132 thoughts on “What is this game about?

  1. Hey OP, what kind of people were you thinking of hiring on later? Like 2D artists or asset creators specifically? I’d really like to help this project in any way I can that’s of use. Do you have like a list of work that you want to outsource?

    • It’s too early into the game’s development for me to produce a full list of every asset I’m going to need, but there are some things I definitely know I’ll need to commission from others. Just off the top of my head:

      Animations – I’ll need to find an animator, or animators, who can produce a load of “killing” and “being killed” animations.

      3D Artists – I might be able to find simple weapon models online for cheap or for free, but I’ll need to find someone who can model a bunch of weapons for me.

      Musicians – I currently have absolutely no idea what kind of soundtrack I would like this game to have, but it will need sound design work eventually.

      2D Artists – I don’t have anything in mind for the graphical user interface, but eventually, I’ll have to find someone who could produce it for me.

      Voice Actors – At the very least, I’ll need some generic lines for the NPCs to say when they see you doing something suspicious, or are begging for their lives. Depending on how dialogue-heavy the final game is, it could be a lot of work to try and provide voice-overs for every line in the game.

      (This is in no way a fully-thought-out or final list of everything I’ll need.)

      I’m very happy to hear that you’re interested in contributing to the game, though! I’m really glad that so many people are taking interest in it!

      • Currently attempting to model a Scissor Blade in Maya, since it feels like appropriate practice for this project. I’m a bit rusty, so you’ll have to let us know exactly what kind of file extensions you want or if there is different software for modelling that more compatible for the game. Best of luck OP, really looking forward to working on this if possible!

      • I’d be happy to check out the model once you’re finished! The engine is compatible with .fbx and .obj files; either of those two formats will do.

      • Hi there. I’d love to work as a voice actor or even writing dialogue for the game for more other talented voice actors to read. Let me know if I can assist you! :3

      • Woops! I’m female. You can contact me at quartkneejoe@yahoo.com. I’ll get to work on getting some audio clips up. I figure I would do a couple yandere voices and a few victim voices as well. Is there any preferred media I should send them to you as?

      • Nope, no preferred media at this point in time. mp3s or wavs or even vocaroo links are fine. I’d love to hear some sample voice clips of things that a Yandere character (or her victims) would say. You’re welcome to send those clips to yanderedev@mail.com !

    • I’m happy to hear that you’re interested in contributing! It may be a little bit too early in the game’s development to start recording voices, though. I haven’t decided how dialogue-heavy the game will be, or how much of the dialogue should actually be voice-acted.

      Some people have suggested that the game should have a bare-bones story (if any at all), and that all of my attention should be focused solely on gameplay. Other people have encouraged me to deliver a strong narrative and memorable characters. I can’t say for certain what kind of story the game will have; right now, I’m only putting thought into the gameplay mechanics.

      Would you mind sending me a few voice clips so I know what you sound like? Currently, my mental image of “Senpai” is a meek and timid boy who has absolutely no idea why so many women keep falling in love with him (or why they all seem to die or disappear). Of course, that could change, but that’s the kind of voice I’m imagining for now.

      • Thank you for the reply. I understand you are early in the development stage, and voices are not even a concrete thing yet. However, I was thinking that since my voice is a little deeper than a timid boy, if you decide to do voices for the cops/male teachers, I would be more able to pull them off.

        If you could give me a few small phrases from Senpai, I will try to accommodate. Either contact me here, or maybe click through to my Facebook and private message me for a more in depth discussion of what you want

      • I’m aware it’s premature, but I’ve contributed voice work to a major Strike Suit Zero mod that’s in development and I’d be happy to help out! Especially if you have more characters in a school life sim mode I’d be happy to read for any of them.

  2. Hey Dev.
    Is there anywhere that stuff can be submitted besides the threads? Got a kind of rough scissor blade going but I was told the topology was shit. I mean I don’t mind if my stuff doesn’t make the cut, but some feedback would be good.

  3. “A Yandere girl is a mentally unstable girl who loves a boy so much that she is willing to threaten, harm, or kill any other girl who seems interested in him.”

