Yandere-chan’s room, and the flow of the school day

Each day begins with Yandere-chan in her room. From Yandere-chan’s room, you can arrange photographs on a corkboard, change her panties, check out a shrine to Senpai, or go to school. The only one of these actions that affects gameplay is the panties; the corkboard and the shrine are just there to complete the “obsessive stalker” experience.

While you’re in Yandere-chan’s room, time does not pass. As soon as you arrive at school, time begins to pass.

School Schedule

You arrive at school at 7:30 AM, one hour before school begins. You can use this opportunity to sneak around, set up traps, and steal things while few people are around. At 8:30 AM, class begins.

At 1:00 PM, classes stop for lunchtime. Senpai, your target, and various students will be walking around the school during this time.

At 3:30, school lets out. For 30 minutes, students will be cleaning up the school. During this time, it is not suspicious to be seen carrying a trash can or garbage bag, or throwing things into the dumpsters / incinerator. It becomes suspicious again after 4:00 PM.

From 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM, students will be hanging out at school to study / do homework / do club activities / socialize.

So, that’s the idea; three playable time periods, each with different circumstances / opportunities.

How do you feel about this? http://strawpoll.me/2570878

The Speed of Time

How fast do you think time should pass? One-to-one with real life? If so, the “After School” period would last 2-and-a-half real hours; that would be pretty annoying if you’re waiting for someone to stand in a specific spot at 5:55 PM.

Should one second in real life equal one minute in the game? Then the player would only have 30 seconds to get anything done at lunchtime.

There’s also the option of giving the player infinite time to run around, and only advancing the time of day once the player signals that they are ready to advance.

How you feel about this? http://strawpoll.me/2570856

(Of course, the playable demo will come with a lot of adjustable parameters, so you can tweak the speed of time in order to find a balanced pace.)

Being Late For Class

Truancy is taken extremely seriously in Japanese high schools. If the bell rings and Yandere-chan isn’t in class yet, her reputation will be damaged.

What should happen if the bell rings, and Yandere-chan isn’t in class? Does the game take control of Yandere-chan away from the player, and teleport her straight to class? Or does the game allow the player to continue running around the school? (If this is the case, her reputation should drop for every minute she spends out of class.)

If Yandere-chan is teleported to class, what happens if she is covered in blood? Does she arrive in class bloody (Game Over)? Or does she clean off the blood first? It would make her even more late to class, but it would prevent her arrest.

How do you feel about this? http://strawpoll.me/2570941

Closing Thoughts

I’ve spent over 5 months working on this project. Working on big projects is fun, but I miss working on small projects that took me a month or a week to finish. I’d really like to take a break from working on Yandere Sim and work on a “just for fun” project. Something really simple, like Yandere Clicker.

If I stopped working on Yandere Sim for a week or a month to work on a smaller project for fun, would you think less of me? Would you think that Yandere Sim will never get finished, because I let myself get sidetracked by other projects? (No straw poll this time, you can answer in the comments below.)

Another question for the comments: What is the next feature you think I should work on / what is the feature you want to see the most?

96 thoughts on “Yandere-chan’s room, and the flow of the school day

  1. I understand why you’d want to do a few smaller projects. It’s fine to take a break, but it might be best to set up what you’re going to do after the break ahead of time, that way you don’t get stuck when you’re ready to start working on it again.

    Something I’d like to see next is some of the different types of weapons she will use.

    • Right now, I only have one attack animation, so every weapon in the game will carry the same functionality.

      Unfortunately, the demo will probably only feature one weapon type / attack animation, unless a truly angelic person volunteers to create free animations for the game…

      • Take your time working on your dream projects. Having a good bit of fun will have you refreshed when you decide to continue work on Yandere Sim. There are more people every day that gain interest in it. I predict a successful Kickstarter thanks to some YouTubers helping expose it. You have a gem here.

      • I love the game and what you done with it,its fun,it’s interesting and it is definitely addicding.Just one thing I would say is when I first download the game and I was VERY confused and all the controls are a little hard to figure out but other than that love the game👍👍👍

    • I’m not very fond of the panties-changing-stats thing. It doesn’t really make any sense and it’s kinda silly, so I hope the effects will be subtle.

  2. Go ahead Dev-senpai, do small projects, not only you will regain some energy to work better on yandere sim, but also we will have something to play with while we wait for The Game.
    Also I think you should add marker to the corkboard so Yandere-chan could draw hearts around Senpai or mark her targets dead on photos. And another question: will it, by any means, be possible to do photo of Yandere-chan panties? Possibly with achievement for doing so?

    • It may be possible by going into the bathroom, breaking a mirror, standing on top of a shattered piece of glass, pointing your camera down at it, and taking a picture of the reflection of your own panties.

      • You couldn’t make the clothing changing mechanics work like in gta san andreas?
        If you don’t know how it worked in gta then just look it up on youtube c:

  3. Well.. You can do smaller projects I would be happy to see your games but I’m also afraid of that you’ll drop the Yandere Sim if you concentrate too much on other projects. I’m not bad person enough to say “Just don’t care about other things and do Yandere Sim” but I still would be best in my opinion to concentrate on YanSim.

  4. It’s a bit much to take in, what with Microsoft buying Mojang, but everyone needs a break. To be honest, you update way more regularly than devs for anything else I can think of off-hand, and your updates are always amazingly satisfying.

    I’d say next you should work on something to do with the murdering/getting caught mechanics.

  5. I’ve decided to give some more in-depth explanations for my poll responses:

    1. “How should the school schedule work?”

    I said: “In addition to the above, 10-minute gaps between all classes should also be playable.”

    I feel that any and all opportunities given to the player could be useful in some way, but that would heavily depend on the actual mechanic of *time*… more on that below.

    2. “How fast should time pass in the game?”

    I said: “Time should not pass; the player should be able to advance to the next time period whenever they choose.”

    As a fan of stealth/assassin games like Deus Ex, Hitman, and Dishonored, I’ve taken a liking to having as much time as I want to complete my objectives, explore, and evaluate my options/plan of attack. In fact, I’ve detested almost every game I’ve ever played since childhood that involved repetitive time constraints or forced a time-limit upon me, but that’s just me.

    If you want to find a good in-between, make it so that time-limits are at a more reasonable 5 minutes or something… only 30 seconds during lunchtime would be ridiculous.

