you around school.
  • If you increase your Biology grade, steal tranquilizer from the nurse’s office, lead a girl to the gym storage room, close the door behind you, and stick a syringe into her, you can knock her out and stuff her into a case.
  • After tranquilizing a girl and stuffing her into a case, Yandere-chan will automatically transport that girl back to her home, and the girl will become a prisoner and appear in Yandere-chan’s basement.

Misc Improvements

  • Added a “Sponsors” screen before the title screen to acknowledge people who are helping significantly to fund the game’s development.
  • Changed the wording at the pink screen that appears before the game loads.
  • Added a placeholder school nurse (that the player cannot interact with).
  • Modified the appearance of the game’s HUD. (Artwork not final.)
  • Added “Ask Favor” menu when interacting with students.
  • Gave the player the ability to open and close doors.
  • Added the ability to compliment student NPCs.
  • Gave NPCs the ability to open and close doors.
  • Made reputation persistent across week days.
  • Added a really crappy-looking nurse’s office.
  • Added a gymnasium to the school grounds.
  • Added one unfurnished classroom interior.
  • Added a grim, dark, edgy Easter Egg!
  • Added a new title screen.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug that would make the pause menu get stuck onscreen if the player paused the game right when the police timer hit 00:00 or school clock hit 06:00.
  • If you are talking to an NPC while bloody, you will not recieve a reputation penalty while you’re conversing with them.
  • Fixed bug that would occur while pressing the Escape key at the Send/Save/Delete photo screen.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the game to recognize a pool of blood or a corpse behind a wall.
  • Fixed bug that would allow the player to take a “moving photograph”.


I’m extremely curious to find out more about the demographic that is interested in Yandere Simulator. Please take a moment to tell me a little about yourself!

How old are you?

What is your gender?

What do you want the MOST from Yandere Simulator?

Thanks for your help!

Information for Newcomers

A lot of people learned about Yandere Simulator last month; the blog received more traffic in March than in every month of 2014 and 2015 combined. As a result, there are a lot of newcomers who don’t know much about the game. I don’t want to sound ungrateful, but every day, I read dozens of e-mails and  comments that ask me questions I have already answered countless times. I would strongly suggest reading the FAQ, and scrolling down the WordPress page to read about all of the features that are planned for the game. You can also learn a lot about the game by reading the interviews that I have taken part in. (That last link is NSFW!)

Bug Reports

Ever since Yandere Sim started getting lots of attention last month, I have been receiving TONS of bug reports. Most game developers have to pay money in order to get this much bug-testing help for their games! I am very grateful for all of the support and assistance that newcomers to Yandere Simulator have been showing me!

With that said, I have some bad news to share. About 90% of the bug reports that I get are unhelpful. Every day, I read far too many bug reports from people who are:

  • Reporting bugs that I already know about and choose not to fix because they are low-priority at this stage of development
  • Reporting a missing feature as a “bug” because the feature has not been programmed yet
  • Reporting bugs that result from debug commands (which won’t be in the final game)
  • Reporting bugs that result from Easter Eggs (which won’t be in the final game)
  • Trying to play the game on a platform that is not yet supported (Mac)
  • Reporting bugs from old, outdated, obsolete versions of the game

Before you report a bug, please check the list of known bugs on the Downloads page (updated periodically). By reading the “Known Bugs” list, you can learn whether or not I already know about the bug that you’re trying to report. I’m starting to worry that nobody actually reads any of the text on that page…

Every time you send an unhelpful bug report, a yandere girl loses her senpai. Please, think of the yandere girls.

202 thoughts on “Kidnapping, Polls, Newcomers, and Bugs

  1. YandereDev, it has been a pretty long time since I commented here last – many, many months in fact – but even though no comments have been made by me, you can be sure that I am still watching Yandere Simulator very intently. I must say YandereDev, I am very impressed with your progress and love how the game is coming along. I am easily still just as excited, if not more excited, than I was when I first found out about this game such a long time ago.

    Also, just thought I would mention that I have been playing all the recent test builds on my 65 inch 4K TV and they look glorious. I run them on Yandere settings at 3840×2160 full screen and they run smooth as butter.

