Senpai Customization Concept

I have a vision for how the game should begin. Since the last update, I’ve been working on making that vision come to life. This is just a rough work-in-progress, but here’s how it’s turning out so far:

What aspects of your Senpai would you like to be able to customize? Right now, the only things I can think of are skin color, hair style, hair color, eye color, and eyewear. In the case of a female Senpai, bust size will definitely be customizable. What else would you like to be able to customize?

Previously, I put together a “visual novel” style of cut-scene where Yandere-chan meets Senpai-kun for the first time. The next thing I’d like to do is make a cut-scene engine that makes it easy for me to have more elaborate cut-scenes with multiple camera angles. Then, I’d like to re-create that old video with my new and improved cut-scene engine.

This update seems a little bare-bones compared to some of my other updates, so here’s a screenshot of a new incinerator model:

On a side note, the Japanese high-school teacher that I consult with has told me that students actually aren’t allowed to carry cell phones around at school. I guess that means that Yandere-chan’s high-school is a special school that has a somewhat lenient cell phone policy; as long as you’re a well-behaved student, you’re allowed to carry around a cell phone.

48 thoughts on “Senpai Customization Concept

  1. I was thinking… with my Senpai, we should be able to choose a type of personality he might have… Like lets say if my Senpai was strong, he might confront me if he sees me kill someone… or a shy Senpai pee himself and I play with him huhuhuhuhuhu *cough* I, uh it’s something to think about, although it might be hard to accomplish…

  2. I totally laughed at the video preview screen and the strategic placement of the Play icon. Well played, YandereDev. Well played.

    I agree that there should be personality tests, though that can be relegated to dialogue changes if needed.

    However, I think it would be awesome if you could decide the physique of your Senpai. It would be hilarious if you could amp the muscles up to Cho Aniki levels. Plus we’ve got to have something for the ladies if they want to stalk one of the Free! swimmers. Equal opportunity fanservice is always a plus.

    Love that 3D modeling. What program and shaders and tech stuff do you use? Do you have an idea of what the final art style would be like?

    Really love what you have with the cutscenes there.

    • Oh, I don’t make the models myself; I bought them online. I can’t imagine the game not having an “anime” art style, so I think it’ll more or less retain the same art style it’s got now.

  3. I’d like to be able to customize butts too, I love’em big 😀
    Other things that I can think of are nose, ears, head shape and haircut.
    Been following your blog for around 4 months now, and i have to say it’s turning out great, not many times i have seen such a proactive developer asking for input. Keep up the good work!

  4. It looks like you’re focusing much more on the introductory part of the game, which is good move. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing how those cutscenes and camera angles “pan” out… as well as seeing those glorious yandere-eyes again. 😀

    I noticed that you skipped over the hair styles bit when customizing Senpai-Kun… do you have any alternate hairstyles at the moment, or do you have any ideas for what they might be?

    Also, will we be customizing what we want Yandere-chan to look like before or after we customize what Senpai-Kun looks like? I assume that we’d customize her in a similar fashion… does that mean I could make both Yandere-chan and a girl Senpai-Kun look almost exactly the same? Having *two* Yuno look-alikes in one game could be dangerous…

    Btw, the YouTube comments for that video were hilarious, looks like this game’s popularity will definitely benefit from some yuri… 😉

    • I don’t have any alternate hair models at this point in time. Senpai-kun’s hair is a part of his 3D mesh, so I can’t easily remove it. I’d need a 3D modeller to edit that model for me. However, if I do that, the game engine might throw error messages at me, because it will be trying to apply animation data for an old skinned mesh to a new skinned mesh. It could be very messy and has to be done perfectly, so I’m just going to leave alternate hairstyles alone for now.

      Although I’ve always been leaning away from the idea of Yandere customization, and always been leaning toward the idea of having a main character with a recognizable / memorable / unique / trademark appearance to serve as the “face” of the game, I guess I can’t really ignore how many people are looking forward to Yandere-chan customization.

      The thought has crossed my mind that a player could simply design a Yandere-chan and a female Senpai-chan who both look identical. There are several ways to prevent that from happening, but I don’t know what the best method would be.

