Camera Features and Yandere Vision

I’ve made a lot of progress. I’ve implemented the ability to take pictures with a camera, and have the game recognize what the player has taken a picture of.

After taking a picture, the player has three options: Save, Send, and Delete. “Save” stores the image as a .png. “Send” sends the image to a sidekick character who can provide you with assistance if you send them the right pictures.

Collecting Student Information

If you snap a picture of a student, Sidekick-chan will provide some information on that student:

Depending on what club the student is in, they will be able to tell if you’ve stolen something. (If you’re not in the Music club, but you’re carrying around a guitar case, and a member of the Music club spots you, they will be able to tell that you’ve stolen property from the Music club. However, members of OTHER clubs won’t be able to tell that you’ve stolen something.)

A student’s personality determines how they react to murder (flee the school, tell a teacher, hide amongst other students, fight you, express gratitude, etc).

Knowing a student’s crush can help you play Cupid and get two NPCs in a relationship with one another, which is a non-lethal way to stop your current rival from confessing her love to Senpai-kun.

Panty Shots

Sidekick-chan is VERY sleazy, and sells panty shots to perverted male students. You can provide her with pictures of girls’ panties in exchange for favors.

The game remembers who you have already taken a panty shot of, and what type of panties you’ve already collected pictures of. This opens the door the panty-related Achievements.

Yandere Vision

By holding down a specific button, the player can activate “Yandere Vision”. While Yandere Vision is active, the player can see the location of specific students. Your beloved Senpai-kun will be visible as a pink silhouette, and your current rival will be visible as a red silhouette.

If you snap a picture of a student and have Sidekick-chan send you information about that student, you will learn that student’s schedule. As a result, that student will appear as a yellow silhouette during Yandere Vision, since you always know where they are:

Yandere Vision will also highlight weapons, corpses, and incriminating evidence.

Using photographs of Senpai-kun

Every time the player performs a violent or criminal action, the character’s “Yandere Meter” will increase, causing her to appear more suspicious and dangerous to NPCs. One method to lower the Yandere Meter is to perform an evil laugh, but the player can also snap pictures of Senpai and then “use” them to lower her stress level and the Yandere Meter.

There is currently no animation for using a picture of Senpai, but the functionality is there:

Sidekick-chan Responses

Now that the game can identify what the player has taken a picture of, I’m going to have a lot of fun writing Sidekick-chan’s response to every weird thing the player might send her a picture of.

Some people have expressed an interest in collecting “trophies” of their kills by snapping a picture of their victims’ corpses. This is actually unwise, because if the police become suspicious of you and ask to have a look at your phone, they will instantly discover evidence that you’re linked to the murders.

Think twice before you take a picture of that dead girl’s panties! But maybe there will be an Achievement for completing the game while brashly carrying around tons of incriminating evidence…


I’ve always wanted to include a “ghost” easter egg somewhere in the game – the victim of a murder that takes place before the game begins. I figured out how to make a character invisible during normal gameplay, but visible during photographs.

I’m really happy with how the camera features are coming along! I hope players find the camera useful and fun to use.

94 thoughts on “Camera Features and Yandere Vision

  1. Nice update, but I have a few questions.
    1. Would 1 photo of Senpai-kun completely wipe the yandere meter, or would it take a few?
    2. Is there a limit to how many pictures of Senpai-kun you can hold at once?
    3. Do you plan to make the students react to the camera in any way? Such as if they notice you trying to take a panty shot, they might walk away, or put their hands in the way or something.
    4. And last but not least, is it possible to take a panty shot of the ghost to send?

    • I uploaded a new video that better demonstrates the using-a-picture-of-Senpai feature.

      You can only save 5 pictures of Senpai-kun per day. Using one picture of Senpai-kun lowers the Yandere Meter by 20%. Potentially, you could raise the Yandere Meter to 100% and then lower it to 0% using nothing but pictures of Senpai-kun.

      Students should probably get annoyed if you snap a picture of them; it should result in a reputation drop if you get got. Being a member of the Photography club means that nobody thinks it’s suspicious when you take pictures, but taking panty shots is ALWAYS suspicious and results in a harsh reputation drop if you get caught.

      It’s not currently implemented, but I can definitely make it possible to take a panty shot of the ghost. In fact, it should probably result in an Achievement!

  2. Hey I just Re-found this in my bookmarks, Just want to tell you this is awesome and to keep on keeping on man.

    Stay based.

  3. Checking the progress of this project has become something I look forward to every two weeks. Thanks for your hard work, Yandere dev.

  4. So Dev, any hints as to what you’ll work towards next? With all this progress you’ve made in several different areas in such a relatively short amount of time, I was kinda at a loss for what glaring things still need doing (not including things like animations)…

    I dug up that short list I made for the last update concerning things you could work on before the game’s demo, but I’m not sure which you’d prioritize at this point:

    1. Concealed/concealable weapons – UNFINISHED
    2. School sim aspects – UNFINISHED
    3. Game Over Sequence – UNFINISHED
    4. Reputation System – UNFINISHED
    5. NPC behaviours – IN PROGRESS

    With this most recent update, how much further would you say it’s propelled the game towards a state that would be “satisfactory” for a demo/playable alpha version? It’s in a better and more polished state than some games I see in Steam’s Early Access program these days, and people *pay* just to “play” those…

    • I don’t want to sound discouraging or make you disappointed, but I feel as though a playable demo won’t be ready until early next year. I also don’t particularly feel like compiling a list of everything that the demo will need, because I might change my mind about any of the bullet-points, or forget about some of the features that need to get in, or might realize along the way how many more features I need.

