Progress Report and New Test Build

There are so many wonderful people volunteering to help out with the game that answering e-mails about Yandere Simulator has almost become a full-time job! However, I still tried to make as much progress as I could manage over the past two weeks.

Here’s what’s new:

  • Fixed the bug that would make Yandere-chan drop a ragdoll if the player held down the “drag” button without releasing it.
  • Implemented “warning notifications” that appear at the top of the screen when the player is in danger.
  • Fixed the bug that would cause Yandere-chan and NPCs to launch into the air when they collided.
  • Fixed the bug that allowed the player to stab NPCs without actually holding a knife.
  • Fixed the bug that would cause ragdoll necks to deform in bizare ways.
  • There are now tiny splashes of blood when you step in a blood puddle.
  • The game now spawns students based on data from a spreadsheet.
  • A schoolbell now chimes whenever the school period changes.
  • Added original music composed just for Yandere Sim!
  • Implemented the “Pass Time” feature on the phone.
  • Re-implemented the “Yandere Vision” feature.
  • Re-implemented the “Laugh Button” feature.
  • Learned how to implement hair physics.
  • General code cleanup.
  • New Easter Egg!

Warning Notifications

When the player performs an action that puts them in danger (such as equipping a conspicuous weapon, becoming bloody, becoming insane, standing near a corpse, etc) a notification will pop up at the top of the screen to inform the player that they are in trouble and that their reputation could drop (or worse) if they are spotted. What do you guys think of this feature? Is it lame? I’ll be sure to make this something that can be toggled off from the Options screen.

Spreadsheet-Driven Students

I’ve configured the game to spawn students based on data in a spreadsheet. Now it will be extremely easy for me to add students to the game; I just add another row to the spreadsheet, fill in all the columns, and I can dictate every detail about a student’s appearance and daily routine. In test builds, this spreadsheet can be accessed by the player. In the final version of the game, you won’t be able to modify the students in the game’s story mode, but there might be a “Custom High School” mode where you can customize every student to your heart’s content. If you screw around with the spreadsheet in the test build below, I can’t guarantee that the game will still be able to run. I don’t recommend messing with it.

Passing Time

In this game, certain events will only occur at specific points in time. You might need to spend hours lying in wait for the perfect moment to ambush your prey. That might be so boring that it could kill the game! That’s why Yandere-chan’s phone is equipped with a “Pass Time” feature.

You can use this feature to skip ahead to a point in time that provides you with a certain opportunity. Passing time will also restore lost Sanity. It takes about one hour to restore Sanity from zero to full. Yandere-chan can spend a total of 11 hours at school. At maximum time speed, an hour goes by in 10 seconds. So, it would take about one minute and six seconds to speed through the entire day.

How does Yandere-chan pass the time? She gazes at a photograph of Senpai on her phone. She is so entranced by Senpai that hours will pass in the blink of an eye, and the world around her will become a blur!

Yandere Vision

I once discussed Yandere Vision a long time ago, but the latest implementation looks much better. If you hold down the “Yandere Button” during gameplay, certain things will be highlighted in Yandere-chan’s vision, even if they are behind walls.

  • Senpai will have a pink outline.
  • Neutral students will have a green outline.
  • Your current rival / target will have a red outline.
  • Evidence of murder, or witnesses of murder, will have an orange outline.
  • Students who have witnessed you doing something naughty will have a yellow outline.
  • Helpful objects (spare uniforms, weapons, mops, the school incinerator) will have a cyan outline.
  • Yandere-chan will have a black outline. What does the black outline mean? Maybe there is another girl with a black outline somewhere in the game who will shed some light on that mystery…

Yandere Vision allows you to see characters through walls. This is a very powerful ability, so it will have to be balanced. You will have to “tag” characters before you can see them through walls. You “tag” them by taking a photograph of their face, and sending the photo to an “information broker” who gives you information about that particular student. Once Yandere-chan knows that student’s daily routine and their personality, she can mentally picture where they are at any point in time, which is why she can “see” that student through walls.


If you tap the Yandere Button instead of holding it down, Yandere-chan will giggle. If you tap it more, she will chuckle. If you tap it even more, she will laugh. If you keep tapping it, she will cackle maniacally with insane evil laughter.

