Reputation and NPC Interactions

Happy New Year! If you haven’t seen the Annual Report blog post, check it out!

Most of the progress I’ve made over the past 2 weeks is summed up in this video:

When you are within a student’s field of vision doing something suspicious, a marker appears onscreen that points towards any students who can see you. When a student spots you, there is a full-screen effect (anime-style speed lines) to let you know that you’ve been noticed. Students will also vocalize their thoughts, currently rendered as subtitles appearing at the bottom of the screen.


Here’s a closer look at the reputation bar (artwork not final):

As the video explains, reputation loss does not occur instantly; it occurs after students have gathered to gossip. Gossip occurs at 8:30 AM (when homeroom begins), 1:30 PM (when lunchtime ends), and 6:00 PM (when students go home and post on the Internet).

In the above image, the white marker indicates your current Reputation, and the “-50” in the above image indicates that you’re going to lose 50 Reputation points the next time students gossip. After someone spots you doing something naughty, you can apologize to restore 50% of the lost reputation. A student will only accept one apology per day. You can also compliment a student to gain some more rep. An apology + compliment combo is the best idea after you’ve been spotted doing something unethical.

Your reputation can be in one of three states; Unpopular, Neutral, and Popular. Being Unpopular causes students to keep an eye on you when you enter a room, so it’s harder to get away with stealth kills / theft / trespassing. When you’re Unpopular, students won’t fully accept your apologies, meaning that apologizing only restores 25% of lost reputation. Students also doubt that your compliments are sincere, meaning that compliments will provide you with less positive rep.

Being Popular means that students are willing to overlook one misdeed per day, completely forgive you if you apologize, and be extra flattered by your compliments. It’s easy to coast on a good reputation, but it’s very hard to claw your way back to the top if you’ve lost a lot of rep.

So far, complimenting other students is the only way to improve your reputation. Can you think of other ways the player could improve their reputation? Please leave suggestions in the comments below!

If your reputation drops to -100, the entire school thinks you are absolute scum – including Senpai. Rock-bottom reputation means that Senpai knows what a terrible person you are, and could never love you. This is an instant game over. However…

Game Overs

I’d like Yandere Sim’s “game over” to actually be a playable sequence. For example, if your rep drops to -100, you are given the option to either reload a previous save, or keep playing, with new objectives: Kill Senpai, and then kill yourself. If you can’t have him, nobody should be able to have him.

So, since “game over” in Yandere Sim doesn’t actually mean that the game is really over, what should it be called? Love Over? Catherine already uses the phrase “Love is Over” when the player dies, so Yandere Sim should probably use something more original than that.

How would you like to see game overs handled? Feel free to leave suggestions in the comments!

NPC Interaction

Another new feature is the ability to directly interact with students.ย  The artwork definitely isn’t meant to be final, but here’s a look at the student interaction menu:

By holding down the proper button near a student, Yandere-chan will call out for that student’s attention. If you don’t choose any dialogue options, and just awkwardly stand there without saying anything for 10 seconds, the student will get annoyed with you and leave. If you do this to a student multiple times in a row, you have demonstrated that you’re a weirdo who likes to waste other peoples’ time, so you’ll lose some reputation, and the student will ignore you for the rest of the day if you try to talk to them.

When interacting with a student, some options may be locked out. For example, you can’t apologize if you’ve done nothing wrong.

I haven’t yet decided what all of the different available interactions should be. The only four interactions that are guaranteed to make it into the final game are:

  • Apologize – Restores 50% of the reputation lost from the last unethical behavior witnessed.
  • Compliment – Boosts reputation.
  • Gossip – Damage the reputation of another student (can lead to that student becoming bullied, staying home from school, or committing suicide).
  • Goodbye – Ends conversation.

The other options on that dialogue wheel mockup are:

  • Threaten
  • Seduce

“Threaten” would cause a student to leave an area and walk elsewhere. It would result in a loss of reputation, but it can prevent that student from becoming a witness to murder, which is much more dire than simply losing a few rep points.

“Seduce” should probably be renamed to “Ask Favor”. It would only be available if your reputation is high, or if you’ve increased your “Seduction” stat enough to get people to do favors for you even without a good reputation. The “Seduction” stat would probably be increased by spending class reading H-manga instead of actually paying attention to the teacher.