      The next thing I’m interested in working on is the “school sim” aspect of the game. I’d like for Yandere chan to arrive at school and have a specific amount of time before classes start, and then have a classroom “scene” of some kind, which might involve some interactivity, or might just be a text box that says “She went to class for a few hours.” Then she gets to walk around during lunchtime, then she has to go back to class, then she gets to walk around after school, then she has to go home. I’d like to be able to play 5 days of school and see how it “feels”, if that makes sense. This would also involve starting out at home / returning home, having Yandere-chan pick what panties to wear and arrange things on her corkboard, etc.

      I still need to finish implementing some camera-related stuff, like adding a little animation when Yandere-chan views a Senpai photo, programming Yandere-vision to display an NPC’s club / personality so the player can plan how they will react, and also programming the game to acknowledge a Ghost panty shot and produce a unique reaction from the sidekick girl when shown a Ghost photograph.

      Even though this game might technically be considered more polished than some other games, I still have very high standards for video games, and I wouldn’t be satisfied sharing only what I’ve got so far.

      Personally, what would you be most excited to see in the next update?

      • Quite the contrary, knowing a general date for a demo is actually more than I could have hoped for, and I’ll be perfectly willing to wait.

        On the subject of the next update, everything you mentioned from the school sim stuff to the little things sounds like a great next step to take.

        I have some ideas in regards to possible panties however, assuming that they can give you special enhancements and may be unlockable in some way:

        Boring Beige Panties (or no panties?) – Default panties, no special effect.

        White Panties of Purity – It’s that time of the month again, but these panties will enable Yandere-chan to avoid getting anyone’s blood on her clothes or shoes. This means no needing to swap out new uniforms or clean up bloody footprints!

        Green Panties of Envy – Payback’s a bitch, and these panties will help Yandere-chan bitch-slap all her rivals into next week! She does double damage to rivals, and killing them only increases her Yandere Meter by half as much!

        Purple Panties of Royalty – Enforce the pecking order with these queen-bee panties! Yandere-chan’s Reputation drops 25% less than normal, and killing NPC’s and rivals also slightly increases her reputation for each kill!

        Black Lace Panties of Seduction – Improve your confidence and sex-appeal with these dark undergarments! Being near Senpai-kun will no longer cause you to be shy and clumsy, and looking at pictures of Senpai-kun decreases your Yandere Meter by 33 points instead of just 20!

        Red Lace Panties of Vampirism – Maintain your youthful and sane appearance by drinking the blood of your enemies! These panties make it so that getting blood on yourself decreases your Yandere Meter! Standing in pools of blood also slowly decreases your Yandere Meter over time!

        Pink Lace Yandere Panties – Give in to your inner Yandere with matching pink panties! These panties make Yandere-chan’s Yandere Meter increase twice as fast/much as usual, but makes her Yandere Laugh drain the Meter twice as fast. In addition, being at 100% Yandere Meter also gives Yandere-chan sight of everyone in Yandere Vision, even if she hasn’t obtained info on them or their schedules.

        Heart Print Panties of Love – The perfect panties for the lovelorn stalker! Being relatively close to Senpai-kun keeps Yandere-chan’s Yandere Meter from rising above 50%, regardless of the actions she takes in that radius! In addition, being near Senpai-kun also slowly decreases the Yandere Meter over time!

        Cat Print Panties of Agility – Embody the speed and reflexes of a cat with these fur-lined panties! Yandere-chan will passively move faster, complete actions, and be more stealthy by 25%! Nyan!

        Skull Print Panties of Death – Become death, the destroyer of rivals, with these cursed panties of doom! Killing rivals and NPC’s increases her Yandere Meter 50% more than usual, but dismembering bodies, burning evidence, and cleaning up blood now all decrease the Yandere Meter to compensate.

        Some of the special abilities these panties could grant you may be harder to implement than others, so keep that in mind. I suppose the panties could be acquired for getting certain achievements, killing rivals in certain ways, etc.

        Some of their enhancements may seem a little overpowered in some circumstances, but it’s the opportunity cost of picking certain panties you’ve got to look at here, as well as which panties fit the players playstyle the best.

        “Life is like underwear, it should be changed twice a day.”
        ― Ray Bradbury

      • About this panties buffs – in my opinion they shouldn’t be available in first playthrough. Having them after beating the game could make replaying the game more fun and collecting every pantie would be nice post-game challange.

  5. Hey, Dev. Great update today. I just have a quick question about the mechanics of panty shots.

    You mentioned that panty shots will work as a sort of currency between Yandere-chan and Newspaper-chan, in which you could exchange them for “favors”. What kinds of favors do you have in mind for this? Would it just be advice or additional information about your target, or would it connect to some sort of tangible unlockable item? Maybe just secret goodies for fun?

    • I haven’t actually decided on all the different ways it could impact gameplay. Newspaper-chan could print a front-page article about Yandere-chan, saying nice things about her to improve her reputation at school. Newspaper-chan could sneak a specific weapon into a specific location for you. Or she could send her informants out to learn who has a crush on who, and instantly give you the information you need to dispatch your rival using the “Cupid” method. I’m sure a bunch of other ideas will occur to me as I develop the game, as well.

  6. I’ve seen a lot of 4chan projects get some good steam rolling in development and then halt and are never picked up again. This is really great, so please don’t stop. I realize that real life can get hectic, but if you ever decide to not finish the game, release what you have done so that your time isn’t wasted.

    Looking forward to finished product. It looks great so far.

