Dismemberment, Guitar Cases, and Blood Cleanup

It’s now possible to chop up a victim’s body into pieces for easier transport. When a body is in pieces, you can put individual pieces into containers so that it’s easier to transport them without being spotted carrying dead body parts around.

The guitar case is the biggest container and probably the easiest way to transport an entire dead body around school without getting spotted. Check out this video to see a demonstration of dismemberment and transporting a dead body past NPCs:


I also implemented the ability for Yandere-chan to pick up a mop and wipe away the blood she has spilled. When a mop gets too bloody, you have to dip it into a container of water. Some containers will have wheels and can be moved around.

I don’t have any mopping or dipping-mop-into-bucket animations, so far now, Yandere-chan controls her mop using telekinesis:


What’s the next feature you’d like to see implemented the most?

95 thoughts on “Dismemberment, Guitar Cases, and Blood Cleanup

  1. Wow. GOTY Every Year.

    Uhm, how about the photography aspects? How we can arrange our corkboard and save pictures and things like that?

  2. I’d like to see the cops being called being implemented, and like you said before, maybe running to get away from Yanderechan before they do. That, or just Npc fleeing/hiding mechanics would be fun to see, unless you want to stick with simpler stuff for now.

    • I agree. Maybe NPCs can hide in storage rooms or cupboards, stuff like that. In accordance to NPC hiding mechanics, it’d be cool to see a Hide and Seek mode, where you hunt down targets fleeing and hiding from you. Keep up the good work, anyway.

  3. This might be a little lewd and creepy but, trophy closet/area, student ID cards and panty collections! I know its more serial killerly but seeing as thats an important part of the gameplay I feel the need to keep score and track of all the competitors you’ve offed, maybe in a diary or something. I think this would make the act of killing someone have a more lasting effect on the game and contribute to immersion, as so their existence is not just totally retconned or something.

  4. Doh! Of all the guitar-related things I thought up, I forgot about the guitar case itself! Love what you did with the arranging of the limbs btw, it fits perfectly (in more ways than one)!

    On the subject of upcoming features, I compiled a short list of things we’ve touched on so far, the order of which being what I personally would like next chronologically:

    1. Yandere Vision (to round out the holy triumvirate along with the Meter and the Laugh)

    2. The Reputation system (or rather, the prototype for how your actions will affect the reactions of the AI, beyond what you have so far)

    3. Cell phone mechanics (including the theft or destruction of them)

    4. Concealable weapons (in a similar vein to the guitar case)

    5. A basic or prototype school environment level (nothing flashy here, just a hallway plus a couple classrooms and a bathroom would suffice)

    6. School Sim aspects (classes, studying, homework, whatever you feel is most relavent)

    7. Prototype Rivals (laying the groundwork for the more complex targets and their behavior such as the MILF teacher and Mary Sue)

    Since you asked specifically for the “next” feature however, I’ll only go into detail for Yandere Vision this time.

    You’ve previously mentioned bits about YV like how it might be similar to other games “enhanced vision” like Dishonored, Deus Ex, and Hitman in particular, and that it could project auras of sorts into people like Senpai-kun (bright) and rivals (dark) when toggled.

    In addition, would these aura/color effects apply to all nearby interactive objects such as weapons (shaded in red), doors and incinerators (yellow), and other npcs (blue)?

    Lastly, would the more insane stages of the Yandere Meter change the overall look of the regular HUD (beyond the face-cam and the meter itself) as well as the YV-enhanced HUD? For example, would the blue auras that normally surround the non-rival schoolgirls gradually grow to be as dark as the actual rivals, as Yandere-chans insanity cripples her ability to use her Yandere-Vision as effectively?

    Anyway, those are my thoughts on YV so far, up to you on whether you want to pursue that feature next. Great job again on the dismemberment and cleanup update, keep up the great work!

    • Yes, I think that Yandere Vision should not only hightlight Senpai and your victim, but also other persons of interest and useful items / weapons / interact-able objects.

      I haven’t thought about the HUD actually changing as Yandere-chan goes more and more insane. It’s a cool idea, but I would need to have a HUD artist onboard before I could agree to it.

      I don’t really think the Yandere Meter should negatively impact Yandere Vision, though…

  5. I’d like to see that Yandere vision you talked about come about. Sounded really cool, in a Batman Arkham Asylum way that could add to the stealth.

  6. Comments / Suggestions :
    I feel like it’s kind of time-wasting to take out / put in one body part at a time. Can you maybe make Yandere-chan use her both hands to take out / put in the parts? Because if it’s a stealth game, you would want to be fast at doing your stuffs before you get caught by someone.

    What I’d like to see / Feature Suggestions :
    1. A Fight Between Yanderes
    As you mentioned before, somewhere, there would be other yanderes and you’d be able to fight them, am I correct? I would love to see the system in fighting them, because it would be something different from the one-hit kills you give to innocents.

    2. Traps
    Since this is a stealth game, how about making Yandere-chan able to set up “traps” for the targets and maybe kill them without getting your hands dirty with blood? For example, pretending to be her friend until finally convincing her to kill herself? Or maybe pushing a target down the stairs to their death and make it look like an accident?

    3. Other Weapons (Archery)
    Try to get other weapons other than a knife in action.
    Also, how about adding a bow and arrows for a weapon? So Yandere-chan can aim from a safe distance and try to shoot the target right at the heart, or legs, or head. When it hits the heart, it would be instant death; when it hits the legs, the target would fall and won’t be able to run away, thus we can kill her off easily; when it hits the head, it would also mean instant death, but you’d need a strong type of arrow for it to go through the head. Something like an iron arrow.
    Maybe make an archery club so when Yandere-chan carries around a bow and a bag of arrows, people won’t get suspicious of that type of weapon.

    4. Yandere Vision
    I would like to see how the vision would be when Yandere-chan gets near Senpai– which, as you mentioned before, it would become wobbly, pink, and she will walk away from Senpai slowly.

    5. Yandere-chan’s House… System
    I want to see the Stalker-pictures and the ability to change panties. How about making an effect for each panties Yandere-chan wear? For example, for the white panties, it won’t do anything since it’s basic; for the red panties with black laces, the targets would move more slowly; for the cute panties, Yandere-chan would be able to move more quickly in speed.

    Questions :
    Can you fight the targets without a weapon?
    Now that I think about it, the videos are all located at the hallway. Can we kill targets outside the school?
    What would the targets do if they saw us moping blood or getting rid of victims?
    If you were to mop a clean floor with a bloody mop, will you leave traces of blood?

    Take your time in making the game! I’m very interested in the outcome of the game… and probably all of your followers do, but don’t rush it. You did an awesome job, by the way! Good work, keep it up!

  7. Great progress, I like where this is going. Maybe add in something along the lines of a cheats menu? There were a lot of ideas thrown around on how to unlock them but since rainbow gore is a thing there might as well be a way to activate it.

    Best of luck YandereDev

  8. Great progress! Also did you think about some mini forum or whatever to collect feedback, seems like harvesting all the stuff you want to try out or consider from those blog comments would be a hassle for you.
    Also I plan to dump some kill/murder suggestions again soonish, should I post them in the old blog post so you have them all in one place or?

    • That old blog post sure is great, since the comments section has so many great suggestions. It would be a little regrettable if all of the suggestions were spread out over a bunch of posts and not conveniently in one spot, but that’s already the case…

      For now, please just post your suggestions wherever you want. I won’t start thinking about a forum for a while now, but if there are any suggestions I REALLY like, I’ll keep them in a document on my computer.

      • Just a flash question, do you need any sort of bookkeeping for ideas and suggestions? I can do that.

      • Well, it’s not my utmost concern at this point in time. I still have a lot of work to do before I can get around to suggestions / wishlist features / polish features.

        If you think it would be fun to compile a list of peoples’ suggestions, you’re more than welcome to do that. I won’t formally request it right now, though, since I’ve still got a lot of non-suggestion work to do.

  9. I recall an idea from the original thread about having friendly characters that you could call on for favours and the like to help with your targets, do you still intend on having something of the sort in the game? It would help with getting items and equipment from clubs and places that Yandere-Chan isn’t affiliated with, as well as add more content for the VN-like part of the game. Perhaps you could also decide on whether you would become friends with several characters from different clubs, but only be able to call in small favours like borrowing equipment, or you could be really close with one character, and they could help provide you with alibis and possibly lure out targets for you, lending you obscure suspicious items like a shovel or a saw (if they’re part of some kind of gardening/craft club) or maybe even a katana (from an otaku collector, or someone affiliated with yakuza?) essentially becoming an accomplice to your crimes. This could also affect reputation, as being associated with having a social group would make Yandere-Chan look more upstanding and less suspicious than an isolated, secluded loner. On the other hand if you wanted to be really evil, you could use the items and information you get from your friends in order to use them as a scapegoat for your crimes.

