There are a few subjects that come up repeatedly in the threads. I’d like to create a few polls to gauge how people feel about these subjects:

12 thoughts on “Polls

  1. have you put all that much thought into the storyline yet? i’m imagining the main antagonists of the game to be a weird harem group, each one of them being a boss fight

    • For now, I’m picturing a bare-bones story; girl loves guy, girl kills the competition.

      If lots of people express a strong desire to see an elaborate narrative with memorable characters, rather than just a stealth game with some targets to kill, then I’ll put more thought into the storyline and how it will be shown to the player (through visual novel cutscenes, or some other method).

      • i think it’d be interesting to have a “basic” free-roam mode that just has a bare-bones “win the guy” plot, and then a more linear story mode with missions and the like.

  2. I’ve posted this in one of your threads, but I’ll post it again here:

    I’m thinking that the school is sandbox. That it plays out like Bully – you start your day at the bus stop, and you take the bus stop to go back home. You can go to other locations if a mission calls for it, like breaking into Sempai’s house, but the majority of the game takes place on school grounds. When you go home, you end up in your no-time passage room, where you can go over the corkboard, plans, and the like. And it’s like Bully – you attend classes, you gain abilities and traits. Chemistry helps with poisons, Home Ec with baking treats to bring to sempai, Gym for better athletic abilities, and so on.

    Thing is, you have a time limit with each girl, as they come up, or become threats. Yandere estimates the time when they’ll confess, so you’ll have that amount of in game days to deal with them. Each girl will have an event tied to them, which you can plan for. I’m thinking like GTA 5’s heists, where you plan on the corkboard, according to the information you get on them and the location. The more info you have, the more options you get on how to kill them off, but of course, that’ll take time. But these events offer the best ways to take them down, especially non-lethally.

    But since it is like Bully, you’ll also see the girls in the halls of the school, doing their things. They have their routines, and if you are bold or able to get them alone, you can kill them before an event comes up. Those will be harder to clean up, but they will be doable.

    You can kill or deal them any time after they become a threat, either in the halls, or in their events, as long as it’s before they confess to sempai. This gives the player some time and freedom to plan, and execute, while also giving a sense of urgency.

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  5. I like the idea of having a male yandere like brother and sister they don’t interact with each other but they are there so we can keep the face of yandere Chan but add yandere kun too. I love the idea that not only a girl can feel this way but a boy to….. diversity! I think it would be an interesting thing to keep people interested in it you know? Maybe it’s just that I have come to a personal liking to yandere kun bc he’s different

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