  7. Great update as always. I have several idea for this:
    – From what I look in the video, you need to be in somewhat point-blank range to get the panty shot. I know this is for challenge, but perhaps to ease the level you might want to consider for phone customization (let’s just say her phone is quite advanced that you can modify the lens, so you can snipe the panty shot from safe point), or if you want to add batshit crazy item… surveillance drone perhaps? that’s just my crazy idea though.
    – if phone customization is out of option, then you might need to modify the NPC behavior to make one of the chance, such as when they pass through stairs, bent to take some items, or some wild winds from nowhere flip their skirt (that means external cause).
    Oh and I got a question. What happen if you take panty shot from a corpse then send it to sidekick-chan? For example if I hadn’t take the picture then I kill the NPC, and then took the panty picture.. what will be happen?

    • If you take a picture of a dead body, dismembered body part, pool of blood, or bloody footprint, the game identifies it as a picture of “evidence”. Sidekick-chan’s reaction is to tell you not to message her with bloody gore because it’s incriminating for the both of you.

      • Ahh i see, so that means any reward (or achievement) will be gone if the character dies first, am I correct?
        It’s become more challenging….

      • There will probably be some achievements that can be “locked out” depending on your actions. For example, if you kill a schoolgirl without taking a picture of her panties first, you’ll never get the “Took a picture of every girl’s panties” Achievement.

        Of course, you can always reload a save or start a new game to get the opportunity back.

  8. Looking forward to this.
    Also, have you given any thought about how long the body will bleed after you’ve chopped it up?

    Please take your time and have fun making the game!

    • I haven’t spent a lot of time thinking about that specific aspect of the game…I suppose it might make one blood pool and then stop…it will probably be something I’ll adjust until I get it right.

  9. Sorry for the late comeback~ i just thought of some more stuffs for this game (from improvised weapon ideas, to other gameplay mechanics). It really took me a while, it took such a long time, that i needed an entire notebook to jot down every idea i had. And the ideas everyone contributed here is really helping out as i seen so far ^^ If you guys need to contact me or call me, feel free to add me on skype: kyorenn
    It will also take me a century to type all of my ideas out, so i’d prefer it if you guys would talk to me xD

    I’m sure this game will turn out well~ so keep it up >w>//

  10. These are some fantastic updates!

    Is the ghost feature simply an Easter egg, or will it play into the overall game somehow?
    I know you said they were the ghosts of people who died long ago, but it’d be interesting if the ghosts of people you murdered could also come back and attempted to exact revenge in some fashion. Granted, I imagine this would only happen if the character you killed had aggressive traits when they were alive.

  11. Please make that Yandere-chan and Sidekick-chan start using Tox after Sidekick-chan texts Yandere-chan for the first time. They certainly shouldn’t be using something as insecure texts for their little game.

  12. Will the game feature a kind of “These scenes are fictional, please don’t do that in real life” warning? If yes, are you planning to have some fun with it?

    • I never really thought about it. I suppose that, if I did, I would say something like this:

      “The developers of this game do not condone murder, blackmail, bullying, kidnapping, sexual harassment, or any of the other harmful behaviors depicted within this game.”

      At the moment, I’m having a hard time figuring out how to stick a joke somewhere in there…

      • How about:

        β€œThe developers of this game do not condone murder, blackmail, bullying, kidnapping, sexual harassment, or any of the other harmful behaviors depicted within this game. Unless it’s in the pursuit of true love, in which case… go crazy.”


      • >having a hard time figuring out how to stick a joke somewhere in there
        The obvious way would be adding “You’d have to be completely insane to actually do this” to the warning.

  13. I can figure Sidekick-chan is gonna be important to the gameplay, can there be something funny if you try and attack her? Assuming she has a model you can interact with. Like what if she’s a master of Aikido and if you try and stab her or hit her with something, all she does is flip you over and laughs or something.

    • She attends school, but she is always 5 minutes late to school. She leaves class 5 minutes before lunchtime, she goes to her clubroom and locks herself inside. Additionally, she is always 5 minutes late to class after lunchtime. Same goes for after-school clubtime.

      This way, the player NEVER has an opportunity to physically interact with her.

    • I liked your “Lost Time Memory ” the best out of all those, for the game at least.

      A nice thing to have for Yandere-chan’s house could be a radio or music player that the player could activate to play various music, tunes, and songs, kind of how Bastion put it’s soundtrack in the game via that record player.

      • In addition, you could add a music playlist app for the phone alongside the camera function, so that Yandere-chan could listen to music of the player’s choice while doing her dark deeds… kind of like how Audiosurf works, but not exactly.

      • It would definitely be easy to implement that feature. I also know how to make a game search a specific folder for music files or images planted there by the player, so you could listen to a custom playlist while enjoying the game.

    • Nice music! It doesn’t match what I had in mind for Yandere Sim’s soundtrack, but it’s not bad.

      I’m thinking about contacting a musician and asking him to make a song that has the same BPM, instruments, and length as this song:

      I have a plan for a promotional trailer that is in sync with this music. The “beats” in this song are EXACTLY two seconds apart (I confirmed it with audio software) and I’d like to make a trailer composed of two-second video clips set to gentle music. Each clip would show off a different feature from the game / method of killing, contrasting violence with soothing music.

      Do you think you could produce a song like the one I linked to, or is that not your specialty?

      • Hmmm… I didn’t *exactly* answer your question from before about what I’d be most excited for in the next update, so here goes…

        Any sort of trailer or short compilation video of the features thus far, with or without music, would be fantastic. At the very least, it could serve as a testament to how far you’ve come in the game’s development. Seeing the implementation of that custom music feature for Yandere-chan’s phone that I suggested would also be cool, and whatever things you decide to end up doing for the school sim aspects as well.

        If you decided to make 2 or more trailers, with one being the “soothing music” one, I would personally recommend a music piece like “Mz. Hyde” by Halestorm for the other trailer, regardless of content.