    Something like this seems like it would take a lot of time to make all the different characters, so perhaps you could just establish that Yandere-Chan has a childhood friend or something, which would justify why someone would provide you with so much help, and she could ask you for advice on what club to join so the player gets to choose what kind of help they could provide.

    • I don’t really like the idea of Yandere-chan having a network of friends helping her out. The nature of a stealth game is to be a lone agent who can’t rely on backup or support and has to complete his mission solo (Solid Snake, Agent 47, etc). That’s the sort of game I’m aiming to make.

      I do intend to give Yandere-chan one “helper” because that character can serve several gameplay-necessary purposes; she will notify the player of who the next target is, notify the player when they are about to run out of time to take out that target, and can provide Yandere-chan with information on what club a student is in, who she might be able to blackmail, etc. That character will also probably “buy” panty shots that Yandere-chan has taken of her fellow students, in exchange for helpful information.

      • Since I’ve been playing a decent amount of Payday 2 and Dishonoured recently, I’ve seen the good that buying things like “assets” and “favors” can do when you’re trying to stealth a mission or assassinate someone… could the panty shots you’ve mentioned serve as a sort of currency for buying similar assets and favors (presumably from News-chan)?

        These purchasable favors for each and/or every mission/day could include things like weapons (strategically placed knife in a desk), keys (get into places easier), stealth items (guitar case), positive news articles (higher rep), and smear campaigns (new or easier opportunities to kill targets.

        Here’s a heavily-theorycrafted example:

        Yandere-chan gives News-chan a call from her home-hub the night before she goes on the 1st of the 5 days she has to kill Mary Sue. In exchange for a set amount of panty-shots she’s collected or saved throughout the campaign thus far, News-chan will grant her some of the aforementioned favors. You, as Yandere-chan, decide to go all out and buy up as many favors as you can to make your day(s) easier when trying to kill Mary Sue.

        You decide to buy some piano wire (yanked from the light music clubs brand new piano), a key to the janitors closet, a guitar case (liberated from the lost-and-found), a rep-improving, but fake, news article (“Student Heroine: Yandere-chan saves a litter of adorable puppies from an explosion!”), and a smear article (“Worth the Weight: Will Mary Sue’s “excessive” eating habits cost her 1st place in the upcoming beauty pageant?”).

        The full effects of those favors are as follows: Silent/clean kill option, easy access to items like a bucket/mop, easy and stealthy transport of body parts, a temporary or permanent boost to your Reputation, and, for Mary Sue in particular, it will make her spend some of her time after lunch that week vomiting up food in the girls bathroom, giving you a good opportunity to end her eating disorder, and life, for good.

        Other things to think about would include when and for how long the favors would last when you buy them, which favors would be available each day/week, how much each favor would cost (and if buying too many of the same favors increases/decreases their panty price), and where certain “dead-drop” favors would be located in the school environment.

      • Those ideas don’t sound too bad! I was thinking that Newspaper-chan might only provide information in exchange for panties (or gossip or other juicy things that a sleazy Newspaper reporter would need) but providing “favors” sounds fine, too. A knife conveniently placed in a specific location, or a student who will agree to turn a blind eye to whatever he sees, or a newspaper article that improves Yandere-chan’s reputation, etc.

        Heh, it could be funny if Yandere-chan pays Newspaper-chan to print articles like “Yandere-chan saved a box of kittens from a burning building!” to increase her reputation…

  10. Good on Yandere-chan for not just throwing the whole guitar case into the furnace. Now she can reuse and recycle after a good scrubbing.

  11. My reaction when the Dev likes my ideas (sans knives):

    In all seriousness though, I really enjoyed the favors mechanic in both Dishonored and Payday 2, and I feel that it could add a new layer of depth to the gameplay of your game as well. One other thing concerning “favors” though: How many panty-shots are you estimating we as players could… acquire… when doing our dirty deeds around the school? Assuming that you can only take a single picture per girl, the amount of panty-shot currency you could get would depend heavily on the different amounts of schoolgirls around each day, as well as how many days you spent playing (longer playthroughs could be rewarded with more panty-shots?). In addition, you could make it so that you could “harvest” (god that sounds weird) the actual panties themselves from certain girls you kill (maybe just the rivals?), which would probably be worth more to News-chan than just the pics alone (5 to 1 value)…

    I was bored again, so I came up with some related achievements that could incentivise the collection of panty-shots/panties (known collectively as “panties”, the currency), and the use of favors:

    I don’t know why I chose a medieval theme or alliteration for these, but whatever.

    Panty Purveyor – Pinch your first panty or panty-shot.

    Panty Peasant – Pilfer 20 panties.

    Panty Page – Pirate 40 panties.

    Panty Priestess – Pocket 60 panties.

    Panty Paladin – Poach 80 panties.

    Panty Princess – Pick a peck of pretty panties… 100 in particular.

    Omnipotent Panty Protagonist – Pillage all the panties in the game.

    Don’t include the quotes if you think they make the achievement description too lengthy, I just wanted to have a little fun with them.

    Uninformed – Complete the game without buying any Favors from News-chan. “If you don’t read the newspaper, you’re uninformed. If you read the newspaper, you’re mis-informed.” — Mark Twain

    First One’s Not Free – Buy your first Favor from News-chan. “We secure our friends not by accepting favors, but by doing them.” –Thucydides

    Be Prepared – Buy 10 Favors from News-chan. “Fortune favors the prepared mind.” — Louis Pasteur

    Favorable – Buy 20 Favors from News-chan. “In most of mankind, gratitude is merely a secret hope of further favors.” — Francois de La Rochefoucauld

    Knowledge is Power – Buy 30 Favors from News-chan. “Most people return small favors, acknowledge medium ones and repay greater ones – with ingratitude.” — Benjamin Franklin

    Gratuitous – Buy 40 Favors from News-chan. “There are slavish souls who carry their appreciation for favors done them so far that they strangle themselves with the rope of gratitude.” — Friedrich Nietzsche

    Favorite Friend – Buy all the Favors from News-chan. “Fortune favors the bold.” — Virgil

    Stop the Presses – Write an obituary for News-chan. “A newspaper is a device for making the ignorant more ignorant and the crazy crazier.”― H.L. Mencken

    • Those panty achievements have got some extremely fun names and descriptions. A lot of those quotes are quite interesting, too!

      To determine how many unique panties Yandere-chan can actually take pictures of, I’ll have to find out how many unique female students I can add to the game. That will be determined by how many different hairstyles my character modeller is planning to model. If he’s willing to model 10 different hairstyles, and the game supports 10 different hair colors (Black, Silver, Brown, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Pink) and the game supports 3 different skin colors (Pale, Peach, and Tan) then there could potentially be 300 different configurations of a female student’s appearance, allowing me to designate 300 unique female students. Of course, the ACTUAL number might be determined by finding out the average number of students attending a Japanese high school, or how many students the game can support at one time before getting performance issues.

      I think that actually stripping panties off of dead female corpses is going a bit too far into the “sexual” direction. I wouldn’t want to include textures for what a schoolgirl looks like with no panties on. I don’t want the game to be rated AO. Newspaper-chan will probably operate a secret underground black market panty-shot ring, but not sell actual panties.

      • Yeah, I have to agree. Stripping pantsu off of dead students with the intention of gain is kind of…much.

      • It wouldn’t be good to make 300 diffrent characters that looks almost same. I think that it would be better with less more unique characters.
        Also could some panties have greater value than others? Like if you take pantyshot from school celebrity it could be worth 3 times more or so.

      • I’d prefer to have a school full of unique-looking students, but…you have to remember that this is an indie game. I’m not an AAA developer with a big budget. My character modeller is collaborating with me purely out of the kindness of his heart in his spare time; asking him to make a bunch of unique NPCs is asking a bit much. If swapping hairstyles and haircolors generates the most schoolgirls at the lowest cost, that’s what I’m going to do.

        It worked pretty well for this game, which used the same character model for everyone, just a different hairstyle and hair color for the girls: http://andriasang.com/con1re/gal_gun_psn/23kih.jpg

        “Celebrity Panties” or “Rare Panties” sound like a good idea to me, though.

  12. Ouch, now I’m kinda feeling like this:

    Just kidding. I can see how that last panty-related suggestion would be a hassle, so don’t pay it any more mind. It was just a bit of an off-handed thought on my part anyway.

    “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.” – Virgil

  13. Hopefully dipping the bloody mop in water will turn the water red later on 😉 As well as toning down the blood spraying when holding the torso. It’d be really unsettling to just have blood dripping from the bottom and making a mess on the floor.

    • On that subject of blood and the mechanics like cleanup involving it, there’s still several possibilities the Dev could work with if he wished to further enhance, polish, or otherwise improve them:

      1. Bloody Buckets – Following Viscera Cleanup Detail’s (and your) example, the bucket’s water could gradually grow more polluted with blood, which would make it unusable after several dips, depending on how much blood was on the mop at the time of each individual dip. In addition, dipping a mop in the 100% polluted bucket would get blood back on the mop. Finding a replacement bucket might be a bit of a hassle, or the presence of only a single bucket in a given level would most likely force the player to think conservatively about how much blood they want to spill.

