Interview with TechRaptor

Yandere Sim is finally starting to get some exposure! TechRaptor asked me for an interview, and I was happy to comply.

I wonder how much media attention this game is going to get. Will most mainstream sites ignore the game because of its violent content? Will extremist feminists and overzealous SJWs attack the game because of the panty shots and lewd school uniforms? If people start posting articles about how offensive and outrageous this game is, will that hurt the game’s reputation, or will it just provide lots of publicity?

26 thoughts on “Interview with TechRaptor

  1. SJWs are for sure going to be outraged, so I’m sure there’ll be some media exposure in that. However, I think that this will have only a positive effect on sales, since your primary audience is going to be people who aren’t affected by SJW nonsense anyway.

    Also, congrats on getting some media exposure – glad it’s positive!

  2. I am personally probably what most people would call a SJW and completely consider myself a feminist, but I really do think you’re approaching the game from a point where… well, someone will probably complain anyway, but you’re not using the female characters as props or for boners (at least at this point in development).

    A lot of the problems feminists like me or, y’know, Sarkeesian have are the ways women are killed in games. They’re rarely opponents or villains, and there’s rarely a reason to be killing them, or any sort of goal in the game– they’re usually the helpless, random citizens that populate the world and are just there for killing. No one complains about Sniper Wolf or Fortune or The Boss being killed in the Metal Gear Solid games, because they are actual characters; they are antagonists standing between the player and their goal, and their deaths contribute to and further the story. They serve a narrative purpose, and being Women Who Die doesn’t mean the Metal Gear Solid games are anti-feminist or a SJW’s nightmare (in fact, I’d argue that them being treated equally to the male characters, or as even more important than them, makes them more feminist-friendly, deaths and all).

    Even though this game is pretty much about murdering teenaged girls, there’s a reason for it, beyond ‘lol this is so edgy i can totally kill these half-naked whores!’, and it’s not condoned by the framing. And, yeah, sure, you’re not going to be winning any prizes from feminists for your choice to make a game about a girl murdering other girls for the sake of a boy, but at least the other girls are obstacles to overcome, not set dressing that’s only there to destroy. You dig?

    • Though, hey, if school uniforms are all based on the choice you make at the beginning of the game, make the school uniforms lewd for everyone! I will doublesuperplus play this game if choosing the one-peice uniform means all the boys in school are dressed in speedos.

      • I’ve been wondering how the uniform-selection feature should work for males. Should male students automatically wear uniforms that “match” the females’ uniforms? For example, if the girls are wearing blazers, should the guys get blazer uniforms, too?

        Or should I let the player choose the male uniform independently of the female uniform? I suppose my game doesn’t lose anything by giving the player the option of choosing the boys’ school uniforms. My only question is, when does the player decide? I guess it would have to be almost immediately after Yandere-chan chooses her own uniform. She puts her finger to her chin and thinks to herself, “What did the boys’ uniform look like, again?” and then the player chooses.

        Speedos would actually be the easiest uniform to implement, since it’s just a texture recolor of the boys’ base (nude) model…

      • I personally prefer to have enforced equal-opportunity fanservice. See the following:

        If a person can’t bear to look in nearly-nude dudes after selecting the nearly-nude chick option, then that’s their problem, you know? Getting one without the other is basically the equivalent of yelling ‘NO HOMO’ and/or ‘I OBJECTIFY WOMEN’, both of which are less than stellar things to be yelling and tend to come mostly from the 12-year-old and/or dudebro demographics.

      • “Enforced” is an unsettling word. I don’t think it should be compulsory for developers to include specific things in their games; a female for every male, a black for every white, a gay for every straight, a speedo for every thong. I want game developers to have the freedom to design any kind of characters they want, without being held to some set of rules, or following some checklist.

        If a game developer makes a game that offends me or doesn’t appeal to me, I’ll never tell them, “Hey, stop it! Do less of that! Do more of what I want!” I’ll just leave the game alone and look for other games / other developers that don’t offend me and do appeal to me.

        In my game, I’ve included the option to switch Senpai’s gender from male to female. However, it isn’t for equal representation or progressiveness or tolerance; it’s for the yuri fetishists who want to see girl-on-girl romance, and the homophobes who don’t want to play a game about stalking a dude.

      • Fair enough! Not everything has to be done for reasons beyond ‘i wanted this to happen this way’, and enforced equal fanservice is just my personal preference.

        I do think that having speedo’d boys tied to the choice of bathing suited girls would be both awesome and a hilarious way to troll any players who weren’t into that, but I always think all trolling of players by the games we play is pretty funny. Part of the reason why I love MGS so much, bless Hideo Kojima’s trolling heart.

    • “a game about a girl murdering other girls for the sake of a boy”
      I think he’s considering being able to choose the main character as well as target character’s sex anyways if I recall correctly.

      And I pretty much agree with you on the game. The way things are currently going I really don’t see any issues. Though I also try to avoid looking too deeply into things in something like a game, especially when it’s obvious they’re not trying to be offensive anyways.

      • I missed his reply to your comment and he verified what I said, lol. The comments layout makes it somewhat difficult to see what’s a reply and what isn’t.

  3. From a PR perspective, any press is good press, since the people that would normally be reviled by the concepts in this game would never buy it in the first place and the people that would buy it don’t give a damn if it pisses off the former.

  4. Keep good working.. I’ll donate this project if it hit will kickstarter stage. I’m checking this site almost everyday and I’m waiting sir.