        I just really liked this, so yeah:

        Anyway, hearing something like that in a trailer for the game or being able to listen to it while carving a swath through the school’s hallway with that new music feature I mentioned would be pretty awesome. πŸ˜€

  14. Stop me if I am being weird, but have you planned how far you want to go for methods or murder? Will there be room for potential extreme cruelty? Particularly slow and inefficient methods or murder?

    I’m getting serial killer roguelike vibes, as terrible as that is.

    • Ah, now that’s something I’d like to discuss! Seeing as how the first anime I ever saw was “Another” (basically Final Destination, but not shitty), I’ve since grown quite fond of the darker, bloodier, and more horror-centric animes out there like Higurashi, Elfen Lied, Hellsing, Corpse Party, etc.

      Considering that this game already has copious amounts of blood and some basic gore elements in it, and will obviously earn a well-deserved M-rating, I don’t see why the Dev can’t make things as gruesome and dark as possible, within reason.

      For example, games like Gears of War, Borderlands, and Dead Space have people dieing in some of the worst and bloodiest possible ways… while games like Manhunt back in the day were very controversial with the amount of violence they had. My point is that the bar has been lowered quite a bit, so *almost* anything goes.

      While simple blood and gore are somewhat different than torture, I feel that almost any and all methods of murdering/executing rivals should be on the table here, with the exception of sexual-eque torture.

      Here’s a list of some basic deaths I can think of (not quite 1000 ways to die lol):

      1. Stabbing
      2. Strangulation
      3. Blunt trauma
      4. Falling
      5. Drowning
      6. Poisoning
      7. Asphyxiation
      8. Shooting
      9. Bleeding out
      10. Hanging
      11. Starvation
      12. Dehydration
      13. Organ failure

      Now, for particularly torturous methods for either killing or just for fun (please don’t judge me):

      1. Ripping out fingernails

      2. Putting glass shards in their mouths and punching them in the face

      3. Slowly drilling into their skull

      4. Impalement of some sort, piercing inward through the anus and out through the mouth/head

      5. Locking someone in a box or burying them alive

      6. Throw them alive into an oven or furnace

      6. Stretch out their limbs to the point of splitting/snapping

      7. Water torture, or even waterboarding?

      8. Lock them alive in a fridge or freezer

      9. Have rats or similar creatures eat them alive

      10. Cut off individual limbs, fingers, ears, eyes, etc. while they’re still alive

      11. Stick their head in a vice, and slowly crush them

      12. Get a saw of some sort and slowly split them down the middle

      13. Pour acid or other chemicals on them, down their throat, or in their eyes

      14. Whip them to death via excessive flagellation

      15. Skin them alive

      16. Submerge them in boiling water or a molten substance

      17. Drive stakes into their joints, wrists, ankles, knees, elbows, etc.

      18. Cut out their Achilles tendons, and watch them try to crawl away

      Things that would probably be off-limits or especially taboo would be any torture explicitly involving the breasts or genitals, including mutilation, severing, burning, cutting, etc.

      Since this game will limit nudity to some degree (no stripping pantsu off dead chicks, right?), it would only make sense to exclude sexual torture, but other than that, he should go crazy. That’s what being a Yandere is all about, right? πŸ˜€


      I actually just remembered one of the Dev’s old quotes from his first-ever post:

      Q: Can I kidnap and sexually torture girls in this game?

      A: “This game will have violence and blood, but it is not intended to be a torture simulator or a lesbian rape simulator. It’s a stealth game first and foremost. There are no plans for sex scenes, either.”

      • Torture seems like it’d be a bit over the top for this. Just simple kills would probably work better. For one think of all the new animations that would be necessary. And something tells me that a school isn’t a good place to stage a torture when the person being tortured could possible give away the position with screaming or crying or something.

    • I’m imagining the kill animations playing out like the animations for Manhunt:

      For example, a knife’s kill animations would be…

      Low Yandere Meter: Grab victim, stab neck to severe spinal column, drop them.

      Medium Yandere Meter: Stab victim in the gut, then slit their throat.

      High Yandere Meter: Knock victim to the ground, climb on top of them, stab them repeatedly while giggling joyfully.

      The longest High Yandere kill shouldn’t last longer than, for example, the longest Manhunt kill. 5 seconds should be the average length of a kill animation. High Yandere Meter kills should last longer, as a sort of punishment to the player for letting the meter get that high – but if they ENJOY performing yandere actions, then the longer kill animations should be a nice reward for them.

      Kill animations shouldn’t last longer than that, since that would break up the flow of gameplay. The player should be able to feel like a Yandere character, but the game isn’t meant to be about killing slowly or cruel torture.

      Some of the “unique” kill animations might seem especially brutal, like setting the president of the cooking club on fire, but such deaths are meant to be fitting / ironic / related to the character who is dying that way, not meant to be gratuitously torturous.

      • Wow… I can see why you said an animator would be the most valuable asset.

        As of now, you have plenty of blood and the basic dismemberment down, but should we expect additional things like animations for cutting up bodies (rather than the fading to black) and maybe some giblets of some sort? Bashing a girl in the head with a hammer might leave some chunks…

        I guess my question is: You said the animations would be similar to Manhunt’s great (but aged) animations (albeit with a more girly and delightfully Yandere flair), but can we expect the same level of gore and brutality from Yandere-chan as we could from Manhunt? Seeing rival girl’s heads explode or get lopped off and laughed at in a High Yandere Meter kill animation would be quite… sublime.

        *Ahem*… this comment section got dark pretty quickly… in a good way though, right? XP

      • I think that Mirai Nikki, Another, and Higurashi have just as much bloody violence as Manhunt does; to that end, I’d like for the players to experience the level of gore and brutality they’ve come to associate with Yandere characters, so I’m pretty sure I will be matching Manhunt’s level of gore and brutality, only because I think it’s on par with violent horror anime.