As for actual favors, I can only think of 3:

  • Leave (same effect as “Threaten” but without rep loss)
  • Ignore (same effect as having a good reputation; one minor misdeed is ignored)
  • Distract (student distracts a particular student for you)

Because “Leave” and “Ignore” have the same effect as “Threaten” and having a good reputation, “Ask Favor” seems like a pretty pointless option (or “Threaten” could be removed and replaced with another option, so “Leave” becomes the only way to make a student leave an area).

What kind of favors do you think the player should be able to ask NPCs for? What other interactions would you like to be able to perform with students?

Next Update

Now that students can properly react to suspicious behavior, the next feature I’d like to implement is getting students to properly react to murder. As I may have mentioned, I plan to have 5 different student personality types, each of which govern how the student reacts to murder:

  • Teacher’s Pet: Student runs to nearest teacher, informs them of the murder.
  • Social Butterfly: Student runs to nearest group of students, calls the cops.
  • Coward: Student flees the school, calls the cops.
  • Brave: Student attempts to restrain you.
  • Evil: Student congratulates you on your kill, vows to not speak a word about it.

How do you feel about these personality types? Which would you remove, add, or change?

101 thoughts on “Reputation and NPC Interactions

  1. Hmm, one way to increase reputation that comes in mind is doing favors for other students with some sort of quest system, I guess.

    • I was going to suggest something like this, as well. Maybe a student could ask you to put in a good word to someone else they like, or go on a stupid fetch quest for them. Doesn’t have to be complicated or meaningful, really.

      • I really enjoyed Mirai Nikki, and I’d love to throw a subtle reference somewhere in the game, maybe as an Achievement for using your cell phone a lot.

        As for actually including Yuno in the game somewhere, or allowing the player to customize the protagonist so that she is a Yuno look-a-like, that would depend entirely on the legality of doing such a thing. I wouldn’t want to run afoul of copyright laws / trademarked character designs.

    • I absolutely loved Mirai Nikki, and it would be great if you could find some way to add something that can LOOK like yuno but isnt really… if that makes sense. like you did with the KLK Easter egg, where you changed the clothing. maybe change hair or just clothing to look like it.

    • I could put the current build of the game up for download, but it’s very simple; it’s not even possible to win or lose, just mess around with a schoolgirl. Would anyone really want to play something like that?

      • Yes. I would only love to play around with that. Especially now that we can knife someone. It’d be a great New Year’s present.

  2. Some kind of small tasks could be used to increase favour, probably ones that would take up time so you would have to decide between increasing stats, attending classes, setting up/executing crimes and increasing reputation. Maybe helping students and teachers carry things to class, or treating people to lunch?

    This could make it so that even if Yandere-chan isn’t completely diligent in attending class, she could still have a good reputation because she is known to go around helping people out, and the inverse could happen where she could attend every class and work hard at increasing stats, but her reputation isn’t very high because people see her as cold/distant towards people.

    As for the student reactions, just a few opinions:
    Social Butterfly: If this student reaches other students, would they all react in their own way as well, or will they simply all stay close to each other and try to call the cops?

    Brave: Would they also shout for help as they restrain you, so that even if you do escape/kill them, their attempt to stop you would slow you down while also causing more witnesses to arrive at the scene?

    Evil: Seems a bit too easy if they just let you off, unless evil characters are really rare. Is it possible to have them take a picture or some kind of evidence, and then try to extort or blackmail you on the spot otherwise they send it to the cops or someone they know?

    • I’d really prefer it if there could be only one reaction to witnessing murder. The guards in Metal Gear Solid, Dishonored, Splinter Cell, Hitman, and Assassin’s Creed always respond to the player the same way, every time. However, every time I ask people “How should would a Japanese high school student react to seeing murder?” I get an unhelpful answer like, “Well, everyone has different personalities, so there’s no way to tell how they’d react.”

      From a game-design perspective, there should be only one reaction to witnessing murder. But since everyone says “One reaction doesn’t make sense! Students are not trained security personnel! How about different personality types?” that’s what I’m trying to implement.

      And, as you can see, it raises tons of “What are the specifics of how it works?” questions. Many people seem to throw out game suggestions without putting any forethought into how infeasible that kind of suggestion actually is.

      Hypothetically, if I only included ONE type of reaction to murder, what should it be?

      Social Butterfly: After calling the cops, they stay in the center of the group of students, who stick together in one spot until the cops arrive, trusting their friend when he says he needs to be protected.