    3. “What should happen if the bell rings, Yandere-chan isn’t in class, and Yandere-chan is covered in blood?”

    I said: “Yandere-chan can still walk around school and is not forced to go to class (reputation penalty)”

    My logic and personal experience on this is that if you’re already late, you might as well take your time getting there, if you don’t feel like hurrying that is.

    Now, for my thoughts on your other questions:

    1. “If I stopped working on Yandere Sim for a week or a month to work on a smaller project for fun, would you think less of me?”

    We’re all human Dev, we can get a little burned-out working on something even if it’s really important to us… so feel free to take a “vacation”.

    When you say “a smaller project like Yandere Clicker”, what things did you have in mind? Before you answer that though, here’s an excerpt from when you made Yandere Clicker in the first place:

    “I got a little tired of working on Yandere Sim, and decided to take a little break from it by making a silly game for fun. (Actually, this thing doesn’t even qualify as a game, because you can’t win or lose…)
    Please note that this doesn’t mean that I’ve stopped working on the original game; I just decided to take a short break and made this for fun. This doesn’t actually hinder the development of the real game.”

    So, based on that, here are my questions on potential “small projects”:

    A. Would the project be another game on Kongregate or Newgrounds?

    B. How much time do you estimate you would put into it? Yandere Clicker took less than a week… but you said between a week and a month for this one…

    C. Would the project be Yandere-related? The point here is that making any Yandere games will further develop your portfolio and reputation, as well as give us fans something to tide us over.

    D. Assuming that it’s another simple game, what ideas do you have in mind? You already parodied Cookie Clicker with Yandere Clicker, so maybe things like Flappy Bird (Yandere Bird?), Angry Birds (Angry Yanderes?), a Yandere-themed visual novel like Zero-Q did, or some sort of Yandere trivia game?

    2. “Would you think that Yandere Sim will never get finished, because I let myself get sidetracked by other projects?”

    Considering the extraordinary amount of progress you’ve made in these 5 short months more-or-less by yourself… I’d say the future of Yandere Sim still looks bright, but you’ve gotta have a roadmap down for what to work on or think about before, during, and after you work on the “small project”.

    3. “What is the next feature you think I should work on / what is the feature you want to see the most?”

    This is a toughie, because you’ve covered a lot of big things lately…

    I’d have to go with what I said last time, which would be music and sound-related features. This could be as simple as having placeholder background music for the game, basic noises for footsteps, stabbing, etc. You already have a placeholder Yandere laugh, so other sounds wouldn’t hurt.

    My personal favorite would be a radio and/or a music function for Yandere-chan’s phone that can play MP3’s and stuff, that would be sweet.

    Like this, for example:

  6. Now that the mechanics of the school day are in place, I think you should make a playable test level to gauge what a level in the game feels like. Of course, not everything is set in stone yet, but implementing the Win/Lose conditions for a mission would be the next logical step. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, just something that governs whether or not you succeed or get a Game Over.

    About the colored panties: I like it, but I feel it should be a subtle effect on gameplay and not something that dictates the player’s playstyle. Outright stating what each pantsu does might give a player the impression of something like “If I wear X panties, I should try to complete my mission in Y way”. Just my two cents.

    That being said, do what you gotta do, man. We love what you’re doing and want to see this project through until the end. I understand that you work two jobs on top of this, so go at your own pace and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. It’s your game, and if you need to take some time off then so be it.
    Keep up the good work, Dev.

  7. I think that time should pass 1:1 with real life, but you should be able to skip time using your phone. You could also use your phone to set reminders at a certain time. If time is 1:1, then the 10 minute break between classes should also be playable.

    And feel free to take a break. We’ll all wait here for you.

    • In Bethesda games (New Vegas, Skyrim) the player can tell his character to stand in place and wait for a specific amount of time. I think it would be a useful game mechanic if the player can tell Yandere-chan to sit still and study / play a game on her phone for a specific amount of time.

      However, I worry about how the rest of the game world will be affected by passing time like that.

      If Student A is supposed to mop the floor in a classroom from 3:30 PM to 4:00 PM, is supposed to do homework in the library from 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM, and Yandere-chan does a one-hour time-skip from 3:30 PM to 4:30 PM, what happens to Student A? Is she still standing in the classroom, and has to immediately drop the mop and walk to the library? Or does the game teleport her halfway between the classroom and the library? Or does the game teleport her straight to the library?

      Depending on all of the different behaviors a student can have, it could be extremely complicated to implement a feature like this – especially if there are factors that would affect a student’s ability to reach their destination in a timely manner (a student who is being bullied might be harassed in the hallway, affecting the speed at which she would reach her destination. Programming time-skip to account for stuff like that would be a hell of a task.)

  8. Two other things:

    1. I noticed the absence of the Yandere Cam in those two videos… did you remove it for the sake of showing off the clock and objectives? If not, could you put it in the upper-right corner of the screen, above the Yandere Meter?

    2. Will you post updates about whatever “small projects” you’re working on in lieu of the regular update posts on the 1st and 15th?

    • Right now, when a student sees you commit murder, the right half of the screen displays the student that spotted you. This would intersect the Yandere-cam.

      As I continue to construct the game’s HUD, I’ll quickly discover what parts of the screen are taken up by graphics / cameras and what parts of the screen the Yandere-cam can and cannot occupy.

      Because this is the Yandere Sim dev blog, I think posting about things unrelated to Yandere Sim would be a bad idea. If I create anything unrelated to Yandere Sim, I’d have to mention it as a footnote the next time I post an update about Yandere Sim.

      • Since 2008, I’ve wanted to make a side-scrolling action platformer game with RPG elements. As you play the game, you get skill points, and can use those skills to modify the character. You can invest skill points into health and weapons if you want to fight, or stealth and speed if you want to avoid confrontations. Invest points into hacking if you want to turn enemy turrets against them, or invest points into strength if you want to use enemies as projectiles against other enemies. Hacking would also allow you to access certain doors that couldn’t otherwise be entered, and strength would allow you to destroy some obstacles that otherwise couldn’t be destroyed.

        Last week, I played this game:

        This game is really fun, and I highly reccomend it. It switches back and forth between being a top-down shooter and a side-scrolling platformer. My game would be 100% platformer, but this game has EXACTLY the visual aesthetic that I want my game to have. Playing this game was like playing the game I always wanted to make, except without the RPG elements. That game has rekindled my desire to make that game I’ve been dreaming of since 2008.