    But yeah, keep up the wonderful work YandereDev, I am really looking forward to the next update, the demo and the final game!

    P.S. There is nothing wrong with male Yandere characters, and I do in fact rather enjoy the idea of a male Yandere character in certain cases, but here in the case of Yandere Simulator, I personally agree with you that Yandere-chan should be female only with no male option. In my opinion this game just feels better with Yandere-chan being a female, if that makes any sense.

  2. Seriously, I am so hyped to try out this new build! Although I’m a newcomer, I’ve read up so much about Yandere Sim & this game continuously just gets better & better. Its amazing work, because of the style & overall design of the game, & now that pewdiepie has even played the game means, this game is going to get Big! It deserves it, Can’t wait till the game is finished, keep up the good work!

  3. So far I’m loving this build so far, kidnapping another perfect feature adding to this great game. If i find any bugs not listed i’ll be sure to let you know. its also great to see this game get a lot of publicity I look forward to seeing more from you. This game has come a long way this past few months and i am excited to see what’s planned next. I am looking forward to more awesome builds keep up the amazing work man

    • ps. i also agree there is nothing wrong with male yandere characters. But here in the case of Yandere Simulator, I personally agree with you that Yandere-chan should be female only with no male option or another idea would be Yandere-Chan’s sempai could be a girl just a thought that i had while playing the game

  4. First of all, hello Yandere Dev. I’ve never posted here but I’ve been following your updates for a couple of weeks now, and I gotta say the game looks pretty good, can’t wait to see (and hopefully play) the final product

    Anyway, just thought of an alternative way of kidnapping a girl on the game. The idea is kind of simple: befriend the girl, invite her to your house with a random excuse, and kidnap her then and there. But maybe the steps to get her to trust you can take a whole week of preparation, like get information about her tastes, build up trust, and maybe trigger an event at the last day in which she decides to befriend you. The difficulty lies not only in finding out about her likes and such, but in you interacting with her. Maybe like, it can drain your sanity meter to talk to her for too long (jealousy towards a target). Also it can be difficult to find good opportunities to approach her alone (like, if she hangs around in a group, she won’t talk to you that easily) and so on. Anyway, that’s my idea so there you go.

    Good luck with the game, will continue to follow it up

      • You can do what Persona did and the more you hang out with a person the more they like you

        Also another way that might be usable to kidnape one of the girls is using Chloroform or Ether in the girls Towel, Clothes, what ever and after a few minutes of them smelling the chemical you take them to the Nurse’s office (you have to be friends with the person and you have to have used a favor from Info-chan to make the Nurse unavailable) and when the Nurse is not there you take her home and Boom Kidnapped.

      • You could make a chat option instead of just a compliment option which would let you slowly befriend someone over a week or two. In my experience it usually takes 2-3 weeks to be close enough friends with someone to invite them over if you met randomly in a school setting. Having the same interests (taking certain classes and joining certain clubs) could help too. If you add friendships they should basically take a fairly long amount of time but be very useful.

        Maintaining friends would also be a good way to keep popularity. So you would get reduced popularity penalties if you continuously talk with your ‘friends’ on a daily basis.

  5. That basement reminds me of Breaking Bad, I have a question.
    When the girl is kidnapped, what are you supposed to do with her? Can she die? Does she need eat food? Is there any way to dispose of her?

  6. First time poster, long time (first or second month of this blog) follower here!

    Came here to say how the girl attached to that pole in the basement reminded me of Breaking Bad but I see that’s already covered 🙂

    One other thing I thought about basements, is that, as far as I know, they’re… uncommon in houses in Japan. (it has probably something to do with earthquakes or something… although most high-rise buildings do have underground parking, often with these high-tech car elevators/”drawers”…)

    That being said, I don’t have anything else to suggest instead of the basement for detaining that kidnapped rival 😐

    • The basement is actually explained by the game’s lore! Yandere-chan’s grandmother had the basement built under her house because she wanted to keep something close, yet hidden at the same time. The “family secret” is no longer in the basement, though. Yandere-chan’s mother used the basement for a certain devious purpose in the 1980s. And now Yandere-chan gets to use the basement, too…

      • I just found out about Yandere Sim, so I apologize if this has already been asked before but will Yandere-chan’s parents ever appear in the game as NPCs? By the sounds of things Yandere-chan’s mother has a rather interesting past, so she sounds like she could act as a source of knowledge for various game mechanics or at least be supportive of Yandere-chan’s actions. Even if Yandere-chan’s mother didn’t want to get physically involved, it would make sense for her to give out advice/tips to her daughter to help protect her, especially considering all that she did in her youth.