      Brave: Maybe, depends on the type of feedback I get after releasing a playable demo. People might say it’s too difficult or not difficult enough.

      Evil: I was imagining that “Evil” is actually a way that students can feel towards a particular student. For example, if you drive a girl’s reputation down to rock bottom so that everyone in school hates her and wishes she was dead, then nobody would feel bad if she was murdered – they’d be thankful towards you, and keep it a secret for you. So, it’s not the fifth “personality type”, it’s the fifth “reaction type”.

      • what if the personality type was connected to the hair colour?
        light blue = teachers pet
        green = social butterfly
        yellow = coward
        red = brave

      • In terms of suggestions and all that, you really should go with what you think is the most feasible from a programming/developer standpoint, there’s a lot of suggestions and opinions being said that sound okay on paper, but would take a lot of time and effort to implement. That said, I’ve never thought about the fact that people having unique reactions to murder/crimes is a pretty interesting innovation for the stealth genre, I can’t quite think of any games that actually have that kind of thing. To think a game about a yandere would have it of all things.

        The “Evil” reaction is a bit more understandable now, it makes more sense if the reaction is something you can expect and plan for by lowering a student’s reputation, instead of having an “evil” student walk in on you murdering someone which I wrongly interpreted it as.

        Also, thought about the teacher’s pet reaction, it would be kind of odd if they didn’t run to students if they saw them and instead kept running around hoping to find a teacher around. Would the AI “know” where the teacher would be and take a direct path to them? Another possibility would be that they head towards the staff room or another area where teachers would frequent. This could make it so the teacher’s pet could be a bit more predictable than a social butterfly, but if they do reach a staff member I assume it would be more difficult to deal with compared to a group of students huddling together.

        Just my two cents on all this, I have to say, I’m really happy how far this has come, it really feels a lot more like a tangible, solid game now that things like balancing and whether things are plausible from a development viewpoint is being considered, compared to back when it was just a bunch of ideas being thrown around a thread on /v/.

      • Nah, multiple reactions are a great idea! It adds a little bit of luck to the situation by making them take a chance on whether their personality is going to make the murder more difficult or easy. It would help take BS factors out of it by being able to talk to them and have their dialog be more indicative of their personality.

        Ex: a coward would be more likely to say “J…just leave me alone, please.”

        This gives you a little bit of wiggle room for expanding on model and animation types to give slight visual cues on personality.

  3. For the ‘Game Over’ section, maybe ‘Love is Eternal’, or ‘Til Death Do Us Part’ or something corny and poetic like that might be good…

    ‘Forever Yours’

  4. another good apology mechanic would be that apologies have diminishing effectiveness on the same character the more you use them, as your trustworthiness would deteriorate the more they catch you doing things you said you wouldn’t do anymore.

  5. I assume you could prevent a loss of popularity by killing the person who saw you doing something bad.

    Get popularity up by doing well in studies I guess. Being good at sports or just showing up to clubs and taking part maybe?

  6. I really like the UI in this game. I think you should keep the seduce mechanic, but change what it does a little. Maybe it has a 50/50 chance to actually work, and if it does it turns characters evil. So lets say you successfully seduced someone; you would repair your reputation PLUS that character is evil (because you know, they wanna fuck you) If you unsuccessfully seduce someone, you’ll lose double the reputation(because you look like a slut).
    I feel like “Heartbreak” is a good alternative to “Game Over”.
    You should be able to lie/make excuses to the NPCs too.
    They see you with a knife:
    “Oh this? I just found it here.”
    Near a dead body:
    “Help! There’s a murderer on the loose!”
    Stuff like that. The effectiveness would be stat based.
    If you just stare at a kid and your Yandere meter is high, the time should drain quicker and they should react twice as scared. But if you do interact with them while it’s high, the dialogue should be more morbid.
    Have a Happy New Year!

  7. I think that using compliments as the only (and effective) way to raise your reputation feels a little cheap, and I too would like to see some sort of quest system, or some other way of raising reputation that doesn’t involve students directly (performing well at school, or in some club, or some sports team).
    I’d also like to see some kind of mechanic only available at low popularity, like hanging out with a gang of delinquents and possibly convincing them to bully a student, or to create a distraction at a certain time to allow you to sneak around undetected.

