Title Screen, Class, and Benchmarking

Title Screen

This is the concept for the title screen of Yandere Simulator. It lacks polish, but it should convey the general idea.

I think the title screen should become progressively more disturbing depending on how many NPCs you have killed, and any rival you’ve killed should appear in the background of the title screen as a corpse. (Towards the end of the game, maybe Yandere-chan could experience a nightmare in which she is haunted by the ghost of every NPC and rival she has killed!)

Classroom, Studying, and School Subjects

This doesn’t have to be final, but I’ve implemented the classroom feature the way that I envisioned it. You enter a classroom and allocate some “Study Points” into whichever subject you prefer. Each subject will grant you buffs once you’ve put enough study points in. Here’s a video:

Here are some more details about the way this system works:

  • The game takes place over the course of 10 weeks. Each week is composed of 5 school days. The game is composed of 50 school days.
  • Every day, there are 2 opportunities to invest 5 “study points”; the player can invest a total of 10 study points points every day.
  • If there are 5 school subjects, it should take 100 study points points to max out one subject. If there are 10 school subjects, it should take 50 study points to max out one subject.
  • In other words, if you never miss a single class, you can max out every subject in a single play-through. Being late for class means that you lose your opportunity to invest study points that day.
  • Maxing out every subject might grant you an achievement or a bonus cut-scene at the end of the game, but it’s not necessary to complete the game.

How do you feel about this system? Do you like it? Dislike it? Would you rather see minigames, like in Bully?

Would you rather see trivia questions, like in the Persona series?

Let me know how you feel about this subject.


Benchmarking Test

I have something to share which has an “.exe” extension! However, it’s not a playable demo; it’s just a benchmarking test.

I’m interested in learning how well (or how poorly) the game will run when displaying a classroom full of students.. This is a small environment with very few scripts running and almost nothing going on, so if people report a low framerate here, then I know I’ve already got some serious problems.

If you’d like to help me out, please download this .rar and run the .exe inside of it.


Then, use this poll to report the framerate (displayed at the top-left corner of the screen).


50 thoughts on “Title Screen, Class, and Benchmarking

  1. I would like for it to be more like Bully, where it’s more involved, but that’s my opinion.
    The way you have it set up seems just fine, actually, as I can see it working.

    I’m also writing up a few things for Aya. Might send it to you soon.

    • Before you write too much about Aya, I want to let you know that I’ve already fully thought-out the type of character that I’d like her to be.

      This image explains everything. This spoils absolutely everything about Yandere Sim’s backstory, so don’t click it if you don’t want to be spoiled:

      • I should be able to work with that.
        Wish I could have been in those threads. Work, man.

  2. I tried your benchmarking tool out. Max graphics, max resolution, windowed. I don’t know if your game runs more on CPU or GPU, but i was able to get a constant 59.80 fps. My GPU is pretty old too (gtx460). However, the thing I wanted to point out is those hair colors. Oh my, I know they’re just for testing, but they’re so bright. Expecially the fluo pink one, makes my eyes want to explode. 😉 keep up the good work.

  3. I like the system you have, but you could make it so that the more you’re late to the class, the less points you have to spend that day. Though having “events” that lead to minigames like from Bully or quizzes like Persona would be nice, you could have them give bonus points or bonus items maybe?

    Just a thought, love everything I’ve seen so far.

  4. First thing: I just love loading screen. For an indie game it’s great, but good pupil Yandere-chan, looks a bit crappy. Also I had 42 FPS at the 1980×1080(hadn’t notice any difference when changing from crush to yandere settings) Here’s my PC configuration:
    Windows XP Professional ‎()‎ Service Pack 3
    Intel Core 2 Duo E7400 clocked at 2.80 GHz
    3 GB total memory type DDR2
    AMD Radeon HD 7700 Series

  5. Wouldn’t it be possible that we have both? Some classes as quizzes, some as mini-games.

    Maybe the bonus points or items that NHOJ mentions could be win at classes, but associated to the progression of a side story related to that class. Say, in chemistry class, if you do well enough, the teacher gains trust in you and lets you stay afterhours in the chemistry lab, where you could ‘borrow’ stuff.

    By the way, excellent work you’ve pulled here! 😀

    • Yeah, I agree, having an extra scenario with additional reward and risk would offer more options to players.

