Halloween and DLC

Happy Halloween! This isn’t a normal Yandere Sim update. This is a

 Yandere Sim Spooktacular!

In other words, this update is frivolous and superfluous. I’ll be posting a normal progress report tomorrow on November 1st, but today, I’m going to discuss some ideas I’ve had that carry the spirit of Halloween.

In recent years, the term “DLC” has become a dirty word that puts a foul taste into gamers’ mouths. When people hear “DLC”, they imagine developers who lock out 25% of their game’s content and then charge players money to access that content, even if it was already on the game disc.  A lot of people associate the idea of “DLC” with pointless skins, maps, and hats that only exist in order to milk as much money out of the consumer as possible. “DLC” has become synonymous with “greed”. It’s like something out of a horror story!

As a thought experiment, I asked myself whether or not Yandere Sim is a game that would benefit from DLC, and how I could possibly incorporate DLC into the game without spurning the collective hatred of the entire gaming community. This is what I came up with:

  1. The DLC must be developed after the game is released, not prior to its release.
  2. The DLC must be something of actual value, and not something pointless.
  3. There must a good reason why the DLC couldn’t simply be included in the base game to begin with.

I came up with the idea of allowing the player to purchase a pack of additional “rivals” for Yandere-chan to take on. These rivals would be non-canon, and/or function differently from the other rivals, requiring a lot of brand-new programming to be done for them. Examples:

  1. A cute rookie policewoman. She is investigating the murders occurring at Yandere-chan’s high school. She meets Senpai-kun, develops a crush on him, and sticks around at high school to protect him from the murderer. Unlike other rivals, she is actively searching for the murderer, and will attempt to link evidence to you.
  2. A pair of twins. Both of them fall in love with Senpai-kun, and agree to “share” him. Having two rivals at once would change the dynamics of the gameplay and present the player with a new challenge.
  3. A yandere girl. She would be able to do anything that the protagonist can, and would do everything in her power to eliminate Yandere-chan. She would run around the school collecting weapons before you get a chance to do so, murder NPCs and try to plant evidence in order to frame you, and spread rumors to damage your reputation.

While considering other potential “DLC Rivals” I came up with some ideas that involve supernatural and paranormal characters. I think of these characters as being “Halloween DLC”.

  1. A succubus. A male student at Yandere-chan’s school is desperate to lose his virginity, so he summons a succubus. The succubus takes no interest in the student, and begins to prowl the school searching for better prey. She finds Senpai-kun, and instantly falls in love, an experience she has never known. She hides her wings and tail using her magic, and begins to attend the school as a “foreign exchange student”. Keeping up her disguise requires her to spend magical energy, and the only way for her to restore that energy is by sucking the life force out of male students. Unlike other rivals, she cannot be killed using normal weaponry. To defeat her, Yandere-chan must expose the succubus’ true colors, force her to run out of magical energy by preventing her from feeding on male students, or perhaps approach the occult club and devise an unconventional way of stopping the demon…
  2. A ghost. Those of you familiar with Yandere Sim’s backstory may be aware of the ghost easter egg. Yandere-chan’s mother was also a yandere girl in high school, and killed a female student in one of the school’s bathrooms. The player can actually see the ghost of the girl that Yandere-chan’s mother killed by walking into the bathroom and taking a picture. But what if that ghost had a chance to take revenge on Yandere-chan’s mother, by thwarting her daughter? The ghost might decide to channel all of her energy into gaining a physical form, and romancing Senpai-kun before Yandere-chan can confess to him. Like the succubus, Yandere-chan would not be able to “kill” the ghost, and would have to expel her using unconventional methods. Once again, perhaps the occult club would hold the key to getting rid of her.
  3. A shapeshifter. This character would be some kind of witch or supernatural being who could change her appearance at will. She might impersonate other students or pretend to be a harmless NPC in order to throw you off her trail. She might even impersonate Senpai-kun himself in order to get close to you and kill you before you have a chance to kill her!

Some of these ideas are, admittedly, more interesting than others. What do you think of the idea of adding DLC to Yandere Sim? Are you opposed to the principle of DLC altogether? Do you think that it would be possible to enhance the game through downloadable content? What would you like to see added to the game post-launch? And what kind of crazy, non-canon rivals or supernatural rivals would you like to take on? Please leave your thoughts in the comment section below!