      2. Bloody Bucket Spillage – If it strikes his fancy, the Dev could also implement a physics system for the buckets that causes them to dump their contents if knocked over somehow, which would spill more water/blood over the surrounding area. Failing this, it still seems that he has yet to make the bucket itself transportable (I’m going on what I saw in the video), so being able to carry or drag the bucket along will be important. If he really wanted to be mean, he could make it so that the bucket will slosh out blood if Yandere-chan isn’t careful or runs too fast with it…

      3. Bloody Mop Excess – In a similar vein (heh) to VCD, he can make it so that a fully bloodied mop will spread more blood stains on surfaces you try to clean with it, which makes cleaning it even more important. At the moment, it seems to just stop cleaning when dirtied completely, so having it make more of a mess would improve both the realism and gameplay aspect of the mop.

      4. Multi-Surface Blood Stains – Taking the blood mechanic one step further, this enhancement could allow for blood stains to appear on virtually any surface (beyond just floors), including walls, ceilings, windows, doors, objects, etc. If blood spurts/sprays/pools happen to touch any of these surfaces, then they get stained in a way similar to how the floors are currently stained when dragging a body. For example, slitting a girl’s throat next to a wall would cause both the initial blood spray from the wound and the resulting pool to stain the wall she was standing next to, causing blood to run down it’s side in classic horror fashion.

      5. Improved Stains – Beyond the multi-surface stains would be how advanced the blood mechanics are, including the sprays, flows, pools, and the stains themselves. This kind of thing would mostly be polish, just to see how “pretty” you could make the blood look after further tweaking, though It’s fine how it is now. One little thing though, can the schoolgirl NPC’s get themselves and their own uniforms covered in blood like Yandere-chan can, and will they also leave bloody footprints when walking through blood puddles? For example, if Yandere-chan stabs one schoolgirl standing with her group of schoolgirl friends, will her friends all get splattered with blood and run away screaming, leaving bloody footprints behind as they run, etc.? A somewhat extreme example of what I’m talking about would be that infamous scene in the “Another” anime where the teacher stabs himself in the throat, spraying blood several feet in front of him and splattering all of his students in the process…

      6. Bloody Weapons – I mentioned these before, we just aren’t sure yet what the implications would be beyond the cosmetic changes… unless you implemented a dripping function to the bloodied weapons. When carrying around a bloody knife, it would leave a small drip trail as you walk, simple as that.

      7. Weapon Cleaning – The previous example would necessitate the implementation of a murder weapon cleaning mechanic, where you could wipe down the weapon with a towel or in a sink or something. I guess the bucket would still work for cleaning weapons though…

      8. Gore and Viscera Spray/Drip – This would basically mean that when you press the button to dismember someone’s corpse, it would spray/drip/spread more blood around the area, which makes sense. In addition, carrying around an individual limb, torso, or head would cause them to drip (probably not spray) blood on the ground as you walk along with them, which means that carrying around body parts and bloodied weapons would make the cleanup process much more involved and methodical, if that’s what you’re going for.

      9. AI Reactions to Blood – This and the next suggestion are just things to think about going down the road. This one in particular is pretty self-explanatory, and we’ve been over it a couple times before.

      10. Police Forensics – I’ll admit, we’re advancing into CSI territory here…


      Perhaps the amount of blood, murder weapons, gore, bodies, and overall forensic evidence would determine whether you were caught by the cops or not? It’s possible that (if you muck up the first rival murder with Generic-chan) you could be under suspicion and investigation from the start of the game itself, where the more you leave evidence of your crimes behind, the faster the police will catch up with you. In a sense, it would be similar to that one Plague Inc. game where your virus has to infect all the people on the Earth before they research and distribute the vaccine (insert Madagascar joke here). This would be the more messy way of playing, as opposed to completely stealthing everything, and would most likely result in a worse ending like “Yandere-chan takes Senpai-kun captive and barricades the both of them in her home, and the police surround her house, forcing her to do something drastic…”

      While most of these suggestions aren’t really new “features” like the popular upcoming mechanic of “Yandere-Vision” that we want next, they still may deserve some consideration and work in the future. 🙂

  14. I think the achievements section for this game should be a kind of shrine for Yandere-chan’s target of affection. Every accomplishment is something that a yandere would take as a momento: Lock of hair, skin flake, special pictures – all adorned with candles and photos of him.


    hair strand(s): get this by successfully plucking one while he’s sleeping in class – all while not being seen.

    • Few games did this, having actual representations of “gifts” for your achievements. The only one that comes to mind right now was Bully, and that gave you some stuff for your room.

      A shrine dedicated to sempai would have to be in the game. For it to be adorned with stuff for your achievements is logical.

      Also, all this talk about bloody water and mops is making me think of Viscera Cleanup Detail. Actually good game.

      • If the Dev took even a quarter of my suggested achievement ideas to heart and put them verbatim into the game, there would still be too many to fit on one shrine, so any in-game representations of achievements would have to be for an extra difficult or special achievement, like beating the game, beating rivals (like the rival item trophy system I mentioned before), or doing something specifically related to Senpai-kun in some fashion.

        I honestly don’t how far Yandere-chan would go to get shrine objects from him, but going around collecting his nail clippings and bloody discarded bandages could serve as an amusing (albeit creepy) side-quest of sorts.

        On an unrelated note though… has the Dev considered the mechanics of how saving, autosaving, loading saves, checkpoints, difficulty levels, and any New Game Plus features would be implemented into the game? I don’t remember reading any specific comments pertaining to those things, so any info on them would be news to me.

        To sum those up:

        1. Saves and/or Checkpoints, and when would the game autosave?

        2. Difficulty Levels: Would higher difficulties increase things like YM gain and Rep loss, AI awareness, panty-shot prices, less days to assassinate targets, etc.?

        3. New Game+: Would we be able to start a new (and more difficult/hardcore) game after finishing and carry over things like weapons, items, abilities, Rep, panty-shots, etc?

      • In Hitman: Blood Money, I highly valued the ability to arbitrarily save at any point during a mission. In Hitman: Absolution, the game auto-saved at specific checkpoints (when moving from one area to another area, where everything was a clean slate) but I still enjoyed the game.

        Saving / Loading data is one of the areas of programming that I don’t have very much experience in yet, but I’m sure there is plenty of documentation on the web for how to implement that kind of feature. Right now, I’m planning on the game having an auto-save during every playable school period; something like this:

        1. When you arrive at school, before classes begin
        2. When lunchtime begins
        3. When “after school” begins
        4. When you get back to your home

        If the game features more playable segments than that (like, if the game has playable segments between EVERY class) then every one of those playable segments would have an auto-save.

        If it turns out to be feasible to implement a “save at any point in time” system, then I’d definitely implement that. I estimate that it will involve a lot of engineering, but it would be one of my top priorities, if not my highest priority, once all of the necessary features are functioning properly.

        I haven’t spent any time thinking about difficulty levels. I tend to just play a game once on one difficulty level, so I wouldn’t personally be interested in implementing this feature, knowing that I myself would never use it. It seems like a standard thing for a video game to have, though, and I know exactly how easy it would be to implement, so I won’t discount the idea of adding it in. Everything you’ve just suggested (YM gain and Rep loss, AI awareness, panty-shot prices, etc) would probably be effected by difficulty level.

        A New Game+ is another thing I haven’t put much thought into. Because carrying over items and abilities makes a game easier, I probably wouldn’t award achievements earned while playing on a New Game+. I think I’d give higher priority to a “Sandbox” mode where you can decide what weapons Yandere-chan owns, what her reputation is, who her target is, what the state of the school is, and then play the game under the circumstances that the player has specified. (I’d probably need this anyway in order to help me playtest / bugtest the game.)

  15. Someone mentioned that maybe it should be like Dead Rising and/or White Day. Restrooms are save points. That way we can have enough save areas to encourage people to experiment different ways to do things with missions or sandbox, without going into save scum territory. Yandev has stated he doesn’t want save scumming, but we would need the save points.

    • I think any kind of NG+ should have some clever references to the previous playthrough, mainly through adding an extra level of crazy by having her believe they were lovers in a previous life (read: a previous playthrough).

      • WAIT… but what if they WERE lovers in a previous life, and Yandere-chan can keep starting new game playthroughs to keep getting Senpai-kun to love her and try to get the best (or better) ending each time?

        What if there was the first Yandere-chan, the NG+ Yandere-chan, the NG++ Yandere-chan, etc.?