        What I’m trying to say here is that I really want some kind of mother-daughter yandere duo in the game because that sounds like it could be amazing.

  7. I have a question about the reputation meter.

    Will Yandere-chan be the only person to have one or will the npcs also have a reputation meter? I think having reputation for the npcs could make for some interesting gameplay.

    • Probably not reputation meter per se, but we know that you can damage their reputation to force them to do suicide.

      • I guess it’s not really gameplay but another element to gameplay? From reading the other comments, it would tie in mostly with the “Framing girls and bullying her out of school/to commit suicide”. I remember your earlier videos include having each student with a unique personality. Would reputation also be a factor to this personality?

        Let’s say a person with a bad reputation reports you to the police. It wouldn’t hold a lot of strength as oppose to if a person with good reputation reports you. If you frame a person with good reputation for murder, it would probably not work, as that person could possibly not have done it, because of her reputation.

        These are just some half-ass thoughts about it. I’m interested to see how the game turns out.

  8. I don’t know if this is the place to note it, but for class time the descriptions and names seem out of order.

  9. Hey there! Haven’t talked for a few months and gee that some progress you’ve made here.

    Question though. Since you said before that panty shots are one of the core mechanic but not a mandatory one, is there any other way to get the music box to the gym without calling info-chan? I think I recall previously that some items can be obtained via attending clubs or something like that. Just something that I think you forgot to mention.

    I thinking if you can implement a hand-in-hand struggle mechanic when the yandere-chan is in the victim’s line of sight so it won’t be that easy to kill. Not button mashing say but something that could wear the victim off like Assassin’s Creed minus the required hidden blade kill. (And you know what, just do a cutscene parody where the victim talks to you for a long time even when been stabbed) I also suggest a Judo club to accompany that.

    All in all, just take it easy. I will look forward for the next update.

    Sidenote: What do you think of the new Hitman trailer?

    • When I say “You can beat the game without panty shots”, I mean “You can beat the game using methods that don’t involve panty shots” but kidnapping is probably a method that requires panty shots.

      That new Hitman trailer was cooooooooool! However, that “You’re locked in here with me” line was TOTALLY ripped off from Watchmen…

      • The trailer is somewhat misleading though. To be a great silent assassin you have to do your job un-noticed and tries to be accidental/undetectable/untraceable.

        Explosions isn’t what you call a “silent assassin”.

  10. Dear Diary.
    Dev-senpai made amazing update again, hyping me even more for the game. I can’t wait to throw money at him via kickstarter or something similiar as I can’t pay him monthly. The kidnapping is best thing since sliced bread, but limiting it to one victim at time make me a little sad. I wanted to make basement full of slave highschool girls so much. Well gotta take my medicine, I’ll be back for 15th.

  11. i was wondering would this game be able for mobile devices such as an ipad or a phone. As well will there be a free version for people ( such as me ) who can’t buy the game.

  12. You’re the best, Yandere Dev, with each new info released, the game looks more and more amazing !

    Please, take your time to build the best game you can and remember that your fans are with you, it doesn’t matter if some glorified SJW blogger mess with you, we got your back !

    Now onto the best part, I’m very happy you decided to include the kidnapping & seducing, I think they make a lot of sense and will improve gameplay tremendously, just 3 questions:

    1) Will we be able to “break” the victim and brainwash it to do our bidding ?

    2) Will we only be able to seduce some male students or will some female students be “seduceable” as well ?

    3) Do you think you will implement the idea you mentioned in one of the videos about “breaking” senpai ?

