April Fools Trailer and Fake Game Announcements

For posterity, the below blog post will remain exactly the way it was worded on April Fools Day.

I am pleased to announce that, after a year of development, I have finally found the right “mood” for Yandere Simulator. I’ve thrown together a trailer that showcases the kind of attitude and atmosphere that you can expect from Yandere Simulator from this point forward. Yes, that’s right, this is the new “look and feel” of Yandere Simulator! Embrace it!

But, enough about Yandere Simulator. To be honest, I’m sick of Yandere Simulator. I hate yandere girls. My favorite characters are kuudere girls! That’s why I’m pleased to announce my newest game project: Kuudere Simulator!

You can download my latest masterpiece here:


Have you ever played a video game and thought, “This game is okay, but it would be better if the protagonist was an anime girl.” Well, that’s what I think every time I ever play ANY video game! I decided to prove that anime girls can make every game better by inserting Yandere-chan into none other than…Super Mario 64!

You can get your grubby little hands on the game here:


Special thanks to Roystan Ross for porting Super Mario 64 to Unity and making this possible!

84 thoughts on “April Fools Trailer and Fake Game Announcements

  1. It’s great to see you branching into other forms of dere, Dev-Senpai! I am really looking forward to what you can do with KuudereSim! Also it’s great to see you’ve finally decided on a mood for YanSim. But for some reason it reminds me of something…hmmmm…that trailer really seems to fill me with HATRED for some reason. Anyways, looking forward to your other Dere sims!

    (Now onto a real question. Have you managed to find a dedicated voice actress for Yandere-Chan now? I must say the trailer actress actually kinda fit Yan-Chan although could use a little more work. Don’t ask me what kind of work that is. I’m no voice actor so I can’t really give any tips(Sorry to voice actress-chan if you’re reading this!).)

    • I found a voice actress that I’m happy with, but if the overwhelming majority of the fanbase doesn’t like her voice, I’ll have to consider switching to a different actress.

      • I think she sounds pretty good when I’m not asking her to parody the Hatred protagonist. Look forward to another cut-scene featuring her voice in the future. It will allow you to better judge her voice.

      • Literally all you have to do is pitch-shift the voice lines higher a tone or two (or four) to get that genuine “animoo” voice.
        If you don’t believe me just turn on any anime you want and shift your sound an octave lower. Voila, now you’re hearing the actual voice of the actress.

      • Ah, Dev-senpai ~ ! If you’re looking for someone to voice Yandere-chan/any of the characters in the Yandere Simulator in Japanese, there’s a group on tumblr who do that ~ ! So I’m sure that if you talk to one of the Admins, they’ll be happy to work with you ~ ! Here’s the link if you’re interested senpai :3 http://japanese-voice-acting.tumblr.com/

    • That voice actress’ voice is delicious.. I can almost hear her real voice from the depths of all that hatred xD

  2. i would like to report a bug in the last game update you released. I dont know if its exactly a bug but still i think isn’t something normal.

    I have 2 graphic cards on my Asus X55VD which are: Nvidia GeForce 610M and a Intel Graphics HD 4000
    I experienced a low framerate on yandere bedroom with both graphic cards but the one that performed worse was my Nvidia GeForce. Isn’t this strange? The max i could reach with the Nvidia was 40fps in some parts of the school while the max that i could reach with my Intel was 60fps (thats the max of my display) and i didn’t used the dedicated version you have for Intel.

  3. This made my day, great work YandereDev!
    I discovered this game about a week ago and I’m staying along for this ride.
    It’s really impressive, also I dig your sense of humour.

    I hope the recent publicity (also the negative) won’t hold you back.
    Stay strong and good luck.

  4. I dunno, I don’t really feel the trailer has captured the right mood. This seems to have more of an action vibe, even though a game like Yandere simulator would do better with a more restrained mood, with slow pressure building up over time. It’s hard to explain, but I guess that’s a good enough description?

  5. Alright time for stupid long blog post that YanDev will likely never read and I should be working on my university paper but fuck that yandere!

    First off, just wanted to congrats you for keeping with this project for so long. Most projects on /v/ never come to fruition and this is the closest to finish I’ve seen yet. Hell you could just throw out the demo and call it a day and do more than most ideas ever attempted. Anyways I was wondering about your opinion on the recent attention to the game, say let’s players, kotaku and reddits are taking notice to your project. I was wondering if you see any publicity as good publicity, you know more attention might be good i guess, or you keeping this solely as a /v/ project and anyone else trying to ride the bandwagon won’t affect the end product?

    Continuing that thought, I’ve notice in some threads people are calling this /v/ pandering, weeaboo blah blah etc. While they have the right to give their opinion like they have always done with every game ever, I hope you know that there are still people interested in your project, proven by the audience on this site and often the yan threads reaching the bump limit. I hope you understand that people who support the project might be less vocal due to the idea that any positive opinions automatically means viral marketing in the eyes of the critics of /v/.