        My 2008 dream game is the whole reason I started studying how to develop games and learn programming in the first place. I feel like my skills have finally advanced to the point where I can actually make it a reality, and I feel like I have a “Visual Bible” of what the game should look like, thanks to Velocity X2. I feel like my dream game is finally within my grasp; I just need to dedicate a month to building a prototype so I can prove to myself that I really can do it.

        I also kind of want to make Yandere Clicker 2, in which Yandere-chan must stab schoolgirls instead of stabbing Senpai. You have to kill 10 schoolgirls to move to the next classroom. Every 5 classrooms, there is a boss schoolgirl. And then, of course, there are Cookie Clicker-style upgrades. It wouldn’t play like Cookie Clicker; more like an RPG, where you can’t move and can only click.

  9. 1. I think the pantsu should be unlock able through another system rather than just having all of them at the start. I love the idea, but later on, they should be collectible.

    2. Time should pass in real time, with a “wait” command like in Bethesda games. To answer your questions about how it works, it simulates each AI in bursts of an hour. Do the same thing, but in bursts of 10 minutes.

    3. The very next thing you should do is set up the tutorial. This is the first and easiest mission, and should illustrate how players should accomplish their goals. Set up win/lose mechanics. Populate the level with generic NPCs and one special target. Make her have a personality, A specific crush, and a weakness. Make it as polished from a game play perspective as possible. Then, you should take a bit of a break. You have to set milestones for yourself, otherwise you’ll stutter and get lazy.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love this game. It’s the only game that I’m really hyped for right now, and you’re doing an awesome job. It’s just that so many devs like yourself have faltered because they’ve gotten lazy. I don’t want that to happen to you. Keep on keeping on, and don’t stop astounding me every month.

  10. I have to agree with Kaworu on the next milestone of a basic tutorial of sorts. It’s something that has more substance and importance than my idea of having music and sound stuff next, and it would certainly be just the “oomph” you need before you pursue your other endeavors…

    A tutorial could probably be made by the next update on the 1st, if you put your mind to it. You have a school environment, NPC’s with pathfinding, Senpai, the rival, killing and clean-up/disposal, a timetable for events, the camera function, and the Yandere Meter done, among other things… everything you’ve done on Yandere Sim has been leading up to this point, where you can play through a basic day as Yandere-chan and kill your rival.

    Contrary to what Kaworu said however, being “lazy” wouldn’t be the problem here, a lack of motivation and momentum would be the biggest problem for Yandere Sim. Since you would still be doing programming work (albeit on different games), you wouldn’t be sitting around doing nothing, but not finding a good milestone on Yandere Sim beforehand could be problematic.

    Think of it as delaying gratification a little longer… you’ve waited and studied programming and game development for the past 6 years (give or take) because of this “Action Platformer” idea but have been working on Yandere Sim for a while now… why not finish what you started? I’m all for pursuing dreams and inspirations, but I know from experience that trying to multitask and put things off has come back to bite me in the ass. I’m talking more about the “Platformer Idea” here than Yandere Clicker 2…

    I feel that a whole month all for the sake of a platformer prototype might be justifiable (only because it was your dream), but I’d like to see a tutorial of sorts before you cool down with that. Since Yandere Clicker only took you a few days to make, it’s sequel may only take a week or two more, depending on how ambitious you are, and wouldn’t really be an issue.

    Please don’t feel as if you opened up your heart to us just to have us stomp on it… I fully support both your desire for a break and the pursuit of your 2008 dream game and/or Yandere Clicker 2, it’s just that I wouldn’t want Yandere Sim left in a disorganized state, hence the idea of a tutorial. You yourself said that you wanted to be more than just an “idea guy”, so at least make sure that Yandere Sim has eclipsed the point of just random features before you go off in pursuit of other game ideas entirely.

    The reason you started work on Yandere Sim was because some fools on the Internet said “you wouldn’t make it”, and you set out to *prove* them wrong, correct? As of now, you still haven’t quite proved them wrong, but you’re close, so very close. So, prove to them *and* the rest of us that Yandere Sim can be a reality before you prove to yourself that you can create a platforming game “prototype”… because I sure as hell know that both are possible, especially from you as Dev.

    “The little dissatisfaction which every artist feels at the completion of a work forms the germ of a new work.”
    – Berthold Auerbach

    • I don’t agree. It’s too early for a tutorial. A tutorial can only be completed once every other game mechanic is functioning. From the experience I’ve had working on other titles from the concept stage to the shipping stage, I can assure you that tutorials come almost dead last in the process of game development. The playable demo probably won’t even have a tutorial.

      I think “Feature-complete room + playable day at school” is an excellent milestone, one I’m very satisfied with. I think I’ve reached the perfect stopping point.

      I’ve almost run out of motivation for continuing to work on Yandere Sim; forcing myself to continue working on it without a break would cause me to begin resenting the project.

      I made a 2D prototype for the action platformer in 2008; I also have a finished prototype for a fighting game and a finished prototype for a side-scrolling hack-and-slash. I think about these prototypes several times a day, because they are all extremely important to me, and I’m very sad that I never continued developing them. Yandere Sim, on the other hand, is a project I began out of spite because someone told me I couldn’t do it. My spite-project has held off my true-love-passion-projects for far too long already.

      I’ll make sure to have SOMEthing Yandere-related to post on the 1st of next month, but I’m most likely going to focus my attention on my long-lost dream projects for at least a month.

      • I had an inkling you felt that way, but I appreciate you trying to be diplomatic about it with us by asking our opinions first… though it seems very little can be done on our end to persuade you either way. 😉

        That’s a good thing, really. I like flexibility, but I admire more the person who holds strong convictions and isn’t so easily swayed when it comes to their own well-being and their interests.

        Think of what I said before as a test of sorts to determine how sincere you were… now that we *both* know what you really want, it’ll be that much easier to get working on what you really wanna do, and I’ll sleep easier knowing that you as Dev won’t have a conflict of interest.

        I know the quotes are a bit pretentious, but here’s a good one:

        “Follow your passion, be prepared to work hard and sacrifice, and, above all, don’t let anyone limit your dreams.”
        – Donovan Bailey

  11. Erm, since this game is more focused on the stealth, I don’t think “always constant” timeline will be a good idea. If you make the timeline short, the mission might be outright impossible. However, if you make it real time, no one wants to hear the lecture in class. After all, this is yandere simulator, not classroom simulator.