      1. If the game detects that the player chose Hair 1, Skin 1, and Eyes 1 for Senpai, the game will not let the player proceed if they pick Hair 1, Skin 1, and Eyes 1 for Yandere-chan.

      2. If the game detects that the player chose Hair 1 for Senpai, that option is simply not available when picking Yandere-chan’s hairstyle.

      3. Yandere-chan will have a certain facial structure and eye shape, and female Senpai-chan will have a different facial structure and eye shape, meaning that even if the player gives them the same hair style, skin color, eye color, etc, they will still look distinctly different from one another.

      Might be something worth polling people over, later on.

      In the event that I allow Yandere-chan customization, she would wake up, and get ready for school by picking out her hairstyle / dyeing her hair / choosing accessories / putting in contact lenses / etc. This would only happen once, as I wouldn’t want to allow the player to simply create a bunch of new identities for Yandere-chan by drastically changing her appearance from day to day so that nobody ever recognizes her.

      Then she would pick out her school uniform, then she would notice that school begins in 5 minutes, then she would dash out the door with toast in her mouth, etc.

  5. Do you think you could tweet when you’re starting the thread and have a link to it so I can view it if I missed it or get to it when it just starts and I have time?

  6. Hey Dev~ So anyhow, it’s my vacation these next 3 weeks and i really wanna donate to the project now!~ (If only there’s a way how :c)

    So i was thinking of making a 2D version of this, using RPG Maker with the guys back at Yandere Interactive. I was hoping if that’ll be fine with you, it’s a great way to make it low-spec (If optimizations still wont work) at the same time, it’ll be a cute bundle with this one~

    All we need is your permission to get a green light on this RPG Yandere Simulator Project!~

    • Well…I promised a long time ago that I wouldn’t accept any donations until a playable demo is available…

      If you have a vision of what this game is going to be like, and you donate because you think the game will turn out that way, and then the actual game turns out to be totally different than what you imagined, you would feel ripped off. That’s why I think a playable demo should be available before I let people donate. You can’t make an educated, informed decision on whether or not you should support the game’s development, until you can experience the game firsthand and confirm that the game is actually turning out the way you want it to.

      If you’re actually willing to take that risk, and potentially donate to a game that might turn out differently than you want it to, you can e-mail me at and maybe I’ll make a one-time exception just for you. However, I still feel like everyone should wait until the playable demo becomes available before donating. I predict it might be available in January 2015, but I’m not sure, I could be totally wrong.

      If you’d like to make your very own Yandere game that will play exactly the way you want it to, there’s nothing wrong with that. I can’t promise that I’ll support it / endorse it; it will be your own project, separate from mine. I wouldn’t discourage you from doing it, but I can’t promise I’ll bundle it with Yandere Sim, either.

      • Look Dev, as much as i go through here, there’s nothing else i want to do more but help.. i agree, we cannot predict the future and look at the outcome of this game.. but i’m doing this not for the game, really.. I’m donating the money to You. as a person..

  7. I think a good idea for customization would be to change the eye shape, such as being able to make them more or less angled. Another good feature would be changing the body type, like muscular bodies or feminine bodies, or maybe even just changing the height. I think it would also be nice to be able to give senpai long hair such as a ponytail. (I like guys with long hair, don’t mind me. XD )

    Keep up the great work! I can’t wait for when the game is finished. 🙂

  8. To be honest, I actually like the stylistic implications of being able to customize senpai but not Yandere-chan since he’s the object of her obsession and all. Even though she’s the protagonist it makes Senpai feel like he was supposed to be the MC of a generic school anime, we’re just viewing it through her eyes.

    • That is precisely the idea. I don’t think there will ever be any hints within the game that reveal this, but the idea is that Senpai is the protagonist of a dating sim / harem anime, and Yandere-chan is an optional character.

      We are playing a dating sim / watching a harem anime through the eyes of one of the side-characters, who is not “following the script” and instead is going to kill off all the other female characters besides the protagonist.

    • Since an overwhelming number of people seem to desire a customizable main character, I think I’ll have to make Yandere-chan customizable. However, since the appeal of a Yandere girl comes from being a psychotic female, I don’t currently have any plans to allow a male protagonist.