        …and what if the final rival in the game wasn’t just any other Yandere, but was another playthrough version of herself that she had to kill? It’d be like fighting parallel universe Yandere-chans for the right to earn Senpai-kuns love…

        …It would be just like THIS:

        Yandere Dev… I’m not saying you should rip off Mirai Nikki for any NG+ features… but you should TOTALLY rip the hell off of it! XD

      • I, too, was reminded of Mirai Nikki when I heard that suggestion.

        Actually, I still don’t have a convincing reason for WHY Yandere-chan is in love with Senpai-kun, or why so many girls fall in love with Senpai-kun. You know what might make sense?

        Senpai-kun is the protagonist of a dating sim. He romanced Yandere-chan, got her ending, and then started a New Game+. Every character’s memory was reset, except for Yandere-chan; she alone remembers how much she loved Senpai-kun in the previous playthrough, and she is NOT going to allow him to date any of the other girls in the simulation.

  16. OH, another idea: maybe having a good end that has Yandere-chan marrying sempai and then evolves the game into stalking him while he’s in the workplace? The potential for disguising yourself as a janitor/maintenance worker comes in there so you can kill possible affair targets, or even managers trying to have him fired.

    You could probably do this pretty decently if you reskin the school environment into an office space.

    Also, running on that idea, how about also having a management mini-game with Yandere-chan’s kid? The directions that could take would be interesting, to say the least.

  17. So Yandere-chan is a glitch in the Dating Sim’s programming huh? She wants to get the system and flip it on it’s head to fulfill her own dreams of love… that’s pretty deep, man. But… what if she figures out that her beloved “Senpai-kun” love interest is no more than that; a fake MC generated just for the purpose of the dating sim, just like she is?

    IF she becomes *self-aware*, and realizes the fact that the MC she loves is *actually* being controlled by some guy behind a computer, and that she *herself* is only a video game character is being controlled by the player (you or I), then you would have some seriously plot-twisty, meta, 4th wall-breaking potential on your hands, enough to not only make Yandere Simulator stick out story-wise, but also make for some very memorable moments for the player.

    What I’m suggesting is somewhat similar to this dating sim I checked out a couple days ago, in which one of the love interest girls becomes a yandere and actually accuses YOU (the player, not the MC you control) of not loving her enough, and even goes so far as *disabling* the save/load mechanics of the game to prevent you from leaving her or trying to “save scum” your way to a better romance-route or ending.

    Just imagine this as a possible (very theatrical) ultimate ending of sorts for Yandere Sim:

    “Yandere-chan successfully kills or removes the threat of all her rivals in the game, and is finally reunited with Senpai-kun… but can she make him remember the love he had for her in previous playthroughs? What if he ultimately refuses her or the guy playing him tries to exit out of the game because he doesn’t like what Yandere-chan has done to his dating sim?”

    “Will Yandere-chan have to chase down the REAL Senpai-kun in REAL LIFE and kill all the women there too to make sure he never leaves her?! In doing so, will she cross the gap between the dating sims virtual world and become REAL?”

    “Before she does that though, there’s one last rival she has to take care of, one who has pursued Senpai-kun the whole way through, just like she has… Yandere-chan then appears up-close on your computer screen with a knife and a crazed look in her eyes as she prepares to kill her first rival in the real world… YOU.”

    In addition, if you’re feeling artsy, you could include quotes like these at the beginning or ending of the game, or in the credits:

    “It is sometimes an appropriate response to reality to go insane.”
    ― Philip K. Dick, VALIS

    “You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.”
    ― Dr. Seuss

    “Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.”
    ― Albert Einstein

    “One person’s craziness is another person’s reality.”
    ― Tim Burton

    “Reality leaves a lot to the imagination.”
    ― John Lennon

    “The real world is where the monsters are.”
    ― Rick Riordan, The Lightning Thief

  18. Also, I noticed that one of my previous comments concerning blood mechanics I posted is still “awaiting moderation”, and isn’t showing up on my mobile device when I look at this page either. I get the feeling that nobody else is able to see it but me, so if you haven’t seen it yet (it’s the one with the “Another” clip and the wall of text), please let me know and I’ll be happy to re-post it.

  19. It’s been a while and i’ve been recently making a lot of stuffs for this game.. from Designs, to cover arts, music, and etc.. and so far the progress of this development is going very good :DD i like the concepts so far, and the gore.. words can’t explain this. Hope this game will make a good audience impact, i’ll keep myself updated on this, just do what you have to do, YandereDev c:

    • Wow, that sounds cool! If you’d like to share any of the stuff that you’ve made for this game, then please feel free to post it! I would be very interested in seeing what it looks like.

      • If some of Kyoren’s previous posts are any indication, I’m sure he’s cooked up some pretty good things that you could possibly use for the game, or at least get some inspiration from. 🙂

        I also really liked his work on those possible logos for Yandere Sim that he showed previously.

        For those who haven’t seen them:

        I wish I had a greater handle on my own artistic and musical abilities like he does. Even if those things he shows you don’t end up making it into the game in some fashion… maybe you could put in a little mention or tribute to fans and followers in the credits (special thanks, etc.) or in an “Extras” section containing fanart and other creations?

        There’s people like Mr. Capone, who have been following and contributing to the game for quite a while in their own way (good idea with that suggestion glossary thing btw), guys like Kyoren who go the extra mile and create some quality stuff like art and music, and many other people like me who employ their thoughts and suggestions to help shape the direction of the game and it’s overall development.

        I know for some games that got funded by sites like Kekstarter, the devs include some or all of their backers names in the credits or in a similar fashion, so something like that would be a nice gesture, even though most of us haven’t supported the game’s development monetarily (yet).

        And, assuming this game does surge in popularity and financially upon release (I’m counting on it), we could possibly be considered as it’s first legion of fans, those who were there from the beginning (more or less) for you and for Yandere Sim. The thanks and consideration we get from you when we submit our ideas on this blog is enough for me, honestly. However, anything else you eventually do to recognize these important parts of the games development and how we worked together would be fantastic.

        When I look at all the new games being posted on Steam Greenlight and ones in Early Access these days, I see a lot of potential, promise, and playability. Devs like you are constantly pushing the boundaries on what we gamers consider to be fun and entertaining, and this game isn’t that different in that aspect.

        It promises a unique experience (1st true yandere game of it’s kind), will have good replayability and mechanics, and has the potential to significantly alter what we thought we knew about the slew of “Simulator” games including the likes of goats, medical malpractice, and European trucks.

        But… what truly makes Yandere Simulator different from those other games, for me at least, is that I’ve actually had the opportunity to contribute in some way to it’s development, and feel like I’m a part of its creation and eventual completion.

        To be fair, plenty of other development teams, both big and small, make an effort to reach out to the players and fans of their games for feedback, but this is the first game in all my years of playing or reading about video games where *I* have actually participated in that process. As my life goes on and the indie gaming scene keeps growing and transforming, I hope to have the chance to participate in other game’s developments and talk with devs in a similar fashion, but as it is right now, yours is the first and best one I’ve had the pleasure of contributing to.

        So, going forward, I hope everyone commenting and reading here takes the time to thank the Yandere Dev and others like him for how they’re helping the indie gaming scene in some way, and especially for letting us in on the games we want made. I for one really appreciate how you’ve helped us by letting us contribute, but I have a feeling that you appreciate the ways in which we’ve helped you so far even more. 🙂


        Now that my good-natured rant is over, and it’s been about a week since the most recent update, any hints on what you’ve been working on so far or what might be in store for the next update? Those strawpolls we talked about before might come in handy…

      • Aw, shucks! You’re just too nice!

        For a while now, I’ve been compiling a mental list of people to thank in the “Special Thanks” section of the game’s credits. Anyone who has helped me out, inspired me, or motivated me is definitely getting thanked.

        As for progress, I’ve got to be completely honest and admit that, unfortunately, I haven’t been able to make a lot of progress this week. I landed a new job, and I’ve been working hard to make a good impression on my boss. The new job has to be my top priority for now, but I definitely plan to post SOMETHING on the 15th, however meager it might be. It might be some storyboard artwork from a promising artist I’ve been speaking to – but he might be too busy for it. We’ll see.

        If the 15th comes and I have absolutely nothing to show for it, then I’ll do some polls. You have your finger on the pulse of this game pretty well, so what polls do you think I should create once the time comes?