    Here is my idea:
    – When in class, just give some option whether you want to hear the teacher talks, take a nap, watching senpai-kun’s PE class, or open notes to arrange a strategy. Perhaps you can also contact sidekick-chan, but with caution since sensei (or classmate) might see you contacting someone during class, resulting in detention or reputation down.
    – In-class timeline can be switched to real time during specific event, such as when you decide to kill someone during PE class.
    – Since break and after-school time is your most used timeline for arrange a trap or grabbing achievement, make it real time also. For the afterschool you can also decide whether you still want in school or go home straight away.

  12. It’s already been said here, but I think the in-game passing of time should correspond very closely to real time or maybe sped up by a small amount. An item that makes time run at around 4x speed, like the cigarettes in Deadly Premonition or the cigar in MGSV, seems like a reasonable compromise. What I’d really like to avoid is the situation one runs into in The Sims where making and eating a bowl of cereal will lose you a whole hour worth of valuable time.

    Touching on that last note, feel free to take a break from development. We’d all love to see the game finished, but forcing yourself to work is only going to reduce overall quality. Move at your own pace!

  13. I wouldn’t worry too much about pacing development, as you have barely a handful of guys on a project with no funding. People who will complain about the speed will, in all likelyhood do so regardless of how fast you work.

    If you need a break, take it. Better than getting burned out and end up hating the project.

  14. Actually i think it might be a good idea to take your mind off this project and work on something else for a while dev-senpai, small projects might be able to provide opportunities to pick up new ideas, re-evaluate existing features and even attract more attention to Yandere Sim. And i personally would never think less of you or think Yandere Sim will not be finished simply because you took a break from this project. ❤

  15. If I may, Yandev? I suggest faster than real time, but one second real time = one minute game time is too quick. Thirty seconds for lunch or cleanup sounds quite…constricting. I dare say…maybe even Dead Rising time would be good – one in game minute is six real time seconds. That would give one person three real time minutes for the 30 in game minute clean up or lunch time – a decent amount of time to get stuff done.

    Six minutes for morning, three for lunch, three for cleanup, and twelve for after school. A day would be about 24 minutes. It would be pretty manageable, especially with save points.

    I guess it would depend on the size of the school itself that would warrant the passage of time.

  16. For time speed I think best option is 10 seconds IRL is 1 minute ingame.
    And if you want to take break, we will not be angry (but it be lovely if you can give us demo version or something : D)

  17. Seconding what Matshiro said, I’ll go with 10 seconds IRL to 1 game minute, giving time enough to perform most actions.
    The whole “Been out of class” is a little more complicated, but I would point towards Rockstar’s Bully, where you’re free to roam around during classes, at a loss of reputation per class skipped.
    Assuming you’re allowed to enter class while late, you could attempt to fool the teacher by lying and avoid punishment, risking an even bigger blow to your reputation. The success rate would be determined by Yandere-chan’s reputation and either charisma or intelligence (mostly charisma). Attempting to pull the same stunt multiple times in succession drastically lower your odds.
    Choosing not to fool the teacher means you get a standard reputation loss based on the amount of classes lost (and /or fractions of classes).
    Also, as long as you can avoid detection by school monitors or the like, you shouldn’t be forced into class, no matter what.
    Been spotted while clean means you get shoved into class, no excuse or anything, while spotted “dirty” (covered in blood, hot handed) means the monitor will try to report you to the authorities, forcing you to silence him/her.
    On a side note, if you feel like making something lighter and shorter for a change of pace, do it to your heart’s content! That will surely motivate you even more to continue our beloved Yandere-chan’s tale!

  18. Instead of asking which option people would like to have for how fast time goes, wouldn’t it be better to implement an option of how fast time goes that people can set for themselves? i.e. 1sec/1min/∞infinite amount of time. It would be like turning off aging in the Sims to make it so that you don’t have to rush to do anything but still able to complete while also having the option to give yourself a challenge when you feel the need.
    That is something I would really like to see.

    • The blog post up above says:

      (Of course, the playable demo will come with a lot of adjustable parameters, so you can tweak the speed of time in order to find a balanced pace.)

  19. At 6 real time seconds an in game minute, you get 24 minutes per day. At 10 seconds per minute you end up having about 10 minutes per hour, I think. Yeah, 600 seconds per in game hour. So you’d end up with…40 minutes per day. That seems like a lot.

    24 would be pretty fair, and it’s more manageable in real time. Because think about it. To get through a week, you’d be spending (only counting Mon-Fri) 2 hours in a 6 second minute ratio. To get through a week with the ten second minute ratio, you’d be spending 3 hours and 20 minutes. That can add up with the number of planned girls, especially if they each get a week to themselves.

  20. Everything continues to look fantastic.

    I wouldn’t think any less of you if you take a break to work on a smaller project. Just do what you have to do man, don’t let yourself get burnt out on a big project.

    (Do come back to this eventually, though. Every update makes it look more fantastic than the last. Thanks for keeping us in the loop; loving everything so far)

  21. You can always include your side-project as a mini-game in your Yandere game. That way, you’d both be working on something to ease your mind and keep you interested in creation, while furthering your main project as well. Just make an arcade somewhere near Yandere’s house, where she’s able to play your new creation. You could even give her a prize for beating a high score or something, like a new, rare pair of panties. (They give those away for tickets in Japan, right?)

  22. It’s a real personal thing and not really that important, but it would be cool if you could also change your legwear since wearing different sized stockings is big in Japan. Doing so could add similar bonuses like panties do or be purely cosmetic and optional. To be honest, more customization would be cooler in general.

    Also I seriously hope you’ll be able to steal/acquire additional pantsu in addition to the ones you’ve shown.

  23. Hey guys~ sorry for being late.. being doing a lot of weapon ideas and stuffs (Blender Modelling)…

    Sorry for sucking so bad, i hope it might at least spark some ideas <//3

    These are just 2 of many weapon ideas i made, so if these 2 didn't work out, i just don't know with the others

    • Wow! These are some cool weapon ideas. I hadn’t really thought of allowing the player to combine or craft weapons. I’m not sure if I’ll actually go in this direction for the weapons, but it’s still really cool to see some concept art drawn up like that!