    Not just that, but also anyone who threatens their relationship without being interested in the boy – e.g. a disapproving parent. Also, taken to an extreme, threatening and killing anyone who might divert the boy’s attention and love – including his own friends and family.

  4. I know a girl whose voice would be perfect for this!! Please feel free to contact me if you need to get in reach. I think it’d be a shame if cute yandere voice acting wasn’t part of the game. 🙂

  5. Sounds fun, I’d love to do free voice acting stuff too (yandere or non yandere girls hahaha, I’m a bit of a yandere irl)
    there isn’t much on it yet, but I would totally do samples and scripts ❤

  6. Hello. I would love to help with voices. I am still new to the world of voice overs, but I have been taking some classes, and I would love to help out with voices. I am still new so I wouldn’t mind doing it just for the experience. I do not know exactly what you want and if you’d want voice clips or anything I do not know where you might want them sent if so.

  7. I’d like to see something audio related in Yandere Vision. Like, “When Sempai is the only thing in view, play [music x]. When other girls are seen with Sempai, [music y]”, and rig it up to a folder in the game directory whatever like the camera is.

    • I’m still working on the game, but I’m not doing anything worth posting an update about. For example, yesterday I…

      * Fixed a bug that made button prompts to pick up an item appear even when an item is offscreen.
      * Learned why the game’s executable was 50 MB larger than it should be, and fixed the problem.
      * Tried to optimize the high-school model I’m using, unsuccessfully.

      I do have a real job and other responsibilities / obligations, so I can’t post an exciting and interesting update every day. 😦

      • Ah, well could you post those designs you had of the main character up from a thread you posted the other day? I wanted to see em again.

  8. “If the boy you love witnesses you killing or harming someone, he will never love you, and the game is over.”

    I think that this should change as you progress through the game, so that eventually it might just be a relationship penalty or a “soft fail”, and by the end he starts to love you for who you are and accept it, and by the last mission he could even help you.

  9. This is the greatest thing ever! I hope this gets the attention it deserves, because the idea of this becoming reality is just too good.

    …So good, in fact, that I could even kill for it to be released. But not really, of course. 😀

  10. When do you think you will release a demo and when do you think this game will be released? Also, do you still think about maybe making it possible to play as a male and stalk a female?

      • about when do you think the game will be out? Or the demo I mean. Also are you still thinking about making players able to play as a male character stalking a female or male character? Or a female stalking a female?

      • It’s tough to say when the game will be out. Yandere Simulator is just a pet project / hobby, not something that I work on in a full-time capacity. I’m a freelance programmer, and I have to spend most of my time working on freelance jobs for money. If I was getting enough money in donations, I could stop taking freelance jobs and work on Yandere Simulator full-time. That’s why I created a Patreon page.

        I’m not planning to let people play as a male character. However, I am planning on allowing players to stalk a female Senpai.

    • Hi! I’d be happy to listen to some voice samples from you. You’re welcome to record yourself reading some typical “Yandere” lines in English. Stuff like…

      “You look so cute when you’re sleeping.”

      “Does my bento taste different today? I put a secret ingredient in it this time.”

      “You’ve never worn that handkerchief before. Did someone give it to you? Who is she?”

      “You got home late yesterday. Were you…spending time with someone?”

      “You smell different today. You don’t have another woman’s scent on you, do you?”

      “You didn’t eat another woman’s cooking, did you? If you did, I’ll have to cut it out of you…”

      “I can’t hand Senpai-kun over to a woman like that. I’ll just have to get rid of her…”

      If you think those lines sound absolutely horrible, feel free to invent your own “Yandere-style” lines.

      To program one feature of the game (the Dedicated Creepy Laugh Button) I’ll need three specific clips:

      Cute giggling
      Creepy laughter
      Evil, maniacal cackling

      It would also help to hear you say some “generic NPC” lines, such as

      “What was that noise?”

      “Are you holding a knife?! What are you doing with that?!”

      “Someone come quick! I found a dead body!”

      You know; the type of lines that a character would likely say in this kind of game.

      If you record voice samples for me, please send them to yanderedev@mail.com !