  20. Alrighty then, I’ll tell you how I’d do the polls, but *first* I’m going to list what things I think are worth asking people about, period. This doesn’t mean that you have to address all of them come the 15th, as some will probably be more informative and/or effective if asked later on down the line, but I’ll list them anyways (long list incoming) and elaborate later on:

    1. Yandere-Vision

    2. The Reputation System

    3. Cell Phones

    4. Concealable Weapons

    5. School Prototype

    6. School Sim Aspects

    7. Prototype Rivals

    8. Favors And Panty-Shot Currency

    9. Bloodwork (Bloody Buckets, Bloody Bucket Spillage, Bloody Mop Excess, Multi-Surface Blood Stains, Improved Stains, Bloody Weapons, Weapon Cleaning, Gore and Viscera Spray/Drip, AI Reactions to Blood)

    10. Police Forensics

    11. Saves and/or Checkpoints

    12. Difficulty Levels

    13. New Game+ Or Sandbox

    14. Multiplayer Modes

    15. The Yandere Meter

    16. The Yandere-Cam

    17. Achievements

    18. Additional Characters/Rivals,

    19. Your Progress On Dismemberment And Clean-Up

    20. Yandere-Chan’s House

    21. Overall Story Tone/Mood

    22. Plot Twists

    23. Yandere/Yangire Eyes (I’m sorry)

    In addition, you could also put things in perspective by re-posting those older strawposts from a while back, just to see if the number of responses or general opinion has changed much since then:

    • Would you like the option to stalk a girl instead of a boy? http://strawpoll.me/1438394
    • Would you like the game to have “school life simulator” features? http://strawpoll.me/1438430
    • Do you expect the game to be strictly mission-based, or a free-roam, open-world sandbox? http://strawpoll.me/1438455
    • How important is character customization to you? http://strawpoll.me/1438438
    • Do you care why the protagonist is Yandere? http://strawpoll.me/1438448

    With that list out of the way, I’ll give you what I believe should be the whole polls and questions for each:

    1. On the subject of “Yandere-Vision”, what would you prefer that it let you see more effectively?

    A. I’d like to see everything enhanced or highlighted, including all NCP’s, rivals, Senpai-kun, interactive objects, weapons, etc.
    B. I think a balanced approach with only some things highlighted would be more fair.
    C. I only want Senpai-kun and my rival highlighted, that’s it.
    D. I don’t care.

    2. On the subject of the Reputation System, how much would you want it to affect gameplay?
    A. It should have far-reaching effects for everything you do at school and beyond.
    B. It should act more as a modifier for gameplay, but should only have moderate effects.
    C. It should have little effect on gameplay.
    D. I don’t care.

    3. Should cell phones be allowed at school?
    A. Yes, cell phones should be allowed everywhere at school for everyone, at any time.
    B. Yes, but they should have restrictions inside and outside of classrooms.
    C. No, there shouldn’t be any phones at school.
    D. I don’t care.

    4. What kind of concealable weapons would you want to use?
    A. Anything I could fit, knives, brass knuckles, rocks, etc.
    B. Only very compact things like pocket knives and piano wire.
    C. I want all weapons to be concealable in some way.
    D. I don’t care.

    5. What do you feel a playable prototype for the school should include?
    A. Multiple classrooms, clubrooms, hallways, bathrooms, etc.
    B. A classroom, hallway, and a bathroom would suffice for a demo.
    C. Just a barebones template to mess around with.
    D. I don’t care.

    6. How deep would you want any school-simulating aspects to be?
    A. Very in-depth, classes, clubs, homework, tests, fieldtrips, school cultural fairs, etc.
    B. Some classes and clubs would be enough.
    C. A basic schedule or timetable is all I need, don’t let it get in the way of killing.
    D. I don’t care.

    7. For prototype “Rivals” programming, how should they behave?
    A. Radically different behavior and actions could make things interesting.
    B. Similar programming, but with their own quirks and schedules.
    C. They shouldn’t be that behaviorally different from the other NPC schoolchildren.
    D. I don’t care.

    8. How do you feel about a “Favor/Asset” system where you could purchase help during missions with an in-game currency, specifically panty-shots?
    A. Count me in, I love getting help and love panty-shots.
    B. I like the ideas of favors/assets, but panty-shots are too crude a currency.
    C. Screw the favors, just gimme panties!
    D. I wouldn’t want to have the option of getting help or collecting panty-shots.

    9. How much should be done so that blood and gore effects in the game reach a level of parity with games like Viscera Cleanup Detail?
    A. I would love if the effects were almost exactly the same as VCD!
    B. They don’t need to all be the same, they can be toned down or more/less realistic.
    C. Please don’t make Yandere Simulator any more similar to VCD, for the children.
    D. I don’t care.

    10. How complex should the system of police and forensics be in the game?
    A. The game needs to totally be CSI-level realistic, crime scenes, blood patterns, and the police need to be able to eventually catch you for even the slightest mistake you make.
    B. An average and somewhat competent police force should be able to catch you if you get too sloppy.
    C. Nothing fancy, if there’s blood and gore sitting around, you might get in trouble.
    D. I don’t care.

    11. Would you prefer saving at any point, checkpoints, or a mix of both?
    A. I literally need to quick-save before stabbing anyone or sneaking past anyone. EVERY TIME.
    B. Having some autosaves/checkpoints here and there plus specific savepoints would be fine.
    C. Just checkpoints, constantly saving makes it too easy.
    D. I don’t care.

    12. What kind of difficulty levels would you want?
    A. I want many difficulties like very easy, easy, normal, hard, very hard, and HARDCORE YANDERE.
    B. Just an easy, normal, and hard difficulty would be fine.
    C. Don’t cater to the filthy casuals, just have one difficulty, normal.
    D. I don’t care.

    13. Would you want there to be a New Game+ or Sandbox feature?
    A. New Game+ would be preferable for more replayability.
    B. I’d want a Sandbox to goof around more in.
    C. Why not both? 😀
    D. I don’t care.

    14. Would you want there to be any multiplayer modes?
    A. I’m feeling some glorious co-op Yandere fun.
    B. I want to compete against other Yanderes for Senpai-kun!
    C. Why does every game have to have multiplayer? Just singleplayer for me, please.
    D. I don’t care.

    15. Should the Yandere Meter affect how efficiently you kill people?
    A. Yes, realistically, an insane girl wouldn’t be able to kill as quietly or with precision, MOAR STABS.
    B. Sure, but only moderately.
    C. Calm, collected stabs and slices or messy, maniacal ones… same difference.
    D. I don’t care.

    16. Do you want to keep the Face-Cam or “Yandere-cam” in the game as a HUD element?
    A. Yes, it’s helpful and looks fantastic!
    B. Yes, but I would like the option to disable it whenever I want.
    C. No, I’d rather look at a crazy chick’s face from a distance, thanks.
    D. I don’t care.

    17. What kind and/or how may achievements would you want in the game?
    A. I would like lots of achievements ranging from the inane to the very difficult.
    B. I would like some achievements, most of which have significance.
    C. I only want achievements that are important to story progression or are very difficult.
    D. I don’t care.

    18. Would you like any bonus rivals or characters to be unlocked or as later DLC?
    A. Some new rivals to kill or ruin would be nice.
    B. New playable characters could mix things up a bit.
    C. Why not both? 😀
    D. I don’t care.

    19. How much more development should be done on blood, gore, and cleanup mechanics for now?
    A. Move on, you don’t really need to do anything more for a while on messy stuff.
    B. You’ve done a great job so far! Keep improving and adding new gorey stuff!
    C. You still have lots of work to do on that front, don’t get distracted.
    D. I don’t care.

    20. What kind of things should Yandere-chan’s house feature?
    A. It should be a true home base or “hub”, poster board for pictures, contact list, trophy/achievement case, racks full of weapons, shrine to Senpai-kun, etc.
    B. Just the basics of the shrine and pictures would be fine.
    C. If it doesn’t have a disturbing torture room in the basement, I’m boycotting this game.
    D. I don’t care.

    21. What should the overall story’s tone be?
    A. Serious, dark, sad, gritty, horror.
    B. Light, comedic, parody.
    C. A mix of dark humor, some romance, and creepiness, please.
    D. All of the above?

    22. Would you love if the game had some memorable plot moments or surprising twists?
    A. Throw a Yandere-filled curveball right at my face and make me question my very own sanity. Please.
    B. Yes, even if it’s a little predictable, just to keep me somewhat interested in the story.
    C. Just a regular run-of-the-mill Yandere Sim please, no drama.
    D. I don’t care.

    23. Do you feel that a “true” Yandere girl’s eyes should widen and shrink in a typical maniacal style (Yangire), or should they darken and become devoid of all life, soul, and sanity, save for one thing… the thought of Senpai-kun’s love?
    A. I’m in Camp Kotonoha on this one, I’ve gazed into the void, and she’s gazed back into me!
    B. I’ll stay in the Sonozaki Shantytown thanks, Yangire is best… isn’t even a -dere.
    C. ( . ) ( . ) or (O) (O), couldn’t she have both, depending on the situation? Yuno what I’m saying?
    D. It sounds like you’re trying to selfishly prove something here.

    Anyway… if I had to narrow it down to just five polls, I’d choose the ones on Yandere Vision, School Prototype, Bloodworks/your progress, the Yandere-Cam, and the Yandere Meter.