        I’m not sure what the animation for cutting up body parts should really look like. Squat over a corpse, systematically chop off each limb? Would that get boring after seeing it 20 times? When Agent 47 puts on a disguise, we simply see him bend over, move his hands around, and then stand up while wearing a new outfit. We don’t actually see him peel off his pants, change his socks, take off his tie, etc. It’s a video game; the player wants to tap a button and see a result. I’m leaning towards not having a cutscene for chopping up bodies.

        Giblets might be a thing, though.

  15. I miss gurochan.

    I’d be okay without elaborate torture, but something really vicious(eye stabbing, throat slitting, repeated stabbing even after they are dead) would be fun. Not something critical to the game, but I liked Hitman’s reports of more vicious serial and spree murderers the more vicious you were. “Six students murdered in school stabbing spree! Serial murderer still AT LARGE!”

    Plus, having an iconic, familiar way of murder is an important way the police find serial killers.

    • We’ll have to see how dark the Dev wants it I guess… I still really like that I idea I had about mashing the X button or clicking furiously on a rival to stab them furiously like with Yandere Clicker… visceral, no?

      On a lighter note, here’s some related music to relax with:

      And an achievement idea: “Angel of Death” – Have Yandere-chan perform all types of murders and trophy-kills in the game.

  16. If only I had stuck with my old animation classes. Making a good, convincing animation for that sort of thing is pretty difficult, because making a natural looking human animation is pretty challenging already and doing it for two interacting characters while having to worry about clipping, various body sizes, and ragdolling afterward can make it into a real nightmare.

    It is also the kind of thing enhanced by good voice acting and sound design -Manhunt’s satisfying crunches and quiet pleas for mercy set it apart from the average.

  17. Speaking of voice acting, I know you have plans to make Yandere-chan herself be voiced, since she laughs to decrease her insanity meter, but will she be fully-voiced, or will she simply be the classic “silent protagonist” like Link from “The Legend of Zelda”?

    Also, will Senpai-kun and other NPCs be voiced? And if so, will they be fully-voiced, or will they just be limited to grunts, screams and short outbursts, like a student who witnessed a murder shouting, “Oh my God, she killed him!” ?

    • I think full voice acting for Yandere-chan (think of her like the Postal Dude) and Senpai-kun would be most ideal, maybe a couple unique lines for rivals, and just basic stuff and idle chatter for NPC’s.

      My dream would be to have Brina Palencia do the voice for Yandere-chan (if the Dev can get in contact with her)… mostly just because she voiced Yuno, but also because she’s done a billion different VA roles in small and large budget animes, as well as some video games.

    • I’ve been imagining her talking, especially in the visual novel cut-scenes, like this one for instance:

      The amount of voice acting in the game will depend on 2 things:

      1. Whether or not I can find people willing to volunteer to do the voice acting for free (who can give a quality performance)
      2. Whether or not there is a crowd-funding drive that raises enough money to hire voice actors

      If neither of those conditions are met, then the characters will speak in gasps and grunts and screams and short outbursts like “Is that blood?!” and so on.

      • If you’re looking for people who might be willing to do it for free, I’d suggest hitting up YouTube and searching for something along the lines of “anime character fandub” or “yandere fandub”.

        If you want to raise money to hire voice actors (and maybe additional development staff), set up a Kickstarter, and advertise it on this site and on your YouTube channel. Those of us who follow you blog can help spread the word too.

      • I’ll eventually make a Kickstarter, but before that time, I want to have a playable demo that demonstrates what the game will be like. I don’t want to be interpreted as a an “idea guy” or a scam artist, so I want to have something really impressive to show off before I start asking anybody to donate money.

  18. We’ve talked about demos, Kickstarters, and money before, but what would you set your hypothetical goal at for a Kickstarter? You’ve previously mentioned figures like $10,000 and $50,000 for the bare minimum and optimal funds needed, respectively.

    What I’m trying to piece together is the optimal financial set-up in regards to a Kickstarter, which would probably be easier for someone who’s gonna major in Finance rather than Comm Studies like myself.

    To do this though, we’ll have to keep some factors in mind:

    1. There’s roughly 1500 people we *know* are currently following this game’s development, based on the the amount of respondents from the polls you’ve done. However, you can add to that number people who are lurkers or people who never comment on the blog or answer any polls. In addition, take into account the people who have heard about this game in passing or at least know of it’s existence via places like Reddit, YouTube, and 4chan.

    2. When you release that playable demo early next year, I expect the number of people who follow this game in some fashion will increase exponentially, and it’ll lend some serious credibility and substance to your campaign.

    3. The creation of a Kickstarter page, along with any other social media pages promoting the game, will also greatly influence the game’s popularity and get the word out simply by existing.

    So, with those factors in place, we can estimate how easily you could hit your funding goals. Take note that I believe your game should probably be at least $10 (like Surgeon and Goat Sim). Free is nice, but you and Yandere Sim deserve better, in my opinion.

    With a conservative estimate, we could assume that the current 1500 loyal followers will at least double to 3000 people after promotions and the demo. Even more conservatively, we could say that *only* 10% of those 3000 followers would donate to your Kickstarter in some amount, leaving you with only 300 backers.

    Let’s divvy up those seemingly measly 300 backers, shall we? I’ll base the backer numbers on the averages I’ve seen with other games on Kickstarter:

    240 people may donate $10 = $2,400

    25 people may donate $25 = $625

    5 people may donate $50 = $250

    20 people may donate $100 = $2,000

    5 people may donate $250 = $1,250

    3 people may donate $500 = $1,500

    2 people may donate $1000 = $2,000

    In total, those brave 300 backers (led by Leonidas, of course) alone could donate roughly $10,000 towards your Kickstarter! With only that “measly” 10% of this game’s potential followers, you could probably meet your bare minimum funding goal.