    • Oh, on a side note that I forgot to add to my post, the April Fools’ videos are brilliant, it would be very funny if you ever add those modes to the main game.

    • 1. Yep, still planning on mind-breaking.
      2. I’m thinking that female students would become seducable if you increased your seduction stat high enough.
      3. Breaking Senpai, what? Huh? I’m not planning on it…

      • Awesome news and thanks for the clarification, I must have misheard or imagined the “breaking” senpai thing.

        Keep rocking, Yandere Dev !

  13. Wow. I actually expected the kidnapping mechanic to come much later. Good job on that! But I’m still looking forward to the fabled…SNAP…mechanic. I must not hype. Hype is bad. But I’m confident that you can make that button do wonders!

  14. This isn’t a kidnapping idea, but it’s an idea that i had. What if a girl fell in love with you? It’d very difficult for thie to happen obviously, but i think it’d be cool. She could help you commit crimes, and do anything for you. But to keep it from being too OP i think she should he very mentally unstable, and be a risk for committing suicide or calling the police on you. You’d have to keep her sanity in check along with yours. I dunno, i liked the idea. Maybe it could be in a new game+ type thing rather than the actual game but… I just wanted to share.

  15. Hello,

    I’m curious as to why you decided to restrict tranquilizing to closed rooms.

    Wouldn’t it be more interesting if it was left to the player where and when to tranq? For example, let’s say the player was leading a girl to the planned tranq location but halfway the girl decided that she was needed elsewhere. The player could then decide between tranquilizing her on the spot and dragging her to the location (with the risk of getting spotted) or wait until the girl is free again.

    Also there’s a bug where as long as there’s a girl in the instrument case, it won’t matter if the player goes home all bloodied with evidence everywhere. The sneaking back into school text screen will be triggered and the murder evidence will be ignored.

    • If the player could tranquilize anywhere…

      1. How do students react to witnessing Yandere-chan tranquilizing someone?
      2. How do teachers react?
      3. How do students react to stumbling across an unconscious student?
      4. How do students react after being woken up?
      5. How many new animations are needed?
      6. How many new voice-acted lines are needed?
      7. How many hundreds of lines of AI programming are needed?

      Please remember, this project is being programmed by just one man. I need to make design decisions that don’t result in hundreds of hours of extra work, or thousands of dollars being spent on the necessary art assets.

  16. Hey man,
    so I was wondering if you actually considered a non-lethal playtrough? I know it´s the opposite of a yandere, but being able to use deception and tactical manipulation without anyone being killed would mean another method of playing the game.

    • Of course! That’s been part of the plan from the beginning. Current ideas:

      1. Frame her for one of your crimes, get her arrested
      2. Frame her for breaking school rules, get her expelled
      3. Convince the rest of the girls to bully her until she stays home from school, and/or commits suicide
      4. Find out who else in the school she has a crush on, and set her up with that boy instead.
      5. Knock her out, kidnap her and keep her prisoner in your home.
      6. Trick Senpai into hating her.

      By the way, your question is already answered on the “About” page, so please read it…

  17. Shit man! I wasn’t expecting this much content! Awesome!

    Also “Added a grim, dark, edgy Easter Egg!”, is gunna have me searching for a good while, really cool to see more content for this game; I’m saving up for Comic Con London at the moment, but if I have some spare money after that, I’ll be donating to this game, the question is how much.

    I adore games of this genre, especially when there’s an emphasis on subterfuge and minipulation, especially if there’s dark elements to it as well, and as a big fan of anime (weeaboo trash represent!) I am willing to put $100 into this game, my question is if I do that can it be a 1 time payment, or do I have to be paying $100 every month until the game comes out to get my logo and name credited in the game? because quite frankly that seems unreasonable (and improbably) for me to give up that much money.

  18. Hello,
    I was wondering about the boosts Yandere-chan can get from going to a specific class. For example, higher knowledge on psychology could help with brainwashing a kidnapped victim, or being able to seduce people more easily regardless of their personality.
    It would be also interesting to get different reactions from a victim you kidnapped, as well as how easy it would be to “break” them, depending on their character. Much like how different people react differently after witnessing a murder.

