Yandere Sim 2014 Annual Report

At the end of each year, WordPress provides its users with data about their blog’s activity. Here’s a link to Yandere Sim’s data report:


I’d like to take a moment to review some of the more interesting data points!

The most visitors we got on a single day was 10,441, on July 2nd. I think that’s because somebody posted a gameplay gif on Reddit. It’s amazing to think about what an incredible boost of traffic just one gif can provide. However, I’m not going to make a concentrated effort to post gifs or gameplay videos until the game reaches a stage where I feel confident enough to show it off. I think that day is not far off!

How do people find Yandere Sim? The top five referring sites were:

  1. 4chan.org – Development of the game began by discussing the concept on 4chan, and I’ve been posting bi-monthly threads about the game on 4chan to ask for feedback and suggestions, so it makes sense that 4chan is our top source of attention.
  2. reddit.com – This site may have the 2nd spot purely because of that one post in July.
  3. haruhichan.com – Probably ranked third because of this article they wrote back in July. Hopefully the game becomes impressive enough to warrant more articles sometime soon!
  4. facebook.com – I’m surprised to learn that a social networking site is a main source of traffic; I didn’t think that people would be brave enough to post about a schoolgirl-slaughtering sim where their friends and family can see it!
  5. twitter.com – I’m pretty sure that 99% of the traffic from Twitter is due to one very dedicated individual who assists in spreading the word about the game, and for that, I am very grateful to him!

So, what’s next for Yandere Sim? For starters, I’ll continue to post updates on the 1st and 15th days of every month. I’m hoping to release a playable demo by March 1st, and launch a Kickstarter by April 2nd. (Can’t launch it on April 1st, people would think it’s an April Fools’ prank!)

Thanks to everyone who has shown their support and encouragement thus far! I hope that the game will meet your expectations!

10 thoughts on “Yandere Sim 2014 Annual Report

  1. If it helps you at all, I found out about your project because of one of YunoInbox’s videos.

    Good luck with that KickStarter, however.

  2. Wow….I just found this Yandere sim from lurking on the youtube, and now I can’t wait to see and play the game.. (ξっ´ω`c)

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