    Now, throwing out the conservative estimates, let’s take another look. Let’s assume that followers of Yandere Sim increase to about 5000 people, and that 50% of them decide to back your Kickstarter. That now leaves you with a sizable 2500 backers.

    1500 people may donate $10 = $15,000

    500 people may donate $25 = $12,500

    200 people may donate $50 = $10,000

    260 people may donate $100 = $26,000

    25 people may donate $250 = $6,250

    10 people may donate $500 = $5,000

    5 people may donate $1000 = $5,000

    With only 50% of those potential followers choosing to back your Kickstarter, you could rake in about $80,000 for Yandere Sim’s development, which would far exceed your optimal 50k and several stretch goals to boot.

    Those two examples I gave would probably be close to worst and best-case scenarios, but we won’t know how well it’ll do until the Kickstarter has actually been created.

    For now though, the decision rests with you on what the best goal would be, 10k, 50k, or maybe somewhere in-between like at $25,000?

    If you wanted to play it safe but not completely short-change yourself, you could put out a funding goal of $25,000 in a 30-day campaign, with various stretch goals going on at 5k intervals. My money (literally) is counting on Yandere Sim being backed with at least 25k, so if the game gets more money than that, you’ll have more flexibility.

    However, here’s a couple current stats straight from the Kickstarter website:

    1. 80% of projects that raised more than 20% of their goal were successfully funded.

    2. Most successfully funded projects raise less than $10,000, but a growing number have reached six and even seven figures.

    The first statistic means that it might just be better to go for the full 50k goal, rather than compromising at 25k. Since 20% of 50k is $10,000, I would guess that if Yandere Sim is popular enough to raise 25k, it could very well gain enough momentum to get 50k. All-or-nothing, basically.

    The second statistic isn’t meant to discourage you, as asking 50k for Yandere Sim’s Kickstarter is still only five figures, and the majority of Kickstarter campaigns that ask for less than 10k aren’t even video games, or are really small-time stuff, unlike Yandere Sim.

    Anyway, that’s all I got on funding-related thoughts. I hope I don’t sound like I’m pushing extra hard for an earlier demo/Kickstarter, I’m just putting out my thoughts on this stuff now, as this conversation will have to be done eventually anyway.

    “Money is only a tool. It will take you wherever you wish, but it will not replace you as the driver.”
    – Ayn Rand

    • Wow! That’s some really interesting information! Backed up by math and actual facts from Kickstarter!

      I feel like I’ll only be able to set a Kickstarter goal after gauging interest in the game once the playable demo has been released. We can hypothesize and make estimated guesses, but I feel like it’s not worth trying to predict the future when any number of things could change between now and then. A celebrity might tweet about the game, causing their 189k followers to hear about it. Maybe the playable demo will be far beneath everyone’s expectations and previously interested followers will lose interest in the game. Maybe a big-name company will announce their own upcoming Yandere girl simulator, promising many features I can’t. Anything could happen, really, so I’m not really going to spend a lot of time thinking about a Kickstarter goal right now.

      • It’s always good to expect the unexpected, yeah. Any hints as to what things you’ve been looking into since Monday? I know you said stuff about school life, classes, school days, and scheduling… how are those working out in practice so far, at least conceptually? Or have you been finishing up those camera-related loose ends you mentioned?

      • Yandere-chan’s room, and the school day “flow”, will be the focus of the next update. Here’s a preview of some stuff you will see in the next update:

        I don’t know how much I’m able to get done by the 15th, since I don’t know how busy I’ll be, so I’m hesitant to promise a list of all the things you’ll see done by the 15th.

        Have you noticed that my answers are always as vague / cautious as possible? I guess I prefer to speak with pictures and videos and playable demos instead of words. Talk is cheap, after all…

  19. I like the video where you troll sidekick-chan :3
    so I have a dumb idea where you can take a picture of the ghost and his reaction is that side-kick is terrified as hell.
    but can i ask a question? can we get info with teachers too? if we can then will the club part will be replaced with subject?

    • Hey, good point, I hadn’t thought about that.

      A teacher wouldn’t be in a club, and a teacher’s personality wouldn’t affect their reaction, and a teacher wouldn’t have a crush on a student, so their “info screen” would have information that is completely irrelevant to gameplay. I suppose their info screen would describe their personality / subject / marital status just for the sake of being consistent with the game, but I think all teachers would react similarly to a crime (call the police and attempt to restrain you).

      • Would the MILF teacher and the school nurse rivals react like the rest of the teachers?

        Also, did you end up going with this realistic schedule that you posted before?

        Students may arrive at school anytime from 7:30 AM to 8:30 AM.
        Homeroom lasts from 8:30 AM to 8:40 AM.
        There is a ten-minute prep for the next class from 8:40 AM to 8:50 AM.
        The first class lasts from 8:50 AM to 9:40 AM.
        There is a ten-minute prep for the next class from 9:40 AM to 9:50 AM.
        The second class lasts from 9:50 AM to 10:40 AM.
        There is a ten-minute prep for the next class from 10:40 AM to 10:50 AM.
        The third class lasts from 10:50 AM to 11:40 AM.
        There is a ten-minute prep for the next class from 11:40 AM to 11:50 AM.
        The fourth class lasts from 11:50 AM to 12:40 PM.
        Lunchtime lasts from 12:40 PM to 1:15 PM.
        There is a ten-minute prep for the next class from 1:15 PM to 1:25 PM.
        The fifth class lasts from 1:25 PM to 2:15 PM.
        There is a ten-minute prep for the next class from 2:15 PM to 2:25 PM.
        The sixth class lasts from 2:25 PM to 3:15 PM.
        Students clean up the school from 3:15 PM to 3:30 PM.
        There is one final Homeroom class from 3:30 PM to 3:45 PM.
        At this point, students are free to leave and go home, or stick around and do club activities.
        During summer, the school closes at 6:00 PM. During winter, the school closes at 4:00 PM.