      Perhaps you can offer a random, optional scenario every class. The player doesn’t know whether it is a quiz or a minigame, but he/she can choose to take it up for the chance at extra points. If he/she fails, a point penalty is awarded to the amount that can be spent, but if he/she succeeds, extra points are rewarded based on performance.

      With the point system, you can unlock standard items and features at certain milestones, making the extra points enticing since you can unlock them faster with them. You can even unlock secret, endgame stuff once you exceed the amount earned through standard gameplay with those extra points, giving completionists a challenge. Of course, the possibility of point penalties creates risk, but it helps liven up the gameplay.

  6. 11 FPS at 1080 on Yandere setting and 20 FPS at 720 on Crush setting
    I’m on a six year old toaster laptop, though:
    Intel Core 2 Duo T9400 – 2.53GHz
    NVIDIA Quadro FX 770M 512 MB
    3GB RAM

    • I see…

      When I release a playable demo, I’ll be sure to include a menu which contains options for turning off all post-processing effects one-by-one, as well as the ability to switch from high-poly to low-poly versions of every character model…

  7. I’m getting about 10 FPS at the highest resolution and about 21 at the lowest… the Crush and Yandere graphics settings don’t seem to make a difference FPS-wise, at least for me.

    My laptop is also a bit of a toaster:

    Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-3210M CPU @ 2.50GHz
    Intel(R) HD Graphics 4000
    6.00 GB RAM

  8. By the way everybody, today’s the day I finally unveil that project I’ve been working on! 😀

    Using various posts, pictures, and videos from the Dev’s updates, I constructed an infographic on Yandere Sim’s progress thus far, in the form of a Prezi!

    You’ll notice that I included a bit of the content from today’s update… I plan on keeping this Prezi updated with all the new info and content that the Dev sees fit to release, from now till long after the game’s official release!

    Think of this Prezi as your one-stop shop for all you’ll need to know about Yandere Sim, or refer it to your friends if they grow curious about this amazing game!

    Here it is, enjoy! 😛


  9. You wouldn’t happen to have someone doing music / sound effects, would you?
    If not, I’d be interested in helping you out on that (I’m expected to be paid the same amount as a 4chan mod.)

  10. I’m getting 40fps on all settings which is a bit unusual. I would think I could easily get 60fps with my specs.

    i7-2670QM 2.2ghz
    Nvidia GTX 570M 3gig
    12G RAM

  11. I’m getting constant 60 fps on my system on max resolution and Yandere settings. It runs fine in full screen, but in windowed mode nothing is displayed — just a black screen with the FPS counter

    i5 ivy bridge
    Nvidia GTX 660
    8 GB RAM

    • I had it too, you have to move it (window), then it is back to normal. 60 fps on 1920×1080, CPU usage approx 29%
      CPU Intel i5-4670K 3.40 Ghz
      GPU Geforce GTX 770
      RAM 8 GB
      OS Windows 8.1 Pro

  12. I was getting just a shade under 50 FPS windowed, and about 45-ish FPS full-screen at 1360×768; graphics settings seem to have no effect on FPS. As with others, in windowed mode I was just getting a black screen at first, but minimizing and restoring the benchmark cleared that up. No clue what’s going on.

    i7-2630QM 2.00 GHz “Sandy Bridge”
    AMD Radeon HD 6770M
    8 GM RAM

  13. On the subject of the evolving title screen, I have some ideas for unlockable animations that would randomly appear based on who you’ve eliminated and in what way:

    Default Title Screen: Should just show the “innocent” Yandere-chan plus a few basic disturbing things like killing a generic NPC or doing the close-up with the Yandere eyes, more or less like you have now.

    Girl-Chan: She hangs from a noose wrapped around a branch of that love confession tree you mentioned… and Yandere-Chan stands beneath carving her and Senpai-Kun’s initials into the trunk (Y.C. ❤ S.K.)

    Cook-Chan: She flails around on fire while Yandere-Chan laughs, or Yandere-Chan is shown opening an oven and checking on it's burnt contents…

    Sports-Chan: She's shown slowly crawling away in vain after Yandere-Chan cuts off her legs.

    Drama-Chan: Yandere-Chan is shown holding her head aloft and contemplating death, much like Hamlet does with Yoric's skull.

    Delinquent-Chan: Yandere-Chan is shown bludgeoning her corpse with a baseball bat.

    The Teacher: In a similar fashion to Dellinquent-Chan, she's beaten to death with a classroom chair, or maybe with a yardstick?