If a student hears giggling, but doesn’t see you, they will walk over to inspect the source of the noise. This is the equivalent of knocking on a wall to draw a guard’s attention in Metal Gear Solid, or throwing a coin to make a noise in Hitman: Blood Money.

The purpose of insane laughter is to regain Sanity that you have lost. Cackling maniacally will allow Yandere-chan to “blow off steam”, and will restore her lost Sanity. However, if a student catches you laughing like an evil villain, your reputation will drop. If Senpai catches you laughing like this, he will instantly realize your true nature, and it’s game over.

Hair Physics

For a long time, I’ve been struggling with trying to get hair physics to work within the Unity engine, but I’ve finally gotten the hang of it. Now I can begin implementing schoolgirls with long, physics-driven hair!

Here’s a little demo that you can download if you want to see the new hair physics in action:

  • Spacebar: Switch between Yandere-chan and a character model that has physics enabled.
  • WASD: Moving around.
  • Left Shift: Running.

Blog Traffic

This blog has been seeing some serious traffic recently!

I think that more people have discovered Yandere Simulator in the past two weeks than in the past 8 months combined. I’d like to extend a hearty welcome to all new visitors! For those who don’t know, I update this blog two times a month – once on the 1st day of the month, and once on the 15th day of the month.

So, just where has all of this new traffic been coming from? I decided to take a look at my blog’s traffic stats to find out. Yesterday, for example, the traffic came from…

1. Search engines
2. Niconico – Probably because of this gentleman.
3. Tumblr – There’s some pretty nice fanart coming out of this place!
4. – This is the Russian equivalent of Facebook. Hello, Russian comrades!
5. Twitter – Thanks to everyone who tweets about the game!
6. Facebook – Thanks for spreading the word about the game here!
7. YouTube – I’ve noticed a lot of entertaining Yandere Simulator videos showing up on YouTube lately!

“Let’s Play” videos

I’m a big fan of video game comedy channels on YouTube, and I have no problem with anyone who wants to upload footage of themselves playing Yandere Simulator test builds to YouTube. However, I have just one request: If you play one of the builds available on this blog, please don’t call it a “demo”. Please call it an “early build” or “test build”. The download available below is not a true demonstration of what the final game will actually be like; it’s just a sandbox level for testing out the game’s features.

I’m going to sound super pedantic for a moment. If you call the test build a “demo”, people might assume that the test build is meant to be a demonstration of what the final game will be like. This would be highly inaccurate, because the test builds have no goals or win/loss conditions whatsoever, and Yandere Simulator will definitely have goals. Also, if you upload a video where you’re playing a test build and calling it a “demo”, people might ignore the ACTUAL demo coming a few months from now, which will have far more depth than any of these simple test builds. It would be a shame if the REAL demo gets ignored because people thought they had already seen “The Yandere Sim Demo” played by some random guy on YouTube in December.

Thanks for your cooperation!


As I’ve said before, Yandere Simulator is a pet project that I work on in my spare time. I have to spend most of my time working freelance programming jobs so I can make money. If you’d like me to work on Yandere Simulator full-time, I would need to make enough money through Patreon to stop taking freelance jobs.

So, if you’re interested in supporting Yandere Simulator’s development, please consider Patreon!

133 thoughts on “Progress Report and New Test Build



  2. btw I’m not sure how to produce this, but I managed to get this pretty funny texture glitch for your 3rd easter egg where the students looked like they got body painted and sunburned

  3. Any chance you’d consider an optional female senpai? I don’t know how much work it’d take, but it’d be really neat, I think…

  4. Good job senpai, fucking loved that new easter egg, I couldn’t stop laughing for nearly 5 minutes.
    Also the new music is pretty nice, love the transitions from normal to insane.

    Also, when will you start your new thread on /v/?

    • I always try to start the /v/ thread at 6:00 PM (PST – That’s the west coast of the United States). I might be a few minutes late if something urgent comes up, but 6:00 PM is always the plan.

  5. I must say…I am LOVING the music. Especially the Yandere-ised version. Things are looking great! I can’t wait for a proper demo to come out. I have no doubt that it’s gonna be amazing.

  6. The waiting mechanic seems a little bugged to me. Time slows down to normal speed 6 minutes before the specified hour, but Yandere-chan is still locked in the waiting animation.

  7. The easter egg caught me by surprise. So much so that I started to laugh uncontrollably. This really made my day. Thanks YandereDev-senpai.