      • I just had an idea! You said before you’d post “something” Yandere-related on the 1st, perhaps pictures and/or polls, whatever is easiest for you while working on your other games…

        …but what if you also made that day a sort of “Yandere-Fan Day” of sorts, where people are encouraged to submit their own ideas and Yandere-related media for the game (sketches like Kyoren’s, music, fan art/fic, etc.) or just stuff about Yandere in general? Looking back over previous update comment sections, there’s the occasional post by someone that has made stuff like that, or people that have sent you stuff in private, but wouldn’t it be cool to see how creative the 1500 of us can get?

        My main strength is eloquent walls of text dedicated to suggestions and theorycrafting… but I’m sure guys like Kyoren and myself could make some stuff to spice up the 1st’s update for ya!

        I’ve already got something in mind actually, but you’ll have to wait till the 1st to see it… 😛

      • I don’t know about this idea…I think it’s too early to have a “fan day”. I think it would sound presumptuous of me to say “I have fans!” and also “I have fans that would be willing to make fanworks for me!” My favorite aspect of working on this game is seeing artwork that people create ( http://i.imgur.com/zBPgoSb.png ) but I think it would be tacky to say, “Today, my legion of minions will make things for me! Dance, my puppets!”

        Somewhere down the line – WAY down the line, like, AFTER the Kickstarter – I might have a “fan art contest” and the winner of the contest gets to be a student in Yandere-chan’s school. But it’s too early for that sort of thing.

        There are two “low-hanging fruit” features I can easily put in that might make for a pretty cool update, so I’m planning to take care of those two things and have them be the focus of my next post.

  24. I never said it had to be that big of a deal… and hopefully you would have more tact when referring to your legions of loyal minions and puppets like myself… 😛

    In all seriousness though, you do have fans, in addition to people who are going beyond simple fanwork to lend you their services and talent for free. In that sense, it would actually be presumptuous to act as if they *weren’t* there for you, in my opinion.

    Regardless, I’ll continue working on my “secret project” that I’ll unveil on the 1st, though I’ll need a couple things from you Dev, if that’s not too presumptuous…

    I need:

    1. A picture (nothing fancy) that you feel defines “Yandere Sim” as a whole, kind of like a game cover (which we’ve discussed before, I know you don’t need one). Some examples would be like these pics for Hitman Absolution or Payday 2, though I’m obviously not asking for something so artistic, just a basic in-game screenshot should suffice.

    2. A close-up picture of Yandere-Chan in her most insane state possible, preferably covered in blood on her face and uniform, and ideally with a bloodied knife (bonus points for holding a decapitated schoolgirl head). Something as close to the combination of these two images as possible:

    The second picture featuring Yandere-chan is the most important one of the two, if you only feel like doing one. Let’s just say that my project requires them… and trust me when I say that this project is for everyone, not just you and me. You’ll still be doing me a huge favor though, so thanks in advance.

    And since you’ve always given me sneak peeks at your updates, I’ll be sure to e-mail you the “project” a day or two in advance, and you can tell me if you like it. If you do, you could even feature it on the 1sts update along with your other stuff… I’m not trying to make it sound better than it is, it’s just that I’ve put a good amount of work into it and I hope you and everyone else will like it. 🙂

    • I’m a little bit skeptical…I’m not really sure what this is going to be. Perhaps a teaser trailer? If Yandere Sim was to have a trailer, I’d want to direct every aspect of it; I wouldn’t want it to be a surprise. I already have a “script” in mind for Yandere Sim’s first official trailer, but I can’t actually make it until a few other features are in…

      Here’s a picture that “defines” Yandere Sim:

      Here’s an album of screenshots of Yandere-chan as bloody as possible, holding a knife and stabbing.

      Unfortunately, the image sequence is going backwards. Stupid Imgur.

      I wonder if anybody feels like making it into an animated gif…

      • Don’t you worry, it’s not a trailer, though it may serve a similar purpose, albeit slightly less theatrical and more encyclopedic in nature…

        I also took the liberty of scouring all the past posts, pictures, and other medias from this blog, so I’ve already found a use for that particular picture (still an excellent one though).

        The new one of Yandere-chan stabbing however… I think it’ll come in quite handy for what I have planned, bloody well done! 😀

        That Evangelion piece would also be fitting in one of Yandere Sim’s good or bad ending credits, quite appropriate… though I’ve been hearing a lot of music lately that has Yandere undertones, so maybe it’s just starting to blend together… *Vague Hint*

  25. One other thing for my project actually… what’s your favorite song, Dev? It doesn’t have to be from an anime or anything, just favorite song or music piece… it’s relevant, trust me.

    • My favorite song is Komm Susser Tod from Neon Genesis Evangelion.

      It uses the same melody as Pachabel’s Canon. It has a very melancholy sound. Depending on how you interpret the lyrics, the song is about a girl who is preparing to kill herself, because she has lost the trust of her lover and can’t live without him.

  26. Alright, one last thing… part of my “project” makes reference to some of the more interesting/talented people that I’ve seen kicking around this blog, like you (obviously), Kyoren, Zero-Q, and yours truly… is there anybody in specific you’d like to call out, acknowledge, or otherwise thank for their contributions to the game’s development thus far or for supporting you? This could include the various fans I’ve mentioned that have done work on models and stuff for free, etc.

    I’m not asking for an exhaustive list here, nor am I making some official “credits”… this is only part of an afterthought I had, and only comprises a small portion of the overall “project”.

    That being said, I felt it would be important to recognize the talent, achievements, and passion that you and your followers bring to the table, which is why I’m asking.

    • I’m really not too sure about this…if I was to make a video acknowledging some of the people who have contributed to the game or supported me, I’d be worried about offending someone by forgetting to mention their name.

      “How come THAT person got mentioned, but you didn’t mention ME?!” “Haven’t I contributed enough?” “Haven’t I been supportive of you?” “Why did you bother acknowledging THAT loser?”

      Whenever someone gets a special mention, it can cause feelings of envy from others who believe they are just as deserving, or even more deserving of a mention.

      If it was an official, YandereDev-sanctioned video, I’d want complete and total control over every screenshot that gets shown, every name that gets mentioned, every copyrighted song that gets played, etc. But since it’s not my video, and it’s your video, you can do whatever you want with it.

      I’d be willing to contribute screenshots, but calling out specific individuals is something that makes me wary, so I’m not comfortable naming a bunch of names for you.