  11. are you familiar with the website “Fiverr.com?” if you are willing to pay 5 dollars you can probably find someone on there to do whatever you need done

  12. You should allow us to customize Yandere-Chan and then allow us to name Yandere-Chan and Senpai that would be good
    I really hope this gets done or and alpha is built I would love to do some videos over it

  13. This is an absolutely marvelous idea and I love it. If this goes on Kickstarter I will be throwing money at the screen.

    The one quibble I have is with the “take pictures of other girls’ panties” mechanic. I get that you’re playing to the creepy anime romcom genre, but there’s really no reason for a yandere girl to be perving on people other than her love interest, and given you’ll be killing most of these girls sooner or later, it adds an unwelcome frisson to what is otherwise a perfectly wholesome murder simulator.

    What I’d suggest instead is a big ol’ creepy stalker shrine in your bedroom (main menu), which you fill up with trophies won from side-missions (that tissue he blew his nose with! his old tie! a snipping of his hair!). The walls and ceiling are then populated with photos you’ve taken of your love interest in-game, using your camera – effectively a screenshot gallery, graded similarly to games like Pokemon Snap – is the love interest in the frame? Good! Is anyone else in the frame? Bad. Is he smiling? Is it a unique event? Is it in a place you don’t have yet? etc.

    • The reason that Yandere-chan takes panty shots is because she can send the shots to someone who trades panty shots for favors / information. Yandere-chan doesn’t perv on girls because she enjoys it; she does it because she would do ANYTHING to get closer to Senpai, even if it means snapping illegal and sexually exploiting shots of underage girls.

      Your Senpai Shrine suggestion is totally a planned feature! I have an extremely simple mockup in place here:

      [video src="http://webmup.com/i7BCs/vid.webm" /]

      The cube, sphere, and cylinders represent things that Yandere-chan stole from Senpai.

  14. I think your game is awesome!

    I am south Korean and i really want to translate your game into korean! (for free of course)

    Can you help me translating in-game texts into korean when you release the full version of the

    game? (Do you have any plans to release console version of this game???)

    Anyway, i think you can make a fortune by this game if you go to the kickstarter

    Quality of this game is just awesome and promising

    • Thank you for your kind words! I am glad that you are excited for the game!

      I would be happy to let you translate the game into Korean. However, the game’s script is nowhere near finalized, so it will not be ready for a translation anytime soon. Once the demo is released, I may consider putting the demo’s script online so that it can be translated! However, this will not be for several more months.

      I’m not currently planning on a console release of this game.

      • Thank you for quick reply!

        I am really looking forward the full version of your game ^-^

        Just keep on it! haha

  15. Hey I am the guy who translated your videos in youtube into Korean!

    Many people in Korea (include me) think your game is awesome and many people decided to

    support you.

    But i think there is a minor problem in your intro- video..

    video effects which pops up when alarm rings in morning and two main characters crashed on the

    road kind of looks like a flag of the rising sun. (Which means Japanese empire in 2nd world war)

    Well, i believe you didn’t put that effect on purpose but it is a very controversial issue in Korea community.

    I hope you can change or delete such effects before the public release or further development

    Also, many people said that your game does look cool and interesting, but there is no replayable

    elements. Well, i think what you need to add is an actual “romance system”

    because after all, it is a yandere simulator lol

    you don;t have to add sex scene but i think you should add some “romance systems” such as

    kissing, hugging, threatening senpai for a date or other little romance things.

    I am really looking forward your game! Have a nice a day!

    • Wow, I never knew that! I never imagined that a flag could be considered offensive. Now that I think about it, the Nazi Swastika flag is also considered offensive, so I guess I understand.

      That “rising sun” graphic only existed in the game because I was not talented enough to make a better graphic. You can see here that I have changed the graphic: http://i.imgur.com/ZSW9TOf.jpg

      I think there will be many replayable elements in the final game. You can defeat rivals by ruining their reputation, getting them expelled, getting them arrested, setting up the girl with another guy, killing the girl, or a variety of other ways. I see so many replayable elements to the game. I guess you’ll have to wait until the game is further in development to see how replayable it is.