  19. (sorry if these have been asked/suggested already) You mentioned that there will be 10 rivals. Will the rival’s appearance be randomized each game or are they the same between games? Since Senpai can be either a boy or a girl, will the rivals also be of various sexes? Also, you said all rivals will have different personalities. So, maybe the final rival #10 will also be a yandere, making her the hardest to take down. Just a thought.

    • Oh, and also, keep up the good work, its looking great. I’m very excited for its release, but I’m glad you are dedicated to making it the best you can instead of planning to release it too early.

  20. Hi there !
    One thing that can be interesting about kidnapping is to use other thing than reputation. For example objects related to attributes.
    For example a girl have the attribut “cat lover” so you can use a cat to isolate her dans then kidnap her. Or “UFO maniac” she would be really suspicious but curious.

    With this method you can use a hobby attribut for example, allowing more possibilites for the gameplay and more possibilites to kidnap without the need to have the best reputation. But these method need to be complicated too.

    There is also the possibility the use sound. For example I would love to use the fire alarm to split one girl from the group.


  21. This game is just perfect!

    It would be nice if we could choose Yandere-chan’s gender. I’d love to see a yandere boy killing his rivals in the name of his forbidden love for senpai. xD But whatever!

    Sorry if my English is not that good. English is not my mother language.

    • OH SHIT! I’m reading the FAQ now and I saw the gender question right there. Sorry! xD

      Anyway, I’m very excited for this game! It looks very promising!

  22. This glitch happened:
    I was in the “Hatred” mode, and tried to exit the school, but it didn’t work. Next, I tried to shut down the game, but then Hatred-chan started running towards the exit, I got stuck there and could neither close the menu with Q, or close the game with E.

  23. YandereDev, I’ve found a bug not on your known bug list. When in the Yandere-chan’s house and basement, the frame cap is removed, which can cause a video card to process at full capacity, make it overheat . I’m running on a nVidia GTX690, if that helps at all.

    On a side note, I did some research and found out that animations can be imported to and from Miku Miku Dance and Unity engine, and I also know some people who teach classes on Miku Miku Dance. I’ll talk to them sometime in the next few days, but I think they might be interested in filling out a few animations for you.

  24. Suggestion if you can see this:

    Make 2 kinds of reputations, general and personal, general would be the one in the bar, but each girl has an certain reputation with you. Instead of making such that making more than one compliment a day to someone will make her realize you are faking it, make it so that if a girl its not in a good stand with you, telling her any compliment will make her think its fake. (this way, if you have, say, a best friend in-game, telling her more than 1 compliment a day will not make her think you are faking it)

  25. Complimenting is a low risk low reward system to gaining reputation, but that may make slow gameplay in some instances. I think it would be a good idea to implement a higher risk, higher reward method of gaining reputation, for example, through setting us situations. For example, Yandere-chan steals a textbook from the desk of a girl close to her, and when she finds out it is missing, Yandere-chan would share her textbook. Maybe a girl is being bullied, so Yandere-chan steals and hides her shoes from her locker and then helps her find them. Perhaps there is an “accident” in the lab, and Yandere-chan saves the lives of everyone involved. Or you know, perhaps not everyone.

    Also, I’ve noticed that you’ve been implementing a few things lately that take you into a text based menu, specifically police investigations and classes. I read some of your interviews and respect that you want to keep the gameplay going, but I would suggest that you change it from a text based menu, to something that exists within the game world. For example, you go inside the classroom and sit down at your desk. You could choose to sit through the class in real time in case there is something you want to do, such as lend a textbook to the girl whose textbook you stole. Whenever you’re done with what you need to do you could open up your desk and choose one of your textbooks (or an H magazine) to read. You would pick up the textbook you chose and the environment would blur for a moment (because you’re focused on the book and time is passing), and then class would be over. It feels like a much smoother process than a menu. I can’t think of anything similar for police investigation at the moment, but I’m sure there is something similar you could do. The police station especially would be a useful place to walk around in, as you could attempt to steal various high risk items, such as a taser.

    I’m aware that everything is still in development and things that I mentioned may just be placeholders that are subject to change. Regardless, I hope you find these ideas useful, or at least interesting.

