Box Art Parody

(This post has absolutely nothing to do with gameplay; this is just for fun.)

The box art for Amnesia: The Dark Descent is notorious for looking absolutely hideous and terribly misrepresenting the game.

Someone suggested that it would be funny to see a Yandere Sim parody of the infamous Amnesia box art, so I asked an artist to whip this up for me:

I’m very pleased with how it turned out. What do you think of it? You might prefer this version, without the blur and yellow glow.

Perhaps, once this game reaches the “Kickstarter” stage, one of the backer rewards can be a physical boxed copy of Yandere Sim, adorned with this glorious illustration, signed by me and addressed to you personally.

(In the astronomically improbable event that Yandere Sim actually DOES get a physical release, the box art would not be a ridiculous parody, and would look way different!)

17 thoughts on “Box Art Parody

  1. Nice, if they wanted to do another, they could try “The Yandere Within”, with a schoolgirl’s face wrapped up in jump-rope and a pencil about to pierce her eye, kinda like this:

    • Well, I always update this page whenever I have something noteworthy to show. I don’t know what I’d post on Twitter that I wouldn’t post here.

      I just made a Twitter account, but I dunno if I’ll use it for very much:

      If you just want to communicate with me, you can e-mail me at

      • Thanks, for making one, I figured twitter or something fast would be neat to share some smaller things you come accross or some things that dont really fit into this content(?) blog like some technical stuff or something. Oh and so I could see when you start a new thread on 8chan^^

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  3. How about something that Emphasizes the Two EXTREMES of the Yandere Dual nature.Smth like….the “Resident Evil 2” Cover……with “Dice”.Here What I mean:




    Smth in between…

    or Just stick to the horror and mistic theme: like

    P.S:I just saw this game and instantly watched a bunch of videos about it.I was impressed to say the least.The Idea of this Game is Awesome,Inovative and it still keeps the elements of japananese games.I’ve read and watched all on “YandereDev The Yandere Game Development Blog”,and your Ideas so far are the best(please stick to them,esspecially the one with the torture room).To keep this short there are only the best of words about what u’r doing.Next Time I’ll come up with some examples of game mechanichs on the comments.Keep it up.

    • Thanks for the suggestions!

      I’m currently working with an artist to produce some promotional artwork / “box art” for the game. I’m really happy with his concept art so far, so I think that the final game’s artwork is going to turn out really well!

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