  16. Hi, i like this game, the concept is good.

    But … can you add more interior like classroom, teacher room, laboratory, library or such thing like that? (if possible), the school building is kinda empty, doesn’t have anything (except locker),
    And can you add more building like a ”club”, maybe Senpai in Basket Club or something like that ‘w’

    And … i can’t go anywhere, just in school? can you add like Mall, Market, or something like that, also the Yandere-chan and Senpai House.
    And add feature like “Stalk”, can we stalking senpai? ‘w’

    It will be a perfect game if you add a storyline. (if possible) ‘w’

    • The school building is empty because this is just a sandbox for testing features and fixing bugs. This is not the final game.

      The final game, months from now, will have classroom interiors, a faculty room, a nurse’s office, bathrooms, etc.

      Environments like malls and marketplaces will not be possible unless I receive a lot of volunteer assistance or donations so I can pay people to help me make those environments.

      The final game will also have a storyline.

      Please remember that the build available on this blog is an early test build, and is not an actual game at all.

      • I see … so because that i can’t kill the rival or talk with other stundents (can only choose “Bye”)

        Waiting for the Final ^w^

  17. I don’t like the fact that you can’t choose the gender of the playable character. I know that the yandere archetype is usually a female, but I’d like to play as my own gender. But i do like the idea that you can change the gender of Senpai 🙂 However, i love what I’ve seen from this game so far. I’m very excited! (Also kinda disappointed that it’s most likely not coming to Vita >.> )

    • Yes, after I’ve gotten the game to a respectable state. Before I would put it on Greenlight, it would have to meet my own personal standards for a game that’s worth voting for.

  18. Hey, a fan here! Even though I’ve only discovered your project very recently, I’ve become a huge fan of it. Not only the idea is pretty unique and brave, having in mind that there are some people that will dislike the game merely because of it’s violent content, but it is actually well done, as far as it goes.

    I must say that when I heard about it I wasn’t expecting it to be as good as it actually is, and the ideas you propose, such as having to find a safe place to change, or even stealing classmate’s uniforms, make it even more interesting. I’m looking foward to play the complete version, or a demo really.

    Here’s my question~ Are you planning, or would you consider the idea of adding a “mod” to play as various (existing) yandere anime characters? An example, that’s not an anime character but an UTAU, could be Tei Sukone.

    In adittion, I have to say that I like the fact that you can’t FULLY customize nor change Yandere-chan’s name, because it offers a character that represents the game itself, wich would not be the case if you could change her palette, etc. That’s my point of view.

    Keep up the good work!

    • I can’t include any copyrighted content or trademarked characters in the game, unless I want to get sued. However, I would like to give the player lots of customization options so that they can basically re-create their favorite anime characters using the hairstyles and accessories that I’ll make available.

    • Yo.
      So this is how to open the game.

      1. Firstly, you want to open the .rar file you just downloaded (If this doesn’t work, simply download any software that’s able to open .rar files, winrar works fine, there are tutorials on how to install it online.

      2. Make a folder anywhere, then drag the .exe and the folder from the .rar into the folder

      3. Double-click the .exe

      That’s pretty much how to start the game.

      Maybe this question was intended for the developer only, if this is the case, sorry.

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  21. Don’t know if you know this but you are able to run up the corners of things, (this includes almost every corner)
    Also you can see a park in the windows

  22. Hey! I was wondering if i wanted to send in voice recordings (male) what kind of sounds do you need? please reply as soon as possible!

  23. Hey, your game looks awesome ! But I’m a little afraid for my computer to catch virus because I’m asked to have a lot of programs to help it work,and I have no idea which one is ok and which one is no good; sorry !

    Good luck with it anyway !

  24. Thank you for the 3 news hairs, but i prefere Yandere-Chan with her black hair. ( désolé je suis Français 🙂 Je trouve que les cheveux noirs lui vont mieux et lui collent plus au personnage, car la coupe bleue et orange ça fait un peu effet clown (puis je trouve la dernière coupe façon “princesse indienne” bizarre) .. . 😉

  25. I am in love with this game and I can’t even play it yet. I would love to help you write dialog and voice act for some characters. my name is Nana and I’m a female, I can voice act for both male and female characters. Shy and tsundere characters, even authoritive and ditsy characters. If there’s anyway I can send you my information without sharing it with the rest of the world, please don’t hesitate to reply. I’ll do it for free btw.

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