  26. Have you considered making it possible to kidnap Senpai himself? It could be even more difficult than kidnapping one of the girls, since the other girls that like him could get in your way. They’d be keeping an eye on him, so they’d notice if he vanished, and that could lead to a police investigation & game over if you don’t take precautions against them before you kidnap him. The rival girls might also try to follow you when you try to isolate Senpai, depending on their personalities.

    • sounds like the game would be over pretty quickly if you cut 10 weeks of work into a kidnapping, could be a cute bad end on the side but doubt it since it messes with the core mechanics.

  27. >16-20
    Why do we have so many children wanting to play a murder simulator
    Why only 2 option stop oppressing me wheres my I’m a yandere girl stuck in a 20 year old man who dresses up like a girl?
    >love and romance at the bottom
    I hate all of you the perfect yandere is 90% dere 10% true love

  28. I have a few suggestions as what I would like to see:

    If you take a photo of someone’s face and a dead body, it could be used as evidence against them. You could even just leave a body alone for the police to find. Provided you get rid of all ‘other’ evidence to connect the murder to you. Even is the police don’t arrest her, it will most certainly damage their reputation.

    I think how much your reputation rises when complementing someone should depend on their personality.

    Like any ‘pet’ a kidnapped girl needs lots of tender, loving, brainwashing. You could include a brainwash meter to show how much you can control her. Leaving her alone will slowly brainwash her anyway, but to speed up the progress you can, be nice to her (so she develops stockholm syndrome) or torture her (so she’ll do what you want out of fear).

    A brainwashed ‘pet’ can be given orders, such as moving a body, distracting other students or posing for panty shots, but be carful! Having her obey your commands and letting her taste freedom will lower her brainwash meter. If her brainwash meter reaches zero while she’s outside, she will break free of your control and run to the police (you may have a brief opportunity to kill her before that happens). However if her brainwash meter is at MAX, this is when you should be able to tell her to commit suicide.

    A girl with a low reputation may be easier to brainwash (they have nothing to lose), but people with high reputations will be much harder to brainwash.

    As there is only one pole in the basement you may only have one ‘pet’ at a time. If you want a new one you need to get rid of the old one, there are several ways you could do this. You could simply kill her and leave the body there, clearly nobody else comes into this basement, a dead body may even make it easier to brainwash the next girl. If the police arrive while she is fulfilling one of your commands (such as moving a body) she may get arrested in your place. Or if her brainwash meter is at MAX you can get her to kill a rival and then commit suicide.

    I hope you find these ideas helpful, if you finish this game, you may even become my Senpai.

  29. I love the idea of this game so much. Theres a few thing’s I’d like to see but some of them would probably only be able to happen if funding allows it.
    1. More places to go. Like the mall (on weekends), the park, Senpai’s neighborhood (so you can stalk him), a love hotel (so you can seduce other boys and make them do your biding)
    2. As for kidnapping, seducing would be a good way to go. You cam seduce them at school in a secluded area, when the “seduction” meter reaches a certain point, you can either go home and tie them up in your basement or to a love hotel and do STUFF with them and they’ll be in love with you and you’ll be able to request favors from them or something along those lines.
    But for seducing, maybe you’ll need a certain grade in a certain class? And maybe if you’re seducing a boy, you’ll need a condom from the nurses office. But it’ll be a somewhat difficult task because she threatens to tell yandere-chans parent(s) or guardian that shes sexually active.
    3. And MAYBE as you’re taking out rivals you’ll be able to talk to senpai little by little. And by the 9-10th week, somehow you’ll be able to kidnap him and Thats how you win? I dunno im just spitting out ideas.
    Great work, YandereDev! Thanks for working on this game.

  30. Would it be possible to make a student NPC fall in love with you? I think this would be a nice addition to the game.
    Also, I love the whole kidnapping idea! It would be really cool if we could do “strange things” to the kidnapped girl.

    • maybe at max seduction you can make them do 1 crazy thing for you to prove their love? might be kinda meta if someone goes yandere on yan-chan and kills senpai in jealously. It would be the nice version of brainwashing I’d assume.