        Or did you simplify it into the “School, Lunchtime, and After School” sections of a day?

        In addition, are you making it so that the day passes by in real-time with a sped-up in-game clock, or is the clock paused?

        I wasn’t really around when you posted this information several updates ago, so since you’ve come full-circle back to this, I thought now would be the best time. I don’t mind any vague/cautious answers, as pictures are worth a thousand words, after all…

      • I think that the nurse and teacher will have the same behavior as the other “authority figure” characters.

        Wait ’til the 15th for details on how the day plays out.

        I’ll probably start some new polls on the 15th and ask people if they have preferences regarding how many playable segments there are, how long each segment should last, how quickly time should pass, etc.

  20. By the way everyone, there’s a “Best Girl” contest going on over at the r/Anime subreddit… and I expect everyone to vote for Yuno Gasai, of course.


    We can’t let some pathetic and shallow loli-blob like Shiro from NGNL beat the best girl *and* the best Yandere girl of all time, now can we?

    Dev, wouldn’t it be awesome if you could mobilize all 1500 of your followers to sweep Yuno to victory out of nowhere? Think of it as one of those “unexpected” events… if Yuno wins the Best Girl contest, interest in her and Yandere in general will increase, which will lead more people to checking out and supporting your game! All it might take would be a new “update” post that could link people directly to the voting page… don’t do it for me, do it for Yuno and Yandere-kind! πŸ˜€

  21. Unfortunately, Yuno lost to Shiro from NGNL in r/Anime’s joke of a “Best Girl” contest, apparently because an inconsequential loli with absolutely no character development is considered by the uneducated masses to be a “superior” girl to the Queen of Yandere, who made Mirai Nikki and the Yandere trope (in)famous…

    I could get saltier, but I won’t. However, I think it’s appropriate that I imagined Senpai-kun’s little sister as a gamer of sorts… maybe we could get in a little dig at Shiro, Dev, as payback for this insult to Yuno and Yanderes everywhere?

    I’ve got some kills in mind for her…

    High Resolution – Bash her little goddamn skull into a television set repeatedly, and bust her right through the screen.

    Connected – Strangle her with some controller cords or a wired mouse, and relish her pathetic whimpering.

    Hard Hitter – Pillow-fight her… with a brick inside the pillow.

    Spoiler – Feed her some candy/food that she’s allergic to.

    Washed-Up – Give her a bath… with a toaster.

    O-Die-o! – Grease the floor to Senpai-kun’s room so she slips, falls, and dies when trying to wake her Onii-chan up in the morning…

    On Ice – Offer her one of those iconic blue popsicles… except the stick is replaced with a blade that you shove into her mouth and violently twist around.

    Sparkling – Help her brush her teeth, Araragi-style… with a drill or saw.

    Yandere > Loli – Help her with her math homework, while making bloody good use of things like pencils, pens, staplers, etc.

    Stab Art Online – Jab a knife into her VR goggles, and scramble up her eyes.

    No Games, No Lives – Slice her up with some broken video game CD’s, or crush her skull with a PC, monitor, or console.

    And, begrudgingly, some non-violent methods to get her away from Senpai-kun:

    1. Beat her at a video game.

    2. Show her some fake adoption papers.

    3. Convince her that Senpai-kun or her parents don’t love her.

    4. Get her addicted to a pop artist (Justin Bieber, for example)

    5. Threaten to frame her love for her brother as an incestual relationship.

    Whew… I think I’m done venting now.

    Here’s a somewhat related video, just for fun:

    • There are some good ideas here!

      Although, if it’s possible to kill someone by throwing them into a TV monitor, the Achievement for doing so will have to be a reference to Persona 4…

      • Achievement Unlocked! “You just got Nanako’d”

        Also, maybe you can keep the previous texts Sidekick-chan sent you on top of the most recent text like actual phones do. And she could stop replying if you spam her with the same shit over and over.

      • Keeping the previous text onscreen isn’t a good idea from a game design perspective; only relevant information should be displayed to the player. I wouldn’t want the player to see old text messages onscreen and think that the text has to do with their current situation.

        As for Sidekick-chan stopping responding, that does happen:

  22. You’ve stated about how to deal with the last boss – the photos. Will that be an alternative to “killing” the final boss if you’re doing a no-kill run? That you take enough photos of her and beat her at her own game, that she mentally breaks down due to your superiority and commits suicide or she regresses into a babbling form because she can’t accept it?

    Last boss is a yandere, so she’s already mentally unstable. Maybe that can be the way to non-lethal her?

    • Yeah, there should definitely be a way to non-lethally kill the final boss. I might not be able to decide on it this early on. Sneaking up on her, pickpocketing her, breaking into the Newspaper Clubroom and finding incriminating evidence on her computer, then sending that information to the police, then waiting for the police to come and arrest her, might be the most fitting way to get rid of her.

      Also, at the same time, delete any incriminating evidence about YOURSELF from her computer, otherwise this method would net you a Game Over.

      • As far as dealing with the rival Yandere, here’s some ideas, violent and otherwise:

        1. Get her to somehow fall in love with a different boy, perhaps that one loner kid who always sits in the back of the class messing with his phone…

        2. Challenge her to a Yandere contest, i.e. kill more people and make more of a bloody mess than she does over the 5 day limit. Whoever loses confesses to the cops that they did all the murders.