  5. Yay an interview, you are going to be famous Dev-senpai. If I were a girl you would totally get a psycho-yandere-stalker-fan. But sadly (or not) I’m male, so just I hope you will get much more recognition. And I definitly will spread the world around as much as I can.

    Also: YAY new screenshots(at least some of them i never seen before), including cliche runing-with-toats-in-mouth scene.

  6. It’s true that there’ll be always people who will be pissed for this kind of things; the game its violent and strong, so of course there’ll be people who don’t like it. However, this kind of “reputation” is not always bad (or good), but it’s because people is not used to this kind of situations. It’s very weird if you think of it, because people love (FUCKING LOVE) games like GTA, where you only kill and kill for fun. The point here is that games like Yandere Simulator (Even if they’re not serious at all) reach a deeper profanity level, because the deaths are not taken as a joke. People who kill others in games, most of them do it in games where death looks stupid or funny. This game on the other side, is “serious business” in that aspect, so they really feel unconfortable killing here (I am not talking about everyone).

  7. I’m pretty sure you’ll get a lot of coverage if clickbait “journalists” discover your game. They will either advertise “OMG this game allows you to be a yandere just like in the animes!!1!” or “This game is so disgusting, ugh what fetish material.” Both ways, they pander to an existing demographic and you get more people aware of your game (clickbait is centered around sloppy reports meant to appeal to stereotypes and generalizations after all), though I suspect a large portion of Let’s Players would play it just for the novelty and meme jokes they can make. I would not be surprised if one day I was surfing YouTube and found a thumbnail of Pewdiepie playing this game in my sidebar.

    I find SJWs trying to be critics of entertainment to be hypocritical and vapid because 1) they often don’t participate in the medium themselves yet expect their opinions to be “valued” and “legitimate,” 2) they only want to push their ideology onto others through other platforms under the guise of “spreading tolerance and equality,” when their behavior says otherwise, and 3) their ideology is less about actual social justice and more “I want this non-issue to be a issue so I can self-aggrandize myself and feel important without any actual effort or merit.” Trust me, I used to take articles appealing to them at face value until I started examining their reasoning and realizing there wasn’t any.

    At the end of the day they’re just fat, rich, privileged slacktivists who are mostly white and male and want to project their insecurities onto other people. Don’t care about their opinions and emotional appeals unless they use actual rhetoric and evidence, then you have an actual critic you may want to listen to. Until then, their shallow, manufactured outrage is another form of word of mouth promotion.

    As for mainstream attention, I really hope it gets it. It definitely is worthy of it.

    • Wow, you and I really see eye-to-eye on the subject of SJWs and clickbait journalists!

      Pewdiepie has a “Notice me Senpai” running gag, so I’m almost certain that he’ll decide to play the game one day.

      He may be disappointed to learn that the game is all about *avoiding* Senpai’s gaze; it would be terrible to be noticed by Senpai while committing murder…

  8. I’m not sure if I already asked this or if somebody else did, but what do you think about adding psychological torture in your game as some alternate source of getting rid of them?

    As in can Yandere-chan ruin the NPC’s life within the 5 days which would cause the NPC to kill herself on the 5th? i.e. send fake love letters to the angsty girl which would lead to her rape/suicide, start rumors, leak pictures(real or fake) about a popular girl which would cause her to become severely depressed.

    Also I doubt that extreme feminists or SJWs would hurt the game’s reputation, but the attention that they would give the game would most certainly boost it’s popularity which would cause people to become involved with it and it would spread according to how people will talk about it good or bad. Them asking for attention, telling people not to play something is like telling someone else not to think of an elephant; they will ignore what you tell them and think of the elephant. So if anything, they could be the catalyst to your game’s popularity and not know it.

    Could you also make a list where we can sign up to become beta-testers in the near future and send everyone who signed up a .zip of the game and it’s resources to test it?

    • I’ve been planning on a “bullying” mechanic that might meet your criteria. The idea is that you can perform actions which lower a girl’s reputation at school (such as spreading rumors about her, or stealing her cell phone and sending nasty text messages from it). If her reputation hits the absolute bottom, Senpai will refuse to date her, and she will commit suicide. Taking lewd pictures of her and spreading them around school, or paying the president of the Newspaper Club to publish an smear article, would also hurt her reputation.

      When I’m eventually ready to let people play the beta version of the game, I’ll probably just post the link publicly here on this blog.

  9. Sorry if this has been asked before, but how close do you think you are to a playable demo? I’d assume like most creative work, people hesitate to release an unfinished version so as to not give the wrong impression about the quality of the game, but for a project such as this, I’d be pretty excited to be able to play an alpha of sorts anytime soon

    • Well, it depends on what you want out of a demo. Do you want to walk around in a sandbox and stab schoolgirls who don’t have fully working AI? I could make that available pretty quickly, but I think people would find it very underwhelming.

      Do you want to play a polished “tutorial mode” that shows off every feature of the game one-by-one? I think I could probably have that working by January 1st, but I don’t want to make any promises.

      Do you want to be able to play through a school week in the high school, with a specific schoolgirl target and about 10 ways to eliminate her? I don’t think that will be ready until April 1st, the game’s one-year anniversary.

      At midnight tonight, I’ll be making a new blog post that features a downloadable .exe. It doesn’t qualify as a “gameplay demo” but you may enjoy it nonetheless.

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