    That’s all I got, really. Feel free to change any of the poll questions or their answers to suit your needs. I’m going to bed, and *hopefully* I won’t have nightmares about polls… *shudders* XP

  21. this game seems epic already

    Glavazz has once again gonna tell random ideas that do not matter to this topic ( sorry something kinda big hit me)

    how about “optional murder mission”?
    these missions are obviously optional but leaving certain missions alone can make the important missions slightly harder but when you finish these missions will help you a bit and the girls you are gonna kill are actually not interested with senpai. also to unlock these missions you need to reach a certain objective like make the school ambiance:suspicious or give the school a good reputation

    Girl #1- This girl is a born detective and only enrolls when the school has a suspicious ambiance.
    if you commit a murder when she is around (when someone confirmed is murdered or “missing” but nobody knows who did it for the murder of course)she immediately investigates. after her investigation aka.the next day she already knows that you are the murderer or the one who caused the disappearance/suicide/or whatever but she does not have full-proof evidence. when you are about to commit her murder be prepared because she will be expecting you.when you kill her you will earn an ability called the “detective’s instinct” it will show you what evidence you should hide/destroy when you commit murder.

    Girl #2- this girl LOVES the urban legends she only comes when most of your murders are mostly point out urban legends (when a murder looks exactly like an urban legend about death) she is not much of a problem if she will just STOP pointing out that differences of your murder and the urban legend deaths. if your aiming for a non-suspicious murder with-out much cleanup aka an urban legend death/murder. this girl will be your problem. you could either aim for perfection or kill her altogether. when you do kill her you will receive a book filled with urban legends from famous to infamous. this will help you continue the urban legend death/murder steak you will also have an easier time spreading rumors. btw you can research about urban legends with the computer you have in home. to you know, kill people with an urban legend murder/death before you can get the book of urban legends
    Girl #3 -similar to the girl i just explained this girl LOVES crime and investigation unlike the girls I just said this is a combination of the two she only comes when the whole school believes that a serial killer is aiming for students in this school . in the game you can kill people similar to the way of the serial killer does so people will believe that the serial killer on the run did it. but sadly the whole school will be wary for everyone including you. just like the 2nd girl she will point out the differences of your murder and the serial killer’s murder. when you kill her you will receive a book filled with serial killers on the run this will help you if you want to continue the serial killer lookalike murders. btw you can research about serial killers on the loose in in television you have at home.plot twist this girl is actually a relative to the girl who love urban legends

    Boy #1 – I believe that this game needs more boy victims so here it is. this boy actually has a crush on YOU and he will come when you have a good reputation( a reputation of positive 50 or above). among the people I have said this is the most important/noticeable optional mission.the boy will stalk you everywhere and will not mind when you commit murder but instead will slowly ( he will also still have a crush on you even you lose all of your reputation) become a yandere boy when you commit murder and his yandere meter will not come down when his yandere meter is high he will kill EVERY boy you talk to even senpai and teachers this will give you a hard time talking to senpai and asking for yakuzas for help
    you can have an ending with him when you were rejected by senpai ( he will just swoop in and confess to you and of course you with a broken heart will accept) but when you kill him he will say “yandere-chan….
    yandere-chan finally noticed me…. i’m so happy…” he will not give you new abilities but it will give you an easier time playing the game.

    that’s about it with my brain.

    • YandereDev, you can take your time with the game development, it’s still an egg which you just can’t rush c: and you know that. We, the fans, will do our part of contributing ideas, inspirations, and moral to keep you going.. And of course, as fans, we’ll be patient and wont rush you. As for JRon, that’s a very inspiring message c: I’ll continue to do my part as a freelance contributor to the project, i’ll update you guys on the stuffs i’m working on for this YandereDev’s project.. A great game like this will take a while to be polished. I even showed and asked my friends what they thought about this game.. They all have the same reaction: “Finally! A proper Yandere Game!”. So yea, and i already contacted a few composers i know, so i might as well show you guys some sounds we’re working on.. and as for the Digital Design, it’s going smoothly, i’m still working on a great design for the game’s cover. But, i need your help, guys.. any plans for the design and logo or such, and the type of music you guys are willing to hear.. Chase music, battle music, stalking music.. and a few atmosphere music as well, such as a particular sound or music which plays when Yandere-chan is being suspected, etc.. A lot of ideas for this game, so keep on working hard, YandereDev! :DD we’ll support you through all means~

      • I’m glad to hear that your friends are enthusiastic about the game!

        I don’t really think the game will need a “cover”, since it will be distributed digitally. It might help to be able to advertise the game with a banner or image, but I haven’t spent any time thinking about advertising or marketing. I probably won’t think about that for several more months.

        I usually learn about games by watching a trailer or seeing some screenshots, so I’ll probably advertise the game with gameplay videos / screenshots rather than images.

        Another thing I haven’t spent a lot of time thinking about is audio design, but when I imagine the background music, I imagine “classy” or “academic” instruments, such as piano, violin, and chimes. Piano and violin can sound soothing or horrifying depending on how they are played, and wind chimes can be either gentle or discomforting.

        This particular track from K-ON is something I feel would be right at home in the game, although I haven’t made any final decisions about audio yet: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=676dtYw2TJs

      • On that note of piano music, I’d thought I’d share this piece from Higurashi:

        It’s a rather touching and dramatic one, which is somewhat distant from Higurashi’s horrifying and disturbing reputation, but I think it stills fits nicely. This one and that K-ON one would probably be what I would go for too, though you still have to find some more sinister and scary tracks, or you could get some entirely new music composed… whatever works.

  22. I still have 1 hour left till school. So i’ll leave this here..

    System has been going nicely so far, but just asking, have you listed a system requirement for it yet? i might have missed it if you already did. But if we’re looking to target a wider audience, we’re gonna need a game which is close to laptop-friendly. But not that friendly, take my laptop specification for example:

    Processor: Intel Dual-Core T3200 (2.0Ghz)
    RAM: 2GB
    Video Card: Modded Intel X3100 (422mb) (Emulating at least 256mb of dedicated memory)

    First thing i’ll help out with is the hardware problems, like how big is the game gonna be? a little over 500mb? maybe a gig? Second, what video options are gonna be available? besides setting the resolution and a few Texture details.. Is this game gonna have the Unity launcher to set the quality? or are we gonna have a standard, company-like game with it’s own .exe and launcher?

    We gotta tackle a lot of things. But i’m not looking to stress you so feel free to take a not of these.. But if my idea is just too obvious, well sarreh xDD At least i might have piqued some sort of idea.

    • The answer to all of the above questions is that it’s about a 6 months too early to even begin thinking about any of those things. 😦 I can’t even begin to estimate ANY of those things. The optimization phase comes after the game has actually been developed.

  23. I would really like to have a mechanic where characters will run away/scream/hide/fight back against you if you don’t kill them with the first strike. This would undoubtedly attract attention and I think it’d be an interesting way to make the game more difficult. Anyways, I can’t wait till this game comes out!

    • I suggested something similar to that a couple updates ago, still seems pretty practical to me, looking back. Here was the excerpt from that wall of a post, for those who haven’t seen it:

      “You could implement an additional percentage-based system for the Yandere Meter that decreases Yandere-chan’s damage the crazier she gets. The higher she goes in insanity, the more wild and less accurate her hits become, resulting in a slower, louder, and more messy kill. While murdering a regular girl may only require a couple quick stabs (presses of X) at 0% YM, trying to stab her to death at 100% YM may take around 10 consecutive stabs to finish the job.”

      “In addition, the inclusion of stealth kills (that do double damage) will allow Yandere-chan to possibly kill in a single press of X (only if the target is unaware), or failing that, will simply do more damage than usual. While pressing X anywhere from 1-10 times (depending on the factors of the YM and an initial stealth attack) would be satisfactory for regular NPC’s, more complex QTE’s involving other buttons might be reserved for personally taking out rivals in particular by hand.”

      “The possible consequences for failing QTE’s and/or consecutive presses of X (within a possible time of 1-2 seconds between stabs) would probably involve your target that you assaulted limping/staggering/crawling away from you after breaking free, leaving a trail of blood and moaning/screaming depending on how much you hurt them before they broke free.”

  24. If academic music, then Igor Stravinsky’s “Rite of Spring” is a classical music in 1913 which actually caused a near-riot in the audience due to the nature and intensity of the music. This might fit well…. in the right place ;))

    • I listened to some of that, while quite long, it seemed like many parts of it definitely could find a place in the game (plus it’s probably public domain, so no need to license it like with various songs from animes and such.).

      By the way, how much of a social media presence does the Dev have? I know he has this blog, a YouTube channel, that he’s posted on 4Chan and such, and his game was talked about on Reddit too, but I’m wondering if an official Twitter and/or Facebook account deadicated to the game would help it out in some way?

      I know he’s been really busy lately with his new job and all, and that the amount of responses on this blog alone can be a lot to take in sometimes (my comment about all those polls still needs moderation :P), but using other social media sites could get the game much more publicity. On the other hand though, it might be more prudent to wait until the game is in a more complete and polished state before advertising it more, but it’s just a thought.