  8. Wow that is some amazing progress dude, looks awesome.
    I dont know about the laughing thing tho, I feel like this could be something to become a chore(especially if it happens that fast(getting insane)) that you have to do every time, have you thought about a small progression system that could get rid of that or reduce it or are you going to change it anyway?

    • I’m not sure what you’re saying could be a chore. I’m not sure what you mean by “progression system” or “reduce it”.

      In any case, there will be many different ways to restore Sanity. The methods that quickly restore Sanity are risky. The safer methods take more time.

      A famous game designer once said, “Games are a series of interesting choices.” Choosing how and when to restore your Sanity is supposed to be one of those interesting choices, not a chore.

      In any case, I will definitely tweak the values for losing Sanity / restoring Sanity based on feedback from playtesters.

  9. Can’t try the build out right now, but regarding the Let’s Plays: If you wanna be on the safe side, you could always add a little permanent message saying something like “Early alpha build – not indicative of the final game” or “Test build, work in progress” that at the bottom of the screen.

  10. With the notification-like things at the top of the screen, it might be easier to have icons that show up on the HUD instead of a text notification. Maybe around the corner near the yandere meter, so you can just have a quick glance at the corner of the screen to see how suspicious/dangerous you look. Just my personal opinion though, not sure if you or other people prefer it as it is. Keep up the great work Yandev!

    • I was also considering this. About 10 icons that are semi-transparent. When you’re bloody, the “Bloody” icon becomes opaque. When you’re no longer bloody, the “Bloody” icon goes away. Etc.

      I implemented it the way it currently works as a test, it might be changed in the final game.

  11. One thing; you can’t talk to anyone beyond the top and bottom options on certain keyboards.

    You know, the whole ‘can’t hold three keys’ thing.

  12. I’ve played both alphas and this is what i think:

    1. Going yandere mode cleans your clothes. Is this the same issue as the easter egg clothes cleaning your clothes?
    2. Being in yandere mode doesn’t change the music, which is a lost opportunity.
    3. I like the idea of the notification but I don’t like where they show up. Usually notifications like that are best put on one of the sides of the screen.
    4. When you’re in Yandere mode you can see everything no matter how far. It’s not an issue now but that would be really OP in the final game if you can see where all the weapons, clothes, and npcs are at all times. So you should lower its range except for the rival and senpai.
    5. The hair physics are good but clip a little on the arms. Hair that is highrisk for clipping shouldn’t beused too often in the final game.
    6. Fun easter eggs are fun.
    7. You should really add controller controls to the menu sometime soon.
    8. You should make the rival killable in the next beta and make her and senpai walk around a little.
    9. You should let us try out the mop even if there are no animations yet.
    10. Stick “early alpha” somewhere on the screen like Hurry, Starfish! suggested.
    11. Add a glasses button like the eye patch button.

    Even though you said you didn’t get to achieve much for this update it’s definitely a lot more fun to play around in than the last. Getting to manically laugh, fight titans, and go yandere mode are super fun.

    • I’ll address comment #4. In the final game, you’ll have to snap a photograph of a student in order to “tag” them so you can see them through walls no matter how far away they are. You won’t instantly have see-through-walls vision right from the start of the game.

  13. The game’s amazing and I can’t wait to see how it’s being developed even further!

    btw some posts earlier you were talking about VKontakte; that’s the Russian facebook-equivalent. Most Europeans except Russia/Ukraine and some other countries just use Facebook ;p

  14. It was a wonderful test build, congratulations!

    You said that the laugh animation didn’t convice you at all. I would recommend you to use “neutral positions” and movements instead of poses. Mainy because laugh could represent the insanity of the character. If characters poses like that when they’re laughing it’s to show their powerfulness, to show that they have everything under their control and to show their superiority. I would say that a “Yandere’s laugh” is more like an impulse, due to insanity, because even if they have power, they’re not doing such things to prove their superiority/evilnes, they’re doing it for “love”.

    That said, some of the best options –I think–, are:

    1. Laughing while scratching her head

    2. Laughing while pulling her hair out.

    3. Laughing while looking up.

    4. Laughing and touching her face slowly .

    And something that i would love to see is Yandere-chan laughing while stabbing someone on the ground. That would be AMAZING. Altough it would be weird, because laugh makes Yandere-chan to regain sanity… Maybe if you laugh while stabbing someone will make yandere loose sanity faster…

    Keep working hard! Your game is getting better every time!