    Now I had a few thoughts on the game itself, some questions, and some suggestions, but I think I’ll save that for next time. For now I guess I’d like to ask how you plan the in game schedule length? Will it be about 1 week in game time where each day there’s a new objective/girl to deal with? Do you have to deal with all the girls in the game? Will there be other males students beside sempai in the game? I really can’t think of a purpose to other male characters, like the mechanic to ship other girls with other boys could just be in name only, you know sending love letters sign by whats his face, or spreading rumors. My idea for reasoning if there were no other males would be that yan-san only had eyes for sempai, thus making all other males irrelevant.

    Anyways thats enough blogging, hope you see this and don’t think its a complete waste of your time. Good luck sempai and let us know if you need any help.

    • Thank you very much for your kind words!

      So far, all publicity that the game has recieved has been neutral or positive. There was one negative post on Reddit, but that’s it.

      Due to the content of the game, it will probably appeal to several distinct crowds, which will make things seem like I am intentionally pandering to a specific crowd. I just want to make a good game, though.

      (Like it says on the About page), the game is composed of 10 weeks. Each week has a new rival girl. You must “eliminate” the rival girls however you choose, lethally or non-lethally.

      There will be other males besides Senpai, because a school wouldn’t have 99 girls and one boy.

  6. Aw man, I would have loved to voice act for this game, but I was waiting for you to hold official auditions (unless you already did, though I looked through the whole blog and don’t remember seeing anything like that). Gosh dingle dang!

    • A lot of voice actors reached out to me on their own, instead of waiting for official auditions.

      If there is a strong negative reaction to the game’s current voice actors / actresses, I’ll hold voice auditions in the future.

  7. Hello, Yanderedev i have a question to you;

    can you make a litte Tsundere Mode? Not to great but for the variety? 😀

  8. Why i just cannot play the game ? I downloaded it .
    When I opened the file, it said
    “There should be ‘KuudereSimulator_Data’
    folder next to the executable”
    What happened to this? Any solutions?

      • What you have to do is take the KuudereSimulator_Data out of the KuudereSimulator folder. Then just put the KuudereSimulator_Data back into the main folder with the application. You can then delete the KuudereSimulator folder, which should have nothing in it now. You then should just be able to run it normally.

    • …it doesn’t work on Intel computers? That makes no sense. Do you have an Intel computer? Have you tested it? If so, what is the problem? I need way more information, man.

  9. Ok, man, day by day I just love more and more your game! You DO have a big thing on your hands, that’s for sure. But, I would only beg you not to exaggerete on your concepts. Meaning, you should do just what you can finish with great quality. Even though you may have good new ideias to introduce to the game, they shoud only be used if them don’t disturb the mais porpose of this game and its features. Do never forget that, if this game achieves a minimum success, a sequel wouldn’t be absurd! And then, probally with more budget, new features would be more than welcome 😉

    Sorry for the bad english. Actually, I’m brazilian and really wanted to help translate YanSim to portuguese when it comes out. But, until then, I’ll just watch you word and try to support you as I can

    • Thank you for the kind words!

      And, yes…I only promise a feature if I already know how to program that feature. I don’t want to promise anything that I can’t accomplish.

  10. The voice actor sounded really odd, and her lines didn’t flow well. Also why would you make yandere sim if you yandere girls….?

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  12. Hello! I am your new follower!
    I love you project, in fact, I want to make games, and your game inspires me!
    Never give up! and above looks careful not to burden you!

    The only thing not quite like is the new look of yandere-chan.
    I know you’ve probably many turns, but that hair so forced blindfolds and also obscures the face of madness of the character.
    I wish we had the option to customize it.

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  14. You are a real inspiration for me.
    I want to become like you <3.

    Wait, not a Yandere maniac, I mean a programer.
    I have many project, but sadly I am too young to do
    anything. If I had a way to start, just like you.

    Please become my senpai.
    I'm not Yandere, don't worry, I won't kill anyone.

  15. The Hatred aesthetic stuff is actually kind of cool, would be a nice unlockable easter egg. Maybe you could tie aesthetics like that to the collection of senpai trophies for your shrine?

      • Well, do what you think is best, but I feel like the shrine trophies (or… idols?) are a really cool thing to hunt for and letting them unlock easter egg features like that would be a good way to reinforce their “importance” while still not making them actually matter for normal playing of the game. Seems to me that also ties easter eggs into the game better than making them be independent of the yandere theme.

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  17. I just downloaded this game, and it’s AWESOME! My favorite part about the game is… the chair. The chair is wonderful. I also love “Baka!” I can’t believe you get to stare at a wall!!! This game is wonderful!!!


  18. YandereDev, if you’re constantly spending time related to Yandere Simulator, do you ever eat, sleep, talk to friends and family, or have a job where you earn money? Also, if I have something fanmade, are we allowed to send it to you via e-mail? I recently edited a video I recorded off of another game that crosses over with Yandere Simulator, and I’d like to share my work with you, but I really don’t want to waste your time. You said fanart, cosplay, and other things like that are ok, but I know for a fact you’ve probably never played the game that I’m crossing Yandere Simulator with… Just a simple question. I apologize if I wasted your time. By the way, exceptional work on the game!

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