Current Features as of April 4th

None of the following features are especially impressive, but I’m just going to post some screenshots to prove that I’m working on this game. You can click any of the images to see a bigger version.

You can walk around in third-person:


Or first-person:


As you can see, there are some post-processing effects going on in first-person mode. I can throw all kinds of effects on the screen in first-person mode, such as making the screen turn red when you see Senpai-kun talking to another girl.

Someone came up with this suggestion and I loved it, so I decided to implement it…a camera:


You can take screenshots and save them to a folder on your PC. Here’s why:



The game reads the screenshots from that folder and populates a corkboard in your home with the pictures you’ve taken of your beloved Senpai-kun. I had so much fun implementing this feature!

(Yes, you can abuse this feature by filling that folder with whatever images you want, and they will appear on the corkboard. Have fun with that!)

This last feature is just a minor polish thing, but I’ve added a function for toggling Crazy Yandere Eyes on the protagonist:



It’s such a minor detail, but it was so easy to implement that I just couldn’t resist.

I promise that the next update will have more significant features than these minor ones.