    • This feature isn’t really working yet when using a keyboard+mouse, it works best when using a gamepad. On Keyboard, use “W” to select “Apologize” and “S” to select “Bye”.

      In the next update, I will probably improve the conversation control scheme on PC.

  15. Loving the progress so far. The music fits well but seems a small bit too heavy when compared to the previous soundtrack. Also If someone wanted to submit voice samples for senpai what lines would you ask.for and in English or Japanese?

    • I haven’t composed a list of lines that Senpai will need to say. I’d have to put a lot of thought into it.

      If you’re interested in contributing your voice to the game, you’re welcome to send a voice sample to so I can listen to your voice and consider whether it would be a good fit for the game.

      • That made me think. Will we see random male students? And will random students be voiced if enough people with good voice contacted with you?

      • I think that the student body should be 50% male and 50% female. I just haven’t included any male NPCs into the game yet. I’d love to have all NPCs be voiced, although that’s quite a lofty goal, and will depend on volunteers / funding.

    • I would consider sending my voice however I fear I may be a bit too…young. And British. If however you need a 15 year old British male for some voice reasons then feel free to ask!

    • Dude, I use a 16:10 monitor, bro! However, I’ve locked the game to 16:9 for now so that I don’t have to deal with the HUD being clipped off on other resolutions. I’ll probably re-visit this in the future.

      • Yeah, please no fixed screen format for the final game. It’s extremely annoying when games do that.

  16. Yandere OST Yandere Mix

    My reaction.

    (/O_O)/ d b


    SO CREEPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I can’t guarantee it, since it would probably be a lot of trouble to implement that type of mode. I also don’t want to infringe on any copyrights or trademarks. I just wanted a silly little easter egg to make people laugh; it may not be in the final version of the game.

  17. Yandere simulator,so much potential lol.
    Is that possible for the player to import their favorite characters into the game in future?
    Work hard and never gives up!

    some reports for the game–
    1.The conversation mode does not work(can choose the top or the bottom choices only) for my keyboard (a HP notebook)
    2.The conversation mode also does not work for my gamepad (logitech F310)
    3.the config program can not detect my gamepad’s LT and RT keys (logitech F310) gamepad (logitech F310) does not work in the game when the gamepad is in XInput mode but it works in DirectInput mode

  18. For all the trouble that you had with the jewish shills yesterday, have a present from the Yandere Simulator fans from glorious Deutschland!

  19. YANDEREDEV! I have thought of a way to thank the backers without having to destroy the atmosphere of the game!

    Okay, when Yandere Chan goes home after a hard day at school, she may wanna relax by going on the Internet. She would be able to go on a Facebook-like site and have “friends”. Those friends are backers! What you could do is ask donators to give you “spreadsheet info” like NAME, PICTURE(png?), GENDER, BIO, LOCATION, FAVORITE FOOD/BOOKS. Then, on the website, you can put different context sensitive areas that mimic a Facebook page.

    It’s the easiest and least jarring way of having non-japanese people thanked in a japanese game!

    • That makes sense. If it’s possible for Yandere-chan to access a computer at home, so she can check social media to see what the students at her school are saying, then that would be a fine time to have some foreign pen-pals listed as friends.

      (However, with Yandere-chan’s personality, she wouldn’t realistically have friends, foreign or otherwise…)

      • I disagree. The way I picture her as someone who dislikes people, but if it’s online, she can shoot the shit easily. Maybe she enjoys games.

        I think it’d be pretty cool if you killed someone on day 1 without any witnesses, then the next day, someone would go “Have any of you guys seen (insert Chings)? S/he hasn’t been answering his/her phone.” And like, the police would investigate, and when/if they find the body, there would be a “Rest in Peace Post”. And you could read the replies of certain people to distinguish personalities. Maybe the “Brave” would be like “I’ll find the killer, (same chings)”, And the “Coward” would be like, “I think I should transfer”. Would add a tad bit of strategy to “e-stalk” people.

      • Perhaps instead of being Yandere-chan’s friends, they could be senpai’s friends. Since Yandere-chan is going on social media after all, you can make it so senpai clumsily left his privacy settings off so Yandere-chan can see all of his friends and posts etc.

        Could also tie in with Nidilap’s suggestion on using the computer to do get information, going from senpai’s page, you could be able to see the other rivals adding senpai or talking to him.