      …this talented guy has made some cool character drafts for me, though. aeadev.wordpress.com

      • I’m seriously loving aea’s character designs.
        I can’t wait to see the final designs, and I especially can’t wait to see them rendered in 3D. 🙂

  27. You’re oh so very close now to figuring out what it is Dev, but I’m afraid you’ve missed the mark again, but only by *this* much…

    It’s not a video per se, nor is it music, a trailer, or a picture alone. However, it does contain screenshots, pictures, names, text, songs, and videos within it, that’s as obvious as I’ll make it. Think of it as a compilation, demonstration, and celebration of everything you’ve done with Yandere Sim thus far, as well as a digital “shrine” of sorts to “Yandere” in general.

    As for anyone that feels they deserve a special mention, all they have to do is tell me (or you) and I’ll add them into it, it’s not that exclusive, and I plan on keeping it updated even after I “reveal” it on the 1st.

    A huge thank you for reminding me of the “AeaDev” by the way, I was wondering who came up with some of that concept art I scrounged up… and now I have great new pics for the project!

    And since you’re still open to the idea of new screenshots (the one’s I’ve gathered are somewhat restrictive), I could definitely use some like the following:

    1. Yandere-Chan mopping up blood

    2. Yandere-Chan talking to another schoolgirl (spreading rumors)

    3. Yandere-Chan attacking that yellow-haired rival

    4. Yandere-Chan stalking/creeping on Senpai-Kun

    5. A picture of just Senpai-Kun (perhaps an idealized version through Yandere-Chan’s eyes?)

    6. A picture of Yandere-Chan’s shrine

    7. A picture of a generic schoolgirl getting alerted (!!!)

    I would have gotten some of these via the Webms, but they don’t seem to be very “compatible”…

    Also, don’t think of these screenshots as being just for me or for the project… any and all new media you put out in relation to the game will further build hype, as well as find their way into other corners of the Internet, where people are bound to see them, for better or worse.

    • Due to the current limitations of the game, I wasn’t able to follow your instructions exactly. I tried to take screenshots that are CLOSE to what you asked for. I don’t know if these will suit your purposes, but here you go…

      1. Right now, there is no “mopping up blood” animation, so I just have Yandere-chan standing near a bunch of blood pools with a mop.

      2. It is currently not possible to highlight a specific student and select a “spread rumors” option, but here is a screenshot where it looks like Yandere-chan has approached a group of schoolgirls and is interacting with them.

      3. If I was composing an official promotional screenshot, I would use a specific character model from the Unity Asset Store to represent the first rival, and I wouldn’t have Yandere-chan stabbing her in front of Senpai. But since this isn’t official, here’s an image of Yandere-chan stabbing a blonde recolor of herself, and Senpai happens to be in the shot.

      4. I don’t have a good “peek around corner” animation, so here’s Yandere-chan doing her “cute laugh” animation while standing near a corner and looking in Senpai’s direction.

      5. I’d like for the game’s intro to include a moment where Yandere-chan bumps into Senpai for the first time, and we see him through her eyes, and he appears all idealized and perfect. But for now, here’s just a shot of Senpai.

      6. As of now, Senpai’s shrine has not been modeled, so his “shrine” is just a framed photograph and some primitive objects that the player can highlight.

      Because that looks stupid, here’s a shot of Yandere-chan standing in her room, gazing at a framed photograph of Senpai.

      7. Here’s a screenshot of Yandere-chan committing a murder in a classroom while a horrified student looks on.

      I hope this helps.

      • Those pictures work great, thanks!

        I should have the rest of the project finished by tonight hopefully, so how about this…

        I’ll send you the link to it via e-mail (it’s yanderedev@mail.com, right?), and you can email me back your thoughts on it. If there’s anything that you feel needs to be added, removed, or tweaked, you can let me know. Like you said before however, this project is technically designated as “fan-made” by me, though you’re free to use it for your own purposes, whatever they may be.

        All I ask is that you keep it under wraps until the update on the 1st, where I would be honored if you gave it a brief mention and linked it near the bottom of the update post below those two low-hanging fruit things you mentioned. If you don’t feel it’s good enough to warrant a mention in the update, well… I tried. 🙂

        Anyway, thanks again for humoring me in this endeavor of mine, I really appreciate it.

      • Yes, that’s the right e-mail.

        If this video you’re making is a short documentary about Yandere Sim’s development / a summary of features thus far / a showcase of the cool things the community has made, it sounds neat. I can’t promise to post it on the blog until I actually see it, but you’re welcome to post whatever you make in the comments section.

  28. On an unrelated note…

    When I was working on my project, my roommate happened to be talking to one if his buddies on Skype about some girl named “Nyaners”, who apparently is a talented voice actress and is known colloquially as the “Queen of 4Chan” due to her popularity. Specifically, she’s been known to lend her voice to various things relating to video games and anime, both of which she is a big fan of.

    Here’s a sample:

    I’m not sure if she would be willing to work for free or what voices she could do for the game (she specializes in the higher-pitched type), but she seems like an excellent person to reach out to when the time comes.

    I can already imagine a star-studded cast of voices including people like Nyaners, Zero-Q, and Brina Palencia… A guy can dream.

    Ahem, back to the project… I’m way ahead of schedule, and am mostly just putting the finishing touches on it… though any additional pictures would provide me with more content, of course.

    • I love watching Nyanners’ videos. It would be delightful if Nyanners would lend her voice to my game, although I don’t know if she does voicework for free.

      I’ll take some screenshots for you tomorrow. Unfortunately, I can’t deliver on *every* one of those screenshots you asked for, but I can give you some of them.

    • It’s kind of scary how you lump me in the same category as Nyanners and Brina Palencia. I mean, sure I can voice act (to a degree), but I’m hardly fit to stand with the likes of them. heck, I don’t even have a decent mic. But I digress…

      In addition to Nyanners, I’d suggest looking up such other voice actresses as LilyPichu and ThePopushi.
      Unless they’ve changed their conditions since I last contacted them (which was at least two years ago), I assume they would be willing to help out for free. “ASSUME”, being the operative word.

      • ‘Twas a joke, you’re a comedian… get it? XP

        Seriously though, I feel that having people from all ends of the VA spectrum working on an indie game is a good thing, and having names that different groups of fans recognize is even better.