  31. How about if you join the drama club, you can dress up as your rival, (I know they have different bust sizes, but maybe Senpai is too innocent to notice) and damage her reputation, until the rest of the school is bullying her, and have her commit suicide or stay home.

  32. It’s become even more amazing only thing i noticed so far is the wall sometimes glitches out when going upstairs to class. thank you for thinking of creating such an awesome game its gonna be so brilliant when its finished soooo excited! thank you!

  33. Lol, “male or female”. I don’t identify as either, so for that poll, I give you my third option: non-binary. If you’re interested in the specifics, I’m in the 21 – 25 bracket (21), and I chose brutal violence and graphic murder. Because there’s not enough of that in vidya games these days. 😉

    Non-related, I’m loving the direction of YandereSim so far, and it’s interesting to get to play the builds as you progress and update it. I’m ridiculously excited for the eventual final product…probably way more excited than I should be about a game where I play as a yandere anime girl/boy and I go around killing, kidnapping and backstabbing people in my vain attempt to get senpai to notice me…

    …after all, senpai WILL notice me…right?

    Good work, YandereDev. Keep it up, and thanks for being interactive with your fans/consumers/players, whatever you’d like to call them!

  34. suggestion for eye icon to indicate if you’re in a safe spot or not, also for the option to still compliment a student and have it lower rep like you said, for one to punish people who try to abuse it, and second if someone wants bad rep for some reason? Maybe even have a limited amount of interaction with the same person, like after 3 times they get weirded out and ignore you unless they’re your bff.

    Also would it be possible to just kill the kidnap girl, or would that conflict the purpose of kidnapping? I’d like to think you have to maintenance her while you either scare her or control her during the week, and if you forget she was kidnap, she’ll die from starvation, the neighbors will call about the smell, and the cops would find out.

    • It wouldn’t defeat the purpose of kidnapping her, if it’s your rival that you kidnapped. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be advisable to kidnap her. BUT! Kidnapping a rival brings up new questions! Can the rival be brainwashed not to love Senpai? Or brainwashed to damage her own reputation? Test those programming skills Yandevu!

  35. Also perhaps just make the classroom door the school event unless you want to interact inside the classroom. Super important question is senpai in the same class as us?

  36. 1. Yandere-chan walks through the main double doors in the front of the gym
    2. Yandere-chan walks through the cabinets in the nurse’s office by the door
    3. The class descriptions don’t match the classes

    • He knows, thank you for your time 😀 Please check Known Bugs on the downloads page before posting 😀

      • I did. Those three aren’t listed.

        “Known Bugs

        If you rush into the school and attend class, any students who didn’t enter the school will be trapped outside.
        Spinning in a circle while holding onto a corpse will make the corpse stretch out.
        Schoolgirls sometimes spin in circles when trying to walk up / down stairs.
        If Yandere-chan runs along a wall, she will not be affected by gravity.
        If Yandere-chan stands still on a staircase, she will slide down it.
        The protagonist and the camera can clip through walls.
        The text descriptions for school subjects are incorrect.
        Corpses will freak out if they clip into a wall.
        Blood can only spawn at ground level.”

  37. A few ideas for kidnapping differences:

    1) Careful planning would have you using a blindfold so that she won’t have ever seen your face, or a similar anonymity component.
    2) Leaving a note in her locker to meet at the gym locker, as if from senpai, and then drugging her before she can see you. That way she will blame it all on senpai.
    3) Perhaps somehow cause the gym room to trigger a carbon monoxide leak, and lock her inside with it.

  38. I don’t know what’s wrong with my laptop, but when I open the game, I can only see the start screen with the ‘normal’ Yandere-chan and the text Simulator. HELP ;-;

    • This happened to me too. Try setting it to full screen, the same resolution as your laptop, then alt tab to something else and then alt tab to the game again. It normally fixes the problem for me.

  39. Man, I’m so excited for this. You’re doing a really wonderful job so far and I can’t wait to see how the game will be in a year from now.
    Also, I just noticed that the names of the girls you can interact with are all based on the girls from K-On!. I thought that was neat. 😛

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