      • You could make her use a murder/yandere net group/irc/chat site. Kind of like the gangs in Durarara, the happiness stealing club in Denpa Teki na Kanojo, or the many many other times this trope comes up in anime. Backers with online handles could insert their names seamlessly into the game and it could be a way to give tips/secrets on how to play the game or even ways for to unlock new weapons and moves.

        You could couple that with a facebook type site to find out the personalities of the students at school (with limited access because she doesn’t have them as friends). Also since the phone is a major part of the game you could make the site accessible by the phone too so people can get hints/tips on the go.

        Alternatively you could make a cheat code for the game that replaces student names with backers but please don’t let backers put their names as actual vanilla students.

      • This idea is super cool. I don’t think it would be very difficult to implement as such, but if you consider the amount of students and backers, it might take a long time.
        If it is implemented though, it COULD be used as a way to gain info on certain students’ clubs, hobbies, schedules and crushes, adding another level to the game, but I’d think you’d have to limit it to only a few students- those who don’t have their privacy setting turned on.

        Furthermore, doing favors for people or gaining a high reputation could “unlock” access to more students, adding them as friends and therefore gaining info on THEIR schedules etc too, and you could threaten to post panty shots etc as part of the blackmail, it all becoming far more realistic rather than an automated background process you don’t get to witness. Getting to see the picture you posted and seeing the consequences (shocked comments of other students perhaps, and maybe a stream of posts from the victim, showing her slowly mentally breaking down), would be downright brilliant.

        I think a social network aspect would go hand in hand with the reputation feature, and provide a cool way for backers to be involved by having little profiles of their own.

        Although it would be really awesome, it definitely shouldn’t be a priority and there are far more important things to focus on, there’s still lots to do without considering brand new features to suddenly add!

  20. I have a few questions, I apologize if they’ve already been answered but here goes:

    What’s the down-low on the moddability? I like importing my own textures and such, so would that kind of thing be possible?

    So far, most of the models look very similar. However, the first rival- the childhood friend of senpai’s (the tsundere haha) looked different, as did the succubus model you mentioned might be a potential dlc rival. So my question is, will we able to tell which girls will be rivals by them all having distinct looks compared to the basic student spawns, or do you aim to make all the characters more unique?

    Are there going to be achievements? I think I saw them mentioned once, but that might be my memory being dumb.

    • Unfortunately, the Unity engine isn’t too mod-friendly. It’s not easy to mod a Unity game – or possible, as far as I know.

      However, it is possible to make the game load certain types of files from a folder called StreamingAssets. So, I could have an option in the settings menu called “Toggle Custom Uniform”, and if you switch it on, then the game will load the girls’ uniforms from the StreamingAssets folder, so whatever you put in that folder will show up in the game.

      It’s pretty easy to get the game to load in textures and sound files, but anything beyond that would be quite difficult to implement.

      All of the rival girls should have distinct looks. But this will depend on whether or not I can get a character modeller volunteer, or get enough money from the fund-raising campaign to hire someone.

      Yes, there will definitely be achievements!

  21. Also are there any options for customizing the NPC’s? They all seem to have a colour and clothing set, but are there any other values for those attributes?

    • I’m not sure what you’re asking, so I’ll say everything I can think of regarding NPC appearances.

      The player won’t be able to customize the NPCs in the story mode. There MIGHT be a “scenario editor” where you can design your own highschool and customize each student in it.

      Currently, the only physical traits that will vary between students are:

      Hair style
      Hair color
      Skin color
      Eye color
      Panty Type
      Stocking Length
      Stocking Color
      Accessories (Maybe)
      Bust size

      • I was asking if there are any other values to fill in for the current 6 standard blue-haired scoolgirl NPC’s. Playing around with values made them not spawn at all or just change their names. Can you change their haircoloir at the moment of this test iteration?

      • I implemented hair-color-changing tonight, so it’ll be in the next build I post (probably on the 15th).

        Customizing the schoolgirls isn’t a high priority right now, since it’s a polish issue / art feature and not a core gameplay mechanic, so I’ll get around to it after all the most important stuff is implemented.

        You could change their school schedule, but you’d need to know what you’re doing, and only I know what all the values are, and I’m not planning on posting a guide about which values are valid, so I don’t think I’ll be providing that anytime soon.