Yandere Sim’s development began after two events. First, I noticed that someone was selling a Japanese schoolgirl on the Unity Asset Store. Second, I asked a question: “What would a game about a Yandere girl be like?”

I saw this succubus character model in the Unity Asset Store, and wondered: “What would a game about a succubus be like?”

What kind of game would take advantage of the characteristics of a succubus? What kind of game mechanics would be most suitable for a succubus character? What is “succubus gameplay”? The only time I can recall playing as a succubus in a video game is Gunbird 2, which featured Morrigan was a secret character:

I started imagining a top-down shoot-em-up game starring a sexy succubus. As for her enemies, I suppose anything “holy” or “angelic” would be the antithesis of anything demonic, so I think she should be defending hell from the forces of heaven, or something like that. The idea stuck with me, so I made a simple prototype featuring the Succubus character from the Unity Asset Store:

What do you think? Would a top-down SHMUP featuring a succubus be cool? Or is there another genre that a succubus would be better suited for?

90 thoughts on “Halloween and DLC

    • I think remain good to have a guy yandere which could have an appearance like the old Senpai , ie eyes and hair of a garnet tone, which also would kill students but this would do it because he likes Yandere -Chan , and that Yandere -Chan did not have the same feelings for him but that after a while you start to like this guy . Ua suggestion is just hope he has served you something. Forgive me if I ‘m not expressed well and since I am Spanish and for this comment and used a translator . A greeting.

  1. Maybe a witch or witcher that goes full genderbender, he could change you or senpai and you have to stop him(or use him to get rid of competition). Or find out how to revert the effect

  2. A spooky skeleton would be a logical choice. Bonus points if other people don’t mind it being a skeleton and converse with it like with a regular schoolgirl.

  3. As /x/ often wrongly calls them, how about a skinwalker?
    A terrible creature infiltrates the school by wearing the skin of a girl and copying her behaviors! It decides senpai-kun is its next victim, but while observing him it falls in love! Carefully reveal the creature’s true nature, but be warned-if the creature feels threatened it will seek a new host and try to blame you for the disappearance of the former!

  4. How about a homosexual rival? He’s super handsome and popular, and it would be very difficult to turn the female npcs against him. He might even turn them against yandere-chan. He could also be senpai’s best freind, so it would be difficult to kill him without senpai witnessing the murder. Another idea would be another yandere who falls in love with you. He or she sees senpai as a rival and is trying to kill or expel him.

  5. The moment you said “Succubus” I thought about all the hentai I’ve seen during the course of my life.

    Also, I do hope you at least add the “blame on another girl” ability into game. It should be simple to code…I hope.

    Yes I am TheSonicfanx1 from Youtube.

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  7. “is there another genre that a succubus would be better suited for”
    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) What do you think?
    By the way, DLC could be a good idea if you actually make it new content like you said, instead of some money grab or 10 bucks for a new hat.

  8. AH! That’s my senpai! Black hair red eyes!! GET AWAY FROM HIM OR ELSE I WILL KILL YOU!
    Ahem, but anyways, cool update! So can’t wait for this game! Those features look really interesting 🙂

  9. i think it would be really cool if there was an option to play as male yandere-chan, considering there’s an option to have a female senpai (a little bit like Persona 3 where the female protagonist is considered non-canon?) it would probably be a lot of work to have to re-write the script/get a character model/code so i think it would be a neat idea for dlc !

  10. Sorry for being late to the party but I just found out about this. Succubus, Cop, Rival Yandere and Ghost are all fantastic ideas. I also love the twins idea.

    How about having a Reaper-chan? If you kill enough students, death itself (in cute girl form) comes to see what the heck is going on, and ends up falling for the guy. Since like the others Death-chan can’t be killed, you’d need to distract her with more “work” to do (i.e. collecting souls from murders, which takes her a long time) or possibly something with the occult club.

    Your game is awesome and I really regret being late to it. Thanks, Siliconera, for tipping me off.

    • That is a REALLY good idea! I can already imagine her as a kinda skinny (because of the Reaper being a skeleton) girl in a cute black hoodie with a scythe locket, gothic make-up and black hair and she just needs to take off the little scythe on her locket to make it her real scythe.
      If you can manage to get the locket (it should be really hard, since it’s an alternative) you can throw it somewhere far away to distract her. However, to throw it away you need to have a high physical stat since Reaper-Chan will run after you. She’ll stop chasing you once she sees you throw away the scythe locket. In the meantime, you can go do something to do with the Occult club.

