New Cutscene System, New School Uniforms, and New Environment Models

Cut-Scene System

I decided to build a cut-scene system so that it’s relatively easy for me to construct cut-scenes. The result is this video, which chronologically occurs after Yandere-chan’s dream:

I’m not very proud of this video. To be honest, I think that this cut-scene looks like garbage. The animations are all placeholders, and some of the models are missing textures. It looks extremely amateurish; there were early PS2 games with better-looking cut-scenes than this!

On the plus side, the cut-scene system is a success; it works perfectly, and it’s very easy for me to tell cameras, characters, and props when and where to move. When I finally have polished animations and fully-textured models, I should be able to put together some nice impressive cut-scenes using the system I’ve built.

Perceptive readers may have already noticed the new feature that briefly appeared in the above video:

School Uniforms

At the beginning of the game, Yandere-chan rushes to her closet and grabs her school uniform. The player decides what uniform comes out of her closet,  which determines the outfit that Yandere-chan and all of the other female students at school will be wearing. The player can choose to dress her like a middle schooler, a high schooler, or just put her into a totally unrealistic costume just for fun. I think that the “just-for-fun” costumes should have to be unlocked before they can be worn. What kind of high school uniforms are you hoping to see Yandere-chan wearing?

New Environment Models

I purchased some high school environment models from the Unity Asset Store and dropped Yandere-chan into them.

It’s great to finally see Yandere-chan in a fully-modelled, fully-textured high school environment!

However, I’m not really happy with these assets. The textures don’t match the anime-style aesthetic of the character models I’ve been using so far. The 3D models have a sensible polygon count, but they’re scaled to strange sizes, so it’s difficult to construct an environment using these models. These models might help me to rapidly build a simple prototype environment that looks better than a bunch of white cubes, but eventually I’ll need to ask a 3D modeller for environment models that are custom-made to my exact needs.

On the subject of the game’s environment, I’ve begun to research Japanese high schools and learn more about their layouts and designs. I found some blueprints for real Japanese high schools, but they are all labeled in Japanese, so they’re not easy for me to use. I’m going to check out a few different games that feature Japanese high schools (Persona 4, primarily) and learn about all of the different rooms typically found in a Japanese high school, and how they are laid out in real life. By the next update, I may be able to present the schematics for Yandere-chan’s high school.

I mostly spent the last two weeks working on the cut-scene system and researching Japanese high schools, so I didn’t make any progress with gameplay this time. I’m sorry! Hopefully, this update isn’t too disappointing.

I usually only post one update every two weeks, but this time I’ve made three posts over the past two weeks! In case you missed them, please check out the box art parody post and the DLC post.

If you’re the type of person who cares about this sort of thing, I finally made a Twitter account. I’m not sure if I’ll actually be using it very often, but it’s there if you’re interested.

44 thoughts on “New Cutscene System, New School Uniforms, and New Environment Models

  1. This wasn’t significant enough to mention in the blog post, but just in case you’re interested, here’s a bit of trivia…

    If you watch the YouTube video posted up above, you’ll notice that Yandere-chan performs a yawning animation around the :18 mark. I made that yawning animation myself; you can easily tell, because of how shitty it looks.

    After making the yawning animation for Yandere-chan, I realized that I had created a yawning yandere girl.

    In other words, a Yawndere girl.

  2. Yeah, it doesn’t look like it fits the aesthetic, but it looks amazing regardless. Especially that outside shot. DAMN.
    But I guess the anime feel takes precedent, right?

  3. I remember a while ago that there were sketches for how the main character was going to look provided you could find someone to model her, are you still going with that or are you going to stick with the default model from now on. (to be honest I really liked the character s it would be a shame to lose it.)

    • Because many people have asked me to make Yandere-chan customizable, I’m leaning towards the option of a customizable main character. The hairstyle of the original Yandere-chan design will be one of the hairstyles that the player can choose for Yandere-chan.

  4. Looks great but you are right the assets would need some retexturing to fit the style.
    So is the school layout going to be a fixed thing or are you thinking of mixing things up a bit for multiple playthroughs?

    • The first step is to make one fixed school layout, and after that, I might write a script that randomly generates a highschool so that the player can get a new experience every time.

      I made a “randomly-generated dungeon” game prototype once in the past, so I have experience doing that sort of thing, so I feel comfortable saying that I can it into the game…but only if there is a lot of demand for it.

    • It’s extremely easy to add a new uniform to the game by telling it to load a different texture onto a pre-existing model; you can think of it as a “recolor” or a “palette swap”. Here’s an example, I made this in just a few minutes:

      I’m sure that with the help of a texture artist, I could have a wide selection of cool / cute uniforms to pick from.

      Maybe my character modeller will be up for modelling and skinning even more uniforms than the ones you see here!

  5. ever considered some crowdfunding for this game? it sounds like you may need some help with the animations and textures in the future, amongst other things. great work so far, though.

    • Yeah, I’ve considered it. There is definitely a limit to what I can do on my own, and what I can do without a budget. Sometimes some really cool people volunteer to help me out for free, but so far, I haven’t found anyone willing to make 3D animations for free…

      My current plan is to continue developing the game until it is possible to release a playable demo featuring one “school week” of the game. A target girl, about 10 ways to eliminate her (fatally or non-fatally), and 5 days to pull it off. After releasing the demo, I’ll ask for lots of feedback on what sucks and how to improve the game. Then I’ll release an updated demo with the improvements that everyone suggested, then I’ll make a trailer, and then I’ll make a Kickstarter and see how it goes.