  8. My suggestion for the “game over” phrase on rockbottom reputation? Heartbreak, whatever the second half of the gane’s title is if it would fit (Deadication, Love You To Death, etc), or (gag mode?) a School Days reference.

  9. The reputation system looks nice, the updates on gossip hours are a great idea.

    Personally I think that a sort of a copy of the nemesis system from Shadows Of Mordor would work best, just think about encouraging one student to take out the other or a student thanking you for murdering that other student they personally hated. It would be perfect, if not a bit unlike japanese school life.

    To the reactions – every reaction should have a way to be countered / exploited:
    Teacher’s Pet: Runs to the nearest teacher and tells them about you; then the teachers deals with you, not the cops – might be either chasing you around the school or calling the police the next time you have classes with him.
    Teachers should be a challenge and the only danger from the teacher’s pets.

    Social Butterfly: Runs away and seeks other students, shouldn’t call the cops until gathers a big enough crowd since she would only feel safe in a group.
    Cornering the butterfly or not letting a group form (maybe abusing the fire alarm?) would be the way to go.

    Coward: Flees the school to call the police, but fears everyone and everything.
    Capturing cowards in a circle of blood, anyone?

    As a counterweight to a cowardly reaction, I’d add Common Sense: Shocked, but tries to call the police right there on the spot, not moving until she’s done calling.

    Brave: Sort of an opposite to the Social Butterfly, follows you and makes noise to grab the attention of as many nearby students as possible, to accuse you based on the evidence around.
    Simply removing the evidence or pulling the brave one away from the murder scene could disarm him, or maybe even turn other students against him.

    I’d also turn Evil into Cruel: Enjoys seeing others suffer, enjoys the sight of blood.
    Share a Yandere-Laugh and this student might help you out (clean uniform or magically disappear the weapon).

    That’s all of my suggestions, and to be honest you’ve got them all right, those could be a student’s reaction to witnessing a murder. Keep being awesome.

  10. I honestly think Brave can be split into two sub types. Like for the stronger sub-type the student will be better at retaliating Yandere-Chan and possibly the sub-type has a higher chance of restraining her. While the weaker type would be a hybrid of the Coward and Brave type which means she would try to restrain you but if she fails she flees to either hide or to tell the other npcs (cops,friends or teachers).

    And another I have a suggestion for another archetype called be the Blackmailer. If she sees Yandere-Chan doing any suspicious activities she would snap a picture and blackmail her. If Yandere-Chan doesn’t do what the Blackmailer says she would post or spread rumors about Yandere-Chan thus reducing her reputation. In order to avoid this Yandere-Chan must either kill her or to do the side quests the Blackmailer has given to Yandere-Chan.

    Btw Great Update and have a Happy New Year!!!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  11. I’m kind of confused as to why the selection would be “Seduce,” as I’m sure a yandere wouldn’t like the possibility of someone falling for her, after all, she is only after Senpai-kun. That said, I like the idea of it being changed to “Ask Favor,” but I have a (possibly idiotic) idea for a change; how about something along the lines of “Manipulate?” It just seems to me that a psychopathic serial killer would be more in the business of manipulation rather than just the standard pulling of favours.

    And with that thought in mind, maybe “Manipulate” could somehow be integrated with “Threaten,” or something along those lines? Or perhaps, the success of manipulation could be a stat-based chance, where if you fail, your reputation goes down as, obviously, you’d be viewed as a manipulative jerk, or whathaveyou.

    Sorry, sorry, random tangent. Anyhow, keep up the good work, happy new year, and other things people say in these kinds of things.

  12. Really loving how it’s coming along so far.
    Evil personality is fine, but I’d definitely keep it to a very small amount of students. An incredibly rare personality trait sort of deal.

  13. I have concerns about game balance regarding the non-lethal options. Now, Yandere Sim is a stealth game and its not unusual for stealth games to have a non-lethal option. Normally, there’s no problem with this as non-lethal routes tend to be more difficult because you non-lethal ways to remove enemies tend to be less effective, and if there are no ways to non-lethally remove an enemy then that means the player has to navigate the area with all enemies active. This means that non-lethal is harder then lethal routes.

    But in this game it seems to be the opposite. Killing going a lethal route means that you now have a body and murder weapon to dispose of whereas ruining a students reputation leaves no evidence and requires much less stealth. For example, if you stab a student with a knife you now have to deal with a bloody knife, dragging a corpse somewhere, cleaning up the blood that corpse left behind, all the while making sure nobody sees you through this process and that’s not even counting any struggle the victim might put up. Spreading gossip would have some stealth to get information you need or plant evidence, but that’s it. And it seems that depending on your reputation you might only have to deal with one particular student seeing you, meaning only that one student could be considered an enemy whereas with lethal, every student is an enemy.