  11. Regarding the DLC stuff, as I’ve seen mentioned elsewhere, following the Paradox model is a good idea. Basically every DLC is accompanied by a free patch that expands mechanics for everyone, even if they don’t buy the DLC. So for example, if you release a DLC that adds a new rival, the patch would include a new way to your kill your rivals. Just my two cents.

    Potential Rivals for DLC:
    -Rich Girl/Ojou-sama
    -Library girl
    -School Idol (e.g. “Love Live”)
    -Miko/shrine maiden
    -“Western” Nun
    -Bunny/Cat/etc. Girl

    Other DLC ideas besides additional rivals (assuming you can’t get them into the main game):
    -School Cultural Festival
    -Tanabata Festival (w/ fireworks)
    -Western Holidays (Christmas, Halloween, Valentine’s Day, etc.)
    -Field Trip (e.g. Onsen, Beach, or a Mountain Cabin like in “Another”)

  12. i hate dlc, the fact that u’ve already thought up some ideas/concepts or it /before/ the game has been actually released or even to the point of having a real demo makes it feel like this really is just a greedy money-grab, if you’re considering it now, just add it in as maybe unlocked after main campaign as a second part of the story or if just a separate game entirely

  13. I know that this is an old post, but looking over it an interesting idea for Halloween DLC that keeps the Japanese flavour of Yandere Simulator is having her go up against (or even become) an onryo.

  14. A cool dlc idea would be you play as tsundere chan, a girl who is friends with senpai and maybe yandere chan. she is in love with senpai. One day after school she is walking around and then sees yandere chan kill somebody and mutters something about making senpai love her and that info chan makes it easier to get away with murder. She then has the week to make senpai love her, destroy yandere chan’s reputation, prevent yandere chan from murdering anybody else, freeing anybody yandere chan kidnaps, and exposing info chan’s darkest secret.

    • oooh I like that as a dlc! He said he might call yandere simulator Yandere Simulator: Till Death Do Us Part or something so maybe a dlc called Tsundere Simulator: Out of Time or something. That’s a good idea!

  15. Okay, this has become a really old posy but I decided to look back on it. O love the idea and think you are such a creative person. The game is awesome and I will totally buy the finished copy. I loved that succubus skin and I think it would be really cool if you could put it out for download or put program it in the game so that if you press like the s key or something it will turn you into a succubus and it could give you the power to seduce the male or female student and make senpai jealous and then you have the opportunity to seduce him. Just an idea. But I really do want to see that succubus skin for download sometime. I think it would be really cool.

  16. About the idea for the DLC’s.

    I think that it will be better to make a DLC about the mother of Yandere-chan.

    My idea is that the DLC should be entirely different not in the new features, but in an entirely different point of view(Yandere-chan’s mother’s point of view).

    Thank you for reading this.

    • I love that idea it sound so frekin awesome. Yandere-chan’s mothers backstory would be pretty cool since yanderedev talked about how she murdered a woman in the bathroom. If you could make like a minimap or something like that for the backstory, that would be pretty cool! 🙂

      • Oh yeah, as much as I like the rivals idea, the one with yandere-chan’s mother would definitely go better. I agree that implanting more rivals is good and all, but it kinda basically goes back to the “buy new hats for such & such”. Take alice madness returns as an example the DLC focused on a different version of the game. So focusing on yandere-chan’s mother, no better yet to be able to play as her in a whole new story would be way better than just getting more rivals.

  17. My cousin’s friend and I actually made some concept art of yandere-chan’s mom if the dlc is ever aimed towards what I just described. Sorry for the double post.

  18. Maybe this is a stupid suggestion or ask but can you put the designs of these? For choose better what can show. And can you put the spirits of the seasons. Thanks for read!!!
    Pd:sorry for my bad english ^^U

  19. Maybe you could add in a rival who is tough and feared in the school. Physical confrontations would be harder, and she could also have ties with Info-chan. People would notice her absence, and she would spread rumors to weaken you.

  20. What about a character who had a yandere crush on yandere-chan?
    Or if her crush had a little Sister?
    Or if her crush has a kind of a big secret?