      • The word and the therm “Yandere” has no gender:
        “Yandere – a person who is initially very loving and gentle to someone before their devotion becomes destructive in nature, often through violence. The term is derived from the words yanderu meaning a mental or emotional illness, and deredere meaning to show affection. Yandere characters are mentally unstable, and sometimes are incredibly deranged and are not mentally sane, often using extreme violence as an outlet for their emotions.”
        So, despite that actually there are more female Yanderes, there are “Yandere boys” too.
        (Excuse me if I make mistakes with the spelling or the meaning of the words, english Isn’t my language)

  9. Alright Dev, I’ve got some more details and information concerning the “Yandere Interactive” development team, the YanSim 2D RPG spin-off, and my involvement with them…

    As Kyoren told you, it’s going to be a 2D RPG version of your “Yandere Simulator” game that we’ve been following for a while now, and it’s being made with RPG Maker VX Ace. We will attempt to match the mechanics and overall gameplay as closely as possible, although some things will definitely be different and we may decide to take other liberties here and there. The goal is to deliver a similar experience to a wider audience, and as of now we plan to make the game *free*, though there will be a Kickstarter.

    Kyoren contacted me about working for him and Yandere Interactive, and I gladly accepted his offer to help however I can. As it turns out, some of the people on the team have identities they’d like kept secret (much like yourself), so I can’t disclose exactly who they are, nor what they’ve worked on. At the behest of my employers, I’m not to mention their previous involvements, however, I can tell you that they have *significant* notoriety in the world of both anime and video games. Also, I feel like it’s an honor to work with them on this project, considering my appreciation for their past works…

    Remember how you mentioned before that random events like “a celebrity tweeting about your game” might influence its popularity? Suffice to say that if their true identities and involvements were revealed to the general public, your game would likely see a massive surge in interest and support, at the cost of their privacy and ability to smoothly develop their own game(s). That’s the impression I’m getting anyway.

    On the topic of cooperation between the two Yandere development groups, I feel that any “bundles” or efforts to support or endorse each other’s games should be encouraged to some extent. We know you don’t want to make any promises you can’t keep, so we can discuss any prospects or cooperative efforts at a later date when both of our games are farther along in their development.

    Lastly, thanks again for your general support of our efforts, if not for the game itself. Since it was your game that inspired us, and Kyoren in particular, we only feel its right to thank you and encourage you to keep working on your game while we work on the RPG alongside it.


    You may have noticed (the changes are still processing) that I’ve changed my name from “jron9000” to “TheHyde”, my new name of sorts as one of the members of the “Yandere Interactive” team. I also changed my pic from the “eye” to a bloodied Yuno, so you won’t be the only one with her pretty face showing up on this blog anymore. 😛

    Here’s a link to our group’s page:

    Also a link to the promotional Prezi (WIP) that I’m working on:

    *And for anyone else who might be interested in lending their talents or have a vested interest in our YanSim RPG or Yandere Interactive (we need to have a talk, Zero-Q ;), please contact us at the following emails:*

    TheHyde (me!):

    Thank you! 😀

    • Huh. I wouldn’t want to sound antagonistic, but I’m not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing for Yandere Sim.

      If your goal is to “deliver a similar experience to a wider audience,” that means you’re going to attempt to make your game more popular than Yandere Sim. Since I want to be the one to release the most popular yandere simulator, that means we’re competing with one another. I don’t really like that idea.

      Two separate yandere games could create partisanship; those who prefer your game’s design, and those who prefer mine. If you launch a Kickstarter, and someone only has enough money to support one project, and they choose to support your game, that would harm Yandere Sim’s budget.

      It would be wonderful if I could have people with “significant notoriety in the world of both anime and video games” working on Yandere Sim with me. But instead, you’ve gotten them to work with you on your project. In a way, it’s like you’ve taken something away from Yandere Sim.