      Some example Facebook pages of games I’ve followed previously:




      If he does end up making something like a Facebook or Twitter page for the game, it would be funny if he periodically posted something like this:


      With the captions saying “Keep an eye out guys, a new surprise update is coming next week!”

      Puns. XD

      • I don’t think I’ll start to worry about social media stuff until the game has gotten really impressive and I’m trying to get the word out about it. I’m not trying to keep it a secret or anything, but I don’t plan on spreading the word until I’ve got a playable demo for people to check out.

        I once saw this guy go to 10 different forums trying to hype up a fighting game that he was “making”. Except he had no programmers, no modelers, no animators, no voice actors, no musicians, nothing. Just some character designs and backstories he thought up. He was laughed at, mocked, and ridiculed, because he was just an “idea guy” trying to generate hype for a game that had no chance of happening, that he wasn’t fit to develop.

        I don’t EVER want to be that guy, so before I actively try to hype up the game, I’m going to make sure there is something tangible and playable to put in people’s hands before I start evangelizing the game.

        On that note, sometimes I worry that I’m going to die in an accident and Yandere Sim will never come out, and people will think that I silently abandoned the project. I’ll never abandon the project, so if you never see another update from me, it means I died.

        Man, that’s morbid.

  25. Could there be some zones that while taking hit would have some special efects? Like slicing throat could silence them. It would be more interesting if you could aim at these areas for some extra effects.
    As for people watching your actions it would be interesting with more than one reaction.Someone could just stand there while someone else would try to run away, hide or just scream.Same would be nice for first person you hit.

    • It would be also nice if one of them would act like a brave one and try to fight back, we’d have some sort of fight or flight meter for the NPC’s as well.

  26. Well YandereDev, i hope you don’t die early, it would mean much more if you’d die after the release of the game due to some real life yandere fan who wanted to keep you in her house forever and spoon feed you some Cheetos.

    Again, not taking any chances going outside.

      • Good news as well, i spread the word of this game to my friends from UtaForum (yep, UTAUloids), Oteto says she wants to play it and she thinks the game development so far is going great. and FluoroLime (which is a tsundere) really wants to play but thinks it probably wont be released on Mac (which i guess so too?) she also says the game could use more features, but it’s already at it’s good value.

      • It’s always nice to hear about people who are enthusiastic about the game!

        One of the biggest strengths of the Unity3D engine is that it’s extremely easy to create a build of the game for any platform, with minimal changes to the game’s code. It wouldn’t be hard to create a Mac build for this game. However, I don’t have a Mac computer to test on.

        If I wind up making a Kickstarter, perhaps one of the stretch goals could be “Mac Version”. The money would go toward me buying a Mac laptop so I could make Mac builds of the game.

  27. I highly doubt something like that will happen to you, but you can prepare your defenses such as a bullet and/or knife proof vest, stun gun, tazer, a pillow in your car, etc just in case. 🙂

  28. I know you said a while back that you didn’t really want to talk about the financial side of the game until later on in it’s development, but since you mentioned KickStarter…

    …I did a little browsing around, and found four random games to serve as examples (to prove a point later on):

    Aegis Defenders

    Caverns of Travencore

    Night Trap

    Bacon Man: An Adventure

    Starting with Aegis Defenders, I’d say it would qualify as a KickStarter success story, even if it doesn’t exceed it’s goal of 65k by that much in the end. Although it has some decent ideas (nothing I haven’t seen before), and is “just” an indie game, it set a moderately-high goal and ended up being popular enough to be funded, case closed.

    Caverns of Travencore is a somewhat similar indie game, but looks to come up woefully short of it’s moderately-low goal of 18k. Although it appeals to some of the RPG mechanics I’ve seen coming out of indie games these days, it just seems too generic to really grab people, which makes it a failure as a KickStarter project.

    Night Trap is kinda the opposite, as it’s nicheness, rather than genericness, probably is spelling it’s doom. I doubt it’s controversial subject matter (not as cool as murdering schoolgirls imo) is fueling it’s failure of a Kickstarter (apparently it contributed to a Senate investigation on media violence in the 90’s), as it’s ridiculously high goal of 330k is probably more to blame (though I heard it would take $18 million to make a Psychonauts 2… but that still proves my point).

    Lastly, we have a game so weird I can’t even call it “niche”, called Bacon Man: An Adventure. Although it may fall a couple thousand short of it’s 20k goal this time around, the fact that it even managed to raise that much or that people cared that much about it is frankly astonishing, to me at least. Bacon is good, but not that good.

    So, what was the point in summarizing those various Kickstarter-funded (or un-funded) games you ask? In essence, I’m trying to gauge how well I think Yandere Sim would do if you decided to KickStart it.

    Let’s imagine you have the playable demo out already, the game is farther along in it’s alpha, etc., and you want a full-fledged KickStarter page for it. Whether or not you have other things like a Facebook page, Twitter account, or Steam Greenlight page dedicated to it before, during, or after that point or at all is beside the point.

    Anyway, what do I think your game has going for it that would make it KickStarter worthy in the first place? Let’s think for a second, and at least compare it to those other games I mentioned. Firstly, is it’s appeal to potential backers. “Yandere Sim” is something you don’t hear everyday, even among those of us who have tried out various games in the Sim-trend lately.

    While there may be plenty of things to simulate like surgeons, janitors, trees, truck/train drivers, flying, city building, and goats, simulating a “Yandere” is something different, and is nowhere near as random as a stupid goat (though to be fair, that goat sim is sitting pretty as the 39th best selling game on Steam, even above Borderlands 2 GOTY Edition).

    So, let’s order some of the game’s I’ve mentioned by how niche or mainstream an audience they appeal to, from the most mainstream to most niche: Caverns of Travencore, Aegis Defenders, Goat Sim, Bacon Man, Night Trap, and finally… Yandere Sim. That’s right, I think your game is even more niche than humanoid bacon platformers and a 3rd-person chaotic goat sandbox game.

    Don’t take that the wrong way Dev, hears why:

    Caverns of Travencore: Too generic = Failed

    Aegis Defenders: Decent concept and somewhat less generic = Success

    Goat Sim: Really niche concept, but enjoyable gameplay for everyone = Huge Success

    Bacon Man: Also really niche, but wacky platforming still apparently satisfies = Near Success

    Night Trap: A horror movie sim seems both niche but interesting = Huge Fail (dat 330k goal)

    Yandere Sim: With a fairly niche concept that appeals mainly to lovers of a trope in anime and manga, but with gameplay that has been widely proven to be enjoyable by many and balances the nicheness out (Hitman, MGS, Dishonored), Yandere Sim has the potential to harness it’s nicheness and it’s playability to gain some pretty hefty (or at least goal-worthy) backing on sites like KickStarter, in my opinion.

    Obviously, every game and every KickStarter campaign has it’s own set of factors and differences that led to them being successfully funded or not, but ask yourself this question: If a random platforming game based on a goddamn piece of bacon (not the hugely successful Super Meat Boy, totally different) could make almost *$20,000* on KickStarter, what’s stopping *you* from getting that 10k – 50k you were considering for Yandere Sim’s development costs?

    If you’re worried that using some site like KickStarter would make you seem too “pretentious” or “greedy” of a developer to some, I would respectfully disagree. The only people who say that crap is the haters (the ones who might think you’re just another “idea guy”), who you already said the game isn’t geared towards. People like me who know this game for what it is and what potential it has will vote with our wallets, not our words, just like you made the decision to go against those who said your Yandere Sim would never come to fruition, and you got straight to work on it.

    Hell, even Bacon Man had a few backers who shelled out large pledges like $1000, $250, and $120 for some extra shit, can you even *imagine* the sheer number of otakus, NEET’s and yandere-obsessed freaks (I use those terms in the politest way possible) around the world who would throw their life savings at the screen for this game??? I’m talking people at least twice as obsessed as I am, Yuno body pillow owners, cosplayers, etc. with money to burn! Think of all that dosh!!! XD



    I think Yandere Sim is a good choice for KickStarter, that it’s nicheness and gameplay will be major factors in attracting backers and pledges, that it has good overall potential for a successful funding campaign, and that I *definitely* will put in a sizable pledge, assuming the Yandere Dev does take that next big step when the time comes.

    Anyway, we still have a ways to go until then, so back to work people!

    Except for you Dev, you focus on your new job and all that jazz. 😛

    • Very compelling points, backed up with actual numbers and references!

      I most certainly haven’t ruled out Kickstarter as an option, or rejected the notion outright; I’m just making the decision to be patient and prepare the game before throwing it out there on Kickstarter.