  21. In my opinion it would be great, if there was a DLC in which Yandere-chan goes for holiday to Hawaii, and, coincidentally, Senpai stays in the same hotel. During this time you won’t go to school, but you’ll spend all day on the beach, at pool and in hotel’s lobby & restaurant. Every week a new hotel visitor will fall in love with Senpai, and your objective from that point is obvious. It’d be great to see Yan and Senpai in new setting!

  22. A recent anime show called “Jitsu wa Watashi wa” features a whole bunch of supernatural characters secretly attending a normal school, but should anybody find out about their secrets, they will be pulled out from the school or transferred to another one far away. How about adding some supernatural secrets to the characters and items to deal with each one. For example, you find out one of your rivals is a werewolf, you can use that information to expose her to everyone else, and have her transferred, blackmail her to keep her away from senpai, manipulate her into fighting, killing or outing another supernatural rival, or find a specific weapon that can kill a werewolf (silver) and kill her.

    Another good idea, but for the main game, would be adding a computer into Yandere-chan’s bedroom. With it, you could spread rumors about your rivals in social sites, order special items and possible murder weapons, gadgets or outfits.

  23. Yankii dame with a gang of delinquent girls that are slowly monopolizing Senpai by scaring off any female competitors? Invading Yandere-chan’s home,(possibly taking incriminating photos of the Senpai Shrine or attempting to rescue kidnapped members) forcing her to eliminate them before they can escape?

  24. it would be good to move osana chan :v :v :v :v haha was good joke would be good to have otgro student (male) who fall in love with Sempai – kun and compete against ( that’s like yaoi ) who supports me ( Fujoshi detected xD)

  25. you should have a male yandere rival that is not in love with senpai but wants to kill him . because the yandere is in love with ayano and you have to kill this rival before they kill senpai. the rival won’t be able to attack when near you.(like when ayano is near senpai) he is are also very stealthy and hard to find . he is usually with senpai waiting for a time when he is alone but if your near he cant attack but if your near senpai you cant attack and senpai will think your wierd. if senpai dies ayano starts laughing maniacally and the screen turns black all you can hear are screems slashing and laughter

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  27. How about that yandere mom tell yandere that she have the ability to persuade anyone,but at the same time senpai’s father tell him that ”someone” is protecting him.now that yandere know her power.she will try whatever it takes to get her senpai.

  28. Why not to add slipping as a way of elimination? I mean, When you pour water on Kokona and there is water on the gate a student would slip on it and get hurt, Or just to pour water on somewhere slippy like the shower room or bathrooms?

  29. Hello yanderedev I would love it if you made for the yandere rival Anna from shimoneta that would be so awesome and hilarious. 😀

  30. I really like the having another yandere girl on the school, gives the player more competitions.

    You can make a 10 or 20 year later DLC where yandere chan failed and senpai ended up marrying and have children. Then yandere chan becomes delusional or something kills the wife and thinks the children are her’s and that senpai is her husband.

    On a side note I was watching an anime where there was an tsundere girl was stalking watching over her lover through the window on the third floor on top of a tree …. and I thought to my self what if this was rainbow six siege where the girl goes tactical and propells herself from the roof to stalk her lover.

  31. I think these are all great ideas! Mine is maybe the teachers should all look different And Also Yandere-Chan should have a family Maybe a Brother thats a gamer And a Gothic Sister And parents like a friendly Mom and a normal dad.

  32. The Phantom Ghost Girl that hangs out in girls’ bathroom should possess one of the girls and she can try to keep Yandere-chan away from Senpai. She could also probably try to kill Yandere-chan in an attempt to get revenge on her mother.

  33. I love the idea of the DLC.
    but I would ask Yandere dev
    because in the game there will be a male yandere
    I’m one of those fans who like both something they know to the smallest detail of what they like, I am a man and you must I wish there was a male yandere. I say only when women choose senpai.

  34. I really love extra rivals DLC idea, both mundane and supernatural.
    Unique characters would be different from normal students, which would help to humanise them, and accentuate that Yandere-chan is being monster who is ruining innocent people.
    Reason why I love Succubus idea the most? Deamon from hell is being the nicer of two love-rivals when pitted against perfectly human, yet monstrous Yandere-chan!

    I would suggest adding teacher rival as well. Getting her fired would be character-specific way of getting rid of her.

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