    The School Nurse: Is shown being injected with a bunch of syringes or getting bone-sawed by Dr. Yandere-Chan.

    Senpai-Kun's Sister: Like I've mentioned before, getting strangled by some game controller cords, or that Persona-style headslam into a T.V. screen.

    The Class President (Mary Sue): She gets bitch-slapped with her own arm after Yandere-Chan tears it off.

    The Rival Yandere: Yandere-Chan is shown snapping pics of her completely dismembered body parts.

    Senpai-Kun: Depending on the endings you've gotten, it could show him getting stabbed repeatedly, tied up and tortured, or just standing there happily with his new girlfriend, Yandere-Chan.

    I like games like Half-Life where the title screen evolves as you progress through the story, so I also really like what you have so far. Those animations I mentioned would be a bit more work than simply putting the rival's corpses in the background, of course.

  14. Regarding the game, considering the early phases of it’s development, the optimization is not that far off. Considerably, as i have said before, a game with lower requirements yields better publicity and accessibility. Considering also that the Unity engine is a neck breaker on low spec pc’s, i might suggest the optimizations used in “The Light” http://www.indiedb.com/games/serge-noskov-the-light

    The Light is also an indie game developed using the unity engine, it has motion blur effects and if you’d look at the screenshots.. it looks beautifully high. But, if you’d play the game, you can feel how optimized it is, surprisingly it works on my benchmarking system. I, for one, as a low spec gamer have desperately tried a lot of options to push my system to the limit (Modded drivers, Software vertex mode, options set to all low, and a last resort: registry editing for allocation of ram on certain games). And if i may add, adding a lower level of DX on games might be the best bet for optimization (not recommended for eye candy, but works perfectly).

    For detail en performance, i’ll list my system specs and the games that run smoothly on it + settings.
    (Note, this lappy is near hell 6-7 years old. Mind your judgment c:)

    Dell Inspiron 1525 (i know, wtf right?)
    OS: Windows Vista Ultimate SP2 (Apparently a lot of low spec games may not work well on Win7 than vista, so i kept this)
    Processor: Intel Pentium Dual-Core T3200 (2.0Ghz)
    Video Card (This is where it gets nasty): Intel x3100 Modded (Kyoren’s Amaterasu Ember) Software Vertex Processing Mode enabled~ Sub par (422mb VRAM) (Not including allocated).
    RAM: 2048 (2Gb)

    Some games that are supposed to run like shit, but runs better now:
    Counter Strike- Source (DX8.1, Textures and Models- High, Shaders- Low, Bilinear Filtering, Disabled Bloom, Shadows- medium, RESULT FPS: 38.90 Average Stress Test Results)
    Mount and Blade: Warband (DX7, All high, as in, all. Shadows- Disabled, RESULT FPS: 46-50 Average)
    Team Fortress 2 (DX 8.1, All Medium, RESULT FPS: 27-32 Average)
    All Unity Engine Games (3-10 FPS Depending on game optimization)
    Unity Game: The Light (24-32 FPS, High)
    Unity Game: Murder at Masquerade Manor (40fps, High)
    Unity Game: The Very Organized Thief (21fps, High)
    and just to say that the models aren’t the problem: MikuMikuDance (46fps Ave, AdultShaders Mod)

    Main Concerns on most games:
    Motion Blur
    Advanced Lighting
    Particles (Especially Particles..)

    Suggestions: None. You do as you wish to make this game more playable on low end’s c: just do the best you can, and if you can’t manage to, it’s alright. Most developers might not want to sacrifice eye candy for performance, but you choose what to do and what actions are to be taken c:

    Regards, Kyoren.

    • AND on a sidenote, i’m getting 3fps~ on the benchmarking on lowest.

      But i have to admit, the game is turning out great.. I understand MOST people nowadays have monster pc’s so i guess it wouldn’t make a difference to keep the current optimization. Although it would be nice if i get to play it ; w; but then again, my chances of getting a decent PC is so slim because i’m just a student. (3.79 US Dollars/About 410 Yen per school day allowance if you’d ask me, not the richest, but my family is middle class and strict on my allowance) So i guess it wont make much a difference but..