  22. I personally love the notifications. I can see myself needing them xD It should be something you can toggle on or off for people who don’t want it, tho

  23. Found this game absolutely accidentally and really like it, keep going like this, theme are awesome, surprisingly that nobody don’t do something like this earlier.

  24. I’m having an issue with the game. When i execute it, it pops up a window with the configuration. All good there, after i click play it opens the game but everything looks blue, the npc’s are all black and i can’t see the character. I’ll post a screenshot:

    Can someone tell me how to fix this? i really want to test this man, iยดve been following this project for some time now and you giving us a link to test this is… O: *o* so please, someone help me with this D;

    • Aw, this bug again. A few users have reported this, but I still have no clue why that bug happens. I think it has something to do with Unity being incompatible with your graphics card or current graphics driver. I’ll ask for answers on the Unity forum.

      • You think there could be a way for me to fix this? like downloading something or installing a program besides having to go and change my graphic card? I don’t think my graphic card could be so bad, it’s a Intel(R) HD Graphics 4600.

  25. Are there any plans to implement jumping mechanics into the game? And what about projectile weapons or maybe traps you could set up?

    • No plans for jumping mechanics or projectile weapons. I do think that there should be traps in the game, or, more specifically, ways to “stage accidents” that get people killed.

      • Like mixing chemicals in sience class and ‘accidentally’ create an explosion or maybe make the person so nauseous that they need to go to the infirmary? I gave an indirect example but it would be nice to see how something like this will be implemented.. I can’t wait to find out!


    Also, this is pretty minor, but will we be able to get the eye-patch to cover the left eye in the full game? Always find it weird when right-handed characters have their right eye covered without it impairing their abilities.

  27. YandereDev what are your plans for combat? Will it remain canned upon pushing the attack button, or will we be able to eventually go ham on people once the core gameplay is in? Stuff like the targets having a chance to block more fatal attacks and flee, and being able to attack the extremities to stop them from fleeing/blocking would be interesting. Also pretty disturbing, but here I am rooting for the success of a psycho-murderer sim. ๐Ÿ˜›

    • I’m planning on the combat mechanics being similar to Hitman: Absolution; you are the sole predator in an environment full of prey; no NPC can harm you, and you can kill anyone with the press of a single button. The attack button isn’t really for “fighting”, it’s for confirming your decision to terminate a specific NPC.

      Like security personnel in the Hitman games, teachers are the only NPCs who pose a threat to you. If a teacher witnesses you commit murder, they will call the cops and then attempt to physically restrain you until the police arrive.

      I’m imagining that the player will have to hit two button prompts in sequence to successfully stop a teacher’s attempt to restrain Yandere-chan. Failing to hit the two button prompts (three times in a row) will result in the teacher restraining you. After being restrained, you can mash a button to break free, after which you’ll have to do the two-button sequence again. If you remain restrained until the police arrive, you’ll be arrested.

      If you don’t do anything illegal and the cops aren’t after you, but instead you attack a teacher head-on and fail the prompts, then the teacher will simply have you expelled from school for assaulting them.

      I don’t know what “go ham” means, but I’m not imagining a combat system where you hit a button sequence to do combos, or anything like that.

      When your Sanity level is less than 66%, the attack animations will change to be more brutal. If Sanity is less than 33%, the attack animations are much more lengthy and sadistic. It’s possible that I’ll allow the player to mash the attack button at this point in order to repeatedly attack the victim until the player decides to stop mashing the button.

      If you want me to implement stuff like attacking specific extremities, then the Kickstarter fundraiser will have to raise an absurdly large amount of money, or I’ll need a lot of volunteers willing to work for free to make me all of the numerous animations that I’ll need.

      • I can honestly say that that would make YanSim a lot more boring. Hitman Absolution has the least satisfying combat of any stealth game. But the reason why is because it’s focus is more on shooting. YanSim isn’t gonna have guns, in fact it would be more akin to Manhunt, with grisly violence by unique weapon kills. It would make more sense to have Manhunt combat, with a Hitman approach. So students can have the potential of knocking your ass down. Besides, it’s in a school setting, when aren’t there fights every once in a while? But I still think context sensitive combat would behoove your game the best.

  28. I dunno why but I kinda want jumping mechanics. No idea why you’d use them…cept for pointless fun.

    What teenager can’t jump though ๐Ÿ˜›

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