      I want to avoid looking like some amateur who doesn’t know what he’s doing, begging people for money he doesn’t deserve. I want there to be absolutely no chance of people drawing that kind of conclusion about this game. After 20+ years of playing games, I now have extremely high standards for video games, and I want Yandere Sim to meet my own standards before I expect it to inspire anyone else to donate.

      With that said, it’s somewhat amusing to try and imagine what the backer incentives are going to be.

      Pledge $10 or more: I will send you a “thank you” e-mail.

      Pledge $100 or more: I will send you a pair of authentic Japanese schoolgirl panties.

      Pledge $1,000 or more: I will allow you to have the honor of stalking me and snapping candid photographs of me for one 24-hour period.

      Pledge $10,000 or more: You and I will personally board a plane bound for Japan, where you will meet up with a real Yandere schoolgirl who will murder you with a weapon of your choosing.

      • I wholeheartedly agree with your point on standards, image and actual content is everything (though some games in Steam’s early access these days try to convince me otherwise).

        Also, that $100 stretch goal is hilarious. Would you “procure” those panties from an individual schoolgirl per backer, or convince one to donate her entire drawer-full of panties to your cause? XD
        And perhaps the most important question of all for those who pledge $100 (I probably will, not for panties though), would the panties have been… used? The fresher the better! (Someone’s gotta ask the tough questions around here)

        Would the $1000 people have to all stalk you at the same time, and possibly kill each other out of jealousy as an added bonus?

        As for that last stretch goal though… I could get murdered for free in Detroit, but the guy (probably not an insane Japanese girl) murdering me for my pocket change (probably) wouldn’t be whispering sweet nothings in my ear as he did it, and that right there is worth 10 grand for sure!

        Since you said you planned on kicking the bucket *after* the game was released, maybe you could make the ultimate stretch goal… your timely death at the hands of your biggest fan and contributor?

        I’m sure some people would gladly fund the majority of the games development if it meant getting to have sharp and tortuously long conversations in person with the Yandere Dev himself! (I’ll stick with blog posts, thanks) 😛

      • I’ll take care of the Japanese-related stuffs, i’ll even give you guys a tour at Kyoto International School :DD but it depends.. you guys fine with it?

      • Well, it’s too early to start promising to make you a tour guide, but…

        Do you actually attend a real Japanese high school? Is there an incinerator? What would you do if you discovered blood at school? What would you do if you discovered a corpse? What would you do if you witnessed a murder and the murderer saw you? How about the other students, how do you think they would react to those situations?

  29. Well Kyoren, if we are being serious about possible stretch goals and backing rewards/incentives, I did happen to think of some things…

    Know that this list assumes that the Dev is going to try a KickStarter with a $50,000 goal ($10,000 being the minimum alternative, if the 50k doesn’t work out), and would also intend on selling the game for about $10 upon release (don’t sell yourself short Dev).


    $1 – A basic thank-you email plus a HD wallpaper for the game

    $5 – Beta Access (whenever that is)

    $10 – A single copy of the “Yandere Sim” game, plus a more personalized email.

    $15 – Have your relevant artistic or musical submissions added into a Fan Gallery or something.

    $20 – Another copy of “Yandere Sim” for a friend!

    $30 – Get your name featured in the credits!

    $40 – An exclusive (for now) pink skin for Yandere-chan, the School Yunoform!

    $50 – A good old-fashioned paper guide/manual for the game.

    $60 – Any and all DLC that may be released later on.

    $70 – Promotional poster.

    $80 – A personal hand-written thank-you letter from the Yandere Dev himself!

    $90 – An art/design book of sorts.

    $100 – Yep, a single pair of panties, good luck getting those genuine freshly-worn Japanese ones.

    $125 – A phone call from a yandere girl! (Real or not, up to you)

    $150 – Exclusive skin of some sort plus a fancy sounding in-game Yandere laugh!

    $175 – The Dev will add in an entirely new weapon into the game of your choice!

    $200 – Have your music or other artistic work featured directly in the game itself!

    $250 – DVD’s of Mirai Nikki (parts 1 and 2), it’s only proper.

    $500 – The full yandere package: Copies of all other games, visual novels, and animes on the market that prominently feature yandere women. (Think School Days, Elfen Lied, etc.)

    $750 – A high-quality kitchen knife lovingly signed by the Yandere Dev himself!

    $1,000 – Have an NPC lookalike of yourself put in the game!

    $2,500 – Work with the Dev to make an entirely new rival in the game of your choosing! She (or he) can be yandere, tsundere, kuudere, dandere, deredere, or even yangire, anything goes!

    $5,000 – Spend an entire day with the Dev at a (reasonable) place of your choosing! Shoot the breeze, play some video games, marathon your favorite animes, whatever you want! Just don’t torture him.

    $10,000 – You and the Dev will both board a plane together bound for Japan, but not just anywhere in Japan, but Akihabara, the anime and manga capital/mecca of the world! Once there, you both will go sightseeing, shopping, and frequent establishments like maid cafes, where (hopefully) you will find real (or at least pretend) yandere women to serve you! Getting killed by one is optional…


    $50,000 – KickStarter Goal

    $60,000 – Character Customization

    $70,000 – New Game+ Feature

    $80,000 – Senpai Mode

    $90,000 – Co-Op Mode

    $100,000 – Multiplayer Modes

    $110,000 – New Rivals

    $120,000 – New Customizable Senpai’s

    $130,000 – A Completely New Feature To The Game

    $140,000 – Overall Enhancement/Improvements To The Game (Graphics, sound, mechanics, etc.)

    $150,000 – A New Game Location

    $150,000+ – Hire Brina Palencia to do the voice acting for Yandere-chan! You may know her from a few of her roles like in Borderlands as Mad Moxxi or as YUNO GASAI’S ENGLISH VOICE DUB IN THE FUTURE DIARY AKA MIRAI NIKKI!!! XD

    Ahem. Anyway, just my ramblings on that subject, felt good to get that off my chest. 🙂

  30. Dev, yes, i do attend at a Japanese High School during march-may every year starting 2005, But now i’m already a graduate of it so i just go there now for the assist (Substitute Teaching, Watching over the kids, etc.) (btw i’m 16). No, i don’t think there are incinerators, but there is a furnace.. Janitor and other sanitary employees only. As a hall monitor, if there’s a corpse or something like that, i’d usually report it to the principal then he’ll make the 110 call (Local Police). If the murderer saw me, i’d probably try to talk to them first at a safe distance, if anything goes wrong, there’s no harm in running away. They’d probably give the murderer some space, it happened once when this guy named Shin Matsumoto beat down Hirozaki, everyone was giving him space and looking at him with nervous looks. They only start to run away when he gets near them.

    • So, are you a citizen of Japan or are Japanese yourself? Or are/were you a foreign exchange student there? Just curious.

      Also, if and when Yandere Sim gets on Steam or something similar, do you think it would sell better in Japan than in the USA, or vice versa? I guess that might depend on if the Dev got some Japanese translators for the game…

      • My grandparents and my sister (Kyuna) both lives in Japan, I am currently in the Philippines and i only visit there from March-May. From 2005 until now. And i study at KIS as some sort of exchange student, yes. I think it’ll do great in Japan, considering the theme of the game itself.. as for Japanese translators, i can only assure you that i can only translate in Hiragana and Katakana.. i can’t do well in Kanji. But, i might get some people, if you guys are interested.

    • I’m already working with a very talented 3D artist who is modelling and texturing an environment and some props for me, and another 3D artist who is modeling a modular / customizable NPC schoolgirl for me, so at the moment, I’m not actually looking for another modeller. However, eventually, when production on the game ramps up, I may wish to contact you and ask you to make some models in case the other modellers become too busy with their real jobs to contribute to the game. What’s your e-mail again?

  31. The amount of people wishing to contribute and help move this project forward is heartwarming… Makes me smile seeing how many people wish to help. c: I hope this project will turn out well~

    • “Teamwork: I find it fascinating that a snowflake, by itself, can be so delicate; but when they team-up, they can close-down an entire city.”

      ― Steve Maraboli

  32. So Dev, wanna have the honors of the “last comment” on this update before we move to the next one tomorrow? You could maybe respond to this one with a hint of what’s in store (like you did with “guitar-related”), we’re up for polls, storyboard artwork, whatever you’ve got.

    Incidentally, tomorrow is my last day at home before I head off to my first day at university, so think of it as a going-away present of sorts. 😛

    • Sure, I suppose.

      Tomorrow’s update will be something technical. It’s an accomplishment that I’m proud of. It might not be exciting to see, but it was important feature that I had to get working in order for the rest of the game to work. I’ll show off the feature with a WEBM video.

      I’ll also throw up a few polls related to one specific subject, because I will need to know what players want in order to properly implement the next feature.

      I hope that you are still able to drop by and check for updates even after you’re at university!

  33. There’s a cool idea that I have.

    Yandere-chan should be able to pack the body parts in boxes… And then send those anonymously to the school to make a devastating effect. It’s so much fun!

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