Webm Gallery

Here’s a gallery of video clips that I’ve made while working on the game, in webm format. Please note that all of the below animations are temporary placeholders.

Funny bug that happened while giving NPCs the ability to watch Yandere-chan:

Demonstration of real-time mesh deformation and preview of potential character customization:

Building a staircase out of dead bodies to reach previously inaccessible areas:

Visual Novel Preview:

Visual Novel Preview with tiny heads and huge hands:

Visual Novel Preview with chainsaws for hands:

10 thoughts on “Webm Gallery

  1. thanks for sharing this stuff and keeping us updated. looks like you’ve come a long way, but also still have a long way to go. take your time of course.

  2. Could you add the ability to drag by the head as well? As well as creeping up from someone from behind and snapping their neck. Pulling someone by their arms and legs is something you can do with unconscious people, but pulling someone by the head is something you do if you just don’t give a fuck about their health anymore so it would probably look more disturbing.

    • Dragging a character by their head wouldn’t be hard to implement. I don’t think Yandere-chan has the strength required to snap someone’s neck, though. Maybe it’s an ability that could be unlocked with enough skill points in the Physical Education class. I would also need to find an animator willing to create a neck-snapping animation for me.

  3. Please include an easter egg character with the ability to rotate her head 360 degrees.
    Name her Kyouko 梟子 (owl girl).

    • He already is planning that. By the way YandereDev do you have a name for the girl in science club who is a robot. Because on the wiki they call her robot chan

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