        Think of it this way:

        General anime or video game lovers: “Brina Palencia? Wow, she was in “Borderlands” and “X” animes (and she was Yuno ffs), that’s so cool!” In addition, the gaming industry and related internet tabloids will cover her for sure, and the Yandere Sim as a result.

        People who frequent 4chan: “OMG I luv Nyaners ❤ I'll buy dis game! =3"

        People who loved Mirai Nikki and/or it's abridged series you did: "Hey, even that Zero-Q guy is getting in on the act, he's hilarious!"

        Granted, you may only have the roles of the creepy janitor or the loser boyfriend at school rather than Senpai-kun, but don't sell yourself short! XD

    • Last time I checked, most of 4chan doesn’t like Nyanners anymore, and the feeling is mutual with her distancing herself from it and anything relating to it.

      Honestly though, I really don’t think this game needs Voice Acting. I mean, unless you wanted to do a lot of lines, it’d limit how much dialogue you could have. And it’s just not something this game needs. It doesn’t add much, just create more work. Work that could be placed in more important areas, like music, visuals, AI, etc.

      • I think that voice acting adds a whole lot to a game. I think that it would be work all of the extra effort.

        At the very least, there could be voice clips for things like “Is that a knife?” “Get away from me!” “Someone, help!” and it wouldn’t be necessary for all dialogue in the entire game.

  29. I would much rather you take breaks from the main game than get burnt out and never finish, but I would expect a timetable of when you plan to stop development, how long development time would take on whatever side project you’re working on, and when you expect to resume development of the main game. I think transparency is the best policy, and I don’t think anyone will fault you too badly for it. I am definitely excited for this game and I’m impressed by the progress seen so far.

    As for features, I would love to see you begin work on more complex NPC interactions – I want to see Yandere-chan start rumors, make friends, join clubs, give gifts, etc. And I really want to see more dialogue from Sidekick-chan!

  30. Kyoren to the rescue~

    If you guys are looking for voice actresses, i’ll be able to find DOZENS of girls who would want to voice act as Yandere-Chan. You see, if you look at my soundcloud, i’m an UTAU Artist, in the UTAForum there are a LOT of good singers and most of them are female.. if you guys want, i can recruit some for you? A lot of people at UTAForum are already supporting the game and wanting to test it XDD

    So how many samples do you guys need? and requirements?

    • I appreciate that a lot, Kyoren!

      At the moment, I’m not actually prepared to start asking for voicework. I have not yet compiled a full list of all the lines that I’ll need in the demo. I won’t even be able to know all of the lines that the demo will need until after I’ve implemented every feature and programmed all of the functionality. Until all of the game mechanics are set in place, I can’t start asking for voice work.

      I think it would be a bad idea if I started asking for samples now, and then spent several months working on the game, and then contacted a bunch of voice actors and said “Hey, remember me from a few months ago? Yeah, I’m FINALLY ready to get lines from you now. Huh? What do you mean you are no longer available?” I’d rather save the voice stuff until almost the very end of the project.

      The day will eventually come where everything will be set in place, and the game will sound awkwardly silent because there are no voices. And on that day, I will definitely ask for your assistance!

      • Alright then~ Just tell me when you need me c:

        and @Jron. Yea, i’m actually planning on them to do their own creepy laugh and senpai-love voice xDD Let’s just wait and see then :3

    • We could have them all do try-outs for the role…

      1st trial would measure creepiness factor, 2nd would be how genuine their crazy laughter could get, and lastly they’d all have to try killing each other for the spot… genius! 😀

  31. The timescale doesn’t necessarily have to be the same for all gameplay periods. A reasonable timescale for after school would make lunch and morning too short for a player to explore an environment and mechanics that may have a lot of possibilities. Maybe lunch should be triple or quadruple time instead of one minute is one second (60x!). Do you want this game to be so simple that the player can have meaningful action, meaningful discovery, meaningful final setup and execution, in less than 3 minutes? Less than 60 seconds so they can be back in class without penalty? Assuming they know exactly what to do, when and where, and how to do it? I understand that this should be taking place over several days; if you want emphasis on the passing of many days then that’s a design decision you can make, and test.

    I think timescale should be dependent on what freedoms and opportunities you want to give the player in a given gameplay period, and there’s no rule that says time needs to pass uniformly if it poses an overbearing limitation on the player. I feel strongly about the need for limitations that improve the player experience and drive action and excitement, and that no time limits whatsoever (excepting maybe special events, like chasing senpai through the woods with a cleaver on a school trip) might be just an easy way out of a problem that is hard to solve, but could be very worth the effort.

    There’s a difference between meticulous setup and gaming the system such that you can’t lose; with no time limit there’s no risk or drive to action unless you force it by decreasing player opportunity and freedom. If there’s no drive, no risk, then it’s just a sandbox, in my mind. Nothing wrong with sandboxes, but it would seem to me that is not the goal, and it would definitely be squandering some potential. I also think that timescale options are certainly a reasonable idea, but they will greatly decrease your ability to tune and balance mechanics and player experience.

    Making small games is fun, make them, having fun prevents burn out and stagnation. I would also encourage you to think of yan-sim on a greater scale, a totally different scale than a minigame. Where you want this game to end up is just as important, if not definitely a bit more important, than where anyone else wants it to go. A bigger game seems to be the goal unless I’m mistaken, and that’s definitely where I’d love to see it.

    • That’s an extremely well-thought-out comment.

      I was thinking of the exact same thing; the speed of time will affect every other aspect of the game. A rapid timescale would lend itself to fast-paced, frenetic gameplay, almost like Hotline Miami, as the player scrambles to complete tasks with very limited time. A slow timescale would allow the player to meticulously plan and set up an elaborate master plan and conduct the perfect crime. No timescale at all would give the player complete freedom, but would also remove any sense of risk or urgency.

      In the Hitman series, the player decides the pace of the game; most NPCs will not begin performing an action or traveling to a destination until the player has triggered an event. For example, if the target is sitting in a hot tub, the player has to force him out by shutting off the hot tub remotely, forcing the target to leave the tub and investigate. The player doesn’t have to worry about waiting around for the target to leave the tub, or worry about rushing to the target so that he doesn’t miss the moment the target leaves the tub. The target will leave that tub when the player DECIDES it’s time for him to leave (which is probably after the player has set up an elaborate trap just outside the tub).