      I don’t have power or authority or control over anyone else, and I can’t tell anyone to start or stop working on whatever projects they wish to work on. But this sounds like very bad news for me and Yandere Sim, and I wish it was within my power to ask you to stop, but I don’t have the right to do that. I guess I’ll just have to see how this plays out. If it starts making me nervous, I might have to ask you to stop mentioning it here on this blog.

      Please forgive me for being unable to support or advocate something that you’re obviously very enthusiastic about.

      • With all due respect, i wish to add that even if we might have phrased it that way, it doesn’t mean that we’re TAKING Yandere Sim’s support or fanbase away from you. First off, let me explain.

        Yandere Sim RPG, or Yandere RPG- A tale of love and gore, is in fact, related to Yandere Simulator. But what me and the team haven’t explained to Hyde, is that 50% of total proceeds for Yandere RPG will go to the development of Yandere Simulator. Heck, we even wanted to disclaim that it is “Based on Yandere Simulator”. That’s why we have your profile, and that’s why we’re pointing to the fans that there is a Yandere Simulator in the works.

        Also, what we mean by “deliver a similar experience to a wider audience”. If you’re to ask me to rephrase it, it’ll be “Deliver a similar experience to low-spec user’s who wants to enjoy Yandere Simulator without the need of upgrading their PC’s”. Like i said a while back, since i am a low spec user myself, i feel disappointed that i can’t play it. Even if there were optimizations, who’s to say it’ll work on ours? But don’t take it personally, we don’t know what will happen to YanSim, and we will never know unless the game is released. That’s why we’re making this game, a just in case project. A project to expand Yandere Simulator’s fanbase, not our fanbase. Yours.

        Second, as for the kickstarter page, like we said in the Job Interviews, “We will not release a kickstarter page unless the need for this release is mandatory. Yandere RPG WILL REMAIN FREE and published on IndieDB and Gamejolt until the need for compensation arises. The team works for free, and they work 15 hours a day. We cannot accept payments until we’re happy with the free version and will move onto greater heights.”

        Third, We wish to credit you into almost everything in Yandere RPG. We’re planning on advertising your game not just IN our game. But in every page that our game will be released on. Since YanSim is the inspiration for the RPG version, we will take 0% of the credit because the original belongs to you, of course, YandereDev. We will put you on the Top of the credits and at the bottom as well. Because like they say, “We couldn’t have done it without you.”

        and lastly, while i do acknowledge that we are working alongside some notable people in the industry of anime and video games. This does not mean that we’ve taken away something from you. We did not RECRUIT nor ASKED them to help us. Hyde phrased that a bit, but in all sincerity, it’s just that those people are close to me. They are my RL friends and yes, they are very talented. We’re not working as EMPLOYERS. We are working as FRIENDS. They’re identities are secret because they do not want to publicize who they are, they’re from a broken doujin circle that was very popular during the days of RPG Maker XP. But 2 of them remained, and it just so happened that 2 of those are my closest friends. And they told me something earlier when i asked them why they wanted to work on it.. “We know you can’t run YanSim. So, why not we make an RPG version so low spec users can experience it? of course, the Dev, thanks to him for inspiring us, we must credit him fully and we must ask that the 50% will be proceeded into Yandere Simulator’s Development.”

        We do not want a rivalry with Yandere Sim, because this is our base, the foundation. If you want to think it that way, it’s fine. But like we said, we will continue to use Yandere Sim as our foundation, and we will continue to credit you with what you deserve. We are not taking something away from you. We are giving something to you. We are giving what you deserve, we wanted to help you, we ARE going to help you. Because we’re not working against you. But WITH you. You can choose what you want to believe. But, as long as you’re aware of our objective, our objective to spread the word about your game. We’re happy with that.

        Thanks for understanding… and like i said, it’s not for the game. It’s for You.. Dev.

      • Oh! I understand now!

        I misinterpreted TheHyde’s message, and thought that Yandere RPG was meant to direct attention, donations, and personnel away from my project, and toward another project. But, from the sounds of things, it will be the exact opposite of what I feared. I’m glad that I was mistaken.

        I see now that it’s not a rival, competing product that opposes mine, it’s more like a doujin / fan game. That’s something I’m completely fine with. Now that I know the correct way to interpret things, I feel flattered, instead of feeling threatened.