      Hey, good luck on that game >w< and i'll support and help any way i can ^^

  15. Hello Yandere Dev, I have been following you here for a while now; just lurking. I have read every post and every comment on your blog, voted in all of your polls and watched every video that you have posted. As an indie developer myself (artist mainly – I specialise in modelling, animating and texturing whilst also doing a bit of level design and writing), I always find other indie developers’ and artists’ work interesting to follow, especially when their work is anime related – speaking of which I see that Poribo (another guy that I follow) mode a comment here too! Anyway, getting a bit off topic, normally I don’t comment on other people’s work or even post any of my own (bad past experiences with that) but I thought I would post a comment here about my results with the Yandere Sim benchmark. I only had time to test it on two of my systems; my main PC and my Alienware M18x R1.


    I’ll start with the Alienware. The specs are: Intel Core i7 2630QM @2.0GHz, 8GB DDR3 RAM, 2x Nvidia GTX 460M [1.5GB GDDR5] GPUs in SLI (also tested the integrated Intel HD Graphics 3000 GPU in the Alienware as well).

    I tested on Windows 8.1 with Yandere settings at the following resolutions with the specified GPUs activated on the built-in laptop monitor (FPS is the recorded average over a few minutes):

    (Intel HD Graphics 3000) 1280×720 [Windowed] @ 17.70FPS
    (Intel HD Graphics 3000) 1280×720 [Full Screen] @ 18.05FPS
    (Intel HD Graphics 3000) 1920×1080 [Full Screen] @ 9.15FPS

    (2x Nvidia GTX 460M GPUs in SLI) 1280×720 [Windowed] @ 45.00FPS
    (2x Nvidia GTX 460M GPUs in SLI) 1280×720 [Full Screen] @ 43.20FPS
    (2x Nvidia GTX 460M GPUs in SLI) 1920×1080 [Full Screen] @ 29.42FPS


    Next up; my main PC. The specs are: Intel Core i7 3930K OC @4.5GHz, 32GB DDR3 RAM, 4x Nvidia GTX 680 GPUs [4GB GDDR5] in 4-Way SLI.

    I didn’t have enough spare time to test with different SLI configurations or a single GPU, so all tests were done in 4-Way SLI. I tested on Windows 8.1 with Yandere settings, at the following resolutions on one monitor and on three monitors in Nvidia Surround (FPS is the recorded average over a few minutes):

    (4x Nvidia GTX 680 GPUs in 4-Way SLI) 1280×720 [Windowed] @ 60.00FPS
    (4x Nvidia GTX 680 GPUs in 4-Way SLI) 1280×720 [Full Screen] @ 60.03FPS
    (4x Nvidia GTX 680 GPUs in 4-Way SLI) 1920×1080 [Full Screen] @ 60.20FPS
    (4x Nvidia GTX 680 GPUs in 4-Way SLI) 5760×1080 [Windowed] @ 32.50FPS

    Had to use a bit of a hacky solution to get 5760×1080 working because of you disabling the other aspect ratios in Unity before you built the benchmark, but I got it working in the end 😛 For such a simple scene to get only 32.50FPS on average at that res though, there is certainly something, somewhere that needs to be optimised – especially considering I can run Crysis on full settings at that res at a much higher frame rate.


    So yeah, that is about it for this comment. I shall go back to lurking in silence now. I will probably comment again in the future, but I think my social anxiety is about at its limit for right now. Carry on with the good work Yandere Dev, I am really looking forward to what Yandere Sim evolves into as development continues. As a game developer and an Otaku, you have my best wishes for your Yandere Sim development journey!

  16. Testing on the i7 and GTX780 in 1080p fullscreen.
    Crush: 122
    Lust: 127
    Love: 120
    Obsession: 125
    Yandere: 120

    When testing windowed, I got about 140 on all preset except for Love that was about 50. Tested multiple times.

    Also wanted you to know that I had a huge grin on my face when first seeing the preset names.

  17. If you wanna include random npcs in the title screen, you could have it so there is a big pile of bodies that gradually increases, and she could sit on top of them like a throne.

  18. I haven’t played Bully, but it probably be difficult to think up and program 5 distinct minigames to play, not to mention you’d have to play one of the 5 games each day and why would you want to play these minigames instead of killing people if the game is Yandere Simulator? Trivia questions also probably wouldn’t be too useful either since, again, there wouldn’t be much to gain from it. You could make benefits like the ones the subjects give you now, but I think being able to customize your character the way you want is a more fun for what the game is, and maybe they’re other advantages to going to class like overhearing other people’s schedules or rumours. Also, having a New Game + where you can transfer your stats over may be a good idea, or maybe there’s a game mode where every stat is maxed out from the start that you unlock by beating the game with every stat maxed out.