      I don’t want my game to be a reskin of Hitman, but I do want it to have a similar pace – and Hitman is not a fast-paced, frenetic game – so I’m anticipating a very slow timescale, comparable to real life – either 6x the speed of real-life, or slower.

  32. Is the classroom part of the Game Asset Studio collection or some other model pack, or was it made by whoever volunteered to create models for you?

  33. Side note, on your ‘Work on smaller project outside of Yandere Sim’ why not find a way to merge them? Two birds with one stone? Make your smaller project and work it into Yandere Sim.

    For example, lets say you make a 2D Platformer Minigame. Short, sweet, fun. Yandere-chan has a TV in her room, so why not have some way for her to buy it for her Nintendo or something? It’d be a fun little time sink, and it’s more stuff to do in the game.

    Think of it like the NES games in Animal Crossing. They don’t exactly add anything to the main game, but people love them and unlocking them. You could incorporate it in like that. And the best part is by making them video games, you can create something entirely separate from yandere sim, put it in there, and it still make complete logical sense.

    • I have a problem with arbitrarily dropping a game into Yandere Sim just because it was a project that I worked on while I was developing Yandere Sim. If I include a minigame inside of another game, I want it to fit in and be logically consistent with that game. If there was a playable game console in Yandere-chan’s room, it should contain a game that SHE would own and play.

      In one of my other game ideas, the main character is a girl who fights crime while wearing a white-and-pink outfit that looks like shitty cosplay. If you interact with a game console in her home, you can play a retro video game featuring a crime-fighter that wears a cool white-and-pink outfit. The player can infer that the protagonist of the game is attempting (poorly) to imitate the character from the retro game. The minigame serves the purpose of deepening the character’s backstory. (There would obviously be more to the character’s backstory than that, though.)

      While I do have a strong desire to work on a short project that is about as complex as a minigame, the projects that I MOST want to work on are long adventures with cool characters and deep stories and elaborate settings; I don’t want what I work on to be limited to “something that would fit into Yandere Sim”; I want to have the freedom to work on a project that doesn’t necessarily fit into Yandere Sim.

      • Yeah, I’ve definitely considered it.

        Sometimes when I’m playing the game and I stalk a dude / take pictures of a dude / kill for a dude, I feel a little uncomfortable. I can’t identify with feelings of love towards a dude, but I can identify with feelings of love towards a chick.

        I would feel more comfortable stalking a chick / taking pictures of a chick / killing for a chick, and I bet that there might be other gamers who feel the same way. Not because I enjoy stalking/creepshots/murder, but because I am more comfortable playing as a character that loves chicks than a character who loves dudes.

        Here’s how I imagine the game should start out:

        The game begins the night before the first day of the second year of high school. Yandere-chan is in her bed, contemplating her big day tomorrow. She thinks about how wonderful it would be to meet someone special at school, and fall in love. She begins to daydream about what her ideal lover would look like.

        The screen fades to white, and we enter a “character creation” screen. At this screen, we design Yandere-chan’s ideal lover. The character can be male or female.

        After we have designed the character, Yandere-chan wakes up. She looks at her clock and realizes that school starts in 15 minutes. She jumps out of her bed. With no time to eat breakfast, she dashes out of her house with a piece of buttered toast still in her mouth.

        As she turns a corner, she collides with someone, and the both of them fall to the ground.

        The person who Yandere-chan collided with is the character who the player designed while Yandere-chan was sleeping. Yandere-chan instantly recognizes this person as the same person from her dreams. She decides that meeting this person was her destiny, and that she is fated to be with them.

        The person mentions that they have to go, or else they will be late for the first day of their third year at highschool. This means they are Yandere-chan’s senior, or her “Senpai”.

        Senpai-kun (or “Senpai-chan”) goes dashing off. Yandere-chan follows them. Both of them are running to school, but it really doesn’t matter what Senpai’s destination is. At this point, Yandere-chan would be following Senpai no matter WHERE they were running. Yandere-chan has already decided to follow this person to the ends of the earth.

        What happens next is the first day of school. This is a tutorial in which Yandere-chan must stalk her Senpai. This teaches the player the controls, teaches the player the penalties for getting spotted doing something suspicious, and teaches the player how to recover lost reputation. There might also be a tutorial here on how to use the camera.

        At the end of the school day, Yandere-chan is stalking Senpai when she notices someone come running up to Senpai. It’s Senpai’s childhood friend. Yandere-chan quickly notices several extremely obvious signs that Senpai’s childhood friend is in love with Senpai.

        Senpai’s childhood friend says, “I’ve got something really important to tell you on Friday.”

        “Why does it have to wait until Friday? Why can’t you tell me now?”

        “It’s ~ a ~ se ~ cret!”

        There is a popular myth at Yandere-chan’s highschool. If you confess your love to someone underneath a special tree on a Friday, they will love you forever.

        Yandere-chan concludes that Senpai’s childhood friend is planning to confess to him underneath that tree on Friday. In that moment, Yandere-chan decides that Senpai’s childhood friend must be eliminated by any means necessary.

        Day 2 begins. The tutorial is over. Your objective: dispose of Senpai’s childhood friend before the week is through.

        (If the player makes Senpai a female, this has the side-effect of turning every rival in the game into a lesbian.)

  34. How many other assets like the classroom have you considered purchasing? Or have you purchased more since you posted that last sneak peek? I’m asking because the purchase pages for assets like that classroom also have YouTube videos showing off the game environment, and I figured I could use the vids for my project…

    I wouldn’t want to put in those sample videos to show off the game’s environmental design if you weren’t actually going to use their corresponding assets, that’s my reasoning. Like I said before, the only immediate ones I saw that could be useful to you would be the corridor, infirmary, restroom, and pool, but I may have missed some things.

  35. Wow… that was just… beautiful.

    Decapitations, stabbing, and you even did the classic Yandere eyes like I always wanted… that video was worth an entire update all by itself, bravo! 😀

    And 1 more video for the project, thanks for that.

  36. I think that it’s best for you to work on Yandere Simulator with clear head(only then you feel like doing it).

    Speaking of the new features, I’d like to use the camera on the phone “silently”(attracting minimum attention). For example: taking shots from the hip, or if you are taking a panty shot, moving the phone to the legs level(with camera looking upwards, of course).

    This means that taking shots should be automatic, but of course there shouldn’t be any “obstacles” in taking a picture.

    Thank you for reading.

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