        The only request I’d make at this point is to make sure to give it a unique name – if someone tries to do a Google search for my game and types in “Yandere Sim” or “Yandere Simulator” and the first search result is “Yandere Sim RPG”, they might get confused. But, if your game has a unique name like “Yandere RPG”, there will be less chance for a misunderstanding to occur.

        Thanks for assuaging my concerns, Kyoren! I feel much better now!

      • Also, i just noticed…

        I might not see you right now, Dev… but i really want to help you.. I’ve noticed so far, that this game you’re making.. no no.. you’re making this because you want to run away from something.. yes? you want to forget about your problems and this is your way of doing so..

        I might not see you, but by the way you post your messages/opinions.. it’s like there’s something bothering you.

        Please, contact me, you know my address.. if there’s anything i can do to help.. i just don’t want to see people like this. The reason i became a game developer is because i want to express emotions through my games, i want the player to feel what i want them to.. And the way you’re doing it.. there’s something bothering you..

        Don’t hesitate to contact me.. i want to help you so badly. And yes, the reason i’m gonna donate to you as a person is because i wanted to loosen some of your burdens. So, talk to me. okay?

  10. 1) Really, they can’t have cell phones? Well, Mirai Nikki now makes a little less sense.
    2) If we go for the option of having Sempai being female, will there be any effect on who Yandere-chan will target (seeing as men and women could be potential threats to their “happiness”)?

    • It’s not that they can’t have cell phones. My contact in Japan told me that students aren’t allowed to carry cell phones around in high school, but my game doesn’t HAVE to emulate reality. The school in Yandere Sim could be a special school.

      I actually just watched a film made in 2012, set in a Japanese high school, where the students are allowed to carry cell phones around at school. The school had a policy of expressing trust towards the students, and taking away their cell phones would violate the trust policy.

      If Senpai is a female, all love-rivals remain female.

      Whether or not Senpai is a boy or a girl, Yandere-chan might have plenty of reasons to kill both male and female students. A male student might be blocking the entrance to a room she needs to get into, or might witness murder, or might need to be killed so she can safely dispose of a dead body without being spotted.

  11. Alright Dev, now that we’ve got that settled. I do agree that some schools in Japan do allow cellphones, but yea, you can’t use it in classes. Also, i think the customization idea is pretty good. It’s not always that you get to see a yandere being oh so fashionable.

    And yes, we are changing the name to Yandere RPG- A Tale of Love and Gore.

    (The “Sim/Simulator” part was being out of place too, i didn’t wanna type the whole thing, so yea, Yandere RPG sounds pretty good. But we’re still gonna tell the other people that it’s based off of this, so yea, it’s loosely related~)

  12. I personally think you shouldn’t dwell too much on whether or not cellphones should be allowed in school, especially if this game end sup having an “anime” feel to it. Nearly every anime I’ve seen over the last twelve or so years features students using their phones in school whenever the plot calls for it.

  13. Here it is:

    Hey Zero-Q, it’s me, Jron9000 (or TheHyde, if you prefer)!

    I’m making you an offer you can’t refuse… would you like to help the Yandere Interactive studio develop the Yandere RPG? We’ve talked to the YandereDev about it already to some extent, you can read some of the blog posts there if you want.

    Any sort of help or input would be greatly appreciated, and you’ll get a chance to work with some people who made some of your favorite video games/anime of all time… spoilers.

    Here’s a link to our group:

    You can contact Kyoren at for more info if you’re interested. :P

  14. Congratulations, Dev~

    On behalf of Yandere Interactive, after a long scour on the internet.


    A friend of mine, who i just recently encountered again, told me that there was this game called “Yandere Sim” being hyped up on different forums and /v/.

    Now this is getting interesting c: Congrats, Dev~

  15. I would like to see an all girls school setting and yuri relationship as it would save indev time while maximizing the amount of cute girls on screen.

  16. I don’t know if you read the old posts anymore but I am running through what I have missed since the beginning and offering what fan voice you wanted back when. I would love to see some ability ot be absurd with how senpai looks. Height and weight would be an interesting addition to the game for customization.

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