      • i love yandere sim and cat wait to play it! :3
        PS.i want to MURDER the heck out of the theachers so they can SUFFER just like us people do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Pajamas should be a must. Maybe you could use the “Invisible overclothes” excuse Wind Waker used for Link wearing his Pajamas the whole game on a second playthrough. Maybe Swimsuits too. What about A Business Suit and Tie costume too where everyone dresses Professionally. Although, the thing is most of these would be gags that may wear off so maybe you could make it so on any given day, you can go to the closet and change clothes.

    • WOW! That pdf is exactly what I was hoping to find! Top-down views, detailed floor plans, clear labels in English, explanations, and even opinions from academics!

      Some of these schools seem a bit “modern” in design; they seem to stray from the “traditional” look that I’ve seen in so many anime. I’m actually hoping to make Yandere-chan’s high school a typical “anime” high school. I may be better off studying anime and video games, since they have somewhat cliche, almost “stereotypical” high schools, and that’s exactly what I’m going for – the typical anime high school.

      Still, this is extremely useful for a lot of different reasons. Thank you so much!

  7. That “Prototype Seifuku” looks like the school uniform from that Visual Novel: Cosplay Fetish Academy…

    Inspired by it?

  8. Haha, what r u talking about? That cutscene made me laugh so hard, you need to keep it Dev! X3 And the school models look nice but…somehow, they feel very old. Maybe something more modern would suit it…or something that looks more traditional japanese/anime (like you said).

  9. As a suggestion, if you have time and if you’re able to get funded, I’d like the ability to wear accessories on Yandere-chan. Maybe it might affect Senpai’s relationship or outlook toward her.

    Ex: If she wears make up, Senpai might notice her…

  10. I used to think that all the backgrounds in anime were 2D and done in Photoshop with some textures here and some painting there, but after doing some research and seeing the advancement of 3DCG and its prevalence I’m now less certain.

    If backgrounds turned out to be 3D, I’m pretty sure you can figure out and find a way to replicate the look in a game engine. It would be neat if every moment of the game resembled one of the animelike 3DCGI works made by Polygon Pictures and Sanzigen.

    You may also want to consider picking up Softimage, at least a copy that still exists before Autodesk bought and nixed it to eliminate competition, once you get around to constructing your own models.. It’s been used a lot in the anime industry to create models for cel shading. Though that isn’t the only software that can do the job competently; Lightwave3D and 3DSMax have also been proven to create appropriate 2D aesthetics in 3D.

    There is also a Polycount thread that discusses in detail achieving a 2D look in 3D, primarily concerning the techniques the people behind Guilty Gear Xrd Sign used in Unreal Engine 3. I think you’ll be interested even if you don’t know what they’re talking about.

    Click to access guilty%20gear2_texture_CGW2.pdf

    Click to access guilty%20gear2_smoke.pdf

    • Wow! Thank you so much for all of those insightful links!

      Just this morning, I tried my hand at a “cel-shaded 3D environment” look for the game’s cutscenes. Here’s what I’ve got going on so far:

      I’m pretty satisfied with the results! I think that I’ll be able to successfully pull off the “cell shaded” look with the right textures and shaders.

  11. Love how we’ll be able to choose different uniforms instead of just having a default one. I think a nice add on would be, being able to change the socks. Like, changing them to leg warmers, knee highs, thigh highs, or ankle length. I think another school uniform that would be a good idea is one with a long skirt instead of a short skirt, like the ones in Sailor Moon for example.

    Can’t wait to see more updates and improvements!

  12. Will there be voice acting in the cutscenes? I feel like this would be a good addition if someone would be nice enough to volunteer their voice.

    • I would absolutely love to have voice acting in the game! I have pretty high standards for voice acting, so it might be difficult to find someone who can deliver lines at the level of quality I’d like. But if I find that magical someone, I would absolutely love to have voice acting!

  13. Have you heard of the Artificial Academy games by Illusion? If you have time, you should check it out, it’s an H-game that is basically an anime high-school simulator. Might help you get some ideas on both the high school sim aspect as well as planning the school design, since the schools have almost every possible anime cliche locations.

  14. I got chills when I saw the hallway screenshot! Maybe you don’t want to hear this, but I think it’s a landmark of sorts, the school is really coming together!

    I liked the concept art of yandere-chan with the short hair and “bobcat ears,” and the aesthetic of the uniforms & character faces by that artist was very cool-looking; Is the finished game going to use the models you’re using now, or are they still a placeholder?

    • It depends; if people don’t complain about the current models, or if the game doesn’t get enough funding to hire a 3D character modeller, or if I just can’t find a 3D modeller who would volunteer to make a bunch of free character models for me, the current “placeholders” might wind up being permanent.

      However, it would be relatively simple to swap out the placeholder models’ hair and give them completely different / new hair, so if we do move forward with the placeholders, I can give them lots of variety.

      I’m not sure which would be more difficult; reverse-engineering the placeholder models so that they are modular and easy to customize, or asking a volunteer to create entirely new models from scratch.

      • You know dev, I’ve been looking into colleges, and one i saw was an art college/ design school. Anyway they had whole 3d modeler classes and such. Maybe if you found a cool teacher at a college like that, they might get a talented 3d artist to volunteer on models for extra credit. or something. Just an idea where you might find free 3d modelers.

  15. [I’m sorry for my bad English ^^”]
    I liked the idea of the game having a distinctive uniform, so you could tell “I know which game that’s from!”, and I liked the concept you had shown us. So, I would find it a good idea to have the original uniform first, and the rest being unlockables, or something on that line.

    • I agree with you. This is a good idea. I’d really like for people to be able recognize a character from this game, based on their clothing. “That uniform is from Yandere Sim!”

      • To unlock the uniforms , maybe if you complete 3 challenges you’ll get a certain uniform. And maybe you could also get the uniforms by getting certain endings.

  16. Speaking of outfits, I suggest inventing some special real-life-like uniforms. They should be avalible as unlockables.

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