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It’s been two weeks since my last update, so I thought I’d post something up here to let you guys know that the game is still happening.

Today, I wrote a script that makes it easy to define what facial expression / animation a character should be displaying during the “visual novel” segments. It’s pretty easy to create entire dialogue sequences now, complete with the characters’ models moving around and emoting appropriately.

Please keep in mind that the character models aren’t final, the animations aren’t final, the dialogue isn’t final, the background art isn’t final, etc – I just wanted to confirm that I’m still developing the game.

39 thoughts on “Visual Novel Preview

  1. I’m not sure why it didn’t occur to me before, but meeting him by running into him on the way to school is perfect.

  2. I remember somebody suggesting an option of disposing of a victim’s body by dissolving the flesh with chemicals from the chemistry class and donating the skeleton to the anatomy class. It’s so twisted I can’t help but repost it.

  3. Is Yandere-chan ever going to get a name or just remain as Yandere-chan? I think the latter might be neat.

    • I haven’t decided on a name for her yet. I’d like her name to be something that sounds cute and feminine, with a hidden meaning. Like how “Rei” can mean “Lovely” but can also mean “Ghost” depending on the kanji used to spell it. It would be nice if her name could mean “Innocent” and also “Murderous” depending on the kanji used to spell it. I’m a sucker for hidden meanings in names.

      Yandere-chan is the placeholder name, but it might wind up being the final name if everyone gets really attached to that name.

    • There’s already at least one video game character named Kokoro 😦 I’d like to give her a unique name, so that she’s the only search result if you type her name into Google.

      • Eh, I don’t know…

        If you type “Filia”, “Cerebella”, “Parasoul”, “Painwheel”, “Ms. Fortune”, or “Squigly” into Google, the top results you get are for Skullgirls characters. That’s because these names are pretty unique and don’t really appear in many other places on the Internet.

        For a while now, I’ve had a game idea about a female witch who can control her shadow independently of her body. A shadowmancer. The Latin word for “Shadow” is “Umbra”. “Umbramancer” already has results in Google. To make that word sound more feminine, I might call her “Umbramanca”. Let’s type that into Google. No results for Umbramanca, only for those two words used in the same sentence. Bam, now I have a never-before-used name for a character. Of course, I bet I can probably do better than “Umbramanca”, especially because it’s so long. “Erebos” is the Greek word for “Darkness”. How about Ereballa? Yep, no search results in Google. Bam, never-before-used character name. Could still be better, but you get the idea.

        I don’t think it’s a tall order. I just have to sit down and do it at some point. (But I’d rather be programming and stuff.)

      • Apparently “Michiko” can be written either as any of the following: “Healthy Girl”, “Just Girl”, “Girl Who Sees Blood”.
        Likewise, apparently Jun could be “Purity” or “Fear”. I may come back with more of these.

      • Poking around in alternate pronunciations, I’ve come up with four more. Many of which I don’t believe are actual name-names, but chalk that up to weird parents in the Yandere-chan household.

        By applying alternate pronunciation to every character of Hihouri (陽豊黎), it can become “Yandere”.
        Likewise, full name Gokou Tatsuhi (五神 逹妃) can become “Satsujin Teki” which would be something to the effect of “Murder the Competition”.
        Gekaya (皚茨) is written as “white briar”, but could also be read as “deceit” via alternate pronunciations.
        Aaand Shuritsu (秀慄) could be misread to sound like the verb “to slaughter”.

      • Wow! Very nice! This is the sort of thing I love to see. A lot of those hidden meanings are great. I’m not sure if any of these particular names are THE correct name to go with, but this is precisely the direction I’d like to go in.

      • Got more for ya before I go to bed. Because this is how I entertain myself nowadays (did you know they have a dedicated kanji for “The God of the Zorastrians”? Because apparently they do).

        1 – Senma (荃茉) written Aromatic Herb + Jasmine. Alternate pronunciations, it becomes “Bloodlust”.
        2 – Onshi (穏子) written Gentle Girl. The first one I started with the facade, rather than the “easter egg” meaning. Alternative writings are numerous enough I didn’t take the time to grab kanji for all of them (Nothing But Jealousy, Girl With An Illness of the Heart, Girl Whose Eyes Have No Light, etc).
        3 – Ketsuko (潔子) written Pure Girl. Alternate writings include 潔嘘 “The Purity is a Lie” and 肸辜 “Smiling Sin”
        4 – Shiinori (椎徳) written Benevolent Oak. Alternate writing: 死禱 “Death and Begging/Praying”. Suggested by the same friend that came up with the Michiko thing.

        5 – This one gets separated from the others because its a family name, rather than a given. Hiyama, 陽山, Sunshiny Mountain. Alternate pronunciation: “yanyan”.

        If you’ve got any particular requests, I’ll see what I can do with them (no particular luck with anything that’s innocent/murderous, I checked. Though I may not have checked hard enough).

      • Wow, Onshi is almost perfect. All of those alternate meanings are awesome. The only problem is that “Onshi” doesn’t sound like a name. “Michiko” is a very cute and feminine name, but I wish it had more alternate meanings. I really appreciate all this research you’re doing!

      • I realized a beautiful thing about Onshi (穏子). Apparently it could also be the name-ier Odako as its written, though each of the “easter egg” meanings would then be both alternate spelling and alternate pronunciation.

        Here’s a real winner for you-
        明 – Light
        瞑 – Dark
        迷 – Perplexed
        愛异 – Unusual Love
        媢意 – Jealous Thoughts
        愛唯 – Nothing But Love
        媢唯 – Nothing But Jealousy

        All I’ve got for now, though I’ll be seeing a friend whose supposedly better at this than I am – and maybe he’ll have more.

  4. I smell dream sequence. But maybe the base game should be solid before something superfluous like that.

  5. That was cool with the exception of the shitty dialogue, which I’m glad isn’t final. It…was…kind….of…awkward…!

  6. >Hiyama, 陽山, Sunshiny Mountain. Alternate pronunciation: “yanyan”.
    This is goddamn great.
    I get the feeling it’ll sound cringeworthy to a local japanese speaker, though.

    • What is best in life is to make native speakers cringe!
      Though I have only just now bothered to verify that Hiyama is an actual family name (not written that way, but still).

  7. Hi, are you still looking for help researching the character’s name?

    Also, I think you’ve gotten a lot of good name suggestions here. You should definitely find a fun way to use them. I mean, what if our protagonist had a rival yandere who was ALSO going after her man? She’d make a great final boss? At the very least, those names above could be used in your story, perhaps the mysterious deaths spawn a rumor in the school about a ghastly spirit named one of those things that’s killing off people!

    Also, will you be looking for help to write the script? If you want it really authentically Japanese sounding, you should get some help from /a/ or /v/. In a last case scenario, try using this dictionary, it’s pretty solid for doing your own research:

    It’d be awesome if you made a full-on hitman game, with multiple solutions for each murder, and a rating system for how subtle you are. You could even win bonus points for doing things in missions to woo the yandere’s crush (stealing gifts for him, setting up romantic moments in school with him, protecting him from harm, get blackmail on him, defend him from bullies, etc.)

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