  19. You should implement a few different holiday scenarios or festival days, instead of having each day be the same. Make it so some special items would available and special opportunities on those days.

  20. It seems like it would be too easy to max out all your stats with that system. You could do something like after school the player could choose to go to the library and spend X amount of time studying which increases their ability to do well in class and then they’re awarded study points based on how well they do in class with penalties for being late and no points for not attending. This may provide the player with more interesting choices to make in-game as they’ll have to find a balance between doing yandere stuff now and studying to be able to do more yandere stuff later. Such a system would also make players spend points wisely as they may not be able to get all of them unless they are dedicated to it.

    It may also be very annoying to the player and it needs to be balanced carefully, if the amount of time required for 100% is too low the system is pointless, if it’s too high it’ll make the game impossible to complete with 100% stats. I think the game would benefit from placing more value on anything that can increase the player’s ability, but I don’t know the perfect solution and my idea is probably more complicated than it needs to be.

  21. Man, mini-games would be badass yo. Like I’m imagining chemistry you get to keep the shit you make and can use it. So like poison to kill off people or ‘love’ potions (either actualy ‘love’ or something like Disulfiram) or stink bombs to clear out rooms (or my personal favorite in SS13 space lube bombs). But I think it should be a combination of minigames and point system, so at like different levels you can unlock new things to make/abilities.

  22. A consistent 60fps at 1080p full screen. Running a GTX 670 and a mid level i5 processor.

    Always like seeing these updates. I try and vote on all the polls you put out, and I hope the feedback is what you’re looking for. Good stuff so far!

  23. So Dev, now that it’s been a week since this update, what kind of conclusions have you drawn from peoples responses? Based on the poll results, FPS seems to be pretty evenly split between a solid 60 and other ranges, and people’s opinions on classroom stuff is also evenly split 3 different ways.

    Based on that info, what decisions have you made (or will consider making) since last week?

    Also, any hints as to what you might do for next weeks update? I was pleasantly surprised by this one, especially the title screen, so I won’t mind if it’s a surprise…

    • The poll results seem to be split almost 33% evenly across the three options. Some of the suggestions so far (like including optional minigames or optional trivia questions for bonus points) have been pretty good ideas.

      Minigames would increase the amount of programming, modelling, texturing, and animation needed to complete the game. Trivia questions would require very little effort to add to the game. Minigames require skill to win, but trivia questions can be looked up on the Internet (the player could have a Yandere Sim Walkthrough / Guide open in one window, and use it to answer all the trivia questions correctly).

      Just leaving it the way it is – allocating points and moving on – is the easiest solution. It’s the option with the most votes, so I don’t think I would be crucified for making that decision. This is the sort of thing I will revisit after the game gets more attention. After letting people play the demo, they’ll probably be able to tell me if they really want 30-second minigames interrupting their stealth game experience.

      The Benchmarking poll tells me that 50% of gamers have good computers, and the other 50% have toasters. Of course, the final game will feature the ability to turn off post-processing effects, turn on low-poly models, turn off multiple light sources, run the game at a lower resolution, etc, so in the end, even a toaster should be able to play the game…I hope.

      I might get really busy this week and next week, but if I manage to find time to work on Yandere Sim anyway, then I’ll try to work on implementing a system that makes it easy to add “cinematic” moments to the game, and work on the “character creation / customization” aspect of the game. Technical stuff that won’t look visually impressive, but makes it easier to develop the game.

  24. Hi there!
    Just wanted to let you know, using Wine on a mac works perfectly.
    However, considering Macs are usually piles of garbage when performing games, I only got around 8.75. FPS

    MacBook Pro 8,1
    Intel Core i5 2.3 Ghz
    4 GB RAM
    Integrated Intel HD Graphics 3000 at 384MB VRAM
    Resolution at 1152 x 720 and graphics set to lowest

    Please keep it as Mac friendly in the future, I really want to be able to run this with Wine when it’s released. Thanks!

    • Don’t worry, I can easily export a Mac build. I’m using the Unity engine, and that engine’s greatest strength is the ability to export builds for different platforms at the click of a button. I can make a Mac build pretty effortlessly. It’s too late to do it tonight, but if you remind me tomorrow, I’ll export a Mac build just for you so you can tell me if it works okay.


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