        3. Perform enough inflammatory and jealousy-inducing actions to get her Yandere Meter to full, and then kill her in self-defense when she attacks you.

        4. Spread enough rumors and make her the most hated girl in school, basically drop her Rep to rock-bottom.

        5. Fake the death of Senpai-kun, causing her to take his “head” away for a nice boat ride into the sunset…

        6. And lastly, have an ultra-violent, very bloody/gory, lengthy, and visceral kill animation just for her, where she and Yandere-chan both do their Yandere Laughs as Yandere-chan repeatedly stabs her and then rips her apart/flays her alive.

        That school ain’t big enough for two Yandere girls, right? Might as well cap it off with some carnage!

  23. Nice progress, really like the new stuff. Also happy to see the ghosts that (I think) originated from our little idea exchange a while a go made it in already.

    Did you think about Sidekick-chan proactively sending stuff instead of replying only? It could be used to inform of major events. Maybe if a Rival arrives later at school than YC, you could be informed by a quick sms/mail or if you are doing realy “eventy” stuff something like “Hey, I heared there will be XY visiting the school today. Might wanna check it out?”.

    Could also be used for easy mode to inform about alternative ways of getting rid of rivals or point to important weapon/items and stuff, ie. “I heared a rumor that the janitor always forgets to lock the tool shack”.

    • Forgot to add this: phone/sidekick would probably also work very well together with all the rumor based and producing fake evidence suggestions that were made.

    • The original reason I decided to implement Sidekick-chan is so that the protagonist has someone to text her to let her know who her next target is and how many days are left until the confession. She’s meant to be a way to convey specific information to the player. She could have been a text box instead, but I think that’s impersonal and boring.

      To get rumors and other useful information from her, you’ll have to send her panty shots.

  24. A Message For Zero-Q:

    I noticed that you’ve gone and re-done the thumbnails for some of your videos, especially all the ones for your Mirai Nikki Abridged Series so far…

    Could it be that your creative spark was reignited, and you plan on making more in the near future?

    I wonder who would finish first… Dev and his Yandere Simulator, or you and all the episodes of Mirai Nikki Abridged?

    Why not have a race? XD

  25. Has anyone else seen this cool new webcam program called Facerig?

    They say that you can make your own characters/models for it… so wouldn’t it be cool if you had someone create a Yuno or Yandere-chan model and used them to spread publicity of the game?

    Think about it… anybody could appear on their YouTube videos or Skype calls as a Yandere! I’d expect to see those kind of models pop up soon, and I may just try them out… for science, of course.

    • I’ve heard about it, and I think it could be really fun to play around with, but I hadn’t considered how it might be relevant for Yandere Sim.

      Maybe when it’s time to release the game on Steam, I could release a free Yandere-chan model that is specifically rigged to be used with FaceRig.

      I’m not sure if the owners of the Mirai Nikki copyright would appreciate their trademarked character being used to advertise my game. I wouldn’t be able to condone or promote that officially…

  26. By the way Dev-senpai, what do you think about implementing a guy as a one of your targets (I mean homosexual who fallen in love with senpai)? And when we are at this – there are going to be random male students right? I’m asking because we only seen and heard of females and Senpai.

    • 50% of the students in the school will be male, but all of the targets will be female. All of the female targets can be eliminated by getting them to fall in love with a male student, and some male students will be obstacles that can be dealt with by killing them or sneaking around them, but none of your love-rivals will be male.

      EDIT: I’m not 100% sure that this feature will be in the game, but…if you switch Senpai’s gender to female, all of the rivals remain female, meaning that all of the rivals become lesbians at the click of a button. So, you can either have 10 straight female rivals, or 10 lesbian rivals.

  27. Dev-senpai, I have another question. You mentioned clubs and from what I understand one will be able to join them and they will give you some bonuses. So, how many clubs can player be in? And what clubs will be joinable? I have a few ideas, like:
    music club you mentioned, making going around with guitar case unsuspicious and probably easier to get it, chemistry club giving you access to poisons and stuff, gardening club letting you get secateurs or knifes easier and making it less suspicious to move around with it, cosplay club that make it easier to change clothes after getting yourself covered in blood and maybe a tea ceremony club that rises your reputation (you know good, rich lady anime character type).

    • This list definitely isn’t final, but here’s a list of several ideas I’ve had:

      Martial Arts Club: Yandere-chan gains the ability to perform a (loud) Judo throw that can knock out a student.

      Sports Club: Yandere-chan can carry around a baseball bat without being considered suspicious.

      Gardening Club: Yandere-chan can carry around a pair of garden shears without being considered suspicious.

      Sewing Club: Yandere-chan has access to an unlimited number of clean uniforms.

      Photography Club: Yandere-chan has access to a camera superior to her phone’s camera, and is not considered suspicious when snapping photographs.

      Light Music Club: Yandere-chan has access to a guitar case, allowing her to transport corpses without being considered suspicious.

      Drama Club: Yandere-chan gains access to a mask / wig, allowing her to disguise herself when committing murders. (Can be balanced to not be overpowered.)

      Just ideas:

      Computer Club: Yandere-chan gains the ability to remotely hack a student’s cell phone or computer, gaining access to embarassing information that can damage that student’s reputation.

      Archery Club: Yandere-chan gains access to a bow and arrow for long-distance murders.

      Track Team: Yandere-chan can run 50% faster.

  28. I know I kinda already asked for a sneak-peek already, but is there 1 picture in particular you’d like to tease tomorrow’s update with?

    “You avoid the hype while you’re working, you have to, but the premiere is the one night of the year where you can enjoy it.”
    – Tom Felton

  29. >This opens the door the panty-related Achievements.
    Can I nominate your work for “Game of the Year” even though the game isn’t finished yet? πŸ˜€

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