    I’m not suggesting that non-lethal should be removed or anything. I just feel that perhaps more should be done to make ruining a reputation be more challenging. Like if that victim had a posse who would constantly watch over her things to prevent evidence from being planted/taken, or would go after you if they see you talking shit about her. Or maybe just force a lethal route on harder difficulty settings (if you are doing multiple difficulty settings) much like how Thief wouldn’t let you kill guards. Or maybe I’m retarded and all my issues have already been address in previous posts. Regardless, I look forward to seeing this game completed.

  14. Oh and one other thing. Not particularly important but the game over thingy should be different if you’ve been going non-lethal. To me it seems odd that Yan-Chan goes full yandere even if the player hasn’t been playing full yandere.

  15. The /v/ thread is over. It was a nice discussion, mostly.
    Do you always make threads around the same time of day? I only rarely manage to catch them.

  16. It’s really nice to see things taking shape. Quick question: do you plan on having the game voice acted? that might take a bit of money though so I can see why not.

    Happy New Year and keep on trucking!

    • Maybe. If the game will have voice acting, the voices would have to come from volunteers generously willing to work for free, or the Kickstarter would have to make a huge amount of money, enough to pay a bunch of voice actors.

  17. This is something I wanted to ask Dev. Besides killing students, is there knockout (or how like I like to call it: time to go night night) feature? If so, Is it going to be like the traditional anime knockout (which I find funny and don’t get) where someone gets punched in the stomach and is unconscious or something different?

  18. It might be better to have only one reaction type — call the cops. What happens when a group of students witness a murder, all with different personality types? It would be a pretty weird situation, and calling the police doesn’t seem like an unusual reaction no matter what the highschool student’s personality is.

    • Most personality types do call the cops, it’s just a matter of where.

      1. Run out of school, call the cops?
      2. Run to other students, call the cops?
      3. Run to teacher, get teacher to call the cops?

      If there is a “Loner” personality type…

      4. Run to nearest empty room, call the cops?

  19. I personally like the multiple reaction type system: It provides a lot of depth to when you get caught, as opposed to the sort of Metal-Gear-Esque “HQ WE’RE UNDER ATTACK” system that would probably ensue from removing it.

  20. Hey Yandev, you seen this?

    Allegedly getting functionality on Unity and engines like Unreal. Something to think about.

  21. Well….this is just an opinion, for.the interface, I prefer the color to be lighter, either transparent or brighter pink.

    I think it’s better to make the game with several difficulties, maybe some additional rivals that only appeared on 2nd or later playthrough. It may be good to make certain rival’s to be introduced only when Yandere-chan already killed a good number of rivals or reach some time, like appearance on the 30th day (transfer student or something like that).

  22. Hmm… for building reputation maybe you could have Yandere-chan given classroom responsibilities, such cleaning up after a school day, helping classmates in case such an event would arise, or even how Yandere-chan does on tests. Perhaps there could be an average or a standard Yandere-chan has to live up to, and falling below it or going above and beyond would affect her reputation accordingly.

    I like the idea of personality types a lot, the game getting a whole new layer of creative depth placed into it. Although, this information in regard to Yandere-chan feels like it should come from Info-chan, maybe recorded in some sort of memo, or better yet in my opinion: to add a bit of immersion for the player, you could force the player to keep track of these things out of game, which would get the player a lot more involved with in-game events. Or it just might seem too tedious to the player, whatever works, right?

  23. Speaking of personalities and stuff..
    How would Senpai-kun himself react to the crime/body? Will his personality also be customisable in-dream or rather he would act “tough” like a generic harem anime character he’s supposed to be? Maybe he’d also need a special hardest counter measure, since Yandere-chan is extremely vulnerable and abscent minded around her love interest. You mentioned there might be an ending with Senpai-kun being traumatised and such, so might leaving him witness the crime scene alone actually be optional for that specific purpose? I might be overthinking all these things, but it’s almost necessary in my opinion.
    Love absolutely everything you came up with so far, so I hope you can shape this game the way you personally think would fit. Remember, we’re here for you man.

    • Thanks for your words of support!

      I don’t want Senpai’s personality to be customizable. That would require tons of extra work. It’s the sort of thing I would include as a Kickstarter stretch goal; if people really want something like that, they’d have to shell out extra cash to fund all of the extra work that would go into that kind of feature.

      I’m planning on making Senpai “blank slate”; an average / ordinary / generic “everyman”, like most harem characters are.

      Senpai would probably have the “inform a teacher” or “run to safety” reaction to finding a dead body.

      If Senpai witnesses you commit murder, it’s an instant game over.

      The “mindbroken” ending can only occur if Senpai discovered lots of dead bodies over the course of the game. Encountering his own sister’s corpse would count extra.

  24. I am currently thinking about the story-line for the game and I was thinking of a playable epilogue sequence that you can get after getting a certain ending(preferably the best ending). I was thinking of taking a scene from the movie “Lesson of the Evil” by Takashi Miike where the teacher goes insane and is on a killing spree in the school and you are trying to get to Senpai and save him before the teacher gets to him and kills Senpai, or you can attempt to kill the teacher yourself(which should be difficult).

    The teacher’s goal is to kill every single student in the school including you, there can be a countdown of students that are still alive until there is two students left(you and Senpai).

    If you fail by not saving Senpai in time it could show the teacher killing Senpai in front of you, then Yandere-Chan could fall to her knees accepting her fate knowing that she couldn’t save Senpai and finish with a game-over saying “You couldn’t save Senpai.”
    The same game-over can also be used if the teacher kills you before Senpai if you try and confront the teacher and fail.

    What happens after you save Senpai from the teacher is up to you since it’s your game and I don’t know too much of the story in the game.

    I would recommend that you watch the movie so that you can get a reference to what I’m talking about for the epilogue. I’m not asking you to put this in the game because it would take a lot of work(I don’t even believe that you would add it into the game), I’m just saying that it would be a fun little movie reference that could be made playable in the game, but I would like to know what you think about the rough idea anyway.

    Happy Trails.

    • I watched “Lesson of the Evil” a few months ago! I enjoyed it very much. One of the scenes in that film gave me an idea for an item in Yandere Sim; a blowtorch type of item that can cauterize wounds so that corpses don’t bleed all over the place.

      However, the idea of an NPC who runs around and kills other students sounds like it would be best reserved for a separate gameplay mode, not the main story of the game.

  25. I don’t know if you have mention this system before, but what are the chances of implementing opposite reputation points for male and female students? let’s just say ‘seduce’ option definitely boost reputation on male student but drops for female students, although certain action has a chance to boost both reputation. I imagine this system will be similar to faction point in other games, but I think there will be some difficulties that need to be discussed.

    Oh wait. I forgot most important things here. Will this game only allow interaction to female student only? So far what I see this game setting is like Infinite Stratos, where the Senpai is the only male character.

    • The “seduce” option might not be available in certain circumstances (you don’t have enough points in the seduction stat to seduce somebody, or you’re trying to seduce someone who is in a relationship / isn’t attracted to your gender). The seduce option might also carry a negative penalty if it’s used too often. Or, “Seduce” might just be re-worded to “Manipulate” or “Ask Favor” instead, so it has nothing to do with sexuality.

      There will be male students and interaction with male students, I just haven’t dropped any male models into the game yet.

  26. The ‘Love is Over’ idea is good, keep that.
    and I agree with a previous comment about the student personalities have different hair colors. Though it doesn’t have to be hair color if you don’t want the personalities to stand out much. They could just be wearing a colored bracelet or some accessory.
    Overall, I SO can’t wait to play a demo :3 keep it up!

  27. how about you add the “WRRRRRRRRRRRRRYYYYYYYYYYY” sound from jojo’s bizarre circus dio instead of the crazy laughing when the rep bar reaches a certain point.

  28. Sorry for the reply (replied to the wrong person) lol still kinda new to this, but will we see Yuno Or Mirai Nikki Easter eggs?

  29. I think it would make more sense for somebody that is evil to blackmail you using the murder to do their bidding. The not telling anybody should just be the coward personality type.

  30. Sorry if this has been asked before, but are you planning on implementing a beneficial mechanic to stalking/spending time with Senpai? It would be awesome if there was some sort or encouragement or reason for the player to seek him out, like perhaps it can help inform the player of which students Senpai spends a lot of time with (appropriate targets to kill/aim for) or reduce the yandere meter (just like how Yuno from Mirai Nikki calms down and acts normal whenever Yukki talks to her). I’m suggesting this because the mechanics and ideas you’ve presented so far are great and really interesting, but it seems like the yandere will be spending much more time hunting and interacting with other students rather than focusing on the person she’s obsessed over. Since Yandere-san murders and does despicable things because of her love for Senpai, it would also be cool if there was more of an emphasis for personally interacting with him.

    Keep up the amazing work! I can imagine how hard it is to craft your own video game, but your progress so far is inspiring and I’m definitely looking forward to seeing how your ideas flourish with time. I’ve been following this game for a while, and it makes me incredibly happy to see you update it regularly.

    • Thank you very much for your kind words!

      I think there are a couple of things in the game which are really only there to create a “stalker / serial killer” vibe:

      1. The shrine to Senpai in Yandere-chan’s room (which is modified by things that Yandere-chan steals from Senpai)
      2. The corkboard where Yandere-chan can arrange pictures of Senpai

      And a few mechanics directly related to Senpai:

      1. Senpai witnessing murder is a game over
      2. Yandere-chan gets dizzy and disoriented near Senpai, and can’t perform any action other than walking
      3. Taking pictures of Senpai allows the player to stare at those pictures to lower the Yandere meter
      4. Most likely, staring at Senpai lowers the Yandere meter.
      5. Holding down the Yandere Button shows you Senpai-kun’s currently location.

      Hopefully, these features and mechanics are enough to make the player feel like they’re controlling a character who is madly in love with someone, not just a sociopathic serial killer who murders indiscriminately.

      And if not, perhaps the game’s plot twist is that Yandere-chan really just wants to kill people, and used Senpai as a flimsy justification for doing what her heart truly desires…

      • What does the Yandere button do other than that? Is it the same button that’s used to “vent” the murderous intent by laughing like a maniac?
        Also, I remember that in one of the much earlier posts you mentioned that Yandere-chan would be able to track Senpai by his smell in “Yandere vision”. Will this mechanic still be in place? :3

      • Holding down the Yandere button will highlight Senpai, your current target, and any student who you have “tagged” by taking a picture of them. You will be able to see the highlight through walls, so it’s like Batman’s “Detective Vision”.

        Being able to see Senpai as a highlighted figure wherever he is seems more practical than seeing a trail in the air leading to him, so I don’t think the smell mechanic will get in.

        So far, the only other planned purpose of the Yandere button is to laugh. A tiny giggle might draw someone’s attention (like knocking on a wall in MGS or throwing a coin in Hitman) so it will have utility beyond just venting and decreasing the Yandere meter.

  31. I would adapt the personalities of the students for murder. You described three basic “types” of people:
    – running away
    – attacking
    – accomplices/evil people

    I think it would be a nice idea to have one personality for running away with some if routines like
    if see teacher nearby run to him
    else if see student group nearby run to them
    else run home

    You would want to inform an adult first, then the sense of security in the group and as last result the instinct to flee. It also could be possible to implement it by adapting the murder spotting program/code.

    The general problem of this personality is just that it is basically a gameover if you are seen by a person and he/she runs away(open ground -> more witnesses to kill running away ect.). Perhaps you should implement some system to threaten a person who spots the player into not telling it anyone(some % -chance) giving the player the opportunity to keep the witness with threats in line or to devise a plan to get rid of them?

    The same could be used the other way around by evil persons like “if you do not want me to tell everyone, murder this student here.”

    • Oh, that last bit is really interesting! The idea of a bounty-hunting mission. A student wants another student dead, and will charge you with the task of killing them, after witnessing how talented you are at murder. Scandalous!

  32. Hey Yanderedev, are you still implementing the newspaper girl into the game? I think I remember from a few previous updates that you can take pictures of students in order to get information from her in exchange for favors like panty shots.
    -Do you think it’ll be a good idea to use up some panty shots to boost your reputation so the player is not just constantly spamming compliments to other students? Like have her write good stuff about you in the newspaper or something? I also really like the simple quest system other commentors suggested to build your reputation outside of compliments.
    -You mentioned how you can gossip about other students to damage their reputation. Maybe when a student with a low reputation witnesses a reputation-damaging act, other students won’t listen to him or her gossip. Maybe if the student’s reputation is low enough, other npc’s won’t react when the student says that they witnessed a murder Yanderechan commited, buying the player time to clean the murder scene before the cops come?
    -Maybe using newspaper girl’s identification feature will help you identify how a particular student will react to a murder and what their reputation is?

    • I’m not sure if Info-chan’s characterization will remain the same (she might just be a shadowy “information broker” who everyone knows about, but whose true identity is unknown) but I would like to include that character, or an equivalent character, in the game.

      I was already planning on allowing the player to boost their reputation through Info-chan. The primary purpose of taking a student’s picture is to send it to Info-chan and find out how that student would react to murder.

  33. now that there is a talking mechanic in the game. will you be able to talk to senpai or just be silent and shy like before?

    because it would be hilarious if you try to seduce senpai but end up saying creepy things instead.

    • I had always imagined Yandere Sim as a stealth game, where the player must intentionally avoid being noticed by Senpai. Adding “dating sim” gameplay where the player must actually interact with Senpai would drastically change the current design of the game. I’m not sure about including that kind of feature. For now, I won’t consider it, but I’ll poll people on the subject after the playable demo is released. If people say “There’s not enough stuff going on in this game” or “I want to interact with Senpai! This game sucks unless I can talk to him!” then I’ll have to consider adding that kind of feature.

  34. Just a suggestion, what about creating a fictional memory wiping drug that can be injected into witnesses and wipe the reputation meter clean? Maybe make it a purchasable item so it doesn’t unbalance the interaction portion of the game.

  35. Have you considered releasing the source, perhaps putting on github? I’m sure it would give a nice boost to contribution. Plus we’d be able to bug hunt more frequently!

    • No way! I’ve spent hundreds of hours working on Yandere Sim, and will probably have spent thousands of hours on it by the time it’s completed. Would you give away thousands of hours of your work for free, so other people can use it or take credit for it? I won’t release the source code for Yandere Sim the same reason that BioWare won’t release the source code for Dragon Age: Inquisition.

      Perhaps releasing the source code for free could be a $100,000 Kickstarter stretch goal.

      • Well you can release it once you’ve finished the game and gave it a year or two to sell. Also if you give up.

    • Right now, the high school is the only environment planned.

      To have more environments, I would need a modeller to volunteer to create them, or I would need money to pay a modeller to create them.

  36. Hmm for the coward personality, how about if a student saw yandere chan committed murder decided not to go to school for days after calling the police, not only because of how traumatizing it is to see someone getting killed, she is afraid that she will become the next victim. ๐Ÿ˜€

  37. Here are some reaction ideas:
    1. Shattered: The character will sit down and freak out but otherwise stay quiet about the murder. If you let them live they will actively avoid you at school and skip very often. They wont call the cops unless unless you murder 3-4 individual in front of them then they will become the coward type.
    2. Random: This character will pick one of any reactions every time. Good for canon fodder.
    3. Surrenderer: This character will beg you not to kill them, offer you items or money, and can be conviced to kill someone else for you. They will only do this once and any time after that they become the coward type.
    4. Coward version2: A student that will run away but wont tell anyone. If you let them live they will actively avoid you and skip school often.

    Other than Random type the ones that will let you off scot free should be much rare than others. In addition to that they should have a chance of killing themselves after witnessing a murder. The more people they see die the more likely they will kill themselves.

  38. Possible titles for the game over screen could be “Love is Dead”, implying that the power of love wasn’t strong enough to bring these two together because yandere tendencies were too much to overcome, or possibly “Your High School Romance is Over” in bloody-looking font as a kind of humorously underwhelming statement in the event that she dies.

  39. Possible ways to increase reputation could be, as opposite of skipping classes, achieving good grades in exams or doing well in some club’s activities. I’m aware that this doesn’t really fit into the actual idea of gameplay, but it’s actually the first thing that came into my mind, as it fits my idea of how a Yandere-chan should behave.

  40. I’m reading the blog posts in chronological order so this might be a little late and a feature already implanted, but one suggestion on how to increase reputation. Since one of the pacifist method of taking out rival is to act as a cupid and set up a different relationship for her, I wouldn’t be surprised if the new couple was being thankful for you to help them to be together and think nicely of you, resulting in a increase in reputation.

    • That would be logical, but the way I’m planning on implementing the “cupid” gameplay is that Yandere-chan will be setting them up from afar, and